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an important note
by Morbus

I've got some good news and some bad news. For the people who don't read Devil Shat or even know it exists, you'll be happy to know that we've gone monthly - you'll know even less about it since we won't be as promiscuous.

The bad news is that a lot of the readers who have come to depend on the damn thing every two weeks are gonna be pretty pissed off when they find out. I'd better think of some good old reason for 'em, otherwise I'll start getting cancelled subscriptions (as if that would ever make sense).

"You could tell them about how you're getting bogged down with all the other things of Disobey." "Yeah," I counter, "but what about the people who don't know about the rest of Disobey? Like Ghost Sites, NetSlaves, Low Bandwidth, or any of the others? What if they haven't, gasp!, seen the Sheep Movie?"

Worrying about my sanity, and wondering if this will turn into a "Conversations with God" type of dialog (hey... that would make a great Devil Shat series!), I counter the counter by saying "Oh well! What can I do! If they can't humor themselves with the rest of what I spend my lifeblood on, than what the hell good are they?".

Oooh... that's bound to lose some more subscriptions.

Seriously though, it's a question of sucking my gut in and admitting that if I keep on the biweekly publishing schedule, Devil Shat is going to suffer - you'd probably start seeing some pretty suck-ass articles.

On the other hand, if I move to monthly, I can provide a possibly bigger issue (since it gives more time for reader contributions) and it'll allow me to write a halfway decent thought process instead of these pathetic pass-for-an-article-but-really-a-preface things.

So anyways, bare with the changes - Devil Shat ain't gonna die (no way, no how, jimminy cow), but something had to break.

And if you are indeed interested in the rest of what Disobey has to offer, you have two options: go to and spend a week there, or find out everything there is to know in my life and Disobey by subscribing to Chico's Groove. Send email to with the subject line reading (appropriately enough): "Subscribe Chico's Groove".

Thanks, and much adieu...

a s s h o l i c
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by Rown Garnbii

I like cybersex as much as the next guy (and believe me, the next guy loves it). It's fun, relaxing and faceless. No need for commitments, e-mails, nothing. God, if only real life was as blessed, but I'm a sane man. I have a certain screen name reserved specifically for my cyber lovin' and another for work. It's only there for online interviews, net surfing, stuff like that, but recently I was raped. Raped by online assholes. And I don't mean the kind of rape that takes place in "fantasy roleplay" rooms either.

It having been several years since I left my cocoon to make casual friends online, I decided to stroll into a nice, normal public chatroom. A Minnesota chatroom to be exact. Hey, what could be dangerous about a bunch of Minnesotans? I entered, looked around, made my introductions and waited.

It didn't take me long to determine that Minnesotans are crackheads. And as a point of clarification, the same things that go on in the "adult" rooms go on in the "public" rooms only with thirteen year olds which I should of expected. That or with fifty year olds pretending they're thirteen year olds which is especially disturbing. So I left the nymphokids chatroom and went to sleep.

The next morning I woke up on the couch, hungover and watching the Rosie O'Donnell Show... ugh. I got up slowly, deciding to retreat back online and what do you think I found in the mail? That's right kiddies, I was up to my sexless blue balls in porn solicitations.

When you're in a chatroom for long enough, eventually some bastard working for some bastard company logs in and starts taking down names. The names get made into lists. The lists get sent to porn companies and the porn companies send all this crap to you. I had once thought it a disgraceful act only taking place in the seedier rooms in the bad part of the AOL where everyone is an adult, but apparently they send this crap to kids to, and that's the big problem I have with this.

What do these people expect to accomplish by sending advertisements to kids in these rooms? These kids have an interest in sex, sure, but they don't have credit cards. They can't sign up for anything. The adults in the room aren't lookin' for lovin' or else they'd be in the adult rooms. There's obviously something that's not clicking in my head as to why someone would build a porn list using a room full of kids as opposed to one full of honey adults. Where's the logic? If you see it, please let me know.

Let's get something straight here. I'm not necessarily against thirteen year olds seeing naked ladies. I can recall many happy years shuffling through my dad's collection of Playboys. It doesn't do any real damage despite what dickheads... uh, I mean, "experts" say. The problem lies in what it does to the online movement. I'm a big supporter of keeping it free. My God! We need at least ONE free thing in this country, don't we? But it's these things, these senseless things, that opportunists in politics bite into and don't let go of so they can make a famous name for themselves. So once again, assholics (stupid people addicted to being an asshole) claim another segment of my soul and if I ever find one of these list making dog fuckers, I'm gonna garrote him to death with his own intestinal track.

There was a time (a long time ago) when you could e-mail these people back to have them remove you from the list but now when you try, you find that the address doesn't even exist anymore or if you respond then they know that you're reading the mail so they put you on more lists.

It wouldn't be as bad if the mail actually led to sex of some sort, but it's all just a commercial. No sex until you pay, and nothing will be done about this crap, because that's how they make money. Everything that you see that you don't pay for is designed to sell you things. There is no real entertainment. It's just stuff between commercials.

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AHHH! DEVIL SHAT ONLY ONCE A MONTH??? GRR... HOW DARE YOU! Heheh. Okay. Actually, it's fine, I forgive you. Good luck with your various endeavors.


I've written before, but I just wanted to drop a note saying how much I enjoyed the assholic article. And I applaud your decision to go monthly. Quality is always better than quantity (but if it starts sucking, DUCK!).


You just need to turn Devil Shat into some dirty porn story magazine...

I'd enjoy reading it as much as I used to enjoy reading old Devil Shat...

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