Bot 6.x-1.1 and Node Adoption 6.x-1.0 released

My Drupal IRC bot.module received a new release today, bringing it to 6.x-1.1:

  • bot_seen ping prevention matched inside strings; now only word boundaries.
  • #284666: We now use preg_quote() for various nickname escaping.
  • #349245: bot_tell doesn't consume username whitespace (thanks drewish).
  • #356003: bot_tell sorts queued messages by oldest first (thanks litwol).
  • #343245: Better regex for usernames like betz--; supports betz---- now.
  • #338723: Missing decode_entities() on project statuses (thanks RobLoach).
  • #313025: Better regex for log filtering to prevent substring matches.
  • #300206: Better factoid-ignoring of tell-like messages (thanks RobLoach).
  • #275042: Randomized messages now centralized in bot_randomized_choice().
  • #274888: Move all INSERTs and UPDATEs to use drupal_write_record().
  • #218577: bot_tell.module added (thanks Rob Loach). Additions/changes:
    • pending message queue now exists to remove SELECT on every message.
    • received messages use format_interval(), not a date (thanks litwol).
  • bot_factoid: PM a factoid with "BOTNAME: tell <who> about <factoid>".
  • #190825: Get URL to current logged discussion with "BOTNAME: log pointer?"
  • bot_name_regexp() now exists for matching inside a regular expression.
    • #117876: if bot has a nick clash, it now responds to both nicks.
    • #184015: bot name with non-word characters failed regexp addressing.
  • #137171: bot_karma.module added (thanks walkah/Rob Loach). Additions:
    • patch supported only words: committed version supports phrases.
    • if someone tries to karma themselves, the response is customizable.
    • drupal_write_record() is your friend; get used to using it!
    • "BOTNAME: karma foo?" is required to prevent bad parsing.
    • highest/lowest karmas are available at
    • terms less than 3 and more than 15 characters are ignored.
  • #267560: OS-specific newlines broke comparisons (thanks Gurpartap Singh).
  • #245610: bot_agotchi greeting triggers now customizable (thanks Alan Evans).
  • #184032: ignore improper hook_help implementations (thanks John Morahan).
  • #229880: bot_factoid stopwords were case sensitive (thanks John Morahan).
  • #187137: Drupal 7 style concats, and other style fixes (thanks dmitrig01).
  • #167097: fixed undefined index and better host check (thanks czarphanguye).
  • #142812: auto reconnect and retry are now configurable (Morbus/Shiny).

I've also recently taken over maintenance of Node Adoption, which I've upgraded and released as 6.x-1.0: "Node Adoption allows you to automatically reassign nodes created by a deleted user to another user of your choice. Similarly, a form is provided to change ownership of all nodes from one user to another at any time. Node Adoption was originally maintained by Mark Dickson (ideaoforder) and sponsored by The Chicago Technology Cooperative. As of Druapl 6.x, Node Adoption is maintained by Morbus Iff."