Terminator CCG Set List

An unannounced but recent portion of Disobey.com, my Collectible Card Game trade lists, is something I've been meaning to do for a while and is a perfect mesh of my love for card games, collecting, and list creation. However, it does require a fair bit of time and effort and, often, unanswered questions. For example, take the Terminator CCG - it was published by the now defunct Precedence and never had any expansions. Due to its meagre popularity, there is very little information on the web. And therein lies the investigative problem: just how many cards does this set actually have?

  • Precedence closed up shop on April 12th, 2002. Thanks to archive.org, we can still access its site and the cached version of August 15th, 2001 suggests two particular answers: in it's Gallery, we would purportedly be able to see images of 353 cards in the base set, though it's Release Information would suggest a sum of 393. Neither of these numbers are entirely accurate: the Gallery lists 5 promo cards (which reduces that number to 348), and it is unclear whether double counting occurs in the Release Information - of the 68 unique cards that appear in the starters, upwards of 38 are also Common cards (potentially reducing that number to 355).
  • The Second Edition of the Scrye Collectible Card Game Checklist & Price Guide says 349 cards, but contains numerous card title errors and one particular card, "Extrapolate", that doesn't have a price. The only other mention of this card is Richard Weld's review site which quotes 351 cards, and who also contributed to the Second Edition in question. Richard's two additional cards (at least in relation to Scrye's 349) are "Remington Police Model 870 F" (a possible duplicate of the known "Remington 870 C") and "Skills Upgrade: Marksman" being counted twice, once as a Common card and once as a Fixed.
  • There are two other major players when it comes to online card lists: Jeff Allender's House of Checklists! and Mahasamtman's Trading Post. Jeff's House has 348 cards (which matches Scrye's and Weld's 348 with "Extrapolate" and other errors removed, and the old Precedence website without the 5 promo cards). The Trading Post also reduces down to 348 from 361 - 1 ($Cash$), - 5 (Promos) - 7 (Uncut sheets).
  • A fan-created data file for CardTable doesn't list "Extrapolate" (in either the data file or as a scanned image), nor does it show up in the data downloads for the more modern CCG Workshop. Actual counts here were considered irrelevant.

The ultimate decision comes down to this "Extrapolate" card:

  • No one but Richard Weld and Scrye report its existence.
  • Scrye's record for it shows no price data.
  • It's not listed on the Precedence site archives.
  • An active trading community hasn't reported the card.

I am going to mark the set at 348 with 5 promos. Scrye's published errors include:

  • Scrye: "Cover Charge"; Card: "Cover charge".
  • Scrye: "Caught Off Guard"; Card: "Caught Off-Guard".
  • Scrye: "Firebase Delta"; Card: "Firebase -Delta-".
  • Scrye: "Late Breaking Story"; Card: "Late-Breaking Story".
  • Scrye: All M## cards (save for M-16A1) are missing dashes.
  • Scrye: "MD301 Bio Spray"; Card: "MD301 Bio-Spray".
  • Scrye: "Obstruction"; Card: "Obstructions".
  • Scrye: "Uzi 9mm"; Card: "UZI 9mm".
  • Scrye: "Wetware Processing Facility"; Card: "WetWare Processing Facility".