Below is the 1998 Calendar of Industry Events. This calendar includes online conferences throughout 1998, their dates, locations, organizers and TINM participation.

Please continue informing me when you commit to a conference, as well as sending me information of conferences that you receive.


Nancy Maloney

Conference Name Date Location Organizer /Contact url TINM participation
Milia '98 February 7-11 Cannes, France
Ent. for the Next Milenium February 11-13 Beverly Hills, CA Softbank Forums Hala Makowska speaking
TED Conference February 18-21 Monterey, CA ted.com DO & LMC attending
Interactive Newspapers February 5-7 Seattle, WA Int. Newspapers Hala M. & D. Dundas speaking
Interactive Media Seminar February 24. Milwaukee L. Constable Group LMC & Jeff Huter speaking
Jupiter Consumer V March 4-6 NYC Jupiter Comm. jup.com LMC speaking on panel
NY Law School Symposium March 5. NYC NY Law School G. Cannon speaking
Spring Internet World March 9-13 LA Mecklermedia events.internet.com D. McCullagh speaking
Int'l Mag. Mgmt. Fourm March 22-25 Orlando, FLA Cowles Events Hala Makowska speaking
Internet Commerce Expo March 24-26 Boston M. Stoeckle speaking
Java One March 24-27 San Francisco Sun Microsystems java.sun.com/javaone
Internet & Electronic Commerce March 27-29 NYC Gartner Group iec@expoccon.com
Seybold Seminars March 16-20 NYC seybold.com Kevin McKean speaking
American Mgmt. Assoc. April 16. M. Coble speaking
MPA New Media Series April 17. NYC MPA O. Knowlton speaking
Web Marketing '98 April 23. Seattle Thunderlizard thunderlizard.com
IT Forum April 28-May 1 San Francisco Miller Freeman itforum.com
Online News Summit May 12-13 Washington, DC World Research Group wrg.com D. Dundas speaking
DMA of Washington June 11. Washington, DC B. Zickerman speaking
PC Expo June 16-18 NYC
Web X June 16-18 NYC shownet.com
Info World's Spotlight '98 July 19-21 Dana Ponit, CA Spotlight www.spotlight.com
Jup. Online Advertising 3 August 11-13 NYC Jupiter Comm. jup.com
IT Forum September 15-17 NYC Miller Freeman itforum.com
Forrester / Entertainment October 1-2 NYC Forrester forrester.com
Forrester New Media Forum October 1-2 Forrester forrester.com D. Okrent speaking
Upside Technology Summit October upside.com
Fall Internet World '98 October 5-9 Mecklermedia events.internet.com
Ad Tech East October 26-28 NYC Ad Tech www.ad-tech.com
Comdex Fall '98 November 16-20 Las Vegas Softbank Forums www.comdex.com
Web X November 18-20 Ft. Lauderdale shownet.com
BW '98 Digital Economy Conf. December 2-3 SF, CA Business Week businessweek.com
Personal Tech. Outlook December 7-8 SF, CA PTO www.tpsite.com

Last Update: 2/26/98

Name: Nancy Maloney

Email: nmaloney@pathfinder.com