Upcoming Game Releases

As I wait with bated breath for MAGNA CARTA: TEARS OF BLOOD (November 8th, 2005) and DRAGON QUEST VIII (November 15th, 2005), I picked up Rockstar's new game, THE WARRIORS yesterday. Horrible mistake. Long loading times ("Yes, I know, I died. Can't you cache the damn level?!"), annoying missions ("I just want to FINAL FIGHT shit. Stealth sucks!"), crappy split screens ("HELLO?! I can see Player 2! REMOVE TEH SPLITZERS K TNKS"), pointless announcers ("Yes, I know, I died. Please don't make me listen to your whole spiel before I can choose 'continue'.) and repetitive voices ("I get it! Looking for Maria is an in-joke from WEST SIDE STORY. ROFFLE. Shut the hell up!") do not a fun game make. I'm trading it in today for SOUL CALIBER III.