Week Ending 02/13/98

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Globecom Email 09/08 09/15 02/06 HCiongoli RPeters/ KKwan Globecomm Globecomm Done except for QuickQuotes
Netly Redesign 11/11 11/12 02/20 NRobischon RPeters/ PNotzold TBowen Design Done
ADW Referral Directory 10/09 10/27 02/20 SFagan JPLee HStone TBowen
Global Navigation/ Homepage redesign 09/24 10/02 February '98 Meg/ DOkrent RPeters JHochman, MStein, LPekowsky
Alta Vista 09/08 09/15 03/01 RPeters/ KKwan CNilson Contract to be signed
drruth.com 01/22 01/29 03/01 SPetrow JPLee HKing
Fortune Investor Archive 11/18 03/01 CPeacock
75 Yrs of Time/Smithsonian 07/31 09/30 03/01 JCastro/ MGoldfarb CTzouras FGarcia MOchs
Enhancements of the Time-Warner corporate site 12/16 03/31 DWoods/ NDunn
Fortune Redesign 10/21 03/31 CPeacock CToll
People Celeb Central Archive 10/01 10/01 04/01 MGoldstein AEgner, PaulS CHerold
People Celeb Central HTML 10/01 10/01 04/01 MGoldstein AEgner, PaulS HCraig
Timeline (Luce News) 04/08 02/01 4/30 JQuittner/ REllis Zoecom, CTzouras ITau, LarneP
Living Channel 11/19 No Due Date SPetrow JPLee
People Español 11/19 11/19 No Due Date JMarshall RPeters/ AJuarez
Time Daily SS File cleanup 12/08 No Due Date MCoatney
Search for the time-warner corporate social responsibility site 12/16 No Due Date DWoods/ NDunn MOchs
Touts and Tiles Daily RKozol/ MMckean PNotzold
ONGOING (sorted by date requested)
Daily Home Page 1/29/97 01/29 Daily Time Daily Team PNotzold Daily
HK Telecom 1/29/97 01/29 Daily MKronsberg PLeonard
Compass 1/29/97 01/29 Ongoing SusanP Weekly on Tuesdays
Petpath on Pathfinder 1/29/97 01/29 Ongoing LHewitt N/A DWilliams JLane Maintenance
Fortune Active Desktop 5/21/97 06/01 Ongoing CPeacock PNotzold CHerold, JVoris JHochman Maintenance
Money/Fortune/YourCo Reuters Feed page 6/25/97 07/18 Ongoing DDundas Maurice Williams, Brian Kelly JVoris, TReynolds, MThomas PLeonard Maintenance
Netcaster Fixes 7/16/97 07/16 Ongoing CPeacock PNotzold CHerold, JVoris Tweaking
Stager Documentation Update 8/11/97 08/11 Ongoing ACosta DaveR Ongoing
A/V Setup 8/18/97 08/18 Ongoing MKronsberg Maintenance
Time Asia Redesign 10/2/97 10/03 Ongoing SGoddard Ongoing
Money Plus 10/21/97 10/21 Ongoing DDundas MWilliams MThomas LPekowsky/ BHartlaub Maintenance
Money Plus Phase 2 12/1/97 12/15 Ongoing DDundas MWilliams MThomas LPekowsky/ BHartlaub Maintenance
ParentTime 12/8/97 12/08 Ongoing SPetrow RPeters, JPLee, Bettina MMcGovern Maintenance

Last Update: 2/12/98

Name: Roger Kozol

Email: rkozol@pathfinder.com