TINM Special Announcements

Flora Garcia and her team are hosting weekly learning sessions on Wednesdays at 3 pm in the 5th floor large conference room. The sessions are geared toward the editorial staff, but everyone is invited.

The scheduled sessions for February are:

Feb. 4: Amanda Hanes, "Managing a Mailing List." Mailing lists are a way to add interactivity to a site. Hundreds of thousands of people are subscribed to TINM mailing lists, yet many people administering them know only a few of the commands. Amanda will discuss the existing mailing lists, bulk deleting users, bulk adding users, searching your list for users who want to be taken off, and other things that will make handling a list easier. This is primarily for those people who manage lists, but also for anyone who would like to learn how to incorporate them into a site.

Feb. 11: Josh Hochman, "Browsers and Content." Netcaster and Active Desktop are getting a lot of attention lately. Putting flat HTML pages into dynamic formats makes no sense, but what does make sense? What elements work and what doesn't? How should we think about these interfaces? Josh will demo the good, the bad and the ugly and get folks thinking about dynamic content. This is for everyone.

Feb. 18: Tom Snee, "Unix" (con't). This will be the continuation of the Unix for Beginners class from last month. Tom will talk *briefly* about vi and Emacs, then about the find command and grep. Tom is going to assume you attended the first Unix session and can telnet in to CP, move around your content and list the contents of directories. This session is primarily for webmasters and folks managing sites.

Feb. 25: Eugene Lee, "Web Fundamentals." This will be a basic discussion of the technology of the web. Eugene will explain what a browser is and how it interacts with a server, how information gets from the Web to your computer, what a CGI is and what cookies are. Can you give a conceptual definition of TCP/IP? If not, you really need to come to this class.

If you have a topic you would like to see covered or if you would like for your group to present a topic, please contact Flora Garcia.