Sounds like Banana? Orangutans adapt to human trickery

The BBC reports:

Researchers from St Andrews University have shown that the animals intentionally modify or repeat their signals to get their messages across ... [T]he researchers set up a situation where six captive orangutans were presented with a keeper who had treats, such as bananas, and blander food, such as leeks or celery. The animals gestured to attract the keeper's attention so the tasty treat would be passed to them.

Professor Richard Byrne, author of the study, states:

[W]hen the keeper pretended to fail to understand the original gesture and gave the wrong food, the orangutans stopped using the gestures they had used before and started using some different gestures ... And when the keeper half understood and gave the orangutan part of the treat, the orangutans started to repeat the same gestures that they had used, but they would repeat them even more enthusiastically.