Connections: Rent and Developing Online Games

I just love how unseen connections can be made in entirely disparate environments.

  • I am a huge fan of the musical Rent, as is my significant other. One of my favorite and most treasured moments with her has been going to a performance of Rent, and I tear up thinking of those memories, the message, and the music. One song, the Tango: Maureen, dialogged the following regarding the tango itself: "Mark: It's hard to do this backwards. Joanne: You should try it in heels."
  • In reading Developing Online Games, the following is mentioned on page 106: "The old joke about Ginger Rogers being a better dancer than Fred Astaire (she did everything he did, backward and in high heels) applies here."

After having listened to the Rent musical from start to finish nearly 100 times over the years, and doing so again this morning only to find something I read just yesterday (!) gives me new insight, tickles my fancy.