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August 18, 2006

Two Pioneering Blog Search Sites Give Up The Ghost

Blogdex and Daypop are DeadDanny Sullivan posts over on the Search Engine Watch Blog that two pioneering Blog Search Sites, DayPop and BlogDex, have given up the Ghost.

DayPop seems to have had an intermittent performance history; as early as 2002, Wired News reported that the site was occasionally going dark. The URLs of Blogdex (,,, a project sponsored by the MIT Media Lab, were initally owned by Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales, who gave them to the lab free of charge.

Does the Web have enough Blog search engines? In my view, it has more than enough. Frankly, I'm dubious about Blog search engines. Blogs are just websites which are a little easier to publish to. Why shouldn't they just be indexed by Google et al as sites?

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