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March 28, 2006

A "Ghost Blog" Haunts

DoubleClick is an enormous Web advertising company; if memory serves correctly, it even sponsored the enormous billboard which used to adorn the entrance to New York's Silicon Alley.

So what's up with the DoubleClick Smart Marketing Report, whose address is:
This page lists among its "Upcoming Events" several events which happened way back in the early Summer of 2005. In my book, that makes Smart Marketing Report a "Ghost Blog."

Derelict sections of corporate sites are a rarity these days, and it's inexplicable to me why DoubleClick would let this area go dark, especially when it's linked prominently from its home page. Perhaps nobody cares to read the "Doubleclick Smart Marketing Report", in which case the smart thing to do would be to kill it and remove the old link.

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