DNN is Alive, Alive!

Yes, DNN is alive again. I've got to admit I've done a horrible job of supporting this DISOBEY.COM venture (even with thoughts of killing it altogether), but no more. With a slightly modified redesign, a better backend system, XML export, a minor name change ("News" to "Nonsense") and other little touches, things will be better. I promise.

Why the sudden resurgence? There were a number of reasons, really. I started thinking about DNN about a week ago. I was having a conversation in IRC about weblogs and what was out there before the term "weblog" even existed. DNN was one of them. How dare I insult its eldery vigor and historical value by letting it wither in obscurity?

My ego was another reason. The more email I get about the stuff I put out, the more I sat in IRC and randomly wax moronically about nothing in particular, the more neat little things happened in my life, the more I realize that there's some flipping 'Cult of Morbus'. People who chuckle at the stupid things I say. People who like the stupid articles I write. People whom I like in return. And more importantly, people who WANT TO KEEP UP TO DATE on all of my spewage. How dare I make them lead an unfulfilled life?

There are more reasons, sure. Dedication is another. I started this. I hate finishing things I've started, I really do. Things must live forever, either in archives, or as a growing, living beast. This isn't anything new - DEVIL SHAT billed itself an "evolving ezine", and that was back before DISOBEY.COM even existed. It made me angry that I'd let something so visceral and random as DNN become crap.

So, DNN's back. Shortly CHICO'S GROOVE will be back as well, slowly morphing into an email flavored version of the Nonsense.

Yes, I'm getting back to my roots. This... this is a good thing. Here's the ironic part. Tomorrow, I'm going on a five day vacation, the first real one I've had in about four years. So, bollocks to all of you. A taste, a taste, I say!