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I don't know where I found out about it first. It was just there one day. The first Devil Shat, in my New Mail. I was interested, so I read it. I have been hooked ever since. I don't know who subscribed me or how you got my e-mail account, but I'm not complaining. This is one subscription that I enjoy. Thanks


I honestly do not remember when I first heard or/saw devil shat... I also do not remember much about my first date, first steps or first words either, but that does not mean they did not occur.

It's important to me to know that someone out there in the vast electronic wasteland we call 'the web' is creating the sort of double-edged journalism that devil shat so deftly creates.

Me? I'm a jaded fuck, cynical may be a polite way of saying it. After a career as a musician/engineer/programmer I turned first to drugs, then the internet.

Devil shat is the good stuff.

Sign me up please. two weeks can seem like moments of eternity at times.


My voyage to The Devil Shat was via Jim Douglas who provides a wonderful free indexing service which you can find at http://www.freefind.com. On the left hand side of his index page you will find a button that takes one to a number of oddities including a page on moribund web sites. One of these newsletters has an interesting title and since it is not full of crap advertising credit cards I can not apply for since I do not live in the US my voice software started reading it to me. Morbus has a very quiet female voice at the moment. Since I am almost blind the tone of voice is rather important to me and I will have to see if I ca get my voice recognition software to adopt a more strident tone.

Please keep your .txt versions going


It is a strange and bewildering feeling that this interesting, seemingly renaissance festival like corner of ideas and virtual sincerity has been able to flourish in such Marshall McM. times. Subject to the momentary lapses of worthwhile reading I seem to achieve only rarely these days in my erstwhile sleep-deprived browsing existence, suffice it to say, 'tis a pleasure, actually a breath of fresh air.

By the by, wouldn't it be a great idea to do a parody take off of the Silicon Alley's top 100 with an issue entitled "Devil Shat's Top 100 Digerati Lucky To Be In The Right Place At The Right Time". . . Well, actually, that would be the same list, wouldn't it. . . .

Scratch that idea.


Bravo! Halves (at least) the te deum (you get it) factor rampant in so many zines I've seen. Thanks for all your work.


your site sucks white ass


Somehow I stumbled onto the disobey site (It was through Yahoo's Daily Site to the Ghost Page, I believe), and I'd just like to say that Devil Shat is really, really, good. It spawns creative thinking, which is really, really, good.


you are weird and I meen that


Somehow I stumbled onto the disobey site (It was through Yahoo's Daily Site to the Ghost Page, I believe), and I'd just like to say that Devil Shat is really, really, good. It spawns creative thinking, which is really, really, good.


Just gotta say -- great rag.

In the words of Hallis Bumstead: "I'd be happy to sing the blues."


I'd kill for Devil Shat Back Issues 1-20. Is that possible or do I have to do more than just kill? Even if you gotta send them one at a time, that's fine, I just like 'em so much, I'd like to be able to print them out because I have a binder with all the fantastic stuff I find on the Internet, and I'd like to add your zine to the compendium.

Now that that's over, if you feel like reading this praise, here goes: You people are doing something I don't see a lot of. What's that? Using your mind. Everyone makes a website about their favorite books, or about their camping trip to Canada (even though all they have there is fish and Celine Dion) but you guys are truly bringing your thoughts to an audience; uncensored, unequivocaly unique and personal, and unbelievably poignant. Yes, poignant is the word I'd use, because it's pointless to only call classic literature poignant. As Mark Twain once said, "Classics are the books everyone wants to say they've read, but don't actually want to read." Well I give you the credit of modern, classic editorials in the making, ones people want to read, and want to say they've read. You may not consider yourselves superior writers, or even good, and to that I say you're wrong, but what I say you do well is say what's on your mind. It's hard in such a Politically Correct day and age, when conflicting ideals such as the freedom we yearn for on the internet, but nail to a cross on television and in school libraries, battles against each other for precedence. Will the internet always be so free? Only if people like you write the things you do: mature, intelligent literature which speaks its mind for and with a generation of speakers.

Thank you for brightening up my mail openings with your dark, smart work.


Strange but I have been getting your newsletter without even remembering that I signed up for it... but that shouldnt surprise anyone who knows me. Just wanted to tell you this stuff is great... extremely thought provoking. Just when I thought everyone was swallowed up by the machine... you guys come and save the day... thanks


You really want to know what i think well how do i say this. Ummmmmmmmmm... ok this is what i think. I think this is the most kick ass thing to hit the web since hack'n but that's cool for awhile until you get caught. This is the first ever zine i really enjoyed. so keep up the damn good work. I really mean it this shit kicks ass and don't ever stop the maddness.

I know it is kind of early but tell every one to wear a black ribbion for your home town morbids the 25-31 of October. And wear it proud if some one ask you what is the ribbion for tell while hold'n a knife and smile'n.


I think devil shat is great. i read each issue 5 times and check my mail 4 times a day hoping that the next issue is there. you are doing a damn good job of writing it.


Really I think what you guys are doing is great! People seem to be so ignorant these days. It seems like most just want to label people, without really knowing what they are about.

Keep it up guys, can't wait for the next Devil Shat! Sorry about AOL, they can be a real pain in the arse!


I can honestly say "thank you" for putting my address on your mailing list. I also must admit that I did not look at the Devil Shats until #4, at which time I could not stop chuckling to myself at your witty remarks drawn to the Aryan organization (whose name fails me right now).

I also understand you receive many mails from people who ask you not to consider yourselves as "non-conformists." To this, I offer two questions:

1) Why? The people who write to you in this manner should recognize the fact that: (a) calling you "non-non-conformists" will only lead them to receive a long-winded response about conformity; and (b) they should have figured out long ago that they have no lives, since they read your posting, and hence are, themselves, non-conformists.

2) What is the tried and true definition of non-conformity? I take the reader back to the early 1990's, when grunge was the obsession of many people. This music did not have a definition to it, so the corporate heads of the music industry stamped the name "alternative" to all new music that did not fit a category. Right now, "alternative" music is very popular, so non-conformists did conform, at least when they listened to music.

To my last question, I can only say that non-conformity does not have a true meaning. People who try to be radicals conform in one way or another, because that is what the society known as Americana wants them to do.

Remember, America is the cesspool of ideologies, philosophies, and other states of mind. However, people who intently try to be non-conformists are sorry saps in, and of, themselves. They present no new ideas, and for some reason always fall behind their one-word response to everything, "Anarchy!"

People who do not conform have spent their whole lives trying to conform to society, and ultimately do, but on their own terms. I think a non-conformist is someone who "looks" at society, someone who does not blend into the melting pot. These people look at the injustices done to others in our society, and present fresh ideas of a utopia, either by a physical product, or a mental state of mind (i.e., Henry Ford, Karl Marx).

I thank you for giving me your fresh ideas in e-mail format. I will look at each posting with an untainted eye, and I will never throw away any of your hard work again.


First of all thank you for finding me... I enjoy your mail beyond belief.

Please do not remove me... I love your articles, comments, and obviously well thought out format and responses.

If anyone is offended it is most likely due to lack of open-mindedness, intelligence, and capacity to learn and experience diversity...

Being an obsessive collector of useless, unusual, eclectic, random information... I applaud you.


I got all four issues of Devil Shat and have read them all at least once. This is probably one of the best e-mail newsletters ( I guess you could call it that ) that I have received. It's about real stuff instead of the crap we are spoonfed ( one word? ) our whole lives. Keep it up.


well, here goes... i always read your stuff... and then forward it to my significant- other cause he is quite warped too... as long ya don't send out ultra-virus's i don't really have a problem with your publication... after all, i don't want to be judged harshly for being a witch {mentally, not physically that is...} so why would i judge someone else's beliefs... honestly, i look at it as a way you are expressing your individual creativity


Keep sending it you guys because the ZLord Jesus Christ is the only way that you can deal with all the screwed up issues that you have identified. You are right about all of the hypocritical stuff that you're talking about but sooner or later you will either embrace it or better yet accept Jesus' invitation to the banquet. You'd be an honored guest--you know you just can gross out Jesus Christ! So keep me on line and I 'll pray for you and ask the Lord to send some Holy Spirit your way.


It's cool that you're printing them out. Show them to some other people, ok?

Thanks a lot, and I'll definitely pass them around, that was my plan. There're enough people in my "peer" group that not only can appreciate it but will be able to get it a bit more widespread on the outside world than I can.

The funny thing is, if you were called "Jesus Shat" just as many people would delete it for the exact same naive reason. Funny...


Well, it looks like you took some time to send me your mail, so I will take some time to explain to you why I unfortunately do not want to be part of your subsciption. For a long time I have preached against those that I found pretended to act noncomformist and pontificate elusive yet arrogant material to the general public. After reading your sadistic poem (I am sure that you take pride in being called sadistic), I have come to the conclusion that you do indeed fall into this category.

Well, the poem itself is not written by anyone I know or anyone in the company knows. The poem was found in a english book that I bought from the library. It was old and torn from much use. I found that the poem related nicely to what we were trying to get people to think about with the "ahk, friends" bit.

Act noncomformist? Yes, I see your point, and I too hate that. As much as you won't believe this, there are poseurs in the society you think of as sadists and then there are people who really enjoy what they have been doing. We enjoy what we have been doing. However, Devil Shat is not a manifestation of this to throw out into the general public. In all essence, Devil Shat is all the throwaway stuff that we have done. Stuff that wouldn't fit into other categories or other products and simply weren't things that we felt could stand on their own. Rather the general public reads this or not, we could care less. We are doing this for ourselves. To organize our thoughts and to give us something to look back on and think about again when we are 50 years older than we are now.

And no, I take no pride in being called sadist. Just as I take no pride in being called a "fellow human being". Look at what humans have done primarily throughout history. Wars, drugs, hatred, rahowas, jihads, abuse, and so many others. We enjoy none of these things, yet we often feel that by exposing people to it we can better help them see who WE are as a person, and as part of their culture.

Please don't take offense to what I am saying: there are plenty of people just like you in the world; striving for attention and acceptance on the inside while pawning a rebellious and apathetic facade on the outside. I try not to associate with these types of people, however. Therefore, don't send me any more literature or propaganda for your article.

Offense? Not at all. Most of what you say is true. But, in both ways, it does and does not relate to us. Yes we want attention and we want that from the inside and the outside. We are not hiding that we want people to see who we are. One of my greatest fears is that I will die without people recognizing who I was, and the talents I have.

Propanganda is the furthest thing from our goal. We are not trying to lead people blindy into yet another sheepish society. That would be getting nowhere. We merely want people to see what is a part of their society now, and to stop being closeminded about what they have grown to know.


ok, thanks for sending this letter around..but why don't you follow suit with the other loonies... you know... heavens gate!!

No... the aliens already came for us. We told them that we can spread their seeds of paranoia across America by looking like goths and praising Chris Carter for his no-longer-creative shows.

i can get you a good deal on nikes if you need 'em!!!

Morbus shops at Payless, and Yakub shops through a catalog cos his feet are too big.

oh, by the way... my brother can get some purple cloths if you need them, ok?

Um. No. We would look like Barney.


yeah man... tell me... tell the world!!! WOO FUCKIN HOO!!

or... um... something. I guess. If you were really evil, you'd goto a church and lock yourself and the congregation in... then proceed to kick the priest in the face, take his smock, lay it on the alter after lying his feeble, prone body "respectfully" on the ground... arms out, like christ, of course, and proceed to deficate while squatting on the alter and pissing upon the newly created christ... all the while, preaching to the congregation... about shaving mary's [yada yada yada] with hedge clippers and doing her juicy [yada yada]... now that's evil, my friend.

We like to refer to this as "LISTEN-TO-TOO-MUCH-CANNIBAL- CORPSE- AND-TRY-TO-BE-INCREDIBLY-EVIL" syndrome. Thank you for the laugh... bitch.


please, i need more. please

Lobo irish@aol.com

i really like the devil shat and i hope to keep getting it it seems like on of the few publications out there that actually make sense in this world.