DrupalToughLove.com: For those who are dev enough

All in all, the response to Drupal Tough Love, the new code reviewing blog from chx and I, has been quite favorable, and we've already got a queue of at least a dozen submitted modules to look over. I had a grande chuckle at Amy Stephen's post on it over at OpenSourceCommunity.org:

I lift this service up because it's a perfect example of a functioning community ... What I am trying to say to those of you who are considering this service, but are not quite in touch with the inner geek inside, is this --> don't ask these guys if they think you are fat if you have your box of big clothes out and your skinny clothes are pushed in the back of the closet. It would be just like asking Simon Cowell if you can sing ... Károly and Morbus are not only acknowledged for who they are, and they are not only accepted for who they are, but who they are is celebrated. So, rock on, Drupal community!