Killer frogs in San Francisco

CBS news reports:

According to KPIX-TV contributor and San Francisco Chronicle columnist Phil Mattier, the city is preparing to do something to stop the African clawed frogs. While they are just 5 inches in length, the frogs are eating everything in sight -- including turtles, fish and other frogs.

SFGate continues:

In 2003, the state Department of Fish and Game was going to drain the pond, but at the last minute, it pulled back. Fish and Game reps didn't return calls for comment, but [Richard Schulke, president of the city's Animal Control and Welfare Commission] said outrage over the department's poisoning of pike up at Lake Davis about the same time may have given the state cold feet.

Wikipedia describes the frogs as:

...up to 12 cm long with a flattened head and body but no tongue. Its name derives from its three short claws on each of its hind feet, which it probably uses to stir up mud to hide it from predators. It is found throughout much of Europe, North America, South America, and Africa.