Surviror: TechnOccult

From #swhack:

<Morbus> i have to figure out how to parse newsml in php.
<Morbus> i'd rather be using perl. sigh.
<Morbus> i just may end up using perl. they'll never know.
<AaronSw> oh, i thought you were on SURVIVOR: PHP for a second
<Morbus> heh, that'd be a good tech game show.
<Morbus> i'd watch ;)
<Morbus> actually...
<Morbus> you know. we should do something like that.
<Morbus> we could have different tribes like python and perl.
<Morbus> and we'd battle it out for use of powerful modules in future challenges.
<AaronSw> heh, that'd be hilarious
<Morbus> yeah, it would be.
<AaronSw> Alright, now the perl team is going to calculate the prime numbers using only the letters a, b, and punctuation