• All T&E expenses are processed through the Gelco system. You must get approval from your department head to get a Gelco account. Contact for a Gelco account.
  • Department head approval and signature is needed on all expense reports before calling into Gelco.
  • Department heads are responsible for making sure that expenses are being submitted and expensed correctly .
  • To have the Gelco Excel macro installed, contact the service desk (x7777) and put it in Rob Heller's queue.

  • All receipts must be on 8-1/2 X 11 paper.
  • Expense reports are due into the T&E department (22nd floor) within five days of the call in date to Gelco, otherwise delay in future payments may occur.
  • Expense reports should be submitted on a monthly basis (or within a months time of incurring expense).

  • Company business meals (with staff) are reimbursable only with prior dept head approval. Guidelines for spending: $25/per person for lunch; $40/per person for dinner.
  • Time Inc. New Media will reimburse up to $14 for a meal, if employee works a minimum of ten hours on a given day, excluding meal breaks.

  • All TINM employees are eligible to receive all Time Inc. magazines. If you are a new employee, you must fill out a requisition form which you can get from your mail clerk.
  • Subscriptions to other, work-related publications must be submitted by completing Publications Requisitions Form (get from your Departmental Administrative Assistant) and forwarding to business office Room 4254B
  • Do not expense subscriptions through T&E.
  • Personal gift subscriptions to Time Inc. magazines may be obtained at employee rates. You can get an order form for discount gift subscriptions from the Human Resources reception area on the 40th floor.

Guidelines for when you can use a car service:
  • Employees who are required to arrive at the office before 6 AM or to work after 8 PM (9 PM during daylight savings time) are entitled to reimbursement for taxi fares.
  • Yellow cabs should be used when they are less expensive than car services, especially in Manhattan.
  • Reimbursement is not allowed for travel to locations other than a person's normal residence, nor beyond normal commuting distance (approval should be obtained in advance).
  • Car service is not to be used for personal use.

  • Charges for taxi cabs may be reimbursed through an expense report (or time sheet if non-exempt)
  • Receipts should be attached to any reimbursement request
  • Car service is paid for by presenting a car voucher, which may be obtained through your Department Manager or their assistant.