Saturday, July 09, 2005

Exploring Pathfinder's Intranet

The Pathfinder Museum is proud to announce that a generous individual has donated a complete copy of "TINM Inside": Pathfinder's Intranet which was deployed in early 1998. This donation provides an enormous trove of information contributing to a better understanding of Pathfinder's final days (the site was closed just a few months after the Intranet went online).

Of special interest to New Media historians are the Edit Project List, Pathfinder Tools Documentation, and Pathfinder Network News, in which we learn about the success of TIME's Presidential Scandal Supersite:

The TIME folks have been busy! The scandal supersite at one time or another has involved people from all walks of Pathfinder life. It was kicked off as a single page by Dick Duncan, Flora Garcia, Mark Coatney and Meg Siesfeld, with Ronnie Peters, Paul Notzold and Alex Juarez working on design. As the scandal escalated, the site was blown into the "supersite" category. Josh Quittner and Dick Duncan oversaw the development of the supersite...

Also of great interest is the Customer Service Contact List, which provides contact information for every brand in Pathfinder.

I will be referring to this resource in the future and supplying additional annotations and analyses. In the meantime - surf this incredible, fully-functioning replica of Time Inc New Media's central nervous system, circa 1998!