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Listserv Information and Documentation

The following table shows the most commonly used mail aliases and listservs used at TINM.


adinsert Questions and trafficking materials for ad production vreyes, callahan, lpayson
admin-request Administrative requests your Administrative Assistant cannot handle
adsales General adsales questions, problems, solutions, selling updates, etc. ccook, ahornik,, dkeefe, mbhouk, gmonaco, cthomas,,, callahan, kmallory, rdorfman, nmendoza, jhuter, vreyes, wtross, mtimber,, ok, williams, mstein,hhuestis,, stoeckel, wbennet, fmorgano, happyc, nmaloney, lpayson, rtomko,, misako,,, mdemski, garretv,kprince, ksmith,, rnightpfad alodge
adtrack mstein, ccook, callahan, dking, mtimber, nmendoza, kmallory, vreyes, gerstein, rdorfman, lpayson, alodge, rnight
app-group Internal applications-related announcements and information cwang, larnep, dwoods, ochs, tsnee, amartino, hartlaub, eturtel, pleonard, jhochman, rgarcia, acosta, tricia, mark, jvoris, cherold
business Business office information, mbhouk,, aaaron,, gmonaco, ahornik,,, ccook, gkapner, rkozol, hhuestis,, tmaytin, kmallory, muravin, dkeefe, callahan, rdorftman, nmendoza, vreyes, jhuter, wtross, kcook, ok,, kcook, rtomko,, misako,, ksmith, cmiller
carculture-feedback jv
chat-admin Mail from chron jobs doing various things net-ops, ahanes, comm
chat-request Request to hold a chat event. comm, ahanes
chatops For chat monitors ahanes, johnston
cmpssadm Any Compass related questions Compass Administrator
comm Non-technical questions about boards and chat grossman, johnston, jcastro
commerce-b Commerce and title development initiatives shanahan, happyc, kcook, stoeckel, ariels, jlane, ok, noel, williams, kammerer, aaaron, dunn
commerce-request Requests for commerce related technical assistance |"/usr/local/req-1.2-commerce/etc/req-mailgate-commerce"
commtech Requests for communications related technical assistance ahanes, grossman, daver, johnston
compaccounts ariels, stoeckel
core The systems development group elee, daver, ahanes, cnilson, ira
daily Suggestions to the Time Daily team for possible articles,, quittner, ctaylor, mac, holovach, fgarcia, tkaron, jcastro, frankp, jmattos, eowen,, tprovost, goldfarb, mciano, dduncan,, rellis
db Requests for technical assistance from the database team cdl, aaluko, jlane
design Core designers reporting to Ronnie Peters (see tinmdesign) rpeters, rkozol, hennelly, pnotzold, ctoll, aegner, dkim, lbearson
edit Information for anyone on the TINM edit staff aaaron, mmckean, cpeacock, quittner, noah, shanahan, gkapner, rpeters, rkozol, meg, williams, molly, goldfarb, jgregg, jterrito, pauls, ctoll, hennelly, msimon, cstamper, acosta, declan, okrent, aceisele, tbowen, moren, grossman,, kcook, tloong, sfaga, petrow, johnston, kammerer, rellis, bfinston, wbennet, mconfer, jlimpert
eteam marshall
excal Information for the New York Road Runner team,,,, mciano,,,,
feed-team wahlsten, johnd, mstein
five Information for everyone on the 5th floor of 1271 The fifth floor
ftp-report johnd, hitman
gdml GDML users or developers db, aaaron, wtross, bfoster, egen,, mmckean, ochs, cherold,, fgarcia,,, pauls,,,,, jdavis. lee_stump@fortunemail.con, jlane,, amartino, kparker,,, williams,, jclenman, mudfoot
globecomm The Globecomm email team,,,,, happyc, rpeters, rkozol, meg, pnotzold, ahanes
help General customer service for the Pathfinder Network Customer Service
hitman Hit Report requests mcoble, mgnesin
isi valentin, mwilson, johnd, hervouet, vjz, aaluko, db
living Information for anyone working on the Living Channel petrow
marketplace ccook, callahan
moneyplus Customer Service Contact,,,, mthomas,
net-ops Internal Operations johnd, wahlsten, mwilson, valentin, hervouet, mtakeda, czucker, sandeep
net-security wahlsten, johnd
netly Information for the Netly News team quittner, noah, cstamper, declan, jgregg, glindsay, mstein
niche Niche initiatives,,,,,
niche (cont) Niche initiatives,,
nm-admin Information for administration personnel, nmaloney,,, tmaytin, muravin,, okrent,, cforman, campbell, rtomko,,
nm-admin (cont') Administration, ok,, wbennet, marshall,, dunn, cmiller
operations valentin, mwilson, johnd, hervouet, sandeep, czucker
outage Listserv mailing list used by ops to broadcast site problems to TINM, Road Runner in CT, etc.
parent-report meg, okrent,, petrow,,,,,,
production Information for core production personnel acosta, tbowen, williams, cwynter, moren, jvoris, cherold, kronsber, akriney, jennings, stacys, cpeacock, bfinston, dwoods
ra-admin Messages regarding staging of real audio files, moving of logs, etc. ahanes
reports The members of the reporting analysis committee tmaytin, mstein, stoeckel, wtross,, ok, gerstein,, rtomko, mcoble, jterrito, rkozol, mgnesin, callahan, db, estrosser
search-admin cnilson, elee
security net-ops
seniortech Senior tech staff vjz, dwoods, valentin, mwilson, ahanes, jlane, smantel, mstein, wahlsten, johnd, stoeckel, mcoble, larnep, aaluko, larsenc, tsnee, hervouet
softball Anyone interested in playing on the TINM Softball team estrosser, satriale,,,,,, stoeckel, johnd, eturtel, mgnesin,, williams, valentin, molly, mochs, campbell, rtomko, kmallory, nmaloney
ss-users Story Server Users or developers elee, tbowen, ira, scott, betsy, cwang, ochs, netly, pleonard, jhochman, hartlaub, daily, cdl, aaluko, mwilson, cnilson, sfagan, jkolber, mmills,,,,,,,
stager-bugs Reporting all stager bugs wahlsten, daver, johnd, elee, ochs, /volatile/stagerproj/mbox
stager-proj Questions about the stager wahlsten, daver, johnd, elee, ochs, /volatile/stagerproj/mbox
tech Information for all tech department personnel core, ahanes, mcoble, dwoods, mstein, stoeckel, vjz, larnep, tsnee, smantel, ariels, aaluko, cwan, gguliani, jlane, larsenc, valentin, ochs, mwilson, rkozol, johnd, wahlsten, czucker, tech-consultants, dking, eturtel, amartino, mgnesin, hervouet, mtakeda,ira, hartlaub, kcook, gerstin, nwice, pleonard, jhochman, lpayson, rgarcia, sandeep, aaaron
techmgr Tech Management staff vjz, dwoods, valentin, mwilson, ahanes, jlane, smantel, mstein, wahlsten, johnd, stoeckel, mcoble, larnep
techstatus ok, vjz, johnd, wahlsten,, rdorfman, gerstein, valentinadvertise
teenpeople Information for the Teen People team molly, benatar
thenetlynews Customer Service Contact quittner, noah, cstamper, declan, jgregg, glindsay, mstein
tinm The discussion and dissemination of information among all Time Inc New Media staff and contacts. For all additions to the TINM Contact Listserv, go to Subscribe
tinmdesign Information for anyone doing design work for TINM pauls, swalk, lbearson, aegner, noel, ajuarez, pnotzold, rpeters, ctoll,,,, dkim, jmaszle, uhalimun, cpisco,, heather_dadourian@mime.time,
title-dev Title development and subscription issues ok,,, jlane, cnilson, stoeckel, kcook,, ochs, vreyes, noel,, williams, dunn
upsdev User Profile Server wahlsten, aaluko, larsenc, amartino, larnep, cnilson, mcoble, dking, johnd, bgoetz, mstein, gerstein, stoeckel, adinsert, ahanes, daver, ariels, kcook, dwoods,
west, ccook, mtimber

Last Update: 1/24/98

Name: Roger Kozol