why a t-shirt?

So that you can defy mindless Net boosterism! Protest the bit rot that's making the Web a Cybershambles! Depress your friends!

Yes, folks - you could have gotten a limited edition Ghost Sites T-shirt - a genuine Internet Collectible, but due to the incredible demand and the limited amount made, the remaining few that are left will be used for promotional purposes only.

Only 120 of these shirts existed, and I'm highly doubtful any more will ever be made.

The shirts displayed the Ghost Sites logo, five Ghosties, plus a large, absolutely authentic, "HTTP Error 404: File Not Found" message on the front. The asking price of the shirt was $20 each (shipping & handling included) and they looked pretty good (black typeface on a white shirt) as they were either Fruit of the Loom Heavy Cotton or Gildan Active Wear Heavy Cotton.

Disobey and Ghost Sites would like to thank you for making the Ghost Sites shirt a smashing sell-out. For archival sakes, the banner ad for the Ghost Sites shirt is displayed at the top of this page.

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