Managers hiring a new employee at Time Inc. New Media MUST go through the following procedures to ensure that all details are taken care of before the new employee arrives.
  1. Confirm the open position with Kathy Loughran, Director of Finance & Administration.
  2. Contact Ann Rodgers of Human Resources to send an offer letter and a packet of important information to the new employee. The new employee will have to fill out this information and return it to Ann Rodgers ASAP.
  3. Fill out and return new hire form to Nancy Miano (room 4258).

After a hire has been made, managers must go through the following steps to ensure that the new employee has all necessary equipment, etc., when he or she arrives at TINM. Allowing a two-week lead time to get this accomplished is realistic:
  1. Contact Ed Strosser to go over the following:
  2. Managers must arrange access, contact list, and alias subscriptions by filling out the following requests:
  3. The new hire must go to Time Inc. orientation (Monday mornings, 9 a.m. in room 40 A/B). At orientation they will get a security card, which they can bring to the 6th floor and get a valid Time Inc. pass.

    • Regular security cards are given only to full TINM staffers. Temporary employees and green reqs should use daily/weekly/monthly passes given out by the reception desk in the lobby. Managers must call x1633 to reserve a pass for the person. If the temporary employee or consultant is going to be here for more than three months, a Service Pass may be issued. The Business Office has to approve a request for a Service Pass, and forward the request to Ron Huff (x1385) in the Security Office (room 664) with an expiration date.
    • Send requests for service passes to with a full explanation of the employee's job and how long you expect them to be working in the Time & Life Building.

    • TINM staffers can order business cards and memo pads only.
    • Ask your Departmental Administrative Assistant for order forms: DO NOT USE A XEROX COPY OF THE ORDER FORM -- THEY HAVE INDIVIDUAL ORDER NUMBERS ON THEM!
    • Always use generic Time Inc. New Media letterhead.
    • No rush charges (except for salespeople)!