Xbox 360: 2000 Points and Rising

It's been a month since the Xbox 360 arrived and I'm as enamored as I suspected in my original post with achievements, a measurable system of points across all games that represent your skill level and devotion. For me, they're desirable enough to complete games I'd have moved on from long ago (such as NEED FOR SPEED: MOST WANTED). In this past month, I've achieved "aces", obtaining all the achievement points available, for three games: GAUNTLET, JEWEL QUEST, and NEED FOR SPEED: MOST WANTED. I'm in the process of collecting points for a number of Xbox Live Arcade titles, as well PERFECT DARK: ZERO (which I won't be completing as, sometimes, the rewards just aren't worth the difficulty) and CONDEMNED: CRIMINAL ORIGINS. Sony is rumored to be mimicking achievements as "entitlements" in their forthcoming Playstation 3. Glee!