60 Blank White Cards: Teaser 3 Available

Teaser 3 is up, previewing the 60BWC achievement system:

An achievement whore is the moniker taken by those who strive to earn every Xbox 360 achievement possible. For those unaware, every Xbox 360 retail game ships with 1000 points that can be earned by mundane, impossible, odd, or merely random gameplay. These points accumulate into a total gamer score that represents all the games you've played. To "ace" a game means you've earned all the points possible: ace your first five games and you'll have a total of 5000 points. Achievement whores obsess for days and weeks over the smallest point value or most useless task, in an ever-deepening delirium to see their scores climb ever higher. Some receive the scorn of fellow whores as they cheat their way forward with game saves and other nefarious activity.