Link Dumpage for 2009-02-02

Notable links enjoyed today:

  • Delicious tags: puzzle puzzles game arg design
    "But some of that furniture and some of those walls conceal secrets — messages, games and treasures — that make up a Rube Goldberg maze of systems and contraptions conceived by a young architectural designer named Eric Clough ... The letter directed the family to a hidden panel in the front hall that contained a beautifully bound and printed book, Ms. Bensko’s opus. The book led them on a scavenger hunt through their own apartment. But not all at once. The 18 clues were sophisticated and in many cases confounding."
  • "At noon, it was black as night. It was May 19, 1780 and some people in New England thought judgment day was at hand. Accounts of that day ... include mentions of midday meals by candlelight, night birds coming out to sing, flowers folding their petals,and strange behavior from animals. The mystery of this day has been solved by researchers at the University of Missouri who say evidence from tree rings reveals massive wildfires as the likely cause, one of several theories proposed after the event, but dismissed as 'simple and absurd.'"
  • "It is a strange phenomenon: thousands of large, perfectly round "forest rings" dot the boreal landscape of northern Ontario ... From the air, these mysterious light-coloured rings of stunted tree growth are clearly visible ... They range in diameter from 30 metres to 2 kilometres, with the average ring measuring about 91 metres across. Over 2,000 of these forest rings have been documented, but scientists estimate the actual number is more than 8,000."
  • "People love a good conspiracy theory ... So where does your average conspiracy buff go to learn about shadowy plots that aren't pure tinfoil hattery?" Includes FDR overthrow, Hitler/Valkyrie assassination, the Tuskegee Experiment, Operation Snow White, and, yawn, MKULTRA.