Drupal Conversion Notes

A few notes on the Drupal conversion process and design:

  • I'm attempting to do a network-site sorta thing so that I don't have multiple layouts for each of the individual sites - think planetquake.com vs. planetdoom.com. This will be handled via a taxonomy vocabulary (defining the different sites) and/or flexinode types (defining the different types of content for the different sites), which'll determine which stylesheet and images to load. I will probably use the sections.module, though I suspect I'll have to add some custom tweaks. Thankfully, this decision doesn't have to be made right now, since it'll be a bit before I move another existing static section into Drupal.
  • If you want any sort of black background, you will spend a long long time trying to get the admin pages of Drupal (hell, even the menu sidebars with their little graphical widgets) all converted over. This was not something I expected.
  • You'll also notice that I've moved to a liquid design. I realize this is good for viewing accessibility for those with large monitors, but I've always been a fond proponent of "the shorter the line length, the easier it is to read." So you, with the gargantuan monitor, have a blast - I'll go right on resizing my window to a size I feel comfortable with, and now, so can you.
  • If you're seeing this message, you're visiting the new Disobey web host as well. After nearly eight years with my previous host, circumstances led me to move onward, even though it made me quite nervous, jittery, and saddened.
  • I've added the ability to receive email updates. Comments, too. As a negative, a side effect of the tweaked design is that all those crappy automated pre-2001 titles from the Blogger to Movable Type conversion years ago are now front and center in bright red and white. And, even before that, the conversion from handwritten to Blogger left lots of little one-sentence posts that I never merged properly. One of these days, I'll fix it. Uh huh. Seriously. I have, however, had quite a blast reading over my old entries. Too much linkrot though.

Let me know if there's anything I've missed, eh?