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July 26, 2007

Detritus.Net is a Ghost Site

Detritus.Net is a Ghost SiteDetritus.Net, located at the domain, is a site "about making new creative works out of old ones, whether it be fine art or pop culture." In a way, this mission statement isn't too different from Ghost Sites'; our belief is that the seeds of a new digital spirit are often embedded in old and decaying digital objects. In effect, only by looking backward is it possible to see the way ahead.

Unfortunately, Detritus.Net appears to have been abandoned more than a year ago. The newest content on its home page is from May of 2006, the time its Blog was last updated. The site includes an automated image-rotator which loads a new image each time the site is loaded, so it's hardly devolved to static-ware. Still, it's not clear to me that anybody's home, and maybe that's not so bad, given that the term "detritus," after all, means "disintegrated or eroded matter."


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