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April 05, 2007

Does Anybody Remember This Ancient Web Project?

Does Anybody Remember This Ancient Web Project?
I got a request today from a Ghost Sites reader. Can anyone help this fellow?

Hi Mr. Baldwin,
About ten or so years ago, there was this dude, I think his name was Dan something- and he'd go to big cities and sit on the sidewalk with a table and a chair and a typewriter, and he'd have people tell him a little about themselves, and he'd write their "life stories" in 20 words or less. Some of these were really good. He got so popular that he started a website, and you could write in your own stories, 20 words or less. You could even win gift certificates. It was great.

I googled every term I could and couldn't find him. Bummer!

Anyhow, it was a good diversion for me awhile back, and I'd love to find out what happened to the dude.

If you can find any info, it would be appreciated.
Thanks and Regards,

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