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The TIME folks have been busy! The scandal supersite at one time or another has involved people from all walks of Pathfinder life. It was kicked off as a single page by Dick Duncan, Flora Garcia, Mark Coatney and Meg Siesfeld, with Ronnie Peters, Paul Notzold and Alex Juarez working on design. As the scandal escalated, the site was blown into the "supersite" category. Josh Quittner and Dick Duncan oversaw the development of the supersite; Mac McKean was the senior producer on the project; Mo Barrett (who created much of the content) and Larry Hewitt were producers. Mark Coatney added to the "Law & History" area of the site daily, and also served as lead news editor. Christina Tzouras contributed design revisions; Sean Stafford and Tim Ungs were the production gods; Melissa Ciano was responsible for all the photos; Jonathan Gregg copy-edited and did some blurb and headline writing. There were many writers that contributed -- most stories were done by Chris Taylor, Frank Pellegrini and Mark Coatney, with contributions from Michael Goldfarb and Mac McKean.

The TIME Supersite also drew large crowds on Yahoo during the week. On Tuesday, 1/27, during the President's State of the Union address, TIME Executive Editor John Stacks fielded questions from 1,200 people who sent up 996 questions. That crowd was twice as large as the all-time record-holder on Pathfinder! On Wednesday, 1/28, Judge Lawrence Walsh, who served as independent counsel for Iran-Contra, received more than 500 questions from the audience. TIME Community Producer Paul Hechinger managed the events with the help of TIME Online writer Elizabeth Owen and his assistant, Janice Castro.

Fortune Andrew Serwer's Street Life column, which began as an online column in the Fortune Business Report, is now a regular column in the magazine and can be seen in the 2/16 issue of Fortune (with John Malone on the cover).

Money At last, real-time stock quotes on the Net - FREE! Through a special arrangement with Thomson Financial Services, is offering its users free access to up to 50 real-time quotes a day. Along with up-to-the-minute stock price information, users get a detailed company tipsheet containing intraday and 12-month graphs, analysts estimates, insider trading trends and more.

The other big news at Money is that they're rolling out rev. 1 of their mutual fund finder, which was developed in conjunction with Thomson Financial. It offers users a way to screen Thomson/CDA's 7500-fund database on dozens of factors ranging from performance, to risk, to types of stocks held, to expenses. The folks at Money expect this will be one of the most thorough fund screeners on the Net, but what will really set it apart is that it was designed by Money's chief fund writer Jason Zweig, and features his explanations and advice every step of the way.

EW EW Special Edition became protected content on January 20 and the new, fully customized EW Special Edition registration process was launched successfully by Jason Lane, Marc Ochs, and Ray Garcia. Congratulations should go to Jason Lane for putting a lot of effort into branding the Transact registration page and customizing the Join/Enter page to suit the needs of the marketing and editorial staffs.

EW's Online Exclusive: THE GREAT TITANIC DEBATE continues at So far, 27,000 people have voted in EW Online's "Titanic" poll; about 18,000 loved the movie and about 9,000 didn't. This Week's EW Trivia Question: What does Calista mean in Greek? Hint: Browse through this week's cover story -- now online -- about Ally McBeal.
People People's Valentine's Day site launches next Thursday, 2/5, and will feature romantic e-mail postcards to send to your certain someone, The Greatest Love Stories of the Century, a column from Patrizia DeLuccio on Celebrity Love Lessons, a romance movie trivia quiz and much, much more. Among the chat guests People has booked for Valentine's week is the supermodel Frederique (who'll be doing her chat live from People's offices!).

On Monday, 2/9, People is putting up a site about the upcoming movie "The Wedding Singer," which opens 2/13 and stars Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler. People Online has interviewed both actors and have Q&A's of the interviews, plus video of the movies and of Drew and Adam being interviewed by the People Online staff.