Welcome to Time Inc. New Media's intranet, TINM Inside. Since we launched the intranet in January, we have been making a lot of changes and improvements to the site -- the biggest and best being that we have added in a search function on the TINM Contact List. Now you can simply type in a person's last name or a department name and you will get a full listing -- including a link to the person's email. We think this function is pretty cool, and we hope that it will make your life easier and help TINM Inside become a permanant part of your desktop.

In the coming months we will continue to improve TINM Inside, but we need your feedback to help us with this process. Please continue to send us your thoughts and suggestions.

For those of you who are coming to TINM Inside for the first time, the setup of TINM Inside is very simple. You will not have to dig very deep to find what you are looking for. On the framed navigation bar on the left you will find channels for various subjects:

  • TINM Contact List - the complete and updated phone list of all TINM employees
  • New Media News - the most recent edition of TINM's internal newsletter
  • Who To Call? - directs you to the correct person to answer your questions - really!
  • Fundamentals - how to get started - or catch up - on knowing what you need at TINM and other basics about working at TINM
  • Administration/Purchasing - information on everything from T&E to lamps
  • Contact Lists/Calendars - a central place for all TINM lists and calendars
  • Technical Requests - all request and operations information
  • Tools and Documentation - information about TINM software and applications
  • Reports - traffic and advertising reports
  • email - we welcome questions and feedback on TINM Inside; this is the first phase of the intranet - there is much more to come!

    The TINM Inside Team