World of Warcraft Quest Tracker (Horde)

The below contains a listing for all known World of Warcraft quests available to the Horde, and was last generated Tue Dec 9 12:50:26 2008. It was created by a Perl script from Morbus Iff that collects quest and category data from the Allakhazam World of Warcraft site. Quests with asterisks next to them have been completed for this particular character.


IDNameCategoryLevelStart NPCSide
8627Avenger's Breastplate (Raid)Ahn'Qiraj60VethseraBoth
8628Avenger's Crown (Raid)Ahn'Qiraj60AndorgosBoth
8655Avenger's Greaves (Raid)Ahn'Qiraj60KandrostraszBoth
8629Avenger's Legguards (Raid)Ahn'Qiraj60KandrostraszBoth
8630Avenger's Pauldrons (Raid)Ahn'Qiraj60AndorgosBoth
8700Band of Unending Life (Raid)Ahn'Qiraj60Windcaller YessendraBoth
8699Band of Vaulted Secrets (Raid)Ahn'Qiraj60Windcaller YessendraBoth
8701Band of Veiled Shadows (Raid)Ahn'Qiraj60???Both
8711Blade of Eternal Justice (Raid)Ahn'Qiraj60Warden HaroBoth
8707Blade of Vaulted Secrets (Raid)Ahn'Qiraj60Warden HaroBoth
8801C'Thun's Legacy Ahn'Qiraj60Eye of C'ThunBoth
8695Cape of Eternal Justice (Raid)Ahn'Qiraj60Keyl SwiftclawBoth
8692Cloak of Unending Life (Raid)Ahn'Qiraj60Keyl SwiftclawBoth
8693Cloak of Veiled Shadows (Raid)Ahn'Qiraj60Keyl SwiftclawBoth
8690Cloak of the Gathering Storm (Raid)Ahn'Qiraj60Keyl SwiftclawBoth
8696Cloak of the Unseen Path (Raid)Ahn'Qiraj60Keyl SwiftclawBoth
8562Conqueror's Breastplate (Raid)Ahn'Qiraj60VethseraBoth
8561Conqueror's Crown (Raid)Ahn'Qiraj60AndorgosBoth
8559Conqueror's Greaves (Raid)Ahn'Qiraj60KandrostraszBoth
8560Conqueror's Legguards (Raid)Ahn'Qiraj60KandrostraszBoth
8544Conqueror's Spaulders (Raid)Ahn'Qiraj60AndorgosBoth
8709Dagger of Veiled Shadows (Raid)Ahn'Qiraj60Warden HaroBoth
8637Deathdealer's Boots (Raid)Ahn'Qiraj60KandrostraszBoth
8639Deathdealer's Helm (Raid)Ahn'Qiraj60AndorgosBoth
8640Deathdealer's Leggings (Raid)Ahn'Qiraj60KandrostraszBoth
8641Deathdealer's Spaulders (Raid)Ahn'Qiraj60AndorgosBoth
8638Deathdealer's Vest (Raid)Ahn'Qiraj60VethseraBoth
8662Doomcaller's Circlet (Raid)Ahn'Qiraj60AndorgosBoth
8660Doomcaller's Footwraps (Raid)Ahn'Qiraj60KandrostraszBoth
8664Doomcaller's Mantle (Raid)Ahn'Qiraj60AndorgosBoth
8661Doomcaller's Robes (Raid)Ahn'Qiraj60VethseraBoth
8663Doomcaller's Trousers (Raid)Ahn'Qiraj60KandrostraszBoth
8557Drape of Unyielding Strength (Raid)Ahn'Qiraj60Keyl SwiftclawBoth
8691Drape of Vaulted Secrets (Raid)Ahn'Qiraj60Keyl SwiftclawBoth
8634Enigma Boots (Raid)Ahn'Qiraj60KandrostraszBoth
8632Enigma Circlet (Raid)Ahn'Qiraj60AndorgosBoth
8631Enigma Leggings (Raid)Ahn'Qiraj60KandrostraszBoth
8633Enigma Robes (Raid)Ahn'Qiraj60VethseraBoth
8625Enigma Shoulderpads (Raid)Ahn'Qiraj60AndorgosBoth
8596Footwraps of the Oracle (Raid)Ahn'Qiraj60KandrostraszBoth
8705Gavel of Infinite Wisdom (Raid)Ahn'Qiraj60Warden HaroBoth
8665Genesis Boots (Raid)Ahn'Qiraj60KandrostraszBoth
8667Genesis Helm (Raid)Ahn'Qiraj60AndorgosBoth
8669Genesis Shoulderpads (Raid)Ahn'Qiraj60AndorgosBoth
8668Genesis Trousers (Raid)Ahn'Qiraj60KandrostraszBoth
8666Genesis Vest (Raid)Ahn'Qiraj60VethseraBoth
8706Hammer of the Gathering Storm (Raid)Ahn'Qiraj60Warden HaroBoth
8789Imperial Qiraji Armaments (Raid)Ahn'Qiraj60ArygosBoth
8790Imperial Qiraji Regalia (Raid)Ahn'Qiraj60Merithra of the DreamBoth
8710Kris of Unspoken Names (Raid)Ahn'Qiraj60Warden HaroBoth
8708Mace of Unending Life (Raid)Ahn'Qiraj60Warden HaroBoth
8594Mantle of the Oracle (Raid)Ahn'Qiraj60AndorgosBoth
8703Ring of Eternal Justice (Raid)Ahn'Qiraj60Windcaller YessendraBoth
8697Ring of Infinite Wisdom (Raid)Ahn'Qiraj60Windcaller YessendraBoth
8702Ring of Unspoken Names (Raid)Ahn'Qiraj60Windcaller YessendraBoth
8698Ring of the Gathering Storm (Raid)Ahn'Qiraj60Windcaller YessendraBoth
8712Scythe of the Unseen Path (Raid)Ahn'Qiraj60Warden HaroBoth
8784Secrets of the Qiraji Ahn'Qiraj60Ancient Qiraji ArtifactBoth
8689Shroud of Infinite Wisdom (Raid)Ahn'Qiraj60Keyl SwiftclawBoth
8694Shroud of Unspoken Names (Raid)Ahn'Qiraj60Keyl SwiftclawBoth
8558Sickle of Unyielding Strength (Raid)Ahn'Qiraj60Warden HaroBoth
8556Signet of Unyielding Strength (Raid)Ahn'Qiraj60Windcaller YessendraBoth
8704Signet of the Unseen Path (Raid)Ahn'Qiraj60Windcaller YessendraBoth
8623Stormcaller's Diadem (Raid)Ahn'Qiraj60AndorgosBoth
8621Stormcaller's Footguards (Raid)Ahn'Qiraj60KandrostraszBoth
8622Stormcaller's Hauberk (Raid)Ahn'Qiraj60VethseraBoth
8624Stormcaller's Leggings (Raid)Ahn'Qiraj60KandrostraszBoth
8602Stormcaller's Pauldrons (Raid)Ahn'Qiraj60AndorgosBoth
8657Striker's Diadem (Raid)Ahn'Qiraj60AndorgosBoth
8626Striker's Footguards (Raid)Ahn'Qiraj60KandrostraszBoth
8656Striker's Hauberk (Raid)Ahn'Qiraj60VethseraBoth
8658Striker's Leggings (Raid)Ahn'Qiraj60KandrostraszBoth
8659Striker's Pauldrons (Raid)Ahn'Qiraj60AndorgosBoth
8802The Savior of Kalimdor Ahn'Qiraj60Eye of C'ThunBoth
8592Tiara of the Oracle (Raid)Ahn'Qiraj60AndorgosBoth
8593Trousers of the Oracle (Raid)Ahn'Qiraj60KandrostraszBoth
8603Vestments of the Oracle (Raid)Ahn'Qiraj60VethseraBoth

Listed quests matching our side: 77. Quests completed for this category: 0.

Ahn'kahet: The Old Kingdom

IDNameCategoryLevelStart NPCSide
13190All Things in Good Time (Daily Heroic)Ahn'kahet: The Old Kingdom80Kilix the UnravelerBoth
13204Funky Fungi (Dungeon)Ahn'kahet: The Old Kingdom76Ooze-covered FungusBoth
13255Proof of Demise: Herald Volazj (Daily Heroic)Ahn'kahet: The Old Kingdom80Archmage Lan'dalockBoth
*13187The Faceless Ones (Dungeon)Ahn'kahet: The Old Kingdom76Kilix the UnravelerBoth

Listed quests matching our side: 4. Quests completed for this category: 1.

Alcaz Island

IDNameCategoryLevelStart NPCSide
8970I See Alcaz Island In Your Future... (Group)Alcaz Island60BodleyBoth

Listed quests matching our side: 1. Quests completed for this category: 0.


IDNameCategoryLevelStart NPCSide
*10906Master of Elixirs Alchemy70LorokeemBoth
10902Master of Elixirs (Dungeon)Alchemy70???Both
10897Master of Potions (Dungeon)Alchemy70Lauranna Thar'wellBoth
10899Master of Transmutation Alchemy70ZarevhiBoth

Listed quests matching our side: 4. Quests completed for this category: 1.

Alterac Mountains

IDNameCategoryLevelStart NPCSide
535Valik Alterac Mountains34Henchman ValikHorde

Listed quests matching our side: 1. Quests completed for this category: 0.

Alterac Valley

IDNameCategoryLevelStart NPCSide
7385A Gallon of Blood (PvP)Alterac Valley-1Primalist ThurlogaHorde
6825Call of Air - Guse's Fleet (PvP)Alterac Valley-1Wing Commander GuseHorde
6826Call of Air - Jeztor's Fleet (PvP)Alterac Valley-1Wing Commander JeztorHorde
6827Call of Air - Mulverick's Fleet (PvP)Alterac Valley-1Wing Commander MulverickHorde
13428Call to Arms: Alterac Valley (Daily PvP)Alterac Valley-1??????
11340Call to Arms: Alterac Valley (Daily PvP)Alterac Valley-1Horde WarbringerHorde
7124Capture a Mine (PvP)Alterac Valley-1Corporal Teeka BloodsnarlHorde
5893Coldtooth Supplies (PvP)Alterac Valley-1Frostwolf QuartermasterHorde
7165Earned Reverence Alterac Valley-1Warmaster LaggrondHorde
7001Empty Stables Alterac Valley-1Frostwolf Stable MasterHorde
7224Enemy Booty (PvP)Alterac Valley-1Smith RegzarHorde
7302Fallen Sky Lords (PvP)Alterac Valley-1Commander MulfortHorde
8272Hero of the Frostwolf (PvP)Alterac Valley-1Voggah DeathgripHorde
7164Honored Amongst the Clan Alterac Valley-1Warmaster LaggrondHorde
7241In Defense of Frostwolf (PvP)Alterac Valley-1Frostwolf Ambassador RokhstromHorde
6985Irondeep Supplies (PvP)Alterac Valley-1Frostwolf QuartermasterHorde
7166Legendary Heroes Alterac Valley-1Warmaster LaggrondHorde
6801Lokholar the Ice Lord (PvP)Alterac Valley-1Primalist ThurlogaHorde
6741More Booty! Alterac Valley-1Smith RegzarHorde
7161Proving Grounds Alterac Valley-1Warmaster LaggrondHorde
7002Ram Hide Harnesses (PvP)Alterac Valley-1Frostwolf Wolf Rider CommanderHorde
7163Rise and Be Recognized Alterac Valley-1Warmaster LaggrondHorde
7123Speak with our Quartermaster (PvP)Alterac Valley-1JotekHorde
7142The Battle for Alterac (PvP)Alterac Valley-1Voggah DeathgripHorde
7167The Eye of Command Alterac Valley-1Lieutenant HaggerdinHorde
7082The Graveyards of Alterac (PvP)Alterac Valley-1Corporal Teeka BloodsnarlHorde
7101Towers and Bunkers (PvP)Alterac Valley-1Corporal Teeka BloodsnarlHorde

Listed quests matching our side: 27. Quests completed for this category: 0.

Arathi Basin

IDNameCategoryLevelStart NPCSide
11339Call to Arms: Arathi Basin (Daily PvP)Arathi Basin-1Horde WarbringerHorde
8265Defiler's Advanced Care Package Arathi Basin70Rutherford TwingHorde
8263Defiler's Basic Care Package Arathi Basin34???Horde
8264Defiler's Standard Care Package Arathi Basin44???Horde
8122Take Five Bases (PvP)Arathi Basin60Deathmaster DwireHorde
8121Take Four Bases (PvP)Arathi Basin60Deathmaster DwireHorde
8120The Battle for Arathi Basin! (PvP)Arathi Basin55Deathmaster DwireHorde
8169The Battle for Arathi Basin! (PvP)Arathi Basin45Deathmaster DwireHorde
8170The Battle for Arathi Basin! (PvP)Arathi Basin35Deathmaster DwireHorde
8171The Battle for Arathi Basin! (PvP)Arathi Basin25Deathmaster DwireHorde

Listed quests matching our side: 10. Quests completed for this category: 0.

Arathi Highlands

IDNameCategoryLevelStart NPCSide
652Breaking the Keystone Arathi Highlands42Stone of Inner BindingBoth
679Call to Arms Arathi Highlands40Drum FelHorde
678Call to Arms Arathi Highlands38Drum FelHorde
677Call to Arms Arathi Highlands32Drum FelHorde
667Death From Below Arathi Highlands44Shakes O'BreenBoth
662Deep Sea Salvage Arathi Highlands40First Mate NilzlixBoth
664Drowned Sorrows Arathi Highlands40Captain SteelgutBoth
673Foul Magics Arathi Highlands40Tor'ganHorde
671Foul Magics Arathi Highlands33Tor'ganHorde
847Guile of the Raptor Arathi Highlands37Gor'mulHorde
702Guile of the Raptor Arathi Highlands37Tor'ganHorde
701Guile of the Raptor Arathi Highlands37Tor'ganHorde
655Hammerfall Arathi Highlands34Gor'mulHorde
663Land Ho! Arathi Highlands35LoloBoth
688Myzrael's Allies Arathi Highlands40KeystoneHorde
672Raising Spirits Arathi Highlands34Tor'ganHorde
675Raising Spirits Arathi Highlands34Gor'mulHorde
674Raising Spirits Arathi Highlands34Tor'ganHorde
643Sigil of Arathor Arathi Highlands41ZenguHorde
639Sigil of Strom Arathi Highlands37ZenguHorde
641Sigil of Thoradin Arathi Highlands40Tor'ganHorde
644Sigil of Trollbane Arathi Highlands42ZenguHorde
651Stones of Binding Arathi Highlands38Iridescent ShardsBoth
656Summoning the Princess (Group)Arathi Highlands50Theldurin the LostBoth
669Sunken Treasure Arathi Highlands40Shakes O'BreenBoth
668Sunken Treasure Arathi Highlands40Doctor DraxlegaugeBoth
666Sunken Treasure Arathi Highlands40Doctor DraxlegaugeBoth
665Sunken Treasure Arathi Highlands40Professor PhizzlethorpeBoth
670Sunken Treasure Arathi Highlands40Fleet Master SeahornBoth
640The Broken Sigil Arathi Highlands40ZenguHorde
642The Princess Trapped Arathi Highlands37Pendant of MyzraelBoth
680The Real Threat Arathi Highlands40Korin FelHorde
687Theldurin the Lost Arathi Highlands40ZarukBoth
645Trol'kalar Arathi Highlands42ZenguHorde
646Trol'kalar Arathi Highlands42Trollbane's TombHorde
635= Arathi Highlands35Pendant of MyzraelBoth

Listed quests matching our side: 36. Quests completed for this category: 0.


IDNameCategoryLevelStart NPCSide
908Amongst the Ruins (Group)Ashenvale27Je'neu SancreaHorde
6503Ashenvale Outrunners Ashenvale24Kuray'binHorde
6922Baron Aquanis (Dungeon)Ashenvale30Strange Water GlobeHorde
909Baron Aquanis (Group)Ashenvale30Strange Water GlobeHorde
216Between a Rock and a Thistlefur Ashenvale24Karang AmakkarHorde
9534Destroy the Legion Ashenvale30ValushaHorde
9535Diabolical Plans Ashenvale30???Horde
6482Freedom to Ruul Ashenvale24Ruul SnowhoofHorde
824Je'neu of the Earthen Ring Ashenvale27Mastok WrilehissHorde
6621King of the Foulweald Ashenvale26Karang AmakkarHorde
6442Naga at the Zoram Strand Ashenvale19MarukaiHorde
9536Never Again! Ashenvale32VelushaHorde
7868Outrider Advanced Care Package Ashenvale70Kelm HargunthHorde
7866Outrider Basic Care Package Ashenvale34Kelm HargunthHorde
7867Outrider Standard Care Package Ashenvale44Kelm HargunthHorde
9428Report to Splintertree Post Ashenvale20???Horde
6441Satyr Horns Ashenvale26PixelHorde
24Shadumbra's Head Ashenvale27ShadumbraHorde
2Sharptalon's Claw Ashenvale30Senani ThunderheartHorde
25Stonetalon Standstill Ashenvale25Mastok WrilehissHorde
6383The Ashenvale Hunt Ashenvale20???Horde
1918The Befouled Element Ashenvale27Mastok WrilehissHorde
247The Hunt Completed Ashenvale30Senani ThunderheartHorde
6504The Lost Pages Ashenvale30Gurda RagescarHorde
6544Torek's Assault Ashenvale24TorekHorde
6462Troll Charm Ashenvale24MitsuwaHorde
23Ursangous's Paw Ashenvale24UrsangousHorde
6641Vorsha the Lasher (Group)Ashenvale23MuglashHorde
6546Warsong Outrider Update Ashenvale25Warsong OutriderHorde
6545Warsong Runner Update Ashenvale19Warsong RunnerHorde
6581Warsong Saw Blades Ashenvale27PixelHorde
6547Warsong Scout Update Ashenvale21Warsong ScoutHorde
6571Warsong Supplies Ashenvale27Locke OkarrHorde

Listed quests matching our side: 33. Quests completed for this category: 0.


IDNameCategoryLevelStart NPCSide
*10167Auchindoun... (Dungeon)Auchindoun68A'dalHorde
10097Brother Against Brother (Dungeon)Auchindoun69IsfarBoth
10164Everything Will Be Alright (Dungeon)Auchindoun67Greatfather AldrimusBoth
10228Ezekiel Auchindoun67Ramdor the MadBoth
10178Find Spy To'gun (Dungeon)Auchindoun70Spy Grik'thaBoth
*10227I See Dead Draenei Auchindoun67Ha'leiBoth
10095Into the Heart of the Labyrinth (Dungeon)Auchindoun70The Codex of BloodBoth
10253Levixus the Soul Caller (Group)Auchindoun67Nitrin the LearnedBoth
10098Terokk's Legacy (Dungeon)Auchindoun69IsfarBoth
10649The Book of Fel Names (Dungeon)Auchindoun70Altruis the SuffererBoth
10094The Codex of Blood (Dungeon)Auchindoun70Exarch MasuudBoth
10091The Soul Devices (Dungeon)Auchindoun70Spy To'gunBoth
10177Trouble at Auchindoun (Dungeon)Auchindoun70Spymistress Mehlisah HighcrownBoth
11376Wanted: Malicious Instructors (Daily Dungeon)Auchindoun70Nether-Stalker Mah'duunBoth
11375Wanted: Murmur's Whisper (Daily Heroic)Auchindoun70Wind Trader ZhareemBoth
11373Wanted: Shaffar's Wondrous Pendant (Daily Heroic)Auchindoun70Wind Trader ZhareemBoth
11374Wanted: The Exarch's Soul Gem (Daily Heroic)Auchindoun70Wind Trader ZhareemBoth
11372Wanted: The Headfeathers of Ikiss (Daily Heroic)Auchindoun70Wind Trader ZhareemBoth

Listed quests matching our side: 18. Quests completed for this category: 2.


IDNameCategoryLevelStart NPCSide
*13167Death to the Traitor King (Dungeon)Azjol-Nerub74Kilix the UnravelerBoth
*13182Don't Forget the Eggs! (Dungeon)Azjol-Nerub74Kilix the UnravelerBoth
13254Proof of Demise: Anub'arak (Daily Heroic)Azjol-Nerub80Archmage Lan'dalockBoth

Listed quests matching our side: 3. Quests completed for this category: 2.


IDNameCategoryLevelStart NPCSide
3382A Crew Under Fire Azshara57Captain Vanessa BeltisBoth
7486A Hero's Reward Azshara60Duke HydraxisBoth
5536A Land Filled with Hatred Azshara47Loh'atuBoth
6823Agent of Hydraxis Azshara60Duke HydraxisBoth
3564Andron's Payment to Jediga Azshara52Andron GantHorde
3602Azsharite (Group)Azshara58Loramus ThalipedesBoth
8575Azuregos's Magical Ledger Azshara60Narain SoothfancyBoth
3508Breaking the Ward Azshara58Loramus ThalipedesBoth
3542Delivery to Andron Gant Azshara52JedigaHorde
3561Delivery to Archmage Xylem Azshara52JedigaHorde
3541Delivery to Jes'rimon Azshara52JedigaHorde
3518Delivery to Magatha Azshara52JedigaHorde
6821Eye of the Emberseer (Raid)Azshara60Malyfous DarkhammerBoth
6824Hands of the Enemy (Raid)Azshara60Duke HydraxisBoth
3563Jes'rimon's Payment to Jediga Azshara52Jes'rimonHorde
3601Kim'jael Indeed! Azshara53Kim'JaelBoth
5534Kim'jael's "Missing" Equipment Azshara53Kim'JaelBoth
3141Loramus Azshara57Loramus ThalipedesBoth
3562Magatha's Payment to Jediga Azshara52Magatha GrimtotemHorde
3503Meeting with the Master Azshara55Sanath Lim-YoBoth
6804Poisoned Water Azshara56Duke HydraxisBoth
3421Return Trip Azshara55NyrillBoth
5535Spiritual Unrest Azshara47Loh'atuBoth
3517Stealing Knowledge Azshara52JedigaHorde
6805Stormers and Rumblers Azshara57Duke HydraxisBoth
3621The Formation of Felbane Azshara58Loramus ThalipedesBoth
6822The Molten Core (Raid)Azshara60Duke HydraxisBoth
3509The Name of the Beast Azshara58Loramus ThalipedesBoth
3511The Name of the Beast Azshara58Lord ArkkorocBoth
3510The Name of the Beast Azshara58Lord ArkkorocBoth
8729The Wrath of Neptulon (Raid)Azshara60???Both
3565Xylem's Payment to Jediga Azshara52Archmage XylemHorde

Listed quests matching our side: 32. Quests completed for this category: 0.


IDNameCategoryLevelStart NPCSide
2258Badlands Reagent Run Badlands39Jarkal MossmeldHorde
2203Badlands Reagent Run II Badlands44Jarkal MossmeldHorde
703Barbecued Buzzard Wings Badlands40RigglefuzzBoth
793Broken Alliances Badlands50GornHorde
782Broken Alliances Badlands43GornHorde
713Coolant Heads Prevail Badlands37Lotwil VeriatusBoth
1419Coyote Thieves Badlands40Neeka BloodscarHorde
3821Dreadmaul Rock Badlands52Thal'trak ProudtuskHorde
737Forbidden Knowledge Badlands40Gerrig BonegripBoth
714Gyro... What? Badlands37Lotwil VeriatusBoth
715Liquid Stone Badlands37Lucien TosselwrenchBoth
705Pearl Diving Badlands37RigglefuzzBoth
1420Report to Helgrum Badlands40Neeka BloodscarHorde
779Seal of the Earth Badlands50Seal of the EarthBoth
795Seal of the Earth Badlands50Seal of the EarthBoth
716Stone Is Better than Cloth Badlands42Lucien TosselwrenchBoth
712Study of the Elements: Rock Badlands42Lotwil VeriatusBoth
711Study of the Elements: Rock Badlands39Lotwil VeriatusBoth
710Study of the Elements: Rock Badlands37Lotwil VeriatusBoth
692The Lost Fragments Badlands41Theldurin the LostBoth
4062The Rise of the Machines Badlands54Hierophant Theodora MulvadaniaHorde
778This Is Going to Be Hard Badlands45Lotwil VeriatusBoth
777This Is Going to Be Hard Badlands42Lucien TosselwrenchBoth
734This Is Going to Be Hard Badlands42Lotwil VeriatusBoth
728To the Undercity for Yagyin's Digest Badlands40Theldurin the LostHorde
9439Unclaimed Baggage Badlands40Advisor SarophasBoth

Listed quests matching our side: 26. Quests completed for this category: 0.


IDNameCategoryLevelStart NPCSide
13477Concerted Efforts (PvP)Battlegrounds-1??????
13478Concerted Efforts (PvP)Battlegrounds-1??????
8388For Great Honor (PvP)Battlegrounds-1Horde WarbringerHorde
13476For Great Honor (PvP)Battlegrounds-1??????
8367For Great Honor (PvP)Battlegrounds-1Horde WarbringerHorde
13475For Great Honor (PvP)Battlegrounds-1??????

Listed quests matching our side: 6. Quests completed for this category: 0.

Black Temple

IDNameCategoryLevelStart NPCSide
10957Redemption of the Ashtongue (Raid)Black Temple70Seer KanaiBoth
10958Seek Out the Ashtongue (Raid)Black Temple70Xi'riBoth
10959The Fall of the Betrayer (Raid)Black Temple70Seer KanaiBoth

Listed quests matching our side: 3. Quests completed for this category: 0.

Blackfathom Deeps

IDNameCategoryLevelStart NPCSide
6565Allegiance to the Old Gods (Dungeon)Blackfathom Deeps26Je'neu SancreaHorde
6564Allegiance to the Old Gods (Dungeon)Blackfathom Deeps22Blackfathom Tide PriestessHorde
6921Amongst the Ruins (Dungeon)Blackfathom Deeps27Je'neu SancreaHorde
6561Blackfathom Villainy (Dungeon)Blackfathom Deeps27Bashana RunetotemHorde
6563The Essence of Aku'Mai (Dungeon)Blackfathom Deeps22Je'neu SancreaHorde
6562Trouble in the Deeps (Dungeon)Blackfathom Deeps22TsunamanHorde

Listed quests matching our side: 6. Quests completed for this category: 0.

Blackrock Depths

IDNameCategoryLevelStart NPCSide
7604A Binding Contract (Dungeon)Blackrock Depths60Lokhtos DarkbargainerBoth
4024A Taste of Flame (Dungeon)Blackrock Depths58Cyrus TherepentousBoth
*3981Commander Gor'shak (Dungeon)Blackrock Depths52Galamav the MarksmanHorde
*3802Dark Iron Legacy (Dungeon)Blackrock Depths52Franclorn ForgewrightBoth
*3801Dark Iron Legacy (Dungeon)Blackrock Depths52Franclorn ForgewrightBoth
*3907Disharmony of Fire (Dungeon)Blackrock Depths56ThunderheartHorde
4122Grark Lorkrub (Dungeon)Blackrock Depths58LexlortHorde
*4081KILL ON SIGHT: Dark Iron Dwarves (Dungeon)Blackrock Depths52Kill On Sight Sign: Left SideHorde
*4082KILL ON SIGHT: High Ranking Dark Iron Officials (Dungeon)Blackrock Depths54Kill On Sight Sign: Right SideHorde
*4134Lost Thunderbrew Recipe (Dungeon)Blackrock Depths55Shadowmage Vivian LagraveHorde
4132Operation: Death to Angerforge (Dungeon)Blackrock Depths58Warlord GoretoothHorde
4121Precarious Predicament (Dungeon)Blackrock Depths58Grark LorkrubHorde
*4136Ribbly Screwspigot (Dungeon)Blackrock Depths53Yuka ScrewspigotBoth
9015The Challenge (Dungeon)Blackrock Depths60Falrin TreeshaperBoth
*4002The Eastern Kingdoms (Dungeon)Blackrock Depths54ThrallHorde
*4123The Heart of the Mountain (Dungeon)Blackrock Depths55Maxwort UberglintBoth
*7201The Last Element (Dungeon)Blackrock Depths54Shadowmage Vivian LagraveHorde
*3911The Last Element (Group)Blackrock Depths54Shadowmage Vivian LagraveHorde
*4201The Love Potion (Dungeon)Blackrock Depths54Mistress NagmaraBoth
4004The Princess Saved? (Dungeon)Blackrock Depths60Princess Moira BronzebeardHorde
4063The Rise of the Machines (Dungeon)Blackrock Depths58Lotwil VeriatusHorde
4003The Royal Rescue (Dungeon)Blackrock Depths59ThrallHorde
4083The Spectral Chalice (Dungeon)Blackrock Depths55The Spectral ChaliceBoth
4133Vivian Lagrave (Dungeon)Blackrock Depths55Apothecary ZingeHorde
*3982What Is Going On? (Dungeon)Blackrock Depths54Commander Gor'shakHorde
*4001What Is Going On? (Dungeon)Blackrock Depths54Commander Gor'shakHorde
4324Yuka Screwspigot (Dungeon)Blackrock Depths53Yorba ScrewspigotBoth

Listed quests matching our side: 28. Quests completed for this category: 15.

Blackrock Mountain

IDNameCategoryLevelStart NPCSide
8960Bodley's Unfortunate Fate Blackrock Mountain60MokvarHorde
8963Components of Importance (Group)Blackrock Mountain60BodleyBoth
8965Components of Importance (Group)Blackrock Mountain60BodleyBoth
8964Components of Importance (Group)Blackrock Mountain60BodleyBoth
8962Components of Importance (Group)Blackrock Mountain60BodleyBoth
*3906Disharmony of Flame (Dungeon)Blackrock Mountain52ThunderheartHorde
8994Final Preparations (Raid)Blackrock Mountain60BodleyBoth
8988More Components of Importance (Group)Blackrock Mountain60BodleyBoth
8987More Components of Importance (Group)Blackrock Mountain60BodleyBoth
8986More Components of Importance (Group)Blackrock Mountain60BodleyBoth
8985More Components of Importance (Group)Blackrock Mountain60BodleyBoth
8996Return to Bodley Blackrock Mountain60BodleyBoth
8961Three Kings of Flame (Raid)Blackrock Mountain60BodleyBoth

Listed quests matching our side: 13. Quests completed for this category: 1.

Blackrock Spire

IDNameCategoryLevelStart NPCSide
*4982Bijou's Belongings (Dungeon)Blackrock Spire59BijouHorde
*4983Bijou's Reconnaissance Report (Dungeon)Blackrock Spire59BijouHorde
7761Blackhand's Command (Dungeon)Blackrock Spire60Blackhand's CommandBoth
6602Blood of the Black Dragon Champion (Raid)Blackrock Spire60RexxarHorde
4735Egg Collection (Raid)Blackrock Spire60Tinkee SteamboilBoth
4734Egg Freezing (Raid)Blackrock Spire60Tinkee SteamboilBoth
*4862En-Ay-Es-Tee-Why (Dungeon)Blackrock Spire59KiblerBoth
*5047Finkle Einhorn, At Your Service! (Dungeon)Blackrock Spire60Finkle EinhornBoth
4974For The Horde! (Raid)Blackrock Spire60ThrallHorde
*4729Kibler's Exotic Pets (Dungeon)Blackrock Spire59KiblerBoth
8995Mea Culpa, Lord Valthalak (Raid)Blackrock Spire60BodleyBoth
*4866Mother's Milk (Dungeon)Blackrock Spire60Ragged JohnHorde
6569Oculus Illusions (Raid)Blackrock Spire60Myranda the HagHorde
*4981Operative Bijou (Dungeon)Blackrock Spire59LexlortHorde
4701Put Her Down (Dungeon)Blackrock Spire59HelendisBoth
4742Seal of Ascension (Dungeon)Blackrock Spire60VaelanBoth
4743Seal of Ascension (Dungeon)Blackrock Spire60VaelanBoth
*4768The Darkstone Tablet (Raid)Blackrock Spire60Shadowmage Vivian LagraveHorde
5127The Demon Forge (Dungeon)Blackrock Spire60LoraxBoth
4788The Final Tablets (Dungeon)Blackrock Spire58Prospector IronbootBoth
8966The Left Piece of Lord Valthalak's Amulet (Dungeon)Blackrock Spire60BodleyBoth
*5160The Matron Protectorate (Dungeon)Blackrock Spire60AwbeeBoth
*4724The Pack Mistress (Dungeon)Blackrock Spire59Galamav the MarksmanHorde
8989The Right Piece of Lord Valthalak's Amulet (Dungeon)Blackrock Spire60BodleyBoth
4907Tinkee Steamboil (Raid)Blackrock Spire60Felnok SteelspringBoth
4867Urok Doomhowl (Dungeon)Blackrock Spire60WaroshBoth
4769Vivian Lagrave and the Darkstone Tablet (Raid)Blackrock Spire60Apothecary ZingeHorde
*4903Warlord's Command (Dungeon)Blackrock Spire60Warlord GoretoothHorde

Listed quests matching our side: 28. Quests completed for this category: 11.


IDNameCategoryLevelStart NPCSide
2771A Good Head On Your Shoulders Blacksmithing45Trenton LighthammerBoth
2751Barbaric Battlements Blacksmithing32Orokk OmoshHorde
2757Booty Bay or Bust! Blacksmithing40OxHorde
5307Corruption (Dungeon)Blacksmithing60Seril ScourgebaneBoth
3321Did You Lose This? Blacksmithing50Trenton LighthammerBoth
7649Enchanted Thorium Platemail: Volume I (Dungeon)Blacksmithing60Enchanted Thorium PlatemailBoth
7650Enchanted Thorium Platemail: Volume II (Dungeon)Blacksmithing60Enchanted Thorium PlatemailBoth
7651Enchanted Thorium Platemail: Volume III (Dungeon)Blacksmithing60Enchanted Thorium PlatemailBoth
2765Expert Blacksmith! Blacksmithing45Galvan the AncientBoth
2764Galvan's Finest Pupil Blacksmithing45Galvan the AncientBoth
2754Horns of Frenzy Blacksmithing36Orokk OmoshHorde
5103Hot Fiery Death (Dungeon)Blacksmithing60Human RemainsBoth
10892Imperial Plate Armor Blacksmithing50Krathok MoltenfistHorde
7653Imperial Plate Belt Blacksmithing60Derotain MudsipperBoth
7654Imperial Plate Boots Blacksmithing60Derotain MudsipperBoth
7655Imperial Plate Bracer Blacksmithing60Derotain MudsipperBoth
7656Imperial Plate Chest Blacksmithing60Derotain MudsipperBoth
7657Imperial Plate Helm Blacksmithing60Derotain MudsipperBoth
7658Imperial Plate Leggings Blacksmithing60Derotain MudsipperBoth
7659Imperial Plate Shoulders Blacksmithing60Derotain MudsipperBoth
2755Joys of Omosh Blacksmithing36Orokk OmoshHorde
2752On Iron Pauldrons Blacksmithing32Orokk OmoshHorde
2761Smelt On, Smelt Off Blacksmithing45Galvan the AncientBoth
5306Snakestone of the Shadow Huntress (Dungeon)Blacksmithing60KilramBoth
5305Sweet Serenity (Dungeon)Blacksmithing60Lilith the LitheBoth
5301The Art of the Armorsmith Blacksmithing40Okothos IronragerHorde
2763The Art of the Imbue Blacksmithing45Galvan the AncientBoth
2762The Great Silver Deceiver Blacksmithing45Galvan the AncientBoth
2773The Mithril Kid Blacksmithing45Trenton LighthammerBoth
2760The Mithril Order Blacksmithing40McGavanBoth
2756The Old Ways Blacksmithing40Aturk the AnvilHorde
5302The Way of the Weaponsmith Blacksmithing40Borgosh CorebenderHorde
2772The World At Your Feet Blacksmithing45Trenton LighthammerBoth
2753Trampled Under Foot Blacksmithing36Orokk OmoshHorde

Listed quests matching our side: 34. Quests completed for this category: 0.

Blackwing Lair

IDNameCategoryLevelStart NPCSide
8730Nefarius's Corruption (Raid)Blackwing Lair60Vaelestrasz the CorruptedBoth
8288Only One May Rise (Raid)Blackwing Lair60Baristolth of the Shifting SandsBoth

Listed quests matching our side: 2. Quests completed for this category: 0.

Blade's Edge Mountains

IDNameCategoryLevelStart NPCSide
10713...and a Time for Action Blade's Edge Mountains67Tree Warden ChawnBoth
10721A Boaring Time for Grulloc Blade's Edge Mountains67RexxarHorde
11060A Crystalforged Darkrune Blade's Edge Mountains70???Both
10544A Curse Upon Both of Your Clans! Blade's Edge Mountains66T'chali the Witch DoctorHorde
11061A Father's Duty Blade's Edge Mountains70TorkusBoth
11079A Fel Whip For Gahk (Group)Blade's Edge Mountains70GahkBoth
11091A Special Thank You Blade's Edge Mountains70Chu'a'lorBoth
10682A Time for Negotiation... Blade's Edge Mountains67Tree Warden ChawnBoth
11058An Apexis Relic Blade's Edge Mountains70Chu'a'lorBoth
11119Assault on Bash'ir Landing! Blade's Edge Mountains70Sky Commander KellerBoth
11051Banish More Demons (Daily)Blade's Edge Mountains70???Both
11026Banish the Demons Blade's Edge Mountains70KronkBoth
10783Baron Sablemane Blade's Edge Mountains67RexxarHorde
10749Baron Sablemane's Poison Blade's Edge Mountains67Baron SablemaneHorde
10545Bladespire Kegger Blade's Edge Mountains66T'chali the Witch DoctorHorde
11023Bomb Them Again! (Daily)Blade's Edge Mountains70Sky Sergeant VanderlipBoth
11010Bombing Run Blade's Edge Mountains70Sky Sergeant VanderlipBoth
11102Bombing Run Blade's Edge Mountains70Sky Sergeant VanderlipBoth
10567Creating the Pendant Blade's Edge Mountains66TimeonBoth
10784Crush the Bloodmaul Camp Blade's Edge Mountains67Tor'chunk TwoclawsHorde
10753Culling the Wild Blade's Edge Mountains67FaradrellaBoth
10810Damaged Mask Blade's Edge Mountains68Damaged MaskBoth
10910Death's Door Blade's Edge Mountains68Wildlord AntelarionBoth
10820Deceive thy Enemy Blade's Edge Mountains68Legion CommunicatorBoth
10719Did You Get The Note? Blade's Edge Mountains67Meeting NoteBoth
10487Dust from the Drakes Blade's Edge Mountains66Gor'drekHorde
10830Exorcising the Trees Blade's Edge Mountains68TreeboleBoth
*10489Felling an Ancient Tree Blade's Edge Mountains66Wanted: SignHorde
10819Felsworn Gas Mask Blade's Edge Mountains68Wildlord AntelarionBoth
10911Fire At Will! Blade's Edge Mountains68Evergrove DruidBoth
10771From the Ashes Blade's Edge Mountains67Mosswood the AncientBoth
10859Gather the Orbs Blade's Edge Mountains67Spiritcaller DohgarHorde
10723Gorgrom the Dragon-Eater Blade's Edge Mountains68RexxarHorde
10998Grim(oire) Business (Group)Blade's Edge Mountains70Mog'dorg the WizenedBoth
10543Grimnok and Korgaah, I Am For You! Blade's Edge Mountains67T'chali the Witch DoctorHorde
10995Grulloc Has Two Skulls (Group)Blade's Edge Mountains70Mog'dorg the WizenedBoth
11059Guardian of the Monument (Group)Blade's Edge Mountains70Chu'a'lorBoth
10904Harvesting the Fel Ammunition Blade's Edge Mountains68Evergrove DruidBoth
10865Inform Leoroxx! Blade's Edge Mountains68Spiritcaller DohgarHorde
11513Intercepting the Mana Cells (Daily)Blade's Edge Mountains70Exarch NasuunBoth
10715Into the Churning Gulch Blade's Edge Mountains67Baron SablemaneHorde
11000Into the Soulgrinder (Group)Blade's Edge Mountains70Mog'dorg the WizenedBoth
10785It's a Trap! Blade's Edge Mountains67Baron SablemaneHorde
*10928Killing the Crawlers Blade's Edge Mountains65Grunt GrahkHorde
10770Little Embers Blade's Edge Mountains67Mosswood the AncientBoth
10893Longtail is the Lynchpin Blade's Edge Mountains67Watcher MoonshadeBoth
10996Maggoc's Treasure Chest (Group)Blade's Edge Mountains70Mog'dorg the WizenedBoth
11514Maintaining the Sunwell Portal (Daily)Blade's Edge Mountains70Exarch NasuunBoth
10748Maxnar Must Die! Blade's Edge Mountains68Tree Warden ChawnBoth
10722Meeting at the Blackwing Coven Blade's Edge Mountains68Watcher MoonshadeBoth
10983Mog'dorg the Wizened Blade's Edge Mountains70GrokBoth
10989Mog'dorg the Wizened Blade's Edge Mountains70ChortBoth
10860Mok'Nathal Treats Blade's Edge Mountains67Matron VarahHorde
10812Mystery Mask Blade's Edge Mountains68O'Mally ZapnabberBoth
11009Ogre Heaven Blade's Edge Mountains70Mog'dorg the WizenedBoth
10714On Spirit's Wings Blade's Edge Mountains67RexxarHorde
11030Our Boy Wants To Be A Skyguard Ranger Blade's Edge Mountains70TorkusBoth
11036Out of This World Produce! Blade's Edge Mountains67Old OrokHorde
10717Poaching from Poachers Blade's Edge Mountains67Samia InklingBoth
10724Prisoner of the Bladespire (Group)Blade's Edge Mountains67RexxarHorde
10488Protecting Our Own Blade's Edge Mountains66Gor'drekHorde
10975Purging the Chambers of Bash'ir (Group)Blade's Edge Mountains70???Both
10709Reunion Blade's Edge Mountains67LeoroxxHorde
10615Ruuan Weald Blade's Edge Mountains64DertrokHorde
10742Showdown (Group)Blade's Edge Mountains70RexxarHorde
10617Silkwing Cocoons Blade's Edge Mountains66TaerekHorde
10843Since Time Forgotten... Blade's Edge Mountains68LeoroxxHorde
10786Slaughter at Boulder'mok Blade's Edge Mountains68Tor'chunk TwoclawsHorde
10845Slay the Brood Mother Blade's Edge Mountains68LeoroxxHorde
11022Speak with Mog'dorg Blade's Edge Mountains70???Both
10853Spirit Calling Blade's Edge Mountains67Spiritcaller DohgarHorde
10974Stasis Chambers of Bash'ir (Group)Blade's Edge Mountains70Commander AmeerBoth
11047The Apprentice's Request Blade's Edge Mountains67AgadaiHorde
10503The Bladespire Threat Blade's Edge Mountains66Tor'chunk TwoclawsHorde
10505The Bloodmaul Ogres Blade's Edge Mountains66Tor'chunk TwoclawsHorde
11025The Crystals Blade's Edge Mountains70Chu'a'lorBoth
10486The Encroaching Wilderness Blade's Edge Mountains66Gor'drekHorde
10982The Eye of Haramad Blade's Edge Mountains70Image of Commander AmeerBoth
10912The Hound-Master Blade's Edge Mountains68Evergrove DruidBoth
10976The Mark of the Nexus-King (Group)Blade's Edge Mountains70Image of Commander AmeerBoth
*9795The Ogre Threat Blade's Edge Mountains65Shadow Hunter DenjaiHorde
11080The Relic's Emanation (Daily)Blade's Edge Mountains70Chu'a'lorBoth
11062The Skyguard Outpost Blade's Edge Mountains70Chu'a'lorBoth
10720The Smallest Creatures Blade's Edge Mountains67RexxarHorde
10618The Softest Wings Blade's Edge Mountains65SilmaraHorde
10718The Spirits Have Voices Blade's Edge Mountains67Garm WolfbrotherHorde
10565The Stones of Vekh'nir Blade's Edge Mountains66DertrokHorde
10526The Thunderspike Blade's Edge Mountains67Rokgah BloodgripHorde
10851The Totems of My Enemy Blade's Edge Mountains67Spiritcaller DohgarHorde
11057The Trouble Below Blade's Edge Mountains70Chu'a'lorBoth
10825The Truth Unorbed Blade's Edge Mountains68Orb of the GrishnaBoth
10867There Can Be Only One Response Blade's Edge Mountains68LeoroxxHorde
10542They Stole Me Hookah and Me Brews! Blade's Edge Mountains66T'chali the Witch DoctorHorde
10524Thunderlord Clan Artifacts Blade's Edge Mountains66Thunderlord Clan ArtifactHorde
11078To Rule The Skies (Group)Blade's Edge Mountains70Sky Commander KellerBoth
10829Treebole Must Know Blade's Edge Mountains68Tree Warden ChawnBoth
10566Trial and Error Blade's Edge Mountains66DertrokHorde
10846Understanding the Mok'Nathal Blade's Edge Mountains67LeoroxxHorde
10525Vision Guide Blade's Edge Mountains66Rokgah BloodgripHorde
10747Whelps of the Wyrmcult Blade's Edge Mountains68Samia InklingBoth
10607Whispers of the Raven God Blade's Edge Mountains68TimeonBoth
10614Whispers on the Wind Blade's Edge Mountains66RexxarHorde
11066Wrangle More Aether Rays! (Daily)Blade's Edge Mountains70Skyguard KhatieBoth
11065Wrangle Some Aether Rays! Blade's Edge Mountains70Skyguard KhatieBoth
10894Wyrmskull Watcher Blade's Edge Mountains67Tree Warden ChawnBoth
10821You're Fired! (Group)Blade's Edge Mountains68Legion CommunicatorBoth
11027Yous Have Da Darkrune? Blade's Edge Mountains70GahkBoth

Listed quests matching our side: 107. Quests completed for this category: 3.

Blasted Lands

IDNameCategoryLevelStart NPCSide
2583A Boar's Vitality Blasted Lands50Bloodmage DrazialBoth
2801A Tale of Sorrow Blasted Lands57Fallen Hero of the HordeBoth
3501Everything Counts In Large Amounts Blasted Lands55Kum'isha the CollectorBoth
2784Fall From Grace Blasted Lands50Fallen Hero of the HordeHorde
2702Heroes of Old Blasted Lands57Fallen Hero of the HordeBoth
2701Heroes of Old Blasted Lands57Corporal Thund SplithoofBoth
2602Infallible Mind Blasted Lands50Bloodmage LynnoreBoth
10259Into the Breach Blasted Lands60Argent Emissary ProudwellBoth
2721Kirith Blasted Lands58Fallen Hero of the HordeBoth
2522Kum'isha's Endeavors Blasted Lands55Kum'isha the CollectorBoth
3502One Draenei's Junk... Blasted Lands55Kum'isha the CollectorBoth
2582Rage of Ages Blasted Lands50Bloodmage DrazialBoth
2586Salt of the Scorpok Blasted Lands50Bloodmage DrazialBoth
2581Snickerfang Jowls Blasted Lands50Bloodmage DrazialBoth
2584Spirit of the Boar Blasted Lands50Bloodmage DrazialBoth
2604Spiritual Domination Blasted Lands50Bloodmage LynnoreBoth
2601The Basilisk's Bite Blasted Lands50Bloodmage LynnoreBoth
2743The Cover of Darkness Blasted Lands60Spirit of KirithBoth
2585The Decisive Striker Blasted Lands50Bloodmage DrazialBoth
2744The Demon Hunter Blasted Lands60Fallen Hero of the HordeBoth
2621The Disgraced One Blasted Lands50Fallen Hero of the HordeHorde
2681The Stones That Bind Us Blasted Lands57Fallen Hero of the HordeBoth
2521To Serve Kum'isha Blasted Lands55Kum'isha the CollectorBoth
3627Uniting the Shattered Amulet (Group)Blasted Lands60Fallen Hero of the HordeBoth
2603Vulture's Vigor Blasted Lands50Bloodmage LynnoreBoth
3628You Are Rakh'likh, Demon (Group)Blasted Lands60Fallen Hero of the HordeBoth

Listed quests matching our side: 26. Quests completed for this category: 0.

Booty Bay

IDNameCategoryLevelStart NPCSide
*3721An OOX of Your Own Booty Bay50Oglethorpe ObnoticusBoth

Listed quests matching our side: 1. Quests completed for this category: 1.

Borean Tundra

IDNameCategoryLevelStart NPCSide
*11641A Courageous Strike Borean Tundra72Durm IcehideHorde
*11620A Father's Words Borean Tundra71KarukBoth
12087A Little Help Here? DEPRECATED Borean Tundra72??????
*11864A Mission Statement Borean Tundra72Arch Druid LathoriusBoth
*11675A Proper Death Borean Tundra71Sage HighmesaHorde
*11671A Race Against Time Borean Tundra71Librarian DonathanBoth
*11719A Suitable Test Subject Borean Tundra71Bloodmage LaurithHorde
*11623A Visit to the Curator Borean Tundra72EtarukBoth
*11590Abduction Borean Tundra71Librarian DonathanBoth
*11930Across Transborea Borean Tundra72Mother TauranookHorde
*11633Blending In Borean Tundra72Chieftain WintergaleHorde
*11627Boiling Point Borean Tundra72ImpereanHorde
*11898Breaking Through (Group)Borean Tundra71Chieftain WintergaleHorde
*11690Bring 'Em Back Alive Borean Tundra71Farmer TorpHorde
*11656Burn in Effigy Borean Tundra71Waltor of Pal'eaHorde
*11608Bury Those Cockroaches! Borean Tundra71Quartermaster HolgothHorde
11867Can't Get Ear-nough... Borean Tundra72Arch Druid LathoriusBoth
*11906Cleaning Up the Pools Borean Tundra71Iron EyesHorde
*11711Coward Delivery... Under 30 Minutes or it's Free Borean Tundra71Warden Nork BloodfrenzyHorde
*11602Cutting Off the Source Borean Tundra71Overlord RazgorHorde
12156DEPRECAED Borean Tundra74??????
12108DEPRECATED Borean Tundra74??????
12103DEPRECATED Borean Tundra74??????
*11688Damned Filthy Swine Borean Tundra71Farmer TorpHorde
*11909Defeat the Gearmaster Borean Tundra72Greatmother TaigaHorde
*11682Dragonspeak Borean Tundra71Archmage EvanorBoth
*11866Ears of Our Enemies Borean Tundra72Arch Druid LathoriusBoth
*11887Emergency Supplies Borean Tundra71Crashed Recon PilotHorde
*11570Escape from the Winterfin Caverns Borean Tundra71LurgglbrBoth
*11664Escaping the Mist Borean Tundra71Mootoo the YoungerHorde
*11683Fallen Necropolis Borean Tundra71Sage HighmesaHorde
*11635Farseer Grimwalker's Spirit Borean Tundra71Spirit Talker SnarlfangHorde
*11678Find Bristlehorn Borean Tundra71??????
*11705Foolish Endeavors Borean Tundra71Shadowstalker GetryHorde
*11619Gamel the Cruel Borean Tundra71KarukBoth
*11721Gammothra the Tormentor Borean Tundra71Primal MighthornHorde
*11703Get to Getry Borean Tundra71Shadowstalker IckorisHorde
*11563Grmmurggll Mrllggrl Glrggl!!! Borean Tundra71MrmrglmrBoth
*11617Hampering Their Escape Borean Tundra72EtarukBoth
*11869Happy as a Clam Borean Tundra72Hierophant CeniusBoth
*11916Hellscream's Champion Borean Tundra71Garrosh HellscreamHorde
*11585Hellscream's Vigil Borean Tundra71Warsong Recruitment OfficerHorde
11586Hellscream's Vigil Borean Tundra71Warsong Recruitment OfficerHorde
*11876Help Those That Cannot Help Themselves Borean Tundra72Arch Druid LathoriusBoth
*13257Herald of War Borean Tundra74High Overlord SaurfangHorde
*11660Horn of the Ancient Mariner Borean Tundra71Waltor of Pal'eaHorde
*11562I'm Being Blackmailed By My Cleaner Borean Tundra71King Mrgl-MrglBoth
*11655Into the Mist Borean Tundra71Waltor of Pal'eaHorde
*11637Kaganishu Borean Tundra72Farseer Grimwalker's SpiritHorde
*11613Karuk's Oath Borean Tundra71KarukBoth
*11879Kaw the Mammoth Destroyer Borean Tundra72Khu'nok the BehemothBoth
*11569Keymaster Urmgrgl Borean Tundra71GlrglrglrBoth
*11878Khu'nok Will Know Borean Tundra72Arch Druid LathoriusBoth
11702King Mrgl-Mrgl Borean Tundra71Supply Master Taz'ishiHorde
*11610Leading the Ancestors Home Borean Tundra72Elder AtkanokBoth
*11881Load 'er Up! Borean Tundra71Fezzix GeartwistHorde
*11636Magic Carpet Ride Borean Tundra71Overlord RazgorHorde
*11724Massive Moth Omelet? Borean Tundra71Massive Glowing EggHorde
*11895Master the Storm Borean Tundra71Sage Earth and SkyHorde
*11676Merciful Freedom Borean Tundra71??????
*11616Message to Hellscream Borean Tundra71Shadowstalker BarthusHorde
*11643Mobu's Pneumatic Tank Transjigamarig Borean Tundra71MobuHorde
*11576Monitoring the Rift: Cleftcliff Anomaly Borean Tundra71Librarian GarrenBoth
*11582Monitoring the Rift: Sundered Chasm Borean Tundra71Librarian GarrenBoth
*12728Monitoring the Rift: Winterfin Cavern Borean Tundra71Librarian GarrenBoth
*11649Motes of the Enraged Borean Tundra71ImpereanHorde
*11950Muahit's Wisdom Borean Tundra72AtaikaBoth
11992Navigation Charts (Deprecated) Borean Tundra71??????
*11884Ned, Lord of Rhinos... (Group)Borean Tundra72Killinger the Den WatcherBoth
*11615Nerub'ar Secrets Borean Tundra71Shadowstalker BarthusHorde
*11647Neutralizing the Cauldrons Borean Tundra72Sage AeireHorde
*11709Nork Bloodfrenzy's Charge Borean Tundra71Garrosh HellscreamHorde
*11871Not On Our Watch Borean Tundra72Hierophant LiandraBoth
*11949Not Without a Fight! Borean Tundra72AtaikaBoth
*11560Oh Noes, the Tadpoles! Borean Tundra71King Mrgl-MrglBoth
*11661Orabus the Helmsman Borean Tundra71Waltor of Pal'eaHorde
*11894Patching Up Borean Tundra71Fezzix GeartwistHorde
*11606Patience is a Virtue that We Don't Need Borean Tundra71Quartermaster HolgothHorde
*11609Picking Up the Pieces Borean Tundra72Elder AtkanokBoth
*11717Pollen from the Source Borean Tundra71Bloodmage LaurithHorde
*11945Preparing for the Worst (Daily)Borean Tundra72UtaikBoth
*11594Put Them to Rest Borean Tundra71Grunt RagefistHorde
*11612Reclaiming the Quarry Borean Tundra72EtarukBoth
*11679Reforging the Key Borean Tundra71Librarian DonathanBoth
*11618Reinforcements Incoming... Borean Tundra71Shadowstalker BarthusHorde
11591Report to Steeljaw's Caravan Borean Tundra71Overlord Bor'gorokHorde
*11681Rescuing Evanor Borean Tundra71Warmage AnzimBoth
*11638Return My Remains Borean Tundra71Farseer Grimwalker's SpiritHorde
*11629Return to the Spirit Talker Borean Tundra71ImpereanHorde
*11689Return with the Bad News Borean Tundra71Sage HighmesaHorde
*11639Revenge Upon Magmoth Borean Tundra71OrtroshHorde
*11888Ride to Taunka'le Village Borean Tundra71Sage Earth and SkyHorde
*11674Sage Highmesa is Missing Borean Tundra71Greatmother TaigaHorde
*11684Scouting the Sinkholes Borean Tundra71Greatfather MahanHorde
*11662Seek Out Karuk! Borean Tundra71Waltor of Pal'eaHorde
*11663Sharing Intelligence Borean Tundra71Librarian NormantisBoth
*11659Shatter the Orbs! Borean Tundra72Snow Tracker GrummHorde
*11628Shrouds of the Scourge Borean Tundra72Chieftain WintergaleHorde
*11899Souls of the Decursed Borean Tundra71Greatmother TaigaHorde
*11961Spirits Watch Over Us Borean Tundra72Elder MuahitBoth
*11677Stop the Plague Borean Tundra71Sage HighmesaHorde
*11564Succulent Orca Stew Borean Tundra71Cleaver BmurglbrmBoth
*11644Super Strong Metal Plates! Borean Tundra71MobuHorde
*11566Surrender... Not! Borean Tundra72King Mrgl-MrglBoth
*11611Taken by the Scourge Borean Tundra71Foreman MortuusHorde
*11598Taking Back Mightstone Quarry Borean Tundra71Overlord RazgorHorde
*11680Taking Wing Borean Tundra71SurristraszBoth
*11642Tank Ain't Gonna Fix Itself Borean Tundra71Gorge the CorpsegrinderHorde
*11651Tanks a lot... Borean Tundra71MobuHorde
*11870The Abandoned Reach Borean Tundra72Hierophant CeniusBoth
*11648The Art of Persuasion Borean Tundra71Librarian NormantisBoth
*11892The Assassination of Harold Lane (Group)Borean Tundra72Arch Druid LathoriusBoth
*11630The Bad Earth Borean Tundra72Chieftain WintergaleHorde
*11646The Borean Inquisition Borean Tundra71Librarian DonathanBoth
*11706The Collapse Borean Tundra71Wind Tamer BarahHorde
*11868The Culler Cometh (Group)Borean Tundra72ZazaBoth
*11596The Defense of Warsong Hold Borean Tundra71High Overlord SaurfangHorde
11595The Defense of Warsong Hold Borean Tundra71High Overlord Saurfang Horde
11597The Defense of Warsong Hold Borean Tundra71??????
*11687The Doctor and the Lich-Lord Borean Tundra72Longrunner BristlehornHorde
*11626The Emissary Borean Tundra71VeehjaBoth
*11929The Fall of Taunka'le Village Borean Tundra72Chieftain WintergaleHorde
*11685The Heart of the Elements Borean Tundra71Greatfather MahanHorde
*11605The Honored Ancestors Borean Tundra72Elder AtkanokBoth
*11593The Honored Dead Borean Tundra71Grunt RagefistHorde
*11695The Horn of Elemental Fury Borean Tundra71Wind Tamer BarahHorde
*11720The Invasion of Gammoth Borean Tundra71Bloodmage LaurithHorde
*11607The Lost Spirits Borean Tundra72Elder AtkanokBoth
*11872The Nefarious Clam Master... Borean Tundra72Hierophant LiandraBoth
*11652The Plains of Nasam Borean Tundra71Gorge the CorpsegrinderHorde
*11893The Power of the Elements Borean Tundra71Dorain FrosthoofHorde
*11624The Sky Will Know Borean Tundra71Spirit Talker SnarlfangHorde
*11565The Spare Suit Borean Tundra71MrmrglmrBoth
*11654The Spire of Blood Borean Tundra72Vial of Fresh BloodHorde
*11907The Sub-Chieftains Borean Tundra71Sage Earth and SkyHorde
*11968The Tides Turn Borean Tundra71Elder MuahitBoth
*11625The Trident of Naz'jan Borean Tundra71VeehjaBoth
*11686The Warsong Farms Borean Tundra71Shadowstalker IckorisHorde
*11716The Wondrous Bloodspore Borean Tundra71Bloodmage LaurithHorde
*11561Them! Borean Tundra71BrglmurglBoth
*12486To Bor'gorok Outpost, Quickly! Borean Tundra71Sauranok the MysticHorde
*11574Too Close For Comfort Borean Tundra71EndorahHorde
*11733Traversing the Rift Borean Tundra71SurristraszBoth
*11722Trophies of Gammoth Borean Tundra71Primal MighthornHorde
*11865Unfit for Death Borean Tundra72ZazaBoth
*11614Untold Truths Borean Tundra71Shadowstalker BarthusHorde
*11714Vermin Extermination Borean Tundra71Scout TungokHorde
*11631Vision of Air Borean Tundra71Spirit Talker SnarlfangHorde
*11592We Strike! Borean Tundra72Longrunner ProudhoofHorde
*11896Weakness to Lightning Borean Tundra71Sage Earth and SkyHorde
*11890What Are They Up To? Borean Tundra71Sage Earth and SkyHorde
11632What the Cold Wind Brings... Borean Tundra71Ith'rix's Hardened CarapaceHorde
*11634Wind Master To'bor Borean Tundra71Overlord RazgorHorde
*11559Winterfin Commerce Borean Tundra71King Mrgl-MrglBoth
*11640Words of Power Borean Tundra72Chieftain WintergaleHorde

Listed quests matching our side: 155. Quests completed for this category: 143.


IDNameCategoryLevelStart NPCSide
11407Bark for Drohn's Distillery! (Daily)Brewfest-1??????
11408Bark for T'chali's Voodoo Brewery! (Daily)Brewfest-1??????
11293Bark for the Barleybrews! (Daily)Brewfest-1??????
11294Bark for the Thunderbrews! (Daily)Brewfest-1??????
12278Brew of the Month Club Brewfest-1??????
12421Brew of the Month Club Brewfest-1??????
12306Brew of the Month Club Brewfest-1??????
12420Brew of the Month Club Brewfest-1??????
11419Brewfest Riding Rams Brewfest-1??????
11441Brewfest! Brewfest-1??????
11446Brewfest! Brewfest-1??????
11431Catch the Wild Wolpertinger! Brewfest-1??????
11117Catch the Wild Wolpertinger! Brewfest-1??????
12022Chug and Chuck! Brewfest-1??????
12191Chug and Chuck! Brewfest-1??????
11321Did Someone Say "Souvenir?" Brewfest-1??????
11413Did Someone Say "Souvenir?" Brewfest-1??????
12491Direbrew's Dire Brew Brewfest-1??????
12492Direbrew's Dire Brew Brewfest-1??????
12062Insult Coren Direbrew (Daily Dungeon)Brewfest70???Both
11409Now This is Ram Racing... Almost. Brewfest-1??????
11120Pink Elekks On Parade Brewfest-1??????
11118Pink Elekks On Parade Brewfest-1??????
12318Save Brewfest! Brewfest-1??????
12194Say, There Wouldn't Happen to be a Souvenir This Y Brewfest-1??????
12193Say, There Wouldn't Happen to be a Souvenir This Y Brewfest-1??????
11454Seek the Saboteurs (Dungeon)Brewfest52??????
11486The Best of Brews Brewfest-1??????
11487The Best of Brews Brewfest-1??????
11122There and Back Again Brewfest-1??????
11412There and Back Again Brewfest-1??????
12020This One Time, When I Was Drunk... (Daily)Brewfest-1??????
12192This One Time, When I Was Drunk... (Daily)Brewfest-1??????

Listed quests matching our side: 33. Quests completed for this category: 0.

Burning Steppes

IDNameCategoryLevelStart NPCSide
4023A Taste of Flame Burning Steppes54Cyrus TherepentousBoth
4022A Taste of Flame Burning Steppes54Cyrus TherepentousBoth
4726Broodling Essence Burning Steppes52Tinkee SteamboilBoth
4808Felnok Steelspring Burning Steppes54Tinkee SteamboilBoth
3822Krom'Grul Burning Steppes53Sha'ni ProudtuskHorde
5522Leonid Barthalomew (Dungeon)Burning Steppes60Tinkee SteamboilBoth
4481Libram of Constitution Burning Steppes55Mathredis FirestarBoth
4483Libram of Resilience Burning Steppes55Mathredis FirestarBoth
4463Libram of Rumination Burning Steppes55???Both
4482Libram of Tenacity Burning Steppes55Mathredis FirestarBoth
4484Libram of Voracity Burning Steppes55Mathredis FirestarBoth
4296Tablet of the Seven Burning Steppes50Maxwort UberglintBoth
4061The Rise of the Machines Burning Steppes54Hierophant Theodora MulvadaniaHorde

Listed quests matching our side: 13. Quests completed for this category: 0.

Caverns of Time

IDNameCategoryLevelStart NPCSide
11105Champion No More Caverns of Time70SoridormiBoth
10474Champion's Covenant Caverns of Time70SoridormiBoth
10470Champion's Oath Caverns of Time70SoridormiBoth
10462Champion's Pledge Caverns of Time70SoridormiBoth
10466Champion's Vow Caverns of Time70SoridormiBoth
11106Defender No More Caverns of Time70SoridormiBoth
10475Defender's Covenant Caverns of Time70SoridormiBoth
10471Defender's Oath Caverns of Time70SoridormiBoth
10460Defender's Pledge Caverns of Time70SoridormiBoth
10467Defender's Vow Caverns of Time70SoridormiBoth
10284Escape from Durnholde (Dungeon)Caverns of Time68ThrallBoth
10298Hero of the Brood Caverns of Time70Sa'atBoth
12513Nice Hat... (Dungeon)Caverns of Time68??????
12515Nice Hat... (Dungeon)Caverns of Time68??????
10282Old Hillsbrad (Dungeon)Caverns of Time68AndormuBoth
11104Restorer No More Caverns of Time70SoridormiBoth
10473Restorer's Covenant Caverns of Time70SoridormiBoth
10469Restorer's Oath Caverns of Time70SoridormiBoth
10461Restorer's Pledge Caverns of Time70SoridormiBoth
10465Restorer's Vow Caverns of Time70SoridormiBoth
10285Return to Andormu Caverns of Time68AndormuBoth
10561Revered Among the Keepers of Time Caverns of Time70AndormuBoth
11103Sage No More Caverns of Time70SoridormiBoth
10472Sage's Covenant Caverns of Time70SoridormiBoth
10468Sage's Oath Caverns of Time70SoridormiBoth
10463Sage's Pledge Caverns of Time70SoridormiBoth
10464Sage's Vow Caverns of Time70SoridormiBoth
10283Taretha's Diversion (Dungeon)Caverns of Time68ErozionBoth
10296The Black Morass (Dungeon)Caverns of Time70AndormuBoth
*10277The Caverns of Time Caverns of Time68AndormuBoth
9836The Master's Touch (Dungeon)Caverns of Time70KhadgarBoth
10297The Opening of the Dark Portal (Dungeon)Caverns of Time70Sa'atBoth
10445The Vials of Eternity (Raid)Caverns of Time70SoridormiBoth
13432The Vials of Eternity (Raid)Caverns of Time70??????
*10279To The Master's Lair Caverns of Time66Steward of TimeBoth
11382Wanted: Aeonus's Hourglass (Daily Heroic)Caverns of Time70Wind Trader ZhareemBoth
11383Wanted: Rift Lords (Daily Dungeon)Caverns of Time70Nether-Stalker Mah'duunBoth
11378Wanted: The Epoch Hunter's Head (Daily Heroic)Caverns of Time70Wind Trader ZhareemBoth

Listed quests matching our side: 38. Quests completed for this category: 2.

Class: Death Knight

IDNameCategoryLevelStart NPCSide
12738A Cry For Vengeance! Class: Death Knight55ThassarianBoth
12755A Meeting With Fate Class: Death Knight55Orbaz BloodbaneBoth
12751A Sort Of Homecoming Class: Death Knight55Knight Commander PlaguefistBoth
12750A Special Surprise Class: Death Knight55Knight Commander PlaguefistBoth
12742A Special Surprise Class: Death Knight55??????
12749A Special Surprise Class: Death Knight55??????
12744A Special Surprise Class: Death Knight55??????
12739A Special Surprise Class: Death Knight55??????
12746A Special Surprise Class: Death Knight55??????
12745A Special Surprise Class: Death Knight55??????
12747A Special Surprise Class: Death Knight55??????
12748A Special Surprise Class: Death Knight55??????
12743A Special Surprise Class: Death Knight55??????
12711Abandoned Mail Class: Death Knight55??????
12754Ambush At The Overlook Class: Death Knight55Orbaz BloodbaneBoth
12700An Attack Of Opportunity Class: Death Knight55Gothik the HarvesterBoth
12779An End To All Things... Class: Death Knight55The Lich KingBoth
12723Behind Scarlet Lines Class: Death Knight55Prince KelesethBoth
12727Bloody Breakout Class: Death Knight55Koltira DeathweaverBoth
12725Brothers In Death Class: Death Knight55ThassarianBoth
12626Company of the Damned Class: Death Knight55??????
12641Death Comes From On High Class: Death Knight55The Lich KingBoth
12733Death's Challenge Class: Death Knight55Olrun the BattlecallerBoth
12625Dominion Over Acherus Class: Death Knight55??????
12697Gothik the Harvester Class: Death Knight55Prince ValanarBoth
12680Grand Theft Palomino Class: Death Knight55Salanar the HorsemanBoth
12720How To Win Friends And Influence Enemies Class: Death Knight55Prince KelesethBoth
12678If Chaos Drives, Let Suffering Hold The Reins Class: Death Knight55Prince ValanarBoth
12593In Service Of The Lich King Class: Death Knight55The Lich KingBoth
12687Into the Realm of Shadows Class: Death Knight55Salanar the HorsemanBoth
12722Lambs To The Slaughter Class: Death Knight55Baron RivendareBoth
12701Massacre At Light's Point Class: Death Knight55Prince ValanarBoth
12718More Skulls For Brew Class: Death Knight55??????
12717Noth's Special Brew Class: Death Knight55Noth the PlaguebringerBoth
12719Nowhere To Run And Nowhere To Hide Class: Death Knight55Prince KelesethBoth
12850Report To Scourge Commander Thalanor Class: Death Knight55Highlord Darion MograineBoth
12842Runeforging: Preparation For Battle Class: Death Knight55Instructor RazuviousBoth
12757Scarlet Armies Approach... Class: Death Knight55Duke VallenhalBoth
13165Taking Back Acherus Class: Death Knight55Highlord Darion MograineBoth
13166The Battle For The Ebon Hold Class: Death Knight55Highlord Darion MograineBoth
12715The Crypt of Remembrance Class: Death Knight55Prince ValanarBoth
12619The Emblazoned Runeblade Class: Death Knight55Instructor RazuviousBoth
12848The Endless Hunger Class: Death Knight55Instructor RazuviousBoth
12636The Eye Of Acherus Class: Death Knight55Instructor RazuviousBoth
12698The Gift That Keeps On Giving Class: Death Knight55Gothik the HarvesterBoth
12800The Lich King's Command Class: Death Knight55The Lich KingBoth
12801The Light of Dawn Class: Death Knight55Highlord Darion MograineBoth
12657The Might Of The Scourge Class: Death Knight55The Lich KingBoth
12724The Path Of The Righteous Crusader Class: Death Knight55Orbaz BloodbaneBoth
12716The Plaguebringer's Request Class: Death Knight55Noth the PlaguebringerBoth
12849The Power Of Blood, Frost And Unholy Class: Death Knight55??????
12778The Scarlet Apocalypse Class: Death Knight55Highlord Darion MograineBoth
12670The Scarlet Harvest Class: Death Knight55Scourge Commander ThalanorBoth
12756The Scarlet Onslaught Emerges Class: Death Knight55High General AbbendisBoth
12714The Will Of The Lich King Class: Death Knight55Highlord Darion MograineBoth
12679Tonight We Dine In Havenshire Class: Death Knight55Orithos the Sky DarkenerBoth
12706Victory At Death's Breach! Class: Death Knight55Prince ValanarBoth
13189Warchief's Blessing Class: Death Knight55Highlord Darion MograineHorde
13188Where Kings Walk Class: Death Knight55??????

Listed quests matching our side: 59. Quests completed for this category: 0.

Class: Druid

IDNameCategoryLevelStart NPCSide
9053A Better Ingredient (Dungeon)Class: Druid52Torwa PathfinderBoth
27A Lesson to Learn Class: Druid-1Turak RunetotemHorde
31Aquatic Form Class: Druid-1Dendrite StarblazeHorde
5932Back to Thunder Bluff Class: Druid-1???Horde
9052Bloodpetal Poison Class: Druid52Torwa PathfinderBoth
6002Body and Heart Class: Druid-1Turak RunetotemHorde
10994Chasing the Moonstone Class: Druid-1Morthis WhisperwingBoth
6129Curing the Sick Class: Druid-1Tonga RunetotemHorde
11011Eternal Vigilance Class: Druid70Morthis WhisperwingBoth
10986Eyes in the Sky Class: Druid-1Arthorn WindsongBoth
6128Gathering the Cure Class: Druid-1Tonga RunetotemHorde
5930Great Bear Spirit Class: Druid-1Dendrite StarblazeHorde
5928Heeding the Call Class: Druid-1Gennia RunetotemHorde
5926Heeding the Call Class: Druid-1???Horde
5927Heeding the Call Class: Druid-1???Horde
6126Lessons Anew Class: Druid-1Mathrengyl BearwalkerBoth
10955Morthis Whisperwing Class: Druid-1LoganaarBoth
10965No Mere Dream Class: Druid-1Clintar DreamwalkerBoth
6130Power over Poison Class: Druid-1Dendrite StarblazeHorde
10993Return to Cenarion Refuge Class: Druid-1Arthorn WindsongBoth
10978Return to Morthis Whisperwing Class: Druid-1Dreamwarden LurosaBoth
10980The Book of the Raven Class: Druid-1Arthorn WindsongBoth
10990The Eagle's Essence Class: Druid-1Arthorn WindsongBoth
10991The Falcon's Essence Class: Druid-1Arthorn's SparrowhawkBoth
10992The Hawk's Essence Class: Druid-1Arthorn's SparrowhawkBoth
6127The Principal Source Class: Druid-1Tonga RunetotemHorde
10988The Raven Stones Class: Druid-1Watcher ElairaBoth
10961The Ward of Wakening Class: Druid-1Morthis WhisperwingBoth
10987To Catch A Sparrowhawk Class: Druid-1Watcher ElairaBoth
10979To the Evergrove Class: Druid-1Morthis WhisperwingBoth
9051Toxic Test (Group)Class: Druid52Torwa PathfinderBoth
29Trial of the Lake Class: Druid-1Dendrite StarblazeHorde
272Trial of the Sea Lion Class: Druid-1TajarriHorde
11001Vanquish the Raven God (Heroic)Class: Druid-1Morthis WhisperwingBoth
10964Waking the Sleeper Class: Druid-1Morthis WhisperwingBoth

Listed quests matching our side: 36. Quests completed for this category: 0.

Class: Hunter

IDNameCategoryLevelStart NPCSide
7635A Proper String (Raid)Class: Hunter60Stoma the AncientBoth
7633An Introduction Class: Hunter60Vartrus the AncientHorde
7634Ancient Sinew Wrapped Lamina (Raid)Class: Hunter60Hastat the AncientBoth
9673Beast Training Class: Hunter-1Lieutenant DawnrunnerHorde
8153Courser Antlers Class: Hunter52OgtincBoth
9617Seek the Farstriders Class: Hunter-1TanaHorde
7636Stave of the Ancients Class: Hunter60Vartrus the AncientBoth
6088Taming the Beast Class: Hunter-1Yaw SharpmaneHorde
6062Taming the Beast Class: Hunter-1???Horde
6083Taming the Beast Class: Hunter-1ThotarHorde
9486Taming the Beast Class: Hunter-1Lieutenant DawnrunnerHorde
9485Taming the Beast Class: Hunter-1Lieutenant DawnrunnerHorde
6087Taming the Beast Class: Hunter-1Yaw SharpmaneHorde
6061Taming the Beast Class: Hunter-1Yaw SharpmaneHorde
9484Taming the Beast Class: Hunter-1Lieutenant DawnrunnerHorde
6082Taming the Beast Class: Hunter-1ThotarHorde
7632The Ancient Leaf Class: Hunter60Ancient Petrified LeafBoth
8232The Green Drake (Dungeon)Class: Hunter52OgtincBoth
6070The Hunter's Path Class: Hunter-1Sian'durHorde
10530The Hunter's Path Class: Hunter-1???Horde
6089Training the Beast Class: Hunter-1Yaw SharpmaneHorde
6081Training the Beast Class: Hunter-1ThotarHorde
8231Wavethrashing Class: Hunter52OgtincBoth

Listed quests matching our side: 27. Quests completed for this category: 0.

Class: Mage

IDNameCategoryLevelStart NPCSide
9488A Simple Robe Class: Mage16Arcanist VandrilHorde
9487Arcane Reavers Class: Mage16Arcanist VandrilHorde
12172Attunement to Dalaran Class: Mage73??????
12173Attunement to Dalaran Class: Mage73??????
1958Celestial Power Class: Mage40TabethaBoth
8253Destroy Morphaz (Dungeon)Class: Mage52Archmage XylemHorde
9402Fetch! Class: Mage10Instructor AntheolHorde
9364Fragmented Magic Class: Mage-1Archmage XylemBoth
1961Gathering Materials Class: Mage15Josef GregorianHorde
1950Get the Scoop Class: Mage30Magus TirthBoth
1960Investigate the Alchemist Shop Class: Mage16Anastasia HartwellHorde
1948Items of Power Class: Mage40TabethaBoth
1884Ju-Ju Heaps Class: Mage10Un'ThuwaHorde
1945Laughing Sisters Class: Mage26DeinoHorde
9290Mage Training Class: Mage2Magistrix EronaHorde
1952Mage's Wand Class: Mage40TabethaBoth
8250Magecraft Class: Mage52Uthel'nayHorde
8251Magic Dust Class: Mage52Archmage XylemBoth
1957Mana Surges Class: Mage40TabethaBoth
1946Nether-lace Garment Class: Mage26Kil'halaHorde
1956Power in Uldaman (Dungeon)Class: Mage40TabethaBoth
9404Recently Living Class: Mage10Instructor AntheolHorde
1959Report to Anastasia Class: Mage15Uthel'nayHorde
1951Rituals of Power (Dungeon)Class: Mage40TabethaBoth
1881Speak with Anastasia Class: Mage10Cain FiresongHorde
1943Speak with Deino Class: Mage26Anastasia HartwellHorde
1883Speak with Un'thuwa Class: Mage10Uthel'nayHorde
1962Spellfire Robes Class: Mage15Josef GregorianHorde
1882The Balnir Farmstead Class: Mage10Anastasia HartwellHorde
1955The Exorcism (Group)Class: Mage40TabethaBoth
1954The Infernal Orb Class: Mage40TabethaBoth
9403The Purest Water Class: Mage10Instructor AntheolHorde
8252The Siren's Coral Class: Mage52Archmage XylemHorde
9362Warlord Krellian Class: Mage60Archmage XylemBoth
1944Waters of Xavian Class: Mage26DeinoHorde

Listed quests matching our side: 38. Quests completed for this category: 0.

Class: Paladin

IDNameCategoryLevelStart NPCSide
9725A Demonstration of Loyalty Class: Paladin-1Lady LiadrinHorde
9723A Gesture of Commitment (Dungeon)Class: Paladin-1Lady LiadrinHorde
9681A Study in Power Class: Paladin-1???Horde
9721A Summons from Lord Solanar Class: Paladin-1Knight-Lord BloodvalorHorde
7666Again Into the Great Ossuary (Dungeon)Class: Paladin-1???Horde
10593Ancient Evil (Dungeon)Class: Paladin52MelharHorde
9684Claiming the Light Class: Paladin-1???Horde
9707Forging the Weapon Class: Paladin23Knight-Lord BloodvalorHorde
10590Prove Your Hatred Class: Paladin52Mehlar DawnbladeHorde
9685Redeeming the Dead Class: Paladin-1???Horde
9691Return to Silvermoon Class: Paladin-1Master Kelerun BloodmournHorde
9677Summons from Knight-Lord Bloodvalor Class: Paladin-1NoelleneHorde
9710The Blood-Tempered Ranseur Class: Paladin23BemarrinHorde
9678The First Trial Class: Paladin-1Knight-Lord BloodvalorHorde
9722The Master's Path Class: Paladin-1Lady LiadrinHorde
9692The Path of the Adept (Dungeon)Class: Paladin23Knight-Lord BloodvalorHorde
9686The Second Trial Class: Paladin-1Master Kelerun BloodmournHorde
9690The Second Trial Class: Paladin-1Knight-Lord BloodvalorHorde
9712The Thalassian Warhorse Class: Paladin40Knight-Lord BloodvalorHorde
9601To The Bulwark Class: Paladin52Champion BachiHorde
9736True Masters of the Light Class: Paladin-1Lady LiadrinHorde
9737True Masters of the Light (Dungeon)Class: Paladin-1Lady LiadrinHorde
9735True Masters of the Light (Group)Class: Paladin-1Lady LiadrinHorde
10592Wisdom of the Banshee Queen Class: Paladin52Mehlar DawnbladeHorde

Listed quests matching our side: 25. Quests completed for this category: 0.

Class: Priest

IDNameCategoryLevelStart NPCSide
7621A Warning Class: Priest60Eris HavenfireBoth
8257Blood of Morphaz (Dungeon)Class: Priest52OgtincBoth
8254Cenarion Aid Class: Priest52Ur'kyoHorde
9489Cleansing the Scar Class: Priest5PonarisHorde
5646Devouring Plague Class: Priest-1Ur'kyoHorde
5679Devouring Plague Class: Priest-1AelthalysteHorde
5644Devouring Plague Class: Priest-1???Horde
5650Garments of Darkness Class: Priest4Dark Cleric BerylHorde
5648Garments of Spirituality Class: Priest4Tai'jinHorde
5651In Favor of Darkness Class: Priest4Dark Cleric DuestenHorde
5649In Favor of Spirituality Class: Priest4???Horde
8255Of Coursers We Know Class: Priest52OgtincHorde
7622The Balance of Light and Shadow Class: Priest60Eris HavenfireBoth
8256The Ichor of Undeath Class: Priest52OgtincHorde

Listed quests matching our side: 17. Quests completed for this category: 0.

Class: Rogue

IDNameCategoryLevelStart NPCSide
10372A Discreet Inquiry Class: Rogue16???Horde
9460Combining Forces Class: Rogue12Keltus DarkleafHorde
2458Deep Cover Class: Rogue-1ShenthulHorde
8235Encoded Fragments Class: Rogue52Archmage XylemBoth
1998Fenwick Thatros Class: Rogue16Mennet CarkadHorde
9532Find Keltus Darkleaf Class: Rogue10ZelanisHorde
2378Find the Shattered Hand Class: Rogue16Mennet CarkadHorde
9491Greed Class: Rogue18EralanHorde
2479Hinott's Assistance Class: Rogue-1ShenthulHorde
2480Hinott's Assistance Class: Rogue-1Serge HinottHorde
8249Junkboxes Needed Class: Rogue60FahradBoth
1885Mennet Carkad Class: Rogue10Marion CallHorde
2478Mission: Possible But Not Probable Class: Rogue-1Taskmaster FizzuleHorde
2381Plundering the Plunderers Class: Rogue18Wrenix the WretchedHorde
9618Return the Reports Class: Rogue10ZelanisHorde
10794Rogues of the Shattered Hand Class: Rogue24???Horde
8234Sealed Azure Bag Class: Rogue52Lord Jorach RavenholdtBoth
6701Syndicate Emblems Class: Rogue60Ravenholdt GuardBoth
8236The Azure Key (Dungeon)Class: Rogue52Archmage XylemBoth
1899The Deathstalkers Class: Rogue13Andron GantHorde
1978The Deathstalkers Class: Rogue13Mennet CarkadHorde
1898The Deathstalkers Class: Rogue13Mennet CarkadHorde
1886The Deathstalkers Class: Rogue13Mennet CarkadHorde
6681The Manor, Ravenholdt Class: Rogue24Elegant LetterBoth
10548The Sad Truth Class: Rogue18EralanHorde
1858The Shattered Hand Class: Rogue13TherzokHorde
1963The Shattered Hand Class: Rogue13TherzokHorde
2460The Shattered Salute Class: Rogue-1ShenthulHorde
1859Therzok Class: Rogue10KaplakHorde
2380To Orgrimmar! Class: Rogue16KaplakHorde
1999Tools of the Trade Class: Rogue20Mennet CarkadHorde
2019Tools of the Trade Class: Rogue16Mennet CarkadHorde
2382Wrenix of Ratchet Class: Rogue16Zando'zanHorde
2379Zando'zan Class: Rogue16ShenthulHorde

Listed quests matching our side: 38. Quests completed for this category: 0.

Class: Shaman

IDNameCategoryLevelStart NPCSide
8259A More Fitting Reward Class: Shaman60Sagorne CreststriderHorde
7669Again Into the Great Ossuary Class: Shaman60???Both
1532Call of Air Class: Shaman-1Xanis FlameweaverHorde
1531Call of Air Class: Shaman-1Searn FirewarderHorde
*1516Call of Earth Class: Shaman4Canaga EarthcallerHorde
*1521Call of Earth Class: Shaman4Minor Manifestation of EarthHorde
*1520Call of Earth Class: Shaman4Seer RavenfeatherHorde
*1519Call of Earth Class: Shaman4Seer RavenfeatherHorde
*1518Call of Earth Class: Shaman4Minor Manifestation of EarthHorde
*1517Call of Earth Class: Shaman4Canaga EarthcallerHorde
*1522Call of Fire Class: Shaman-1SwartHorde
*1525Call of Fire Class: Shaman-1Telf JoolamHorde
*1524Call of Fire Class: Shaman-1Kranal FissHorde
1523Call of Fire Class: Shaman-1???Horde
*2984Call of Fire Class: Shaman-1SwartHorde
*1527Call of Fire Class: Shaman-1Kranal FissHorde
*1526Call of Fire Class: Shaman-1Telf JoolamHorde
*2983Call of Fire Class: Shaman-1SwartHorde
1529Call of Water Class: Shaman-1???Horde
1535Call of Water Class: Shaman-1BrineHorde
2985Call of Water Class: Shaman-1???Horde
1530Call of Water Class: Shaman-1Islen WaterseerHorde
1534Call of Water Class: Shaman-1BrineHorde
100Call of Water Class: Shaman-1Brazier of EverfountHorde
1103Call of Water Class: Shaman-1Tiev MorduneHorde
1528Call of Water Class: Shaman-1Searn FirewarderHorde
2986Call of Water Class: Shaman-1???Horde
220Call of Water Class: Shaman-1BrineHorde
1536Call of Water Class: Shaman-1BrineHorde
63Call of Water Class: Shaman-1Islen WaterseerHorde
96Call of Water Class: Shaman-1Minor Manifestation of WaterHorde
*8413Da Voodoo (Dungeon)Class: Shaman52Bath'rah the WindwatcherBoth
1462Earth Sapta Class: Shaman4Seer RavenfeatherHorde
1463Earth Sapta Class: Shaman4Canaga EarthcallerHorde
*8410Elemental Mastery Class: Shaman52Bath'rah the WindwatcherBoth
1464Fire Sapta Class: Shaman-1???Horde
8411Mastering the Elements Class: Shaman52Bath'rah the WindwatcherHorde
*7667Material Assistance Class: Shaman60Sagorne CreststriderHorde
*8412Spirit Totem Class: Shaman52Bath'rah the WindwatcherHorde
8258The Darkreaver Menace (Dungeon)Class: Shaman60Sagorne CreststriderHorde

Listed quests matching our side: 43. Quests completed for this category: 17.

Class: Warlock

IDNameCategoryLevelStart NPCSide
8419An Imp's Request Class: Warlock52???Both
7630Arcanite Class: Warlock-1Gorzeeki WildeyesBoth
7626Bell of Dethmoora Class: Warlock-1Mor'zul BloodbringerBoth
1508Blind Cazul Class: Warlock-1CazulHorde
10605Carendin Summons Class: Warlock-1???Horde
4961Cleansing of the Orb of Orahil (Group)Class: Warlock40TabethaBoth
4784Components for the Enchanted Gold Bloodrobe Class: Warlock37Menara VoidrenderBoth
4783Components for the Enchanted Gold Bloodrobe Class: Warlock37Menara VoidrenderBoth
4782Components for the Enchanted Gold Bloodrobe Class: Warlock34Xizk GoodstitchBoth
4781Components for the Enchanted Gold Bloodrobe Class: Warlock34Menara VoidrenderBoth
1796Components for the Enchanted Gold Bloodrobe Class: Warlock31Menara VoidrenderBoth
1473Creature of the Void Class: Warlock-1Carendin HalgarHorde
1501Creature of the Void Class: Warlock-1Gan'rul BloodeyeHorde
1507Devourer of Souls Class: Warlock-1Gan'rul BloodeyeHorde
1472Devourer of Souls Class: Warlock-1???Horde
1515Dogran's Captivity Class: Warlock-1Grunt LogmarHorde
7628Doomsday Candle Class: Warlock-1Mor'zul BloodbringerBoth
7631Dreadsteed of Xoroth (Dungeon)Class: Warlock-1Mor'zul BloodbringerBoth
4785Fine Gold Thread Class: Warlock37Xizk GoodstitchBoth
7602Flawless Fel Essence Class: Warlock-1ImpsyBoth
1799Fragments of the Orb of Orahil Class: Warlock40Menara VoidrenderBoth
1506Gan'rul's Summons Class: Warlock-1OphekHorde
1478Halgar's Summons Class: Warlock-1Ageron KargalHorde
1476Hearts of the Pure Class: Warlock-1Carendin HalgarHorde
8420Hot and Itchy Class: Warlock52ImpsyBoth
7629Imp Delivery (Dungeon)Class: Warlock-1Gorzeeki WildeyesBoth
4739In Search of Menara Voidrender Class: Warlock31Kaal SoulreaperHorde
4736In Search of Menara Voidrender Class: Warlock31ZevrostHorde
1511Ken'zigla's Draught Class: Warlock-1Ken'ziglaHorde
4969Knowledge of the Orb of Orahil Class: Warlock35Kaal SoulreaperHorde
4967Knowledge of the Orb of Orahil Class: Warlock35ZevrostHorde
7603Kroshius' Infernal Core Class: Warlock-1ImpsyBoth
7623Lord Banehollow Class: Warlock-1Gorzeeki WildeyesBoth
1512Love's Gift Class: Warlock-1Grunt DogranHorde
7562Mor'zul Bloodbringer Class: Warlock-1KurgulHorde
1509News of Dogran Class: Warlock-1ZankajaHorde
1510News of Dogran Class: Warlock-1GazrogHorde
1470Piercing the Veil Class: Warlock-1Venya MarthandHorde
7563Rage of Blood Class: Warlock-1Mor'zul BloodbringerBoth
10789Return to Carendin Halgar Class: Warlock-1Gan'rul BloodeyeHorde
10790Return to Gan'rul Bloodeye Class: Warlock-1Carendin HalgarHorde
10788Return to Talionia Class: Warlock-1Carendin HalgarHorde
4976Returning the Cleansed Orb Class: Warlock40TabethaBoth
3001Seeking Strahad Class: Warlock-1Carendin HalgarHorde
2996Seeking Strahad Class: Warlock-1Gan'rul BloodeyeHorde
4962Shard of a Felhound Class: Warlock40Acolyte WytulaBoth
4963Shard of an Infernal Class: Warlock40Acolyte MagazBoth
4490Summon Felsteed Class: Warlock-1Strahad FarsanBoth
3631Summon Felsteed Class: Warlock-1ZevrostHorde
7583Suppression (Group)Class: Warlock-1Daio the DecrepitBoth
1795The Binding Class: Warlock-1Strahad FarsanBoth
1471The Binding Class: Warlock-1Carendin HalgarHorde
1474The Binding Class: Warlock-1Carendin HalgarHorde
1504The Binding Class: Warlock-1Gan'rul BloodeyeHorde
1513The Binding Class: Warlock-1Gan'rul BloodeyeHorde
4964The Completed Orb of Dar'Orahil Class: Warlock40Menara VoidrenderBoth
4975The Completed Orb of Noh'Orahil Class: Warlock40Menara VoidrenderBoth
4786The Completed Robe Class: Warlock38Menara VoidrenderBoth
1740The Orb of Soran'ruk (Dungeon)Class: Warlock25Doan KarhanBoth
7581The Prison's Bindings (Dungeon)Class: Warlock-1Daio the DecrepitBoth
7582The Prison's Casing (Group)Class: Warlock-1Daio the DecrepitBoth
9619The Rune of Summoning Class: Warlock-1VoidstoneHorde
9529The Stone Class: Warlock-1TalioniaHorde
8421The Wrong Stuff Class: Warlock52ImpsyBoth
1803Tome of the Cabal Class: Warlock-1Jorah AnnisonHorde
1801Tome of the Cabal Class: Warlock-1Strahad FarsanHorde
8422Trolls of a Feather (Dungeon)Class: Warlock52ImpsyBoth
7624Ulathek the Traitor Class: Warlock-1Lord BanehollowBoth
*1499Vile Familiars Class: Warlock-1RuzanHorde
*1485Vile Familiars Class: Warlock-1RuzanHorde
7627Wheel of the Black March Class: Warlock-1Mor'zul BloodbringerBoth
7564Wildeyes Class: Warlock-1Mor'zul BloodbringerBoth
8344Windows to the Source Class: Warlock-1Summoner Teli'LarienHorde
7625Xorothian Stardust Class: Warlock-1Lord BanehollowBoth

Listed quests matching our side: 77. Quests completed for this category: 2.

Class: Warrior

IDNameCategoryLevelStart NPCSide
8417A Troubled Spirit Class: Warrior52???Both
1821Agamand Heirlooms Class: Warrior11Coleman FarthingHorde
10350Behomat Class: Warrior10Orcish OrphanHorde
1838Brutal Armor Class: Warrior30Thun'grim FiregazeHorde
1843Brutal Gauntlets Class: Warrior30Ula'elekHorde
1848Brutal Hauberk Class: Warrior30Thun'grim FiregazeHorde
1845Brutal Helm Class: Warrior30Orm StonehoofHorde
1847Brutal Legguards Class: Warrior30Velora NitelyHorde
1844Chimaeric Horn Class: Warrior30Orm StonehoofHorde
1712Cyclonian Class: Warrior40Bath'rah the WindwatcherBoth
1846Dragonmaw Shinbones Class: Warrior30Velora NitelyHorde
1714Essence of the Exile Class: Warrior37Bath'rah's CauldronBoth
1503Forged Steel Class: Warrior10Thun'grim FiregazeHorde
1840Orm Stonehoof and the Brutal Helm Class: Warrior30Thun'grim FiregazeHorde
1498Path of Defense Class: Warrior-1UzzekHorde
1842Satyr Hooves Class: Warrior30Ula'elekHorde
1820Speak with Coleman Class: Warrior10Deathguard DillingerHorde
1818Speak with Dillinger Class: Warrior-1Austil de MonHorde
1823Speak with Ruga Class: Warrior20SorekHorde
1825Speak with Thun'grim Class: Warrior20Ruga RagetotemHorde
1719The Affray Class: Warrior-1Klannoc MacleodBoth
1718The Islander Class: Warrior-1Wu ShenBoth
1713The Summoning (Group)Class: Warrior40Bath'rah the WindwatcherBoth
1791The Windwatcher Class: Warrior30Klannoc MacleodBoth
1502Thun'grim Firegaze Class: Warrior10UzzekHorde
1824Trial at the Field of Giants Class: Warrior20Ruga RagetotemHorde
1839Ula'elek and the Brutal Gauntlets Class: Warrior30Thun'grim FiregazeHorde
1819Ulag the Cleaver Class: Warrior-1Deathguard DillingerHorde
1841Velora Nitely and the Brutal Legguards Class: Warrior30Thun'grim FiregazeHorde
1505Veteran Uzzek Class: Warrior-1SorekHorde
8425Voodoo Feathers (Dungeon)Class: Warrior52Fallen Hero of the HordeBoth
8424War on the Shadowsworn Class: Warrior52Fallen Hero of the HordeBoth
8423Warrior Kinship Class: Warrior52Fallen Hero of the HordeBoth
1792Whirlwind Weapon Class: Warrior40Bath'rah the WindwatcherBoth

Listed quests matching our side: 37. Quests completed for this category: 0.

Coilfang Reservoir

IDNameCategoryLevelStart NPCSide
9766Coilfang Armaments Coilfang Reservoir70Ysiel WindsingerBoth
9876Failed Incursion Coilfang Reservoir65Ysiel WindsingerBoth
*9738Lost in Action (Dungeon)Coilfang Reservoir65Watcher JhangBoth
10459Revered Among the Cenarion Expedition (Dungeon)Coilfang Reservoir70Ysiel WindsingerBoth
11369Wanted: A Black Stalker Egg (Daily Heroic)Coilfang Reservoir70Wind Trader ZhareemBoth
11371Wanted: Coilfang Myrmidons (Daily Dungeon)Coilfang Reservoir70Nether-Stalker Mah'duunBoth
11368Wanted: The Heart of Quagmirran (Daily Heroic)Coilfang Reservoir70Wind Trader ZhareemBoth
11370Wanted: The Warlord's Treatise (Daily Heroic)Coilfang Reservoir70Wind Trader ZhareemBoth

Listed quests matching our side: 8. Quests completed for this category: 1.


IDNameCategoryLevelStart NPCSide
11939????? Coldarra71??????
13413Aces High! Coldarra80??????
*11951Bait and Switch Coldarra71 KeristraszaBoth
*11918Basic Training Coldarra71RaeloraszBoth
13412Corastrasza Coldarra80??????
*11931Cracking the Code Coldarra71RaeloraszBoth
*11919Drake Hunt Coldarra71RaeloraszBoth
*11940Drake Hunt (Daily)Coldarra71RaeloraszHorde
*11936Hatching a Plan Coldarra71RaeloraszBoth
*11914Keep the Secret Safe Coldarra71Librarian SerrahBoth
*11946Keristrasza Coldarra71KeristraszaBoth
*11967Mustering the Reds Coldarra71KeristraszaBoth
*11912Nuts for Berries Coldarra71Librarian SerrahBoth
*11941Puzzling... Coldarra71Scintillating FragmentBoth
*11900Reading the Meters Coldarra71Archmage BerinandBoth
*11957Saragosa's End Coldarra71KeristraszaBoth
*11910Secrets of the Ancients Coldarra71??????
*11969Springing the Trap Coldarra71RaeloraszBoth
*11943The Cell Coldarra71RaeloraszBoth

Listed quests matching our side: 19. Quests completed for this category: 16.

Collector's Edition

IDNameCategoryLevelStart NPCSide

Listed quests matching our side: 1. Quests completed for this category: 0.


IDNameCategoryLevelStart NPCSide
13115Cheese for Glowergold (Daily)Cooking-1Awilo Lon'gombaHorde
6610Clamlette Surprise Cooking45Dirge QuikcleaveBoth
13113Convention at the Legerdemain (Daily)Cooking-1Awilo Lon'gombaHorde
8307Desert Recipe Cooking57CalandrathBoth
862Dig Rat Stew Cooking23GrubHorde
13112Infused Mushroom Meatloaf (Daily)Cooking-1Awilo Lon'gombaHorde
8317Kitchen Assistance Cooking57CalandrathBoth
11380Manalicious (Daily)Cooking70The RokkBoth
13116Mustard Dogs! (Daily)Cooking-1Awilo Lon'gombaHorde
13090Northern Cooking Cooking-1Orn TenderhoofHorde
13089Northern Cooking Cooking-1Thomas KolichioHorde
11377Revenge is Tasty (Daily)Cooking70The RokkBoth
13114Sewer Stew (Daily)Cooking-1Awilo Lon'gombaHorde
8313Sharing the Knowledge Cooking57Sandy CookbookBoth
7321Soothing Turtle Bisque Cooking31Christoph JeffcoatHorde
11381Soup for the Soul (Daily)Cooking70The RokkBoth
11379Super Hot Stew (Daily)Cooking70The RokkBoth
6611To Gadgetzan You Go! Cooking45ZamjaHorde

Listed quests matching our side: 18. Quests completed for this category: 0.


IDNameCategoryLevelStart NPCSide
9826Contact from Dalaran Dalaran70Archmage AlturusBoth
*12790Learning to Leave and Return: the Magical Way Dalaran74Archmage CelindraBoth
12796The Magical Kingdom of Dalaran Dalaran74Magister Teronus IIIBoth
*12791The Magical Kingdom of Dalaran Dalaran74Image of Archmage Aethas SunreaverHorde
9860The New Directive Dalaran70Archmage AlturusBoth

Listed quests matching our side: 5. Quests completed for this category: 2.

Darkmoon Faire

IDNameCategoryLevelStart NPCSide
793510 Tickets - Last Month's Mutton Darkmoon Faire-1Gelvas GrimegateBoth
793212 Tickets - Lesser Darkmoon Prize Darkmoon Faire-1Gelvas GrimegateBoth
79811200 Tickets - Amulet of the Darkmoon Darkmoon Faire-1Gelvas GrimegateBoth
79401200 Tickets - Orb of the Darkmoon Darkmoon Faire-1Gelvas GrimegateBoth
793340 Tickets - Greater Darkmoon Prize Darkmoon Faire-1Gelvas GrimegateBoth
924940 Tickets - Schematic: Steam Tonk Controller Darkmoon Faire-1???Both
79305 Tickets - Darkmoon Flower Darkmoon Faire-1Gelvas GrimegateBoth
79315 Tickets - Minor Darkmoon Prize Darkmoon Faire-1Gelvas GrimegateBoth
793450 Tickets - Darkmoon Storage Box Darkmoon Faire-1Gelvas GrimegateBoth
793650 Tickets - Last Year's Mutton Darkmoon Faire-1???Both
*7885Armor Kits Darkmoon Faire-1ChronosBoth
7892Big Black Mace Darkmoon Faire-1Kerri HicksBoth
7881Carnival Boots Darkmoon Faire-1ChronosBoth
7882Carnival Jerkins Darkmoon Faire-1ChronosBoth
7889Coarse Weightstone Darkmoon Faire-1Kerri HIcksBoth
7894Copper Modulator Darkmoon Faire-1RinlingBoth
*7884Crocolisk Boy and the Bearded Murloc Darkmoon Faire-1???Both
7907Darkmoon Beast Deck Darkmoon Faire-1Beasts DeckBoth
10938Darkmoon Blessings Deck Darkmoon Faire70???Both
7929Darkmoon Elementals Deck Darkmoon Faire-1Elementals DeckBoth
10940Darkmoon Furies Deck Darkmoon Faire70???Both
10941Darkmoon Lunacy Deck Darkmoon Faire70???Both
13326Darkmoon Nobles Deck Darkmoon Faire80??????
7927Darkmoon Portals Deck Darkmoon Faire-1Portals DeckBoth
10939Darkmoon Storms Deck Darkmoon Faire70???Both
7928Darkmoon Warlords Deck Darkmoon Faire-1Warlords DeckBoth
7903Evil Bat Eyes Darkmoon Faire-1Yebb NeblegearBoth
8222Glowing Scorpid Blood Darkmoon Faire-1Yebb NeblegearBoth
7896Green Fireworks Darkmoon Faire-1RinlingBoth
7891Green Iron Bracers Darkmoon Faire-1Kerri HicksBoth
7890Heavy Grinding Stone Darkmoon Faire-1Kerri HicksBoth
7897Mechanical Repair Kits Darkmoon Faire-1RinlingBoth
7941More Armor Kits Darkmoon Faire-1ChronosBoth
7943More Bat Eyes Darkmoon Faire-1Yebb NeblegearBoth
7939More Dense Grinding Stones Darkmoon Faire-1Kerri HicksBoth
7942More Thorium Widgets Darkmoon Faire-1ChronosBoth
*7893Rituals of Strength Darkmoon Faire-1Kerri HicksBoth
7899Small Furry Paws Darkmoon Faire-1Yebb NeblegearBoth
*7901Soft Bushy Tails Darkmoon Faire-1Yebb NeblegearBoth
*7946Spawn of Jubjub Darkmoon Faire-1MorjaBoth
*7883The World's Largest Gnome! Darkmoon Faire-1ChronosBoth
*7898Thorium Widget Darkmoon Faire-1RinlingBoth
7900Torn Bear Pelts Darkmoon Faire-1Yebb NeblegearBoth
*7902Vibrant Plumes Darkmoon Faire-1Yebb NeblegearBoth
7895Whirring Bronze Gizmo Darkmoon Faire-1RinlingBoth
7945Your Fortune Awaits You... Darkmoon Faire-1SaygeHorde
7944Your Fortune Awaits You... Darkmoon Faire-1SaygeHorde

Listed quests matching our side: 47. Quests completed for this category: 8.

Deadwind Pass

IDNameCategoryLevelStart NPCSide
9680Digging Up the Past Deadwind Pass70Archmage AlturusBoth

Listed quests matching our side: 1. Quests completed for this category: 0.


IDNameCategoryLevelStart NPCSide
8A Rogue's Deal Deathknell5Calvin MontagueHorde
590A Rogue's Deal Deathknell5Calvin MontagueHorde
6395Marla's Last Wish Deathknell5Novice ElrethHorde
6396Marla's Last Wish Deathknell5Novice ElrethHorde
380Night Web's Hollow Deathknell4Executor ArrenHorde
3901Rattling the Rattlecages Deathknell3Shadow Priest SarvisHorde
3902Scavenging Deathknell Deathknell3Deathguard SaltainHorde
376The Damned Deathknell2Novice ElrethHorde
364The Mindless Ones Deathknell2Shadow Priest SarvisHorde
382The Red Messenger Deathknell5Executor ArrenHorde
381The Scarlet Crusade Deathknell4Executor ArrenHorde
383Vital Intelligence Deathknell5Executor ArrenHorde

Listed quests matching our side: 14. Quests completed for this category: 0.


IDNameCategoryLevelStart NPCSide
1386Assault on the Kolkar Desolace32WarugBoth
5821Bodyguard for Hire Desolace35Cork GizeltonBoth
*6027Book of the Ancients Desolace38Azore AldamortBoth
*1369Broken Tears Desolace33WarugBoth
*5386Catch of the Day Desolace37Nataka LonghornHorde
*1366Centaur Bounty Desolace31Felgur TwocutsHorde
6161Claim Rackmore's Treasure! Desolace36Rackmore's LogBoth
*6142Clam Bait Desolace35Mai'LahiiHorde
5421Fish in a Bucket Desolace25Jinar'ZillenHorde
1368Gelkis Alliance Desolace33Gurda WildmaneHorde
*6132Get Me Out of Here! Desolace39Melizza BrimbuzzleBoth
*6134Ghost-o-plasm Round Up Desolace39Hornizz BrimbuzzleBoth
5943Gizelton Caravan Desolace38???Both
*1371Gizmo for Warug Desolace35WarugBoth
*5381Hand of Iruxos Desolace38Taiga WisemaneHorde
*5763Hunting in Stranglethorn Desolace31Roon WildmaneHorde
*1365Khan Dez'hepah Desolace35Felgur TwocutsHorde
*1381Khan Hratha Desolace42WarugBoth
1380Khan Hratha Desolace42Uthek the WiseBoth
1374Khan Jehn Desolace37Uthek the WiseBoth
*1375Khan Shaka Desolace37WarugBoth
*5561Kodo Roundup Desolace34Smeed ScrabblescrewBoth
*1367Magram Alliance Desolace33Gurda WildmaneBoth
6568Mistress of Deception Desolace60RexxarHorde
1373Ongeku Desolace37Uthek the WiseBoth
*6143Other Fish to Fry Desolace36Drulzegar SkraghookHorde
*5581Portals of the Legion Desolace38Taiga WisemaneHorde
1384Raid on the Kolkar Desolace32Uthek the WiseBoth
*1361Regthar Deathgate Desolace32KruskHorde
*5741Sceptre of Light Desolace33Azore AldamortBoth
1370Stealing Supplies Desolace35Uthek the WiseBoth
*1482The Corrupter Desolace35Maurin BonesplitterHorde
1484The Corrupter Desolace33Maurin BonesplitterHorde
*1481The Corrupter Desolace33Maurin BonesplitterHorde
*1480The Corrupter Desolace33Flayed Demon SkinHorde
*1488The Corrupter (Group)Desolace40Takata SteelbladeHorde
*1362The Kolkar of Desolace Desolace32Regthar DeathgateHorde

Listed quests matching our side: 37. Quests completed for this category: 24.

Dire Maul

IDNameCategoryLevelStart NPCSide
1193A Broken Trap (Dungeon)Dire Maul60BrokenTrapBoth
8948Anthion's Old Friend (Dungeon)Dire Maul60Anthion HarmonBoth
7463Arcane Refreshment (Dungeon)Dire Maul-1Lorekeeper LydrosBoth
*7492Camp Mojache (Dungeon)Dire Maul57Warcaller GorlachHorde
7499Codex of Defense (Dungeon)Dire Maul60Codex of DefenseBoth
*7481Elven Legends (Dungeon)Dire Maul60Sage KoroluskHorde
8949Falrin's Vendetta (Dungeon)Dire Maul60Falrin TreeshaperBoth
7507Foror's Compendium (Dungeon)Dire Maul60Foror's Compendium of Dragon SlayingBoth
5525Free Knot! (Dungeon)Dire Maul60Knot ThimblejackBoth
7429Free Knot! (Dungeon)Dire Maul60???Both
*7505Frost Shock and You (Dungeon)Dire Maul60Frost Shock and YouHorde
7498Garona: A Study on Stealth and Treachery (Dungeon)Dire Maul60Garona: A Study on Stealth and TreacheryBoth
7502Harnessing Shadows (Dungeon)Dire Maul60Harnessing ShadowsBoth
7504Holy Bologna: What the Light Won't Tell You (Dungeon)Dire Maul60Holy Bologna: What the Light Won't Tell YouBoth
*7489Lethtendris's Web (Dungeon)Dire Maul57Talo ThornhoofHorde
7484Libram of Focus (Dungeon)Dire Maul60Lorekeeper LydrosBoth
7485Libram of Protection (Dungeon)Dire Maul60Lorekeeper LydrosBoth
7483Libram of Rapidity (Dungeon)Dire Maul60Lorekeeper LydrosBoth
*7441Pusillin and the Elder Azj'Tordin (Dungeon)Dire Maul58Azj'TordinBoth
7500The Arcanist's Cookbook (Dungeon)Dire Maul60The Arcanist's CookbookBoth
7506The Emerald Dream... (Dungeon)Dire Maul60The Emerald DreamBoth
7508The Forging of Quel'Serrar (Dungeon)Dire Maul60A Dull and Flat Elven BladeBoth
5519The Gordok Ogre Suit (Dungeon)Dire Maul60???Both
5518The Gordok Ogre Suit (Dungeon)Dire Maul60Knot ThimblejackBoth
*5528The Gordok Taste Test (Dungeon)Dire Maul60???Both
7503The Greatest Race of Hunters (Dungeon)Dire Maul60The Greatest Race of HuntersBoth
8950The Instigator's Enchantment (Dungeon)Dire Maul60Falrin TreeshaperBoth
8967The Left Piece of Lord Valthalak's Amulet (Dungeon)Dire Maul60BodleyBoth
*7461The Madness Within (Dungeon)Dire Maul60Shen'dralar AncientBoth
8990The Right Piece of Lord Valthalak's Amulet (Dungeon)Dire Maul60BodleyBoth
*7462The Treasure of the Shen'dralar (Dungeon)Dire Maul60Shen'dralar AncientBoth
7877The Treasure of the Shen'dralar (Dungeon)Dire Maul60???Both
7703Unfinished Gordok Business (Dungeon)Dire Maul60Captain KromcrushBoth
1318Unfinished Gordok Business (Dungeon)Dire Maul60Captain KromcrushBoth

Listed quests matching our side: 34. Quests completed for this category: 8.


IDNameCategoryLevelStart NPCSide
*12274A Fall From Grace Dragonblight73Agent SkullyHorde
*12085A Letter for Home Dragonblight72Lieutenant Ta'zinni's LetterHorde
*12240A Means to an End Dragonblight72Apothecary Vicky LevineHorde
12025A Scarlet Among Us Dragonblight73Lady AlustraBoth
*12059A Strange Device Dragonblight72Goramosh's Strange DeviceHorde
*11977A Tauren Among Taunka Dragonblight72Wartook IcebornHorde
*12008Agmar's Hammer Dragonblight72Emissary BrighthoofHorde
*12140All Hail Roanauk! Dragonblight73Overlord AgmarHorde
*12040An Enemy in Arthas Dragonblight72Kilix the UnravelerHorde
*12077Apply This Twice A Day Dragonblight74ZortBoth
*12084Atop the Woodlands Dragonblight72Image of Archmage Aethas SunreaverHorde
*12071Attack by Air! Dragonblight72Senior Sergeant JuktokHorde
*12496Audience With The Dragon Queen Dragonblight74Saurfang the YoungerHorde
*12006Avenge this Atrocity! Dragonblight72Ethenial MoonshadowBoth
*12304Beachfront Property Dragonblight72High Executor WrothHorde
*12039Black Blood of Yogg-Saron Dragonblight72Borus IronbenderHorde
*12072Blightbeasts be Damned! Dragonblight72Valnok WindragerHorde
*12206Blighted Last Rites Dragonblight72Apothecary Vicky LevineHorde
*11983Blood Oath of the Horde Dragonblight72Emissary BrighthoofHorde
*12232Bombard the Ballistae Dragonblight72Deathguard MolderHorde
*12145Canyon Chase Dragonblight73KontokanisHorde
*12064Chains of the Anub'ar Dragonblight72Banthok IcemistHorde
12467Chasing Icestorm: Thel'zan's Phylactery Dragonblight73Legion Commander TyralionHorde
*12100Containing the Rot Dragonblight72Soar HawkfuryHorde
*12032Conversing With the Depths Dragonblight72Elder Mana'loaBoth
*12264Culling the Damned Dragonblight74SerinarBoth
*12454Cycle of Life Dragonblight74Nishera the Garden KeeperBoth
13078Dahlia's Tears Dragonblight80Alexstrasza the Life-BinderBoth
*13242Darkness Stirs Dragonblight74Alexstrasza the Life-BinderHorde
*12372Defending Wyrmrest Temple (Daily)Dragonblight74Lord AfrasastraszBoth
*12265Defiling the Defilers Dragonblight74SerinarBoth
*12147Disturbing Implications Dragonblight73Emblazoned Battle HornHorde
*12285Do Unto Others (Group)Dragonblight73High Executor WrothHorde
*12030Elder Mana'loa Dragonblight72Toalu'u the MysticBoth
*12200Emerald Dragon Tears Dragonblight72Chief Plaguebringer MiddletonHorde
*12013End Arcanimus Dragonblight73Ethenial MoonshadowBoth
12309Find Durkon! Dragonblight72High Commander Halford WyrmbaneHorde
*12243Fire Upon the Waters Dragonblight72Apothecary Vicky LevineHorde
*12031Freedom for the Lingering Dragonblight72Elder Mana'loaHorde
*12214Fresh Remounts Dragonblight72Hansel BauerHorde
*12036From the Depths of Azjol-Nerub Dragonblight72Senior Sergeant JuktokHorde
*12303Funding the War Effort Dragonblight72Quartermaster BartlettHorde
*12122Gaining an Audience Dragonblight72Image of Archmage Aethas SunreaverHorde
*12497Galakrond and the Scourge Dragonblight74Alexstrasza the Life-BinderBoth
*12049Hard to Swallow Dragonblight74XinkBoth
*12052Harp on This! Dragonblight74NarfBoth
*12448Heated Battle Dragonblight74VargastraszHorde
12189Imbeciles Abound! Dragonblight72Doctor Sintar MalefiousHorde
*12102In Search of the Ruby Lilac Dragonblight73Doctor Sintar MalefiousHorde
*12125In Service of Blood Dragonblight73Koltira DeathweaverHorde
*12127In Service of Frost Dragonblight73Koltira DeathweaverHorde
*12126In Service of the Unholy Dragonblight73Koltira DeathweaverHorde
*12124Informing the Queen Dragonblight75TariolstraszHorde
*11978Into the Fold Dragonblight72Emissary BrighthoofHorde
*12115Koltira and the Language of Death Dragonblight72Captain GortHorde
*11958Let Nothing Go To Waste Dragonblight72Elder Ko'naniBoth
*12211Let Them Not Rise! Dragonblight72Apothecary Vicky LevineHorde
*12050Lumber Hack Dragonblight74XinkBoth
*12056Marked for Death: High Cultist Zangus Dragonblight72Captain GortHorde
*12209Materiel Plunder Dragonblight72Quartermaster BartlettHorde
12017Meat on the Hook Dragonblight73Tua'keaBoth
*12033Message from the West Dragonblight72Messenger TorvusHorde
*12076Messy Business Dragonblight74ZortBoth
*12149Mighty Magnataur (Group)Dragonblight73AurastraszaBoth
*12470Mystery of the Infinite Dragonblight75ChromieBoth
13343Mystery of the Infinite, Redux Dragonblight80ChromieBoth
*12234Need to Know Dragonblight72Spy Mistress RepineHorde
*12267Neltharion's Flame Dragonblight75SerinarBoth
*12245No Mercy for the Captured Dragonblight72Spy Mistress RepineHorde
*12262No One to Save You Dragonblight74SerinarBoth
*12261No Place to Run Dragonblight74SerinarBoth
*12043Nozzlerust Defense Dragonblight74NarfBoth
*12498On Ruby Wings Dragonblight74TorastraszaBoth
*12148One of a Kind (Group)Dragonblight73AurastraszaBoth
*12144Pest Control Dragonblight73KontokanisHorde
*11960Planning for the Future (Daily)Dragonblight72Trapper Mau'iBoth
*12005Prevent the Accord Dragonblight73Image of Archmage Aethas SunreaverHorde
*11980Pride of the Horde Dragonblight72Blood Guard Roh'killHorde
*12061Projections and Plans Dragonblight72Image of Archmage Aethas SunreaverHorde
*12080Really Big Worm (Group)Dragonblight74Ko'char the UnbreakableBoth
*12150Reclusive Runemaster (Group)Dragonblight74AurastraszaBoth
*12435Report to Lord Afrasastrasz Dragonblight74Alexstrasza the Life-BinderBoth
*12461Report to the Ruby Dragonshrine Dragonblight74Golluck RockfistHorde
*12500Return To Angrathar Dragonblight74Alexstrasza the Life-BinderHorde
*12069Return of the High Chief Dragonblight73Banthok IcemistHorde
*12469Return to Sender Dragonblight74Nozzlerust Supply RunnerBoth
*12104Return to Soar Dragonblight73Doctor Sintar MalefiousHorde
*12449Return to the Earth Dragonblight74VargastraszHorde
*11999Rifle the Bodies Dragonblight72Image of Archmage Aethas SunreaverHorde
*12097Sarathstra, Scourge of the North (Group)Dragonblight75RokhanHorde
*12048Scourge Armaments Dragonblight72Borus IronbenderHorde
*12106Search Indu'le Village Dragonblight72Image of Archmage Aethas SunreaverHorde
*12458Seeds of the Lashers Dragonblight74Lord IthariusBoth
*12045Shaved Ice Dragonblight74ZivlixBoth
*11959Slay Loguhn Dragonblight73Elder Ko'naniBoth
*12075Slim Pickings Dragonblight74ZortBoth
*12046Soft Packaging Dragonblight74ZivlixBoth
*12047Something That Doesn't Melt Dragonblight74ZivlixBoth
*12767Speak with your Ambassador Dragonblight72TariolstraszHorde
*12028Spiritual Insight Dragonblight72Toalu'u the MysticBoth
*12218Spread the Good Word Dragonblight72Chief Plaguebringer MiddletonHorde
*12230Stealing from the Siegesmiths Dragonblight72Deathguard MolderHorde
*12112Stiff Negotiations Dragonblight74NarfBoth
*12044Stocking Up Dragonblight74XinkBoth
*12079Stomping Grounds Dragonblight74Ko'char the UnbreakableBoth
*12063Strength of Icemist Dragonblight72Greatmother IcemistHorde
*12096Strengthen the Ancients Dragonblight72Earthwarden GrifeHorde
*12266Tales of Destruction Dragonblight74SerinarBoth
*12459That Which Creates Can Also Destroy Dragonblight74Lord IthariusBoth
12016The Bait Dragonblight72Tua'keaBoth
*12263The Best of Intentions Dragonblight74SerinarBoth
12542The Call Of The Crusade Dragonblight74Tilda DarathanBoth
12545The Cleansing Of Jintha'kalar Dragonblight74Crusader ValusBoth
*12273The Denouncement Dragonblight73High Executor WrothHorde
*12110The End of the Line Dragonblight72Mage-Commander EvenstarHorde
*12419The Fate of the Ruby Dragonshrine Dragonblight75Ruby BroochBoth
*12057The Flesh-Bound Tome Dragonblight72Flesh-bound TomeHorde
*12066The Focus on the Beach Dragonblight72Image of Archmage Aethas SunreaverHorde
*12221The Forsaken Blight Dragonblight72Chief Plaguebringer MiddletonHorde
*12188The Forsaken Blight and You: How Not to Die Dragonblight72Chief Plaguebringer MiddletonHorde
*12101The Good Doctor... Dragonblight72Soar HawkfuryHorde
13375The Heroic Key to the Focusing Iris Dragonblight80SapphironHorde
*12488The High Executor Needs You Dragonblight74Senior Sergeant JuktokHorde
13372The Key to the Focusing Iris Dragonblight80SapphironHorde
*12224The Kor'kron Vanguard! Dragonblight73Overlord AgmarHorde
*12041The Lost Empire Dragonblight72Kilix the UnravelerHorde
*12053The Might of the Horde Dragonblight72Senior Sergeant JuktokHorde
*12447The Obsidian Dragonshrine Dragonblight74NaliceBoth
*12260The Perfect Dissemblance Dragonblight72Agent SkullyHorde
*12456The Plume of Alystros (Group)Dragonblight74Nishera the Garden KeeperBoth
*12132The Power to Destroy Dragonblight73Koltira DeathweaverHorde
*12271The Rod of Compulsion Dragonblight72Torturer's RodHorde
*12239The Spy in New Hearthglen Dragonblight72Spy Mistress RepineHorde
*12769The Steward of Wyrmrest Temple Dragonblight75VargastraszHorde
11979The Taunka and the Tauren Dragonblight72Senior Sergeant JuktokHorde
*12136The Translated Tome Dragonblight73Koltira DeathweaverHorde
*12283The Truth Will Out Dragonblight72Agent SkullyHorde
*12450Through Fields of Flame Dragonblight75VargastraszHorde
*12095To Dragon's Fall (Group)Dragonblight75Captain GortHorde
*12182To Venomspite! Dragonblight72Tobias SarkhoffHorde
*12252Torture the Torturer Dragonblight72High Executor WrothHorde
*12118Travel to Moa'ki Harbor Dragonblight72AnuniaqBoth
12117Travel to Moa'ki Harbor Dragonblight72AnuniaqBoth
*12009Tua'kea's Crab Traps Dragonblight72Tua'keaBoth
*12034Victory Nears... Dragonblight72Overlord AgmarHorde
*12091Wanted: Dreadtalon (Group)Dragonblight74Wanted PosterHorde
*12090Wanted: Gigantaur (Group)Dragonblight74Wanted PosterHorde
*12089Wanted: Magister Keldonus (Group)Dragonblight74Wanted!Horde
*12205Wanted: The Scarlet Onslaught Dragonblight72Wanted PosterHorde
*12151Wanton Warlord (Group)Dragonblight74AurastraszaBoth
*12111Where the Wild Things Roam Dragonblight73Soar HawkfuryHorde
*12254Without a Prayer Dragonblight72Agent SkullyHorde
*12078Worm Wrangler Dragonblight74ZortBoth
11996Your Presence is Required at Agmar's Hammer Dragonblight72Envoy RipfangHorde
12452zzOLD The Fate of the Ruby Dragonshrine Dragonblight74??????

Listed quests matching our side: 155. Quests completed for this category: 139.

Drak'Tharon Keep

IDNameCategoryLevelStart NPCSide
*12238Cleansing Drak'Tharon (Dungeon)Drak'Tharon Keep75Image of DrakuruBoth
*13129Head Games (Dungeon)Drak'Tharon Keep74KurzelBoth
13249Proof of Demise: The Prophet Tharon'ja (Daily Heroic)Drak'Tharon Keep80Archmage Lan'dalockBoth
*12037Search and Rescue (Dungeon)Drak'Tharon Keep74Mack FearsenBoth

Listed quests matching our side: 4. Quests completed for this category: 3.


IDNameCategoryLevelStart NPCSide
*2161A Peon's Burden Durotar5UkorHorde
*818A Solvent Spirit Durotar7Master VornalHorde
*809Ak'Zeloth Durotar13???Horde
*815Break a Few Eggs Durotar8Cook TorkaHorde
832Burning Shadows Durotar12Eye of Burning ShadowHorde
*791Carry Your Weight Durotar7Furl ScornbrowHorde
*840Conscript of the Horde Durotar12Takrin PathseekerHorde
*842Crossroads Conscription Durotar12Kargal BattlescarHorde
*806Dark Storms Durotar12Orgnil SoulscarHorde
*837Encroachment Durotar10Gar'ThokHorde
*813Finding the Antidote Durotar9Kor'ghanHorde
926Flawed Power Stone Durotar14Flawed Power StonesHorde
*825From The Wreckage.... Durotar8Gar'ThokHorde
*816Lost But Not Forgotten Durotar11Misha Tor'krenHorde
*828Margoz Durotar12Orgnil SoulscarHorde
*808Minshina's Skull Durotar9Master GadrinHorde
*812Need for a Cure Durotar9RhinagHorde
*829Neeru Fireblade Durotar12MargozHorde
*817Practical Prey Durotar8Vel'rin FangHorde
*823Report to Orgnil Durotar7Master GadrinHorde
*835Securing the Lines Durotar11RezlakBoth
*827Skull Rock Durotar12MargozHorde
*830The Admiral's Orders Durotar7Benedict's ChestHorde
*831The Admiral's Orders Durotar7Gar'ThokHorde
*924The Demon Seed Durotar14Ak'ZelothHorde
*786Thwarting Kolkar Aggression Durotar8Lar ProwltuskHorde
*784Vanquish the Betrayers Durotar7Gar'ThokHorde
*834Winds in the Desert Durotar9RezlakBoth
*826Zalazane Durotar10Master GadrinHorde

Listed quests matching our side: 29. Quests completed for this category: 27.


IDNameCategoryLevelStart NPCSide
1372Nothing But The Truth Duskwood42Deathstalker ZraedusHorde
1388Nothing But The Truth Duskwood42Apothecary FaustinHorde
1391Nothing But The Truth Duskwood42Deathstalker ZraedusHorde
1383Nothing But The Truth Duskwood42Apothecary FaustinHorde

Listed quests matching our side: 4. Quests completed for this category: 0.

Dustwallow Marsh

IDNameCategoryLevelStart NPCSide
1168Army of the Black Dragon Dustwallow Marsh41ThargHorde
*6601Ascension... Dustwallow Marsh60EmberstrifeHorde
11160Banner of the Stonemaul Dustwallow Marsh39BroggBoth
11158Bloodfen Feathers Dustwallow Marsh39BroggBoth
11217Catch a Dragon by the Tail Dustwallow Marsh40Gizzix GrimegurgleBoth
1173Challenge Overlord Mok'Morokk (Group)Dustwallow Marsh45Overlord Mok'MorokkHorde
11162Challenge to the Black Flight Dustwallow Marsh41BroggHorde
11213Check Up on Tabetha Dustwallow Marsh37???Horde
11183Cleansing Witch Hill Dustwallow Marsh36Mordant GrimsbyBoth
11174Corrosion Prevention Dustwallow Marsh40Moxie SteelgrilleBoth
1205Deadmire Dustwallow Marsh45Melor StonehoofHorde
11208Delivery for Drazzit Dustwallow Marsh39Moxie SteelgrilleBoth
11156Direhorn Raiders Dustwallow Marsh39Apprentice MorlannBoth
6570Emberstrife (Group)Dustwallow Marsh60Myranda the HagHorde
11215Help Mudsprocket Dustwallow Marsh39Nazeer BloodpikeHorde
11211Help for Mudsprocket Dustwallow Marsh39TabethaBoth
1177Hungry! Dustwallow Marsh36Mudcrush DurtfeetBoth
1169Identifying the Brood Dustwallow Marsh41Draz'ZilbHorde
11124Inspecting the Ruins Dustwallow Marsh35KrogHorde
1206Jarl Needs Eyes Dustwallow Marsh35"Swamp Eye" JarlBoth
1203Jarl Needs a Blade Dustwallow Marsh35"Swamp Eye" JarlBoth
11206Justice Dispensed Dustwallow Marsh39TabethaHorde
1269Lieutenant Paval Reethe Dustwallow Marsh37Reethe's BadgeHorde
1261Marg Speaks Dustwallow Marsh40Bubbling CauldronHorde
1218Marsh Frog Legs Dustwallow Marsh35"Swamp Eye" JarlBoth
11200More than Coincidence Dustwallow Marsh37KrogHorde
1166Overlord Mok'Morokk's Concern Dustwallow Marsh41Overlord Mok'MorokkHorde
1273Questioning Reethe Dustwallow Marsh37???Horde
11205Raze Direhorn Post! Dustwallow Marsh39TabethaHorde
1262Report to Zor Dustwallow Marsh40???Horde
11204Return to Krog Dustwallow Marsh38???Horde
11207Secure the Cargo! Dustwallow Marsh39Moxie SteelgrilleBoth
11203Seek Out Tabetha Dustwallow Marsh37KroggHorde
7541Service to the Horde Dustwallow Marsh40???Horde
11186Signs of Treachery? Dustwallow Marsh38???Horde
11159Spirits of Stonemaul Hold Dustwallow Marsh41BroggBoth
1270Stinky's Escape Dustwallow Marsh37"Stinky" IgnatzHorde
1268Suspicious Hoofprints Dustwallow Marsh35Suspicious HoofprintsHorde
1322The Black Shield Dustwallow Marsh37Do'golHorde
1323The Black Shield Dustwallow Marsh37Do'golHorde
1276The Black Shield Dustwallow Marsh37KrogHorde
1251The Black Shield Dustwallow Marsh35Black ShieldHorde
1321The Black Shield Dustwallow Marsh35KrogHorde
1171The Brood of Onyxia Dustwallow Marsh41Overlord Mok'MorokkHorde
1170The Brood of Onyxia Dustwallow Marsh41Draz'ZilbHorde
1172The Brood of Onyxia Dustwallow Marsh41Draz'ZilbHorde
11161The Essence of Enmity Dustwallow Marsh39???Both
11201The Grimtotem Plot Dustwallow Marsh38???Horde
11169The Grimtotem Weapon Dustwallow Marsh38Apprentice GarionBoth
11225The Hermit of Witch Hill Dustwallow Marsh36???Horde
1238The Lost Report Dustwallow Marsh35???Horde
11173The Reagent Thief Dustwallow Marsh39Apprentice GarionBoth
1239The Severed Head Dustwallow Marsh35???Horde
*6585The Test of Skulls, Axtroz (Raid)Dustwallow Marsh60EmberstrifeHorde
*6584The Test of Skulls, Chronalis (Raid)Dustwallow Marsh60EmberstrifeHorde
*6582The Test of Skulls, Scryer (Raid)Dustwallow Marsh60EmberstrifeHorde
*6583The Test of Skulls, Somnus (Raid)Dustwallow Marsh60EmberstrifeHorde
1202The Theramore Docks Dustwallow Marsh35Nazeer BloodpikeHorde
1240The Troll Witchdoctor Dustwallow Marsh35???Horde
11181The Witch's Bane Dustwallow Marsh36Mordant GrimsbyBoth
11172The Zeppelin Crash Dustwallow Marsh40Apprentice MorlannBoth
1201Theramore Spies Dustwallow Marsh35Nazeer BloodpikeHorde
9437Twilight of the Dawn Runner Dustwallow Marsh37???Horde
11184WANTED: Goreclaw the Ravenous Dustwallow Marsh39Wanted SignBoth
11180What's Haunting Witch Hill? Dustwallow Marsh36Mordant GrimsbyBoth

Listed quests matching our side: 65. Quests completed for this category: 5.

Eastern Plaguelands

IDNameCategoryLevelStart NPCSide
*5153A Strange Historian Eastern Plaguelands56Marlene RedpathBoth
8947Anthion's Strange Request Eastern Plaguelands60Anthion HarmonBoth
*5503Argent Dawn Commission Eastern Plaguelands55Argent Officer GarushHorde
6164Augustus' Receipt Book Eastern Plaguelands55Augustus the TouchedBoth
*5152Auntie Marlene Eastern Plaguelands56Pamela RedpathBoth
9131Binding the Dreadnaught Eastern Plaguelands60KorfaxBoth
*5543Blood Tinged Skies Eastern Plaguelands56Tirion FordringBoth
9665Bolstering Our Defenses (PvP)Eastern Plaguelands60Emmisary GormokHorde
9127Bone Fragments Eastern Plaguelands60???Both
9126Bonescythe Digs Eastern Plaguelands60Rohan the AssassinBoth
*5210Brother Carlin Eastern Plaguelands56ChromieBoth
*5544Carrion Grubbage Eastern Plaguelands56Tirion FordringBoth
5517Chromatic Mantle of the Dawn Eastern Plaguelands60Quartermaster Miranda BreechlockBoth
9129Core of Elements Eastern Plaguelands60???Both
5508Corruptor's Scourgestones Eastern Plaguelands55???Both
9142Craftsman's Writ Eastern Plaguelands60Dispatch Commander MetzBoth
9188Craftsman's Writ - Brightcloth Pants Eastern Plaguelands60???Both
9178Craftsman's Writ - Dense Weightstone Eastern Plaguelands60???Both
9203Craftsman's Writ - Flask of Petrification Eastern Plaguelands60???Both
9197Craftsman's Writ - Gnomish Battle Chicken Eastern Plaguelands60???Both
9195Craftsman's Writ - Goblin Sapper Charge Eastern Plaguelands60???Both
9201Craftsman's Writ - Greater Arcane Protection Potio Eastern Plaguelands60???Both
9182Craftsman's Writ - Huge Thorium Battleaxe Eastern Plaguelands60???Both
9179Craftsman's Writ - Imperial Plate Chest Eastern Plaguelands60???Both
9206Craftsman's Writ - Lightning Eel Eastern Plaguelands60???Both
9202Craftsman's Writ - Major Healing Potion Eastern Plaguelands60???Both
9200Craftsman's Writ - Major Mana Potion Eastern Plaguelands60???Both
9205Craftsman's Writ - Plated Armorfish Eastern Plaguelands60???Both
9183Craftsman's Writ - Radiant Circlet Eastern Plaguelands60???Both
9185Craftsman's Writ - Rugged Armor Kit Eastern Plaguelands60???Both
9191Craftsman's Writ - Runecloth Bag Eastern Plaguelands60???Both
9190Craftsman's Writ - Runecloth Boots Eastern Plaguelands60???Both
9194Craftsman's Writ - Runecloth Robe Eastern Plaguelands60???Both
9187Craftsman's Writ - Runic Leather Pants Eastern Plaguelands60???Both
9204Craftsman's Writ - Stonescale Eel Eastern Plaguelands60???Both
9196Craftsman's Writ - Thorium Grenade Eastern Plaguelands60???Both
9198Craftsman's Writ - Thorium Tube Eastern Plaguelands60???Both
9181Craftsman's Writ - Volcanic Hammer Eastern Plaguelands60???Both
9186Craftsman's Writ - Wicked Leather Belt Eastern Plaguelands60???Both
9184Craftsman's Writ - Wicked Leather Headband Eastern Plaguelands60???Both
9125Crypt Fiend Parts Eastern Plaguelands60Huntsman LeopoldBoth
9124Cryptstalker Armor Doesn't Make Itself... Eastern Plaguelands60Huntsman LeopoldBoth
9132Dark Iron Scraps Eastern Plaguelands60???Both
*5211Defenders of Darrowshire Eastern Plaguelands55Carlin RedpathBoth
*5542Demon Dogs Eastern Plaguelands56Tirion FordringBoth
*6135Duskwing, Oh How I Hate Thee... Eastern Plaguelands60Nathanos BlightcallerHorde
9228Epic Armaments of Battle - Exalted Amongst the Daw Eastern Plaguelands60???Both
9222Epic Armaments of Battle - Friend of the Dawn Eastern Plaguelands60???Both
9224Epic Armaments of Battle - Honored Amongst the Daw Eastern Plaguelands60???Both
9225Epic Armaments of Battle - Revered Amongst the Daw Eastern Plaguelands60???Both
9664Establishing New Outposts (PvP)Eastern Plaguelands60Emmisary WhitebeardBoth
6024Hameya's Plea Eastern Plaguelands60Torn ScrollBoth
*5168Heroes of Darrowshire Eastern Plaguelands56Carlin RedpathBoth
*5942Hidden Treasures Eastern Plaguelands60Pamela RedpathBoth
8930In Search of Anthion Eastern Plaguelands60MokvarHorde
5509Invader's Scourgestones Eastern Plaguelands55???Both
5142Little Pamela Eastern Plaguelands55Marlene RedpathBoth
5264Lord Maxwell Tyrosus Eastern Plaguelands60Duke Nicholas ZverenhoffHorde
5513Mantles of the Dawn Eastern Plaguelands60Quartermaster Miranda BreechlockBoth
*5206Marauders of Darrowshire Eastern Plaguelands60Carlin RedpathBoth
5464Menethil's Gift (Group)Eastern Plaguelands60Leonid Barthalomew the ReveredBoth
5510Minion's Scourgestones Eastern Plaguelands55???Both
*6146Nathanos' Ruse (Group)Eastern Plaguelands60Nathanos BlightcallerHorde
*5781Of Forgotten Memories Eastern Plaguelands57Tirion FordringBoth
*5845Of Lost Honor Eastern Plaguelands58Tirion FordringBoth
*5846Of Love and Family Eastern Plaguelands58Tirion FordringBoth
*5149Pamela's Doll Eastern Plaguelands55Pamela RedpathBoth
*5742Redemption Eastern Plaguelands56Tirion FordringBoth
*5941Return to Chromie Eastern Plaguelands60Carlin RedpathBoth
*6147Return to Nathanos (Group)Eastern Plaguelands60Crusader Lord ValdelmarHorde
9136Savage Flora Eastern Plaguelands60RayneBoth
9137Savage Fronds Eastern Plaguelands60RayneBoth
*5601Sister Pamela Eastern Plaguelands55Jessica RedpathBoth
9227Superior Armaments of Battle - Exalted Amongst the Eastern Plaguelands60???Both
9221Superior Armaments of Battle - Friend of the Dawn Eastern Plaguelands60???Both
9223Superior Armaments of Battle - Honored Amongst the Eastern Plaguelands60???Both
9226Superior Armaments of Battle - Revered Amongst the Eastern Plaguelands60???Both
*6026That's Asking A Lot Eastern Plaguelands58Smokey LaRueBoth
5265The Argent Hold Eastern Plaguelands60Lord Maxwell TyrosusBoth
*5721The Battle of Darrowshire (Raid)Eastern Plaguelands60ChromieBoth
*6144The Call to Command Eastern Plaguelands60Nathanos BlightcallerHorde
*6136The Corpulent One Eastern Plaguelands60Nathanos BlightcallerHorde
*6145The Crimson Courier (Group)Eastern Plaguelands60VarimathrasHorde
9123The Dread Citadel - Naxxramas Eastern Plaguelands60Archmage Angela DosantosBoth
9121The Dread Citadel - Naxxramas Eastern Plaguelands60Archmage Angela DosantosBoth
9122The Dread Citadel - Naxxramas Eastern Plaguelands60Archmage Angela DosantosBoth
9128The Elemental Equation Eastern Plaguelands60Archmage Angela DosantosBoth
9211The Ice Guard Eastern Plaguelands60Mataus the WrathcasterBoth
5065The Lost Tablets of Mosh'aru Eastern Plaguelands58Prospector IronbootBoth
*6133The Ranger Lord's Behest Eastern Plaguelands60Nathanos BlightcallerHorde
*5281The Restless Souls (Dungeon)Eastern Plaguelands60Caretaker AlenBoth
*6148The Scarlet Oracle, Demetria (Group)Eastern Plaguelands60Nathanos BlightcallerHorde
9213The Shadow Guard Eastern Plaguelands60Mataus the WrathcasterBoth
9141They Call Me "The Rooster" Eastern Plaguelands60Dispatch Commander MetzBoth
*6022To Kill With Purpose Eastern Plaguelands58Nathanos BlightcallerHorde
*6042Un-Life's Little Annoyances Eastern Plaguelands58Nathanos BlightcallerHorde
*5241Uncle Carlin Eastern Plaguelands56Pamela RedpathBoth
*5181Villains of Darrowshire Eastern Plaguelands57Carlin RedpathBoth
*6041When Smokey Sings, I Get Violent Eastern Plaguelands58Smokey LaRueBoth
9165Writ of Safe Passage Eastern Plaguelands60Guard DidierBoth
*6021Zaeldarr the Outcast Eastern Plaguelands55Caretaker AlenBoth

Listed quests matching our side: 101. Quests completed for this category: 35.


IDNameCategoryLevelStart NPCSide
1559Flash Bomb Recipe Engineering37RigglefuzzBoth
3637Gnome Engineering Engineering47???Horde
3635Gnome Engineering Engineering47TinkerwizHorde
3633Goblin Engineering Engineering47TinkerwizBoth
4181Goblin Engineering Engineering47TinkerwizBoth
*3526Goblin Engineering Engineering47Graham Van TalenHorde
3647Membership Card Renewal Engineering47???Horde
3646Membership Card Renewal Engineering47???Horde
3643Show Your Work Engineering47Oglethorpe ObnoticusHorde
3639Show Your Work Engineering47Nixx SprocketspringBoth
3642The Pledge of Secrecy Engineering47Oglethorpe ObnoticusHorde
3638The Pledge of Secrecy Engineering47Nixx SprocketspringBoth
12990The Wormhole Engineering-1??????
9635The Zapthrottle Mote Extractor! Engineering60Mack DiverHorde

Listed quests matching our side: 14. Quests completed for this category: 1.


IDNameCategoryLevelStart NPCSide
8446Shrouded in Nightmare Epic60Nightmare Engulfed ObjectBoth
8447Waking Legends Epic60Keeper RemulosBoth

Listed quests matching our side: 2. Quests completed for this category: 0.

Eversong Woods

IDNameCategoryLevelStart NPCSide
8473A Somber Task Eversong Woods9Larianna RiverwindHorde
8891Abandoned Investigations Eversong Woods10Magister Duskwither's JournalHorde
8476Amani Encroachment Eversong Woods10Lieutenant DawnrunnerHorde
9360Amani Invasion Eversong Woods11Amani Invasion PlansHorde
8486Arcane Instability Eversong Woods6Ley-Keeper VelaniaHorde
8887Captain Kelisendra's Lost Rutters Eversong Woods8Captain KelisendraHorde
8894Cleaning up the Grounds Eversong Woods10Groundskeeper WyllithenHorde
8487Corrupted Soil Eversong Woods9Apprentice MirvedaHorde
9352Darnassian Intrusions Eversong Woods6Aeldon SunbrandHorde
8889Deactivating the Spire Eversong Woods10Apprentice LoralthalisHorde
9252Defending Fairbreeze Village Eversong Woods9Ranger SareynHorde
8895Delivery to the North Sanctum Eversong Woods6Magister JaronisHorde
9256Fairbreeze Village Eversong Woods7Aeldon SunbrandHorde
9359Farstrider Retreat Eversong Woods10Ranger DegolienHorde
8884Fish Heads, Fish Heads... Eversong Woods7Hathvelion SungazeHorde
8886Grimscale Pirates! Eversong Woods8Captain KelisendraHorde
8482Incriminating Documents Eversong Woods6???Horde
8480Lost Armaments Eversong Woods7Velendris WhitemornHorde
8472Major Malfunction Eversong Woods5Magister JaronisHorde
9119Malfunction at the West Sanctum Eversong Woods5Ley-Keeper CaidanisHorde
8474Old Whitebark's Pendant Eversong Woods10Old Whitebark's PendantHorde
8491Pelt Collection Eversong Woods7Velan BrightoakHorde
8490Powering our Defenses Eversong Woods10Runewarden DeryanHorde
9358Ranger Sareyn Eversong Woods9Marniel AmberlightHorde
9255Research Notes Eversong Woods9Apprentice MirvedaHorde
9035Roadside Ambush Eversong Woods6Apprentice RalenHorde
9253Runewarden Deryan Eversong Woods10Ranger SareynHorde
9395Saltheril's Haven Eversong Woods9Magistrix Landra DawnstriderHorde
8892Situation at Sunsail Anchorage Eversong Woods7Ranger DegolienHorde
9062Soaked Pages Eversong Woods6Apprentice MeledorHorde
9066Swift Discipline Eversong Woods6Instructor AntheolHorde
9064Taking the Fall Eversong Woods6Apprentice MeledorHorde
8475The Dead Scar Eversong Woods6Ranger JaelaHorde
8483The Dwarven Spy Eversong Woods7Aeldon SunbrandHorde
8888The Magister's Apprentice Eversong Woods10Magister DuskwitherHorde
9067The Party Never Ends Eversong Woods9Lord SaltherilHorde
8885The Ring of Mmmrrrggglll Eversong Woods9Hathvelion SungazeHorde
9258The Scorched Grove Eversong Woods10Ardeyn RiverwindHorde
8477The Spearcrafter's Hammer Eversong Woods10Arathel SunforgeHorde
9254The Wayward Apprentice Eversong Woods9Magistrix Landra DawnstriderHorde
8488Unexpected Results Eversong Woods9Apprentice MirvedaHorde
8463Unstable Mana Crystals Eversong Woods5Aeldon SunbrandHorde
8468Wanted: Thaelis the Hungerer Eversong Woods6 Wanted: Thaelis the HungererHorde
9363Warning Fairbreeze Village Eversong Woods11Lieutenant DawnrunnerHorde
9394Where's Wyllithen? Eversong Woods10Apprentice LoralthalisHorde
10166Whitebark's Memory Eversong Woods10Larianna RiverwindHorde
8890Word from the Spire Eversong Woods10Apprentice LoralthalisHorde
9076Wretched Ringleader Eversong Woods8Velendris WhitemornHorde
8479Zul'Marosh Eversong Woods11Ven'jashiHorde

Listed quests matching our side: 49. Quests completed for this category: 0.

Eye of the Storm

IDNameCategoryLevelStart NPCSide
11341Call to Arms: Eye of the Storm (Daily PvP)Eye of the Storm-1Horde WarbringerHorde

Listed quests matching our side: 1. Quests completed for this category: 0.


IDNameCategoryLevelStart NPCSide
*5242A Final Blow Felwood58Greta MosshoofBoth
*6162A Husband's Last Battle Felwood51Dreka'SurHorde
*5202A Strange Red Key Felwood55Blood Red KeyBoth
8469Beads for Salfa Felwood56SalfaBoth
*5159Cleansed Water Returns to Felwood Felwood54Islen WaterseerBoth
*4102Cleansing Felwood Felwood55Maybess RiverbreezeHorde
*5157Collection of the Corrupt Water Felwood52Greta MosshoofBoth
4119Corrupted Night Dragon Felwood55???Both
4447Corrupted Night Dragon Felwood55???Both
*4448Corrupted Night Dragon Felwood55???Both
4462Corrupted Night Dragon Felwood55???Both
*4506Corrupted Sabers Felwood54Winna HazzardHorde
4118Corrupted Songflower Felwood55???Both
4464Corrupted Songflower Felwood55???Both
4114Corrupted Songflower Felwood55???Both
4465Corrupted Songflower Felwood55???Both
3363Corrupted Songflower Felwood55???Both
4401Corrupted Songflower Felwood55???Both
4116Corrupted Songflower Felwood55???Both
2523Corrupted Songflower Felwood55Corrupted SongflowerBoth
4113Corrupted Songflower Felwood55???Both
4444Corrupted Whipper Root Felwood55???Both
4443Corrupted Whipper Root Felwood55???Both
4445Corrupted Whipper Root Felwood55???Both
4117Corrupted Whipper Root Felwood55???Both
4461Corrupted Whipper Root Felwood55???Both
4446Corrupted Whipper Root Felwood55???Both
4222Corrupted Windblossom Felwood55???Both
4403Corrupted Windblossom Felwood55???Both
4467Corrupted Windblossom Felwood55???Both
4115Corrupted Windblossom Felwood55???Both
998Corrupted Windblossom Felwood55???Both
*4343Corrupted Windblossom Felwood55Corrupted WindblossomBoth
4466Corrupted Windblossom Felwood55???Both
4221Corrupted Windblossom Felwood55???Both
996Corrupted Windblossom Felwood55???Both
1514Corrupted Windblossom Felwood55???Both
8470Deadwood Ritual Totem Felwood55???Both
*5165Dousing the Flames of Protection Felwood55Greta MosshoofBoth
8466Feathers for Grazle Felwood55GrazleBoth
8467Feathers for Nafien Felwood55NafienBoth
*5155Forces of Jaedenar Felwood51Greta MosshoofBoth
*5203Rescue From Jaedenar Felwood55Arko'narinBoth
5886Salve via Disenchanting Felwood55???Both
4112Salve via Disenchanting Felwood55???Both
5891Salve via Disenchanting Felwood55???Both
4107Salve via Disenchanting Felwood55???Both
5884Salve via Gathering Felwood55???Both
4110Salve via Gathering Felwood55???Both
*5889Salve via Gathering Felwood55Myabess RiverbreezeBoth
4105Salve via Gathering Felwood55???Both
4108Salve via Hunting Felwood55???Both
4103Salve via Hunting Felwood55???Both
5887Salve via Hunting Felwood55Arathandris SilverskyBoth
*5882Salve via Hunting Felwood55???Both
4109Salve via Mining Felwood55???Both
5883Salve via Mining Felwood55???Both
4104Salve via Mining Felwood55???Both
5888Salve via Mining Felwood55???Both
4111Salve via Skinning Felwood55???Both
5890Salve via Skinning Felwood55???Both
5885Salve via Skinning Felwood55???Both
4106Salve via Skinning Felwood55???Both
*5158Seeking Spiritual Aid Felwood52Greta MosshoofBoth
8462Speak to Nafien Felwood55???Both
8465Speak to Salfa Felwood55???Both
*5385The Remains of Trey Lightforge Felwood57Remains of Trey LightforgeBoth
*6131Timbermaw Ally Felwood48GrazleBoth
8460Timbermaw Ally Felwood48GrazleBoth
*5156Verifying the Corruption Felwood54Taronn RedfeatherBoth
*4505Well of Corruption Felwood54Winna HazzardHorde
*4721Wild Guardians Felwood59Trull FailbaneHorde
*4741Wild Guardians Felwood58Trull FailbaneHorde
*4521Wild Guardians Felwood56Trull FailbaneHorde

Listed quests matching our side: 74. Quests completed for this category: 22.


IDNameCategoryLevelStart NPCSide
*2976A Grim Discovery Feralas45Krueg SkullsplitterHorde
*2974A Grim Discovery Feralas45Krueg SkullsplitterHorde
*2973A New Cloak's Sheen Feralas45Krueg SkullsplitterHorde
*3121A Strange Request Feralas45Witch Doctor Uzer'iHorde
*2863Alpha Strike Feralas43Hadoken SwiftstriderHorde
2878Corrupted Songflower Feralas55???Both
*2979Dark Ceremony Feralas46Rok OrhanHorde
*3062Dark Heart Feralas50Talo ThornhoofHorde
*3125Faerie Dragon Muisek Feralas45Witch Doctor Uzer'iHorde
*2766Find OOX-22/FE! Feralas45OOX-22/FE Distress BeaconBoth
*7721Fuel for the Zapping Feralas48Zorbin FandazzleBoth
*2987Gordunni Cobalt Feralas43Orwin GizzmickHorde
*3124Hippogryph Muisek Feralas47Witch Doctor Uzer'iHorde
*7734Improved Quality Feralas48Jangdor SwiftstriderHorde
*3127Mountain Giant Muisek (Group)Feralas50Witch Doctor Uzer'iHorde
*3128Natural Materials Feralas50Witch Doctor Uzer'iHorde
*7738Perfect Yeti Hide Feralas48Jangdor SwiftstriderHorde
*7726Refuel for the Zapping Feralas55Zorbin FandazzleBoth
*3122Return to Witch Doctor Uzer'i Feralas45Neeru FirebladeHorde
*7731Stinglasher Feralas47Hadoken SwiftstriderHorde
*3123Testing the Vessel Feralas47Witch Doctor Uzer'iHorde
*2903The Battle Plans Feralas43Woodpaw Battle MapHorde
*3002The Gordunni Orb Feralas47Rok OrhanHorde
*2978The Gordunni Scroll Feralas43Gordunni ScrollHorde
*2822The Mark of Quality Feralas46Jangdor SwiftstriderHorde
*2980The Ogres of Feralas Feralas44Rok OrhanHorde
*2975The Ogres of Feralas Feralas43Rok OrhanHorde
*4120The Strength of Corruption Feralas52Talo ThornhoofHorde
3567To the Top Feralas25???Both
*3126Treant Muisek Feralas50Witch Doctor Uzer'iHorde
*3063Vengeance on the Northspring Feralas50Talo ThornhoofHorde
*2862War on the Woodpaw Feralas42Hadoken SwiftstriderHorde
*3129Weapons of Spirit Feralas50Witch Doctor Uzer'iHorde
*2902Woodpaw Investigation Feralas43Hadoken SwiftstriderHorde
*7003Zapped Giants Feralas48Zorbin FandazzleBoth
*7730Zukk'ash Infestation Feralas45Hadoken SwiftstriderHorde
*7732Zukk'ash Report Feralas48Hadoken SwiftstriderHorde

Listed quests matching our side: 37. Quests completed for this category: 35.

Fire Festival

IDNameCategoryLevelStart NPCSide
9386A Light in Dark Places Fire Festival-1Festival FlamekeeperHorde
9339A Thief's Reward Fire Festival-1Festival FlamekeeperHorde
11955Ahune, the Frost Lord (Dungeon)Fire Festival70Earthen Ring ElderBoth
11891An Innocent Disguise Fire Festival-1???Both
11883Fire Dancing? Fire Festival-1Master Fire DancerHorde
9388Flickering Flames in Kalimdor Fire Festival25Flame of (city here)Both
9389Flickering Flames in the Eastern Kingdoms Fire Festival25Flame of (city here)Both
11966Incense for the Festival Scorchlings Fire Festival-1The Festival TalespinnerHorde
12012Inform the Elder Fire Festival-1Earthen Ring ElderBoth
11925More Torch Catching (Daily)Fire Festival-1Master Fire EaterBoth
11924More Torch Catching (Daily)Fire Festival-1Master Fire EaterBoth
11921More Torch Tossing (Daily)Fire Festival-1Master Fire EaterBoth
11926More Torch Tossing (Daily)Fire Festival-1Master Fire EaterBoth
11915Playing with Fire Fire Festival-1Master Flame EaterHorde
9332Stealing Darnassus's Flame Fire Festival-1Flame of DarnassusHorde
9331Stealing Ironforge's Flame Fire Festival-1Flame of IronforgeHorde
9330Stealing Stormwind's Flame Fire Festival-1Flame of StormwindHorde
11933Stealing the Exodar's Flame Fire Festival-1Festival TalespinnerHorde
11954Striking Back (Daily)Fire Festival67Earthen Ring ElderBoth
11953Striking Back (Daily)Fire Festival60Earthen Ring ElderBoth
11952Striking Back (Daily)Fire Festival51Earthen Ring ElderBoth
11948Striking Back (Daily)Fire Festival43Earthen Ring ElderBoth
11947Striking Back (Daily)Fire Festival32Earthen Ring ElderBoth
11917Striking Back (Daily)Fire Festival22Earthen Ring ElderBoth
9368The Festival of Fire Fire Festival-1Festival TalespinnerHorde
11971The Spinner of Summer Tales Fire Festival-1Festival TalespinnerHorde
11886Unusual Activity Fire Festival-1Earthen Ring ElderBoth
9322Wild Fires in Kalimdor Fire Festival-1Festival FlamekeeperBoth
9323Wild Fires in the Eastern Kingdoms Fire Festival-1Festival FlamekeeperBoth

Listed quests matching our side: 29. Quests completed for this category: 0.

First Aid

IDNameCategoryLevelStart NPCSide
6623Horde Trauma First Aid45ArnokHorde
6622Triage First Aid45Doctor Gregory VictorHorde

Listed quests matching our side: 2. Quests completed for this category: 0.


IDNameCategoryLevelStart NPCSide
8194Apprentice Angler Fishing-1JangBoth
11666Bait Bandits (Daily)Fishing70Old Man BarloBoth
11665Crocolisks in the City (Daily)Fishing70Old Man BarloBoth
11669Felblood Fillet (Daily)Fishing70Old Man BarloBoth
8193Master Angler Fishing-1Speckled TastyfishBoth
6607Nat Pagle, Angler Extreme Fishing45Nat PagleBoth
8225Rare Fish - Brownell's Blue Striped Racer Fishing-1Fishbot 5000Both
8224Rare Fish - Dezian Queenfish Fishing-1Rare Fish - Dezian QueenfishBoth
8221Rare Fish - Keefer's Angelfish Fishing-1Rare Fish - Keefer's AngelfishBoth
11668Shrimpin' Ain't Easy (Daily)Fishing70Old Man BarloBoth
11667The One That Got Away (Daily)Fishing70Old Man BarloBoth
6608You Too Good. Fishing45LumakHorde

Listed quests matching our side: 12. Quests completed for this category: 0.


IDNameCategoryLevelStart NPCSide
9275A Little Dash of Seasoning Ghostlands19Apothecary VenustusHorde
9877A Restorative Draught Ghostlands20Arcanist JanedaHorde
9315Anok'suten (Group)Ghostlands11Dying Blood ElfHorde
9277Assault on Zeb'Nowa Ghostlands19Farstrider SolannaHorde
9276Attack on Zeb'Tela Ghostlands18Farstrider SolannaHorde
9158Bearers of the Plague Ghostlands14Farstrider SedinaHorde
9215Bring Me Kel'gash's Head! (Group)Ghostlands20Farstrider SolannaHorde
9164Captives at Deatholme Ghostlands20Apothecary RenzithenHorde
9281Clearing the Way Ghostlands18Apprentice Vor'elHorde
9171Culinary Crunch Ghostlands15Master Chef MouldierHorde
9159Curbing the Plague Ghostlands15Farstrider SedinaHorde
9170Dar'Khan's Lieutenants Ghostlands20Magister IdonisHorde
9169Deactivate An'owyn Ghostlands16Magister SylastorHorde
9143Dealing with Zeb'Sora Ghostlands12Ranger ValannaHorde
9166Deliver the Plans to An'telas Ghostlands16Dame AuriferousHorde
9148Delivery to Tranquillien Ghostlands10Courier DawnstriderHorde
9155Down the Dead Scar Ghostlands14Deathstalker RathielHorde
9212Escape from the Catacombs Ghostlands17Ranger LilathaHorde
9133Fly to Silvermoon City Ghostlands10Skymaster SunwingHorde
9157Forgotten Rituals Ghostlands12Geranis WhitemornHorde
9811Friend of the Sin'dorei Ghostlands21Magister KaendrisHorde
9139Goldenmist Village Ghostlands11Arcanist VandrilHorde
9130Goods from Silvermoon City Ghostlands10Quartermaster LymelHorde
9145Help Ranger Valanna! Ghostlands12Ranger LethvalinHorde
9328Hero of the Sin'dorei Ghostlands21Magister KaendrisHorde
9162Hints of the Past Ghostlands16Dusty JournalHorde
9163Into Occupied Territory Ghostlands14Dame AuriferousHorde
9160Investigate An'daroth Ghostlands11Dame AuriferousHorde
9193Investigate the Amani Catacombs Ghostlands17Advisor ValwynHorde
9144Missing in the Ghostlands Ghostlands10Magistrix Landra DawnstriderHorde
9217More Rotting Hearts Ghostlands16???Horde
9219More Spinal Dust Ghostlands18???Horde
9146Report to Captain Helios Ghostlands12Ranger ValannaHorde
9172Report to Magister Kaendris Ghostlands16Ranger VynnaHorde
9173Retaking Windrunner Spire Ghostlands15High Executor MavrenHorde
9758Return to Arcanist Vandril Ghostlands10High Executor MavrenHorde
9135Return to Quartermaster Lymel Ghostlands10Skymistress GloamingHorde
9216Rotting Hearts Ghostlands16Magistrix AminelHorde
9150Salvaging the Past Ghostlands12Magister DarenisHorde
9214Shadowpine Weaponry Ghostlands18Captain HeliosHorde
9134Skymistress Gloaming Ghostlands10Sathren AzuredawnHorde
9218Spinal Dust Ghostlands18Magistrix AminelHorde
9274Spirits of the Drowned Ghostlands12Ranger Krenn'anHorde
9138Suncrown Village Ghostlands10Arcanist VandrilHorde
9147The Fallen Courier Ghostlands10Apothecary ThedraHorde
9282The Farstrider Enclave Ghostlands16Magister KaendrisHorde
9327The Forsaken Ghostlands10Arcanist VandrilHorde
9175The Lady's Necklace Ghostlands15The Lady's NecklaceHorde
9149The Plagued Coast Ghostlands13Apothecary RenzithenHorde
9151The Sanctum of the Sun Ghostlands20Magister DarenisHorde
9167The Traitor's Destruction (Group)Ghostlands21Magister KaendrisHorde
9161The Traitor's Shadow Ghostlands16Ranger VynnaHorde
9176The Twin Ziggurats Ghostlands17Magister KaendrisHorde
9152Tomber's Supplies Ghostlands11Rathis TomberHorde
9199Troll Juju Ghostlands17Deathstalker MaltendisHorde
9192Trouble at the Underlight Mines Ghostlands14Deathstalker MaltendisHorde
11163Undercover Sister Ghostlands70Donna BrascoeBoth
9207Underlight Ore Samples Ghostlands14Apprentice ShathariaHorde
9174Vanquishing Aquantion Ghostlands13Geranis WhitemornHorde
9156Wanted: Knucklerot and Luzran (Group)Ghostlands21Wanted PosterHorde
9220War on Deatholme Ghostlands20Magister IdonisHorde
9140Windrunner Village Ghostlands14Arcanist VandrilHorde

Listed quests matching our side: 62. Quests completed for this category: 0.


IDNameCategoryLevelStart NPCSide
2904A Fine Mess (Dungeon)Gnomeregan30KernobeeBoth
2842Chief Engineer Scooty (Dungeon)Gnomeregan35SovikHorde
2843Gnomer-gooooone! (Dungeon)Gnomeregan35ScootyBoth
4603More Sparklematic Action (Dungeon)Gnomeregan30Sparklematic 5200Both
2949Return of the Ring (Dungeon)Gnomeregan34The Sparklematic 5200Horde
*2841Rig Wars (Dungeon)Gnomeregan35NoggHorde
2952The Sparklematic 5200! (Dungeon)Gnomeregan30Sparklematic 5200Both
4606The Sparklematic 5200! (Dungeon)Gnomeregan30Sparklematic 5200Both
4602The Sparklematic 5200! (Dungeon)Gnomeregan30The Sparklematic 5200Both
4605The Sparklematic 5200! (Dungeon)Gnomeregan30The Sparklematic 5200Both

Listed quests matching our side: 10. Quests completed for this category: 1.

Grizzly Hills

IDNameCategoryLevelStart NPCSide
*12198... Or Maybe We Don't Grizzly Hills75Prospector RokarHorde
*12279A Bear of an Appetite Grizzly Hills75Hugh GlassBoth
*12176A Minor Substitution Grizzly Hills74Hidetrader Jun'ikHorde
*12229A Possible Link Grizzly Hills74Windseer GrayhornHorde
*12257A Show of Strength Grizzly Hills74Sergeant NazgrimHorde
*12411A Sister's Pledge Grizzly Hills75SashaBoth
*12446Always Seeking Solvent Grizzly Hills74??????
*12434Always Seeking Solvent Grizzly Hills74??????
*12074An Expedient Ally Grizzly Hills75Scout Vor'takhHorde
*12165An Intriguing Plan Grizzly Hills75Tormak the ScarredHorde
*12330Anatoly Will Talk Grizzly Hills75SashaBoth
*12413Attack on Silverbrook Grizzly Hills74Conqueror KrennaHorde
*12170Blackriver Brawl (Daily)Grizzly Hills74Raider Captain KronnHorde
*12199Bringing Down the Iron Thane Grizzly Hills75Prospector RokarHorde
*12315Crush Captain Brightwater! (Daily Group)Grizzly Hills74General KhazgarHorde
*12202Cultivating an Image Grizzly Hills75Scout Vor'takhHorde
12054Deciphering the Journal Grizzly Hills75Sage PalunaHorde
*12178Delivery to Krenna Grizzly Hills74Hidetrader Jun'ikHorde
*12241Destroy the Sapling Grizzly Hills75Windseer GrayhornHorde
*12120Drak'aguul's Mallet Grizzly Hills75KrazBoth
*12453Eyes Above Grizzly Hills74Windseer GrayhornHorde
*12329Fate and Coincidence Grizzly Hills75Ruuna the BlindBoth
*11984Filling the Cages Grizzly Hills74SamirBoth
*12099Free at Last Grizzly Hills75GavrockBoth
*12196From the Ground Up Grizzly Hills75Prospector RokarHorde
*12081Gavrock Grizzly Hills75KurunBoth
*12208Good Troll Hunting Grizzly Hills74Sergeant ThurkinHorde
*12424Gorgonna Grizzly Hills74Conqueror KrennaHorde
*12175Gray Worg Hides Grizzly Hills74Hidetrader Jun'ikHorde
*12042Heart of the Ancients Grizzly Hills74Image of DrakuruBoth
*12164Hour of the Worg (Group)Grizzly Hills75SashaBoth
*12204In the Name of Loken Grizzly Hills75Scout Vor'takhHorde
*11985Into the Breach Grizzly Hills75KurunBoth
*12116It Takes Guts.... Grizzly Hills75KrazBoth
*12177Jun'ik's Coverup Grizzly Hills74Hidetrader Jun'ikHorde
*12284Keep 'Em on Their Heels (Daily)Grizzly Hills74Commander BargokHorde
12317Keep Them at Bay (Daily)Grizzly Hills74Centurion KaggrumHorde
*12094Latent Power Grizzly Hills75GavrockBoth
*12203Loken's Orders Grizzly Hills75Scout Vor'takhHorde
*12280Making Repairs (Daily)Grizzly Hills74LurzHorde
*12423Mikhail's Journal Grizzly Hills74Mikhail's JournalHorde
*12412My Enemy's Friend Grizzly Hills75Conqueror KrennaHorde
*12802My Heart is in Your Hands Grizzly Hills74Heart of the AncientsBoth
*12113Nice to Meat You Grizzly Hills75HarkorBoth
*12451Onward to Camp Oneqwah Grizzly Hills74Sergeant NazgrimHorde
*12327Out of Body Experience Grizzly Hills75Ruuna the BlindBoth
*12288Overwhelmed! (Daily)Grizzly Hills74AumanaHorde
*12073Pounding the Iron Grizzly Hills75Scout Vor'takhHorde
11997REUSE Grizzly Hills75??????
*11982Raining Down Destruction Grizzly Hills75KurunBoth
*12070Rallying the Troops Grizzly Hills75KurunBoth
12432Riding the Red Rocket (Daily)Grizzly Hills74General GorlokHorde
*12093Runes of Compulsion Grizzly Hills75GavrockBoth
*12425Ruuna the Blind Grizzly Hills75GorgonnaHorde
*12328Ruuna's Request Grizzly Hills75Ruuna the BlindBoth
*12007Sacrifices Must be Made Grizzly Hills74Image of DrakuruBoth
*12134Sasha's Hunt Grizzly Hills75SashaBoth
*12190Say Hello to My Little Friend Grizzly Hills74PrigmonBoth
*12484Scourgekabob Grizzly Hills74PrigmonBoth
*12029Seared Scourge Grizzly Hills74Mack FearsenBoth
*12038Seared Scourge (Daily)Grizzly Hills72Mack FearsenBoth
*12433Seeking Solvent Grizzly Hills74GurtorHorde
12763Shifting Priorities Grizzly Hills75Scout Vor'takhHorde
*12483Shimmercap Stew Grizzly Hills75PrigmonBoth
*12270Shred the Alliance (Daily)Grizzly Hills74GrekkHorde
*12324Smoke 'Em Out (Daily)Grizzly Hills74Stone Guard RagetotemHorde
*11991Subject to Interpretation Grizzly Hills74DrakuruBoth
*12436Supplemental Income Grizzly Hills74Provisioner LorkranHorde
*12422Tactical Clemency Grizzly Hills74GorgonnaHorde
*12231The Bear God's Offspring Grizzly Hills75Windseer GrayhornHorde
*12468The Conqueror's Task Grizzly Hills74Conqueror KrennaHorde
*12427The Conquest Pit: Bear Wrestling! (Group)Grizzly Hills74Grennix ShivwiggleHorde
*12429The Conquest Pit: Blood and Metal (Group)Grizzly Hills74Grennix ShivwiggleHorde
*12430The Conquest Pit: Death Is Likely (Group)Grizzly Hills75Grennix ShivwiggleHorde
*12431The Conquest Pit: Final Showdown (Group)Grizzly Hills75Grennix ShivwiggleHorde
*12428The Conquest Pit: Mad Furbolg Fighting (Group)Grizzly Hills74Grennix ShivwiggleHorde
*12026The Damaged Journal Grizzly Hills75Battered JournalHorde
*12213The Darkness Beneath Grizzly Hills74Windseer GrayhornHorde
*12256The Flamebinders' Secrets Grizzly Hills74Sergeant NazgrimHorde
*12415The Horse Hollerer Grizzly Hills75Soulok StormfuryHorde
*12201The Overseer's Shadow Grizzly Hills75Scout Vor'takhHorde
*12058The Runic Prophecies Grizzly Hills75Sage PalunaHorde
*12259The Thane of Voldrune Grizzly Hills74Sergeant NazgrimHorde
*12195The Unexpected 'Guest' Grizzly Hills75Tormak the ScarredHorde
*12114Therapy Grizzly Hills75HarkorBoth
*12487To Conquest Hold, But Be Careful! Grizzly Hills74High Executor WrothHorde
*11989Truce? Grizzly Hills73DrakuruBoth
*12236Ursoc, the Bear God (Group)Grizzly Hills75Windseer GrayhornBoth
*11990Vial of Visions Grizzly Hills74DrakuruBoth
*12068Voices From the Dust Grizzly Hills75Image of DrakuruBoth
*12207Vordrassil's Fall Grizzly Hills74Windseer GrayhornHorde
*12242Vordrassil's Seeds Grizzly Hills74Windseer GrayhornHorde
*12197We Have the Power Grizzly Hills75Prospector RokarHorde

Listed quests matching our side: 93. Quests completed for this category: 88.


IDNameCategoryLevelStart NPCSide
*13098For Posterity (Dungeon)Gundrak78Chronicler Bah'KiniBoth
*13096Gal'darah Must Pay (Dungeon)Gundrak78Tol'marBoth
*13111One of a Kind (Dungeon)Gundrak78Chronicler Bah'KiniBoth
13250Proof of Demise: Gal'darah (Daily Heroic)Gundrak80Archmage Lan'dalockBoth

Listed quests matching our side: 4. Quests completed for this category: 3.

Halls of Lightning

IDNameCategoryLevelStart NPCSide
13109Diametrically Opposed (Dungeon)Halls of Lightning80King JokkumBoth
13253Proof of Demise: Loken (Daily Heroic)Halls of Lightning80Archmage Lan'dalockBoth
13244Timear Foresees Titanium Vanguards in your Future! (Daily Dungeon)Halls of Lightning80Archmage TimearBoth
13108Whatever it Takes! (Dungeon)Halls of Lightning80King JokkumBoth

Listed quests matching our side: 4. Quests completed for this category: 0.

Halls of Stone

IDNameCategoryLevelStart NPCSide
*13207Halls of Stone (Dungeon)Halls of Stone78Brann BronzebeardBoth
13252Proof of Demise: Sjonnir The Ironshaper (Daily Heroic)Halls of Stone80Archmage Lan'dalockBoth

Listed quests matching our side: 2. Quests completed for this category: 1.

Hellfire Citadel

IDNameCategoryLevelStart NPCSide
*9608Heart of Rage (Dungeon)Hellfire Citadel63Caza'rezHorde
9525Imprisoned in the Citadel (Heroic)Hellfire Citadel70DrisellaHorde
9496Pride of the Fel Horde (Dungeon)Hellfire Citadel70Shadow Hunter Ty'jinHorde
*9590The Blood is Life (Dungeon)Hellfire Citadel63Caza'rezHorde
9495The Will of the Warchief (Dungeon)Hellfire Citadel70NazgrelHorde
11363Wanted: Bladefist's Seal (Daily Heroic)Hellfire Citadel70Wind Trader ZhareemBoth
11362Wanted: Keli'dan's Feathered Stave (Daily Heroic)Hellfire Citadel70Wind Trader ZhareemBoth
11354Wanted: Nazan's Riding Crop (Daily Heroic)Hellfire Citadel70Wind Trader ZhareemBoth
11364Wanted: Shattered Hand Centurions (Daily Dungeon)Hellfire Citadel70Nether-Stalker Mah'duunBoth
*9572Weaken the Ramparts (Dungeon)Hellfire Citadel62Stone Guard Stok'tonHorde

Listed quests matching our side: 10. Quests completed for this category: 3.

Hellfire Peninsula

IDNameCategoryLevelStart NPCSide
*10864A Burden of Souls Hellfire Peninsula61Apothecary AntonivichHorde
*9442A Debilitating Sickness Hellfire Peninsula63Earthcaller RygaHorde
*9344A Hasty Departure Hellfire Peninsula61Far Seer RegulkutHorde
9350A Peon's Work is Never Done Hellfire Peninsula61Watch Commander KrunkHorde
*9376A Pilgrim's Plight Hellfire Peninsula63Taleris DawngazerHorde
*9410A Spirit Guide Hellfire Peninsula62Far Seer RegulkutHorde
*9401A Strange Weapon Hellfire Peninsula62Fel Orc CorpseHorde
*10367A Traitor Among Us Hellfire Peninsula62NaladuBoth
*9447Administering the Salve Hellfire Peninsula63Earthcaller RygaHorde
*10835Apothecary Antonivich Hellfire Peninsula61Apothecary AlbreckHorde
*10449Apothecary Zelana Hellfire Peninsula60Vurtok AxebreakerHorde
*9374Arelion's Journal Hellfire Peninsula62Magistrix CarindaHorde
9472Arelion's Mistress Hellfire Peninsula62Magistrix CarindaHorde
*10286Arelion's Secret Hellfire Peninsula62Magistrix CarindaHorde
*10120Arrival in Outland Hellfire Peninsula61Lieutenant General OrionHorde
*10369Arzeth's Demise Hellfire Peninsula62NaladuBoth
9418Avruu's Orb Hellfire Peninsula63Avruu's OrbBoth
*10630Beneath Thrallmar Hellfire Peninsula61Foreman RazelcrazBoth
*9397Birds of a Feather Hellfire Peninsula62Falconer Drenna RiverwindHorde
11516Blast the Gateway (Daily)Hellfire Peninsula70Magistrix SeylaBoth
10158Bleeding Hollow Supplies Hellfire Peninsula61Stone Guard AmbelanHorde
11515Blood for Blood (Daily)Hellfire Peninsula70Magistrix SeylaBoth
*10250Bloody Vengeance Hellfire Peninsula61Althen the HistorianHorde
*10538Boiling Blood Hellfire Peninsula60Apothecary AlbreckHorde
*10450Bonechewer Blood Hellfire Peninsula60Vurtok AxebreakerHorde
*10087Burn It Up... For the Horde! Hellfire Peninsula61Megzeg NukklebustHorde
*10391Cannons of Rage Hellfire Peninsula61NazgrelHorde
*10132Colossal Menace (Group)Hellfire Peninsula63Tola'thionBoth
*10134Crimson Crystal Clue (Group)Hellfire Peninsula63Crimson Crystal ShardBoth
*10136Cruel's Intentions (Group)Hellfire Peninsula63NazgrelHorde
*9588Dark Tidings (Dungeon)Hellfire Peninsula62Ominous LetterHorde
10059Dealing With Zeth'Gor Hellfire Peninsula61Stone Guard AmbelanHorde
*10229Decipher the Tome Hellfire Peninsula61Mysterious TomeHorde
*9372Demonic Contamination Hellfire Peninsula63Thiah RedmaneBoth
10157Dispatching the Commander (Group)Hellfire Peninsula62Stone Guard AmbelanHorde
*10208Disrupt Their Reinforcements Hellfire Peninsula62Forward Commander To'archHorde
*10392Doorway to the Abyss Hellfire Peninsula61NazgrelHorde
10755Entry Into the Citadel Hellfire Peninsula70Primed Key MoldHorde
*9441Envoy to the Mag'har Hellfire Peninsula63ThrallHorde
*10121Eradicate the Burning Legion Hellfire Peninsula61NazgrelHorde
9499Falcon Watch Hellfire Peninsula62Martik Tor'seldoriHorde
*9498Falcon Watch Hellfire Peninsula62Martik Tor'seldoriHorde
*10123Felspark Ravine Hellfire Peninsula61Sergeant ShatterskullHorde
*10390Forge Camp: Mageddon Hellfire Peninsula61NazgrelHorde
*10124Forward Base: Reaver's Fall Hellfire Peninsula61Sergeant ShatterskullHorde
*10295From the Abyss Hellfire Peninsula63Ogath the MadHorde
10756Grand Master Rohok Hellfire Peninsula70NazgrelHorde
*10834Grillok "Darkeye" (Group)Hellfire Peninsula62ZezzakHorde
*9361Helboar, the Other White Meat Hellfire Peninsula61LegassiBoth
*10110Hellfire Fortifications (Daily PvP)Hellfire Peninsula60Battlecryer BlackeyeHorde
*13409Hellfire Fortifications (PvP)Hellfire Peninsula60??????
13408Hellfire Fortifications (PvP)Hellfire Peninsula60??????
13410Hellfire Fortifications (PvP)Hellfire Peninsula60??????
13411Hellfire Fortifications (PvP)Hellfire Peninsula60??????
*10442Helping the Cenarion Post Hellfire Peninsula61Falconer Drenna RiverwindHorde
*10258Honor the Fallen Hellfire Peninsula61Althen the HistorianHorde
10758Hotter than Hell (Group)Hellfire Peninsula70RohokHorde
*10238How to Serve Goblins Hellfire Peninsula61Foreman RazelcrazBoth
*10086I Work... For the Horde! Hellfire Peninsula61Megzeg NukklebustHorde
10060Impending Doom Hellfire Peninsula61Stone Guard AmbelanHorde
*10161In Case of Emergency... Hellfire Peninsula61"Screaming" Screed LuckheedBoth
*9366In Need of Felblood Hellfire Peninsula62Ryathen the SomberHorde
*10213Investigate the Crash Hellfire Peninsula61GrelagHorde
*10289Journey to Thrallmar Hellfire Peninsula61Vlagga FreyfeatherHorde
*10159Keep Thornfang Hill Clear! Hellfire Peninsula63Mahuram StouthoofBoth
*9483Life's Finer Pleasures Hellfire Peninsula62Viera SunwhisperHorde
*9396Magic of the Arakkoa Hellfire Peninsula62Arcanist Calesthris DawnstarHorde
*10220Make Them Listen Hellfire Peninsula61Emissary MordibaHorde
9342Marauding Crust Bursters Hellfire Peninsula61Foreman RazelcrazHorde
*9391Marking the Path Hellfire Peninsula62Ranger Captain Venn'renHorde
*9438Messenger to Thrall Hellfire Peninsula62NazgrelHorde
*9373Missing Missive Hellfire Peninsula61Eroded Leather CaseBoth
*10129Mission: Gateways Murketh and Shaadraz Hellfire Peninsula62Forward Commander To'archHorde
10133Mission: Kill the Messenger (Group)Hellfire Peninsula62Forward Commander To'archHorde
*10162Mission: The Abyssal Shelf Hellfire Peninsula62Forward Commander To'archHorde
*10403Naladu Hellfire Peninsula62Aylaan the WaterwakerBoth
*10351Natural Remedies (Group)Hellfire Peninsula63Earthbinder Galandria NightbreezeBoth
*10236Outland Sucks! Hellfire Peninsula61Foreman RazelcrazBoth
10154Planning the Escape Hellfire Peninsula61Scout MakhaHorde
*9345Preparing the Salve Hellfire Peninsula61GrelagHorde
10155Provoking the Warboss Hellfire Peninsula61Scout MakhaHorde
*9349Ravager Egg Roundup Hellfire Peninsula61LegassiBoth
*10875Report to Nazgrel Hellfire Peninsula61Apothecary AntonivichHorde
*10291Report to Nazgrel Hellfire Peninsula60General KrakorkHorde
*10103Report to Zurai Hellfire Peninsula61Ranger Captain Venn'renHorde
*10388Return to Thrallmar Hellfire Peninsula61Forward Commander To'archHorde
*10347Return to the Abyssal Shelf Hellfire Peninsula62Wing Commander BrackHorde
10757Rohok's Request Hellfire Peninsula70RohokHorde
10153Saving Scout Makha Hellfire Peninsula61Makha's ShieldHorde
*10629Shizz Work Hellfire Peninsula61Foreman RazelcrazBoth
*9356Smooth as Butter Hellfire Peninsula61LegassiBoth
*9387Source of the Corruption Hellfire Peninsula63Apothecary AzethenHorde
*10242Spinebreaker Post Hellfire Peninsula60Apothecary ZelanaHorde
*10255Testing the Antidote Hellfire Peninsula63Thiah RedmaneBoth
*10389The Agony and the Darkness Hellfire Peninsula61Magister BloodhawkHorde
*9400The Assassin Hellfire Peninsula62NazgrelHorde
*10230The Battle Horn Hellfire Peninsula61Althen the HistorianHorde
10150The Citadel's Reach Hellfire Peninsula61Shadow Hunter Ty'jinHorde
*9370The Cleansing Must Be Stopped Hellfire Peninsula62Ryathen the SomberHorde
*10838The Demoniac Scryer (Group)Hellfire Peninsula61Apothecary AntonivichHorde
*10368The Dreghood Elders Hellfire Peninsula62NaladuBoth
*10349The Earthbinder (Group)Hellfire Peninsula63Tola'thionBoth
*10813The Eyes of Grillok Hellfire Peninsula62ZezzakHorde
11003The Fall of Magtheridon Hellfire Peninsula70???Horde
*10876The Foot of the Citadel (Group)Hellfire Peninsula63NazgrelHorde
*9340The Great Fissure Hellfire Peninsula62Ranger Captain Venn'renHorde
*9406The Mag'har Hellfire Peninsula62Gorkan BloodfistHorde
*10287The Mistress Revealed Hellfire Peninsula62Magister AledisHorde
*9375The Road to Falcon Watch (Group)Hellfire Peninsula63Wounded Blood Elf PilgrimHorde
10061The Unyielding Hellfire Peninsula61GrelagHorde
*9405The Warchief's Mandate Hellfire Peninsula62NazgrelHorde
*10278The Warp Rifts Hellfire Peninsula61Ogath the MadHorde
10152The Western Flank Hellfire Peninsula61ManniHorde
10119Through the Dark Portal Hellfire Peninsula61Watch Commander Relthorn NetherwaneBoth
*9407Through the Dark Portal Hellfire Peninsula61Warlord Dar'toonHorde
*9381Trueflight Arrows Hellfire Peninsula63Falconer Drenna RiverwindHorde
10156Under Whose Orders? Hellfire Peninsula61Stone Guard AmbelanHorde
*10393Vile Plans Hellfire Peninsula61Burning Legion MissiveHorde
*10294Void Ridge Hellfire Peninsula61Ogath the MadHorde
*9351Voidwalkers Gone Wild Hellfire Peninsula61"Screaming" Screed LuckheedBoth
9347Voidwalkers Gone Wild Hellfire Peninsula61"Screaming" Screed LuckheedBoth
*9466Wanted: Blacktalon the Savage (Group)Hellfire Peninsula63Wanted PosterHorde
*10809Wanted: Worg Master Kruush Hellfire Peninsula60Wanted PosterHorde
10151Warboss Nekrogg's Orders Hellfire Peninsula61ManniHorde
9346When Helboars Fly Hellfire Peninsula61Watch Commander KrunkHorde
10214When This Mine's a-Rockin' Hellfire Peninsula61Foreman RazelcrazHorde
*10792Zeth'Gor Must Burn! Hellfire Peninsula61Captain DarkhowlHorde

Listed quests matching our side: 127. Quests completed for this category: 95.


IDNameCategoryLevelStart NPCSide
866Root Samples Herbalism16Mebok MizzyrixBoth

Listed quests matching our side: 1. Quests completed for this category: 0.

Hillsbrad Foothills

IDNameCategoryLevelStart NPCSide
550Battle of Hillsbrad Hillsbrad Foothills32High Executor DarthaliaHorde
541Battle of Hillsbrad Hillsbrad Foothills30High Executor DarthaliaHorde
539Battle of Hillsbrad Hillsbrad Foothills28High Executor DarthaliaHorde
532Battle of Hillsbrad Hillsbrad Foothills26High Executor DarthaliaHorde
529Battle of Hillsbrad Hillsbrad Foothills26High Executor DarthaliaHorde
528Battle of Hillsbrad Hillsbrad Foothills25High Executor DarthaliaHorde
527Battle of Hillsbrad Hillsbrad Foothills24High Executor DarthaliaHorde
506Blackmoore's Legacy Hillsbrad Foothills36Gol'dirHorde
557Bracers of Binding Hillsbrad Foothills34Keeper Bel'varilHorde
545Dalaran Patrols Hillsbrad Foothills35Magus Wordeen VoidglareHorde
567Dangerous! Hillsbrad Foothills28SignHorde
515Elixir of Agony Hillsbrad Foothills30Master Apothecary FaranellHorde
517Elixir of Agony Hillsbrad Foothills30Apothecary LydonHorde
524Elixir of Agony Hillsbrad Foothills30Apothecary LydonHorde
513Elixir of Agony Hillsbrad Foothills28Apothecary LydonHorde
509Elixir of Agony Hillsbrad Foothills28Apothecary LydonHorde
502Elixir of Pain Hillsbrad Foothills24Apothecary LydonHorde
501Elixir of Pain Hillsbrad Foothills24Apothecary LydonHorde
499Elixir of Suffering Hillsbrad Foothills22Apothecary LydonHorde
496Elixir of Suffering Hillsbrad Foothills22Apothecary LydonHorde
503Gol'dir Hillsbrad Foothills36KruskHorde
553Helcular's Revenge Hillsbrad Foothills33Novice ThaivandHorde
552Helcular's Revenge Hillsbrad Foothills33Novice ThaivandHorde
547Humbert's Sword Hillsbrad Foothills30Deathguard HumbertHorde
533Infiltration Hillsbrad Foothills34KruskHorde
507Lord Aliden Perenolde Hillsbrad Foothills42KruskHorde
544Prison Break In Hillsbrad Foothills34Magus Wordeen VoidglareHorde
9425Report to Tarren Mill Hillsbrad Foothills20Ambassador SunsorrowHorde
546Souvenirs of Death Hillsbrad Foothills25Deathguard SamsaHorde
556Stone Tokens Hillsbrad Foothills32Keeper Bel'varilHorde
508Taretha's Gift Hillsbrad Foothills40ElysaHorde
520The Crown of Will Hillsbrad Foothills43MelisaraHorde
521The Crown of Will Hillsbrad Foothills43MelisaraHorde
519The Crown of Will Hillsbrad Foothills41MelisaraHorde
518The Crown of Will Hillsbrad Foothills39MelisaraHorde
676The Hammer May Fall Hillsbrad Foothills32TallowHorde
498The Rescue Hillsbrad Foothills22KruskHorde
494Time To Strike Hillsbrad Foothills20Deathstalker LeshHorde
566WANTED: Baron Vardus Hillsbrad Foothills40Wanted: SignHorde
549WANTED: Syndicate Personnel Hillsbrad Foothills22signHorde

Listed quests matching our side: 40. Quests completed for this category: 0.

Howling Fjord

IDNameCategoryLevelStart NPCSide
*11479"Crowleg" Dan Howling Fjord71Zeh'gehnBoth
*11510"Scoodles" Howling Fjord71"Silvermoon" HarryBoth
*11476A Carver and a Croaker Howling Fjord71Handsome TerryBoth
*11282A Lesson in Fear Howling Fjord71Sergeant GorthHorde
*11568A Return to Resting Howling Fjord71Orfus of KamaguaBoth
*11305A Tailor-Made Formula Howling Fjord71Chief Plaguebringer HarrisHorde
*11473A Traitor Among Us Howling Fjord71Handsome TerryBoth
*12481Adding Injury to Insult Howling Fjord71LydellHorde
*12482Against Nifflevar Howling Fjord71Ranger Captain AreielHorde
*11324Alpha Worg Howling Fjord71UlfangHorde
*11230Ambushed! Howling Fjord71Captain HarkerHorde
*11397And You Thought Murlocs Smelled Bad! Howling Fjord71Apothecary AnastasiaHorde
*11306Apply Heat and Stir Howling Fjord71Chief Plaguebringer HarrisHorde
*11457Arming Kamagua Howling Fjord71Elder AtuikBoth
*11458Avenge Iskaal Howling Fjord71Elder AtuikBoth
*11283Baleheim Bodycount Howling Fjord71Sergeant GorthHorde
*11285Baleheim Must Burn! Howling Fjord71Sergeant GorthHorde
*11301Brains! Brains! Brains! Howling Fjord71Apothecary GrickHorde
*11399Bring Down Those Shields Howling Fjord71Apothecary AnastasiaHorde
*11415Brother Betrayers Howling Fjord71UlfangHorde
*11258Burn Skorn, Burn! Howling Fjord71Winterhoof BraveHorde
11411Camp Winterhoof Howling Fjord70Cormath the CourierHorde
11461DEPRECATED Howling Fjord71??????
*11467Dead Man's Debt Howling Fjord71TarukBoth
*11263Dealing With Gjalerbron Howling Fjord71Chieftain AshtotemHorde
*11367Demolishing Megalith (Group)Howling Fjord72Sage EdanHorde
*11280Draconis Gastritis Howling Fjord71Plaguebringer TillinghastHorde
*11507Elder Atuik and Kamagua Howling Fjord71Orfus of KamaguaBoth
*11417Eyes of the Eagle Howling Fjord71UlfangHorde
*11456Feeding the Survivors Howling Fjord71Elder AtuikBoth
*11307Field Test Howling Fjord71Chief Plaguebringer HarrisHorde
*11287Find Sage Mistwalker Howling Fjord71Greatmother AnkhaHorde
*11434Forgotten Treasure Howling Fjord71Handsome TerryBoth
*11464Gambling Debt Howling Fjord71TarukBoth
*12181Give it a Name Howling Fjord72Chief Plaguebringer HarrisHorde
*11266Gjalerbron Attack Plans Howling Fjord72Gjalerbron Attack PlansHorde
*11279Green Eggs and Whelps Howling Fjord71Plaguebringer TillinghastHorde
*11508Grezzix Spindlesnap Howling Fjord71Elder AtuikBoth
*11257Gruesome, But Necessary Howling Fjord71Winterhoof BraveHorde
*11232Guide Our Sights Howling Fjord71Captain HarkerHorde
11462Handsome Terry Howling Fjord71??????
*11271Hasty Preparations Howling Fjord71Ahota WhitefrostHorde
*12566Help for Camp Winterhoof Howling Fjord71Longrunner NanikHorde
*11323In Worg's Clothing Howling Fjord71Sage MistwalkerHorde
*11398It's a Scourge Device Howling Fjord71Scourge DeviceHorde
*11466Jack Likes His Drink Howling Fjord71TarukBoth
*11428Keeper Witherleaf Howling Fjord71LurielleBoth
*11297Keeping Watch on the Interlopers Howling Fjord71Junat the WandererHorde
*11233Landing the Killing Blow Howling Fjord71Dark Ranger LyanaHorde
*11227Let Them Eat Crow Howling Fjord71PontiusHorde
*11275Making the Horn Howling Fjord71Nokoma SnowseerHorde
*11365March of the Giants (Group)Howling Fjord72Sage EdanHorde
*11351Mastering the Runes Howling Fjord71Longrunner PembeHorde
*11480Meet Number Two Howling Fjord71Handsome TerryBoth
*11281Mimicking Nature's Call Howling Fjord71Nokoma SnowseerHorde
*11527Mutiny on the Mercy Howling Fjord71Captain EllisBoth
*11264Necro Overlord Mezhen Howling Fjord72Chieftain AshtotemHorde
*11304New Agamand Howling Fjord71Apothecary LysanderHorde
*11265Of Keys and Cages Howling Fjord71Greatmother AnkhaHorde
*11309Parts for the Job Howling Fjord71???Horde
11463Pirates of the North Seas Howling Fjord71???Horde
*11234Report to Anselm Howling Fjord71Dark Ranger LyanaHorde
*11221Reports from the Field Howling Fjord71High Executor AnselmHorde
*11572Return to Atuik Howling Fjord71Orfus of KamaguaBoth
*11296Rivenwood Captives Howling Fjord72Longrunner SkycloudHorde
*11182Root Causes Howling Fjord71Ember Clutch AncientBoth
*11319Seeds of the Blacksouled Keepers Howling Fjord71LurielleBoth
*11424Shield Hill Howling Fjord71"Hacksaw" JennyHorde
*11256Skorn Must Fall! Howling Fjord71Chieftain AshtotemHorde
*11433Sleeping Giants Howling Fjord71Ahota WhitefrostHorde
*11253Sniff Out the Enemy Howling Fjord71PontiusHorde
*11529Sorlof's Booty Howling Fjord71Captain EllisBoth
*11316Spawn of the Twisted Glade Howling Fjord71LurielleBoth
*11168Spiking the Mix Howling Fjord71Apothecary LysanderHorde
*11313Spirits of the Ice Howling Fjord71LurielleBoth
*11260Stop the Ascension! Howling Fjord72Vrykul Scroll of AscensionHorde
*11509Street "Cred" Howling Fjord71Grezzix SpindlesnapBoth
*11311Suppressing the Elements Howling Fjord71Wind Tamer KaganHorde
*11469Swabbin' Soap Howling Fjord71Scuttle FrostprowBoth
*11170Test at Sea Howling Fjord71Apothecary LysanderHorde
*11303The Ambush Howling Fjord71Sergeant GorthHorde
*11567The Ancient Armor of the Kvaldir Howling Fjord71"Silvermoon" HarryBoth
*11286The Artifacts of Steel Gate Howling Fjord71Sage MistwalkerHorde
*11350The Book of Runes Howling Fjord71Longrunner PembeHorde
*11317The Cleansing Howling Fjord71Sage MistwalkerHorde
*11261The Conqueror of Skorn! Howling Fjord72Winterhoof BraveHorde
*11504The Dead Rise! Howling Fjord71Orfus of KamaguaBoth
*11254The Dragonskin Map Howling Fjord71Dragonskin ScrollHorde
*11423The Enemy's Legacy Howling Fjord71Scribe SeguineHorde
*11314The Fallen Sisters Howling Fjord71LurielleBoth
*11455The Fragrance of Money Howling Fjord71Handsome TerryBoth
*11267The Frost Wyrm and its Master (Group)Howling Fjord72Celea FrozenmaneHorde
*11312The Frozen Glade Howling Fjord71Nokoma SnowseerBoth
*11512The Frozen Heart of Isuldof Howling Fjord71"Silvermoon" HarryBoth
*11471The Jig is Up (Group)Howling Fjord71Annie BonnBoth
*11366The Lodestone (Group)Howling Fjord72Sage EdanHorde
*11519The Lost Shield of the Aesirites Howling Fjord71"Silvermoon" HarryBoth
*11167The New Plague Howling Fjord71Apothecary LysanderHorde
*11295The Offensive Begins Howling Fjord71High Executor AnselmHorde
*11352The Rune of Command Howling Fjord71Longrunner PembeHorde
*11530The Shield of the Aesirites Howling Fjord71Captain EllisBoth
*11453The Slumbering King Howling Fjord72Chieftain AshtotemHorde
*11511The Staff of Storm's Fury Howling Fjord71"Silvermoon" HarryBoth
*11268The Walking Dead Howling Fjord71Greatmother AnkhaHorde
*11472The Way to His Heart... (Daily)Howling Fjord71AnuniaqBoth
*11229The Windrunner Fleet Howling Fjord71High Executor AnselmHorde
*11308Time for Cleanup Howling Fjord71Chief Plaguebringer HarrisHorde
*11259Towers of Certain Doom Howling Fjord71Winterhoof BraveHorde
*11241Trail of Fire Howling Fjord71Apothecary HanesHorde
*11422Trident of the Son Howling Fjord71Old IcefinBoth
*11270War is Hell Howling Fjord71High Executor AnselmHorde
*11310Warning: Some Assembly Required Howling Fjord71"Hacksaw" JennyHorde
*11298What's in That Brew? Howling Fjord71Apothecary MalthusHorde
*11315Wild Vines Howling Fjord71LurielleBoth
*11459Zeh'gehn Sez Howling Fjord71Zeh'gehnBoth

Listed quests matching our side: 115. Quests completed for this category: 111.

Hyjal Summit

IDNameCategoryLevelStart NPCSide
10947An Artifact From the Past (Raid)Hyjal Summit70AkamaBoth

Listed quests matching our side: 1. Quests completed for this category: 0.


IDNameCategoryLevelStart NPCSide
13286...All the Help We Can Get. Icecrown80High Captain Justin BartlettBoth
13070A Cold Front Approaches Icecrown78Highlord Tirion FordringBoth
13072A Hero Remains Icecrown80Crusader BridenbradBoth
13263A Short Fuse Icecrown80Saronite Bomb StackHorde
13068A Tale of Valor Icecrown80Highlord Tirion FordringBoth
13152A Visit to the Doctor Icecrown80Darkrider ArlyBoth
13414Aces High! (Daily)Icecrown80CorastraszaBoth
13277Against the Giants (Group)Icecrown80Koltira DeathweaverHorde
13174Amidst the Confusion Icecrown80Keritose BloodbladeBoth
13173Amidst the Confusion Icecrown80??????
13374Amped for Revolt! Icecrown80Fringe Engineer TezzlaHorde
13169An Undead's Best Friend Icecrown80Keritose BloodbladeBoth
13363Argent Aid Icecrown80Koltira DeathweaverHorde
13236Army of the Damned Icecrown80Matthias LehnerHorde
13310Assault by Air (Daily)Icecrown80Ground Commander XutjjaHorde
13301Assault by Ground (Daily)Icecrown80Kor'kron Squad LeaderHorde
13230Avenge Me! Icecrown80Dying BerserkerHorde
13142Banshee's Revenge (Group)Icecrown80The Bone WitchBoth
13279Basic Chemistry (Group)Icecrown80Koltira DeathweaverHorde
13213Battle at Valhalas Icecrown80The Bone WitchBoth
13217Battle at Valhalas: Carnage! (Group)Icecrown80GeirrvifBoth
13214Battle at Valhalas: Fallen Heroes (Group)Icecrown80GeirrvifBoth
13219Battle at Valhalas: Final Challenge (Group)Icecrown80GeirrvifBoth
13215Battle at Valhalas: Khit'rix the Dark Master (Group)Icecrown80GeirrvifBoth
13218Battle at Valhalas: Thane Deathblow (Group)Icecrown80GeirrvifBoth
13216Battle at Valhalas: The Return of Sigrid Iceborn (Group)Icecrown80GeirrvifBoth
13329Before the Gate of Horror (Group)Icecrown80Koltira DeathweaverHorde
13106Blackwatch Icecrown80Baron SliverBoth
13313Blinding the Eyes in the Sky Icecrown80Sky-Reaver Korm BlackscarHorde
12810Blood in the Water Icecrown80Lord-Commander AreteBoth
13330Blood of the Chosen (Daily)Icecrown80Warbringer Davos RiohtHorde
13307Bloodspattered Banners Icecrown80Koltira DeathweaverHorde
13262Blow it Up! Icecrown80Sergeant KreggaHorde
13211By Fire Be Purged Icecrown80Crusader Olakin SainrithBoth
13355Cannot Reproduce Icecrown80Koltira DeathweaverHorde
13333Capture More Dispatches (Daily)Icecrown80??????
13354Chain of Command Icecrown80Koltira DeathweaverHorde
13378Chief Engineer Copperclaw Icecrown80??????
13278Coprous the Defiled (Group)Icecrown80Koltira DeathweaverHorde
13349Cradle of the Frostbrood Icecrown80Koltira DeathweaverHorde
12992Crush Dem Vrykuls! Icecrown80VileBoth
13040Curing The Incurable Icecrown78Father GustavBoth
13120Death's Gaze Icecrown80Darkrider ArlyBoth
13042Deep in the Bowels of The Underhalls Icecrown80The Bone WitchBoth
13039Defending The Vanguard Icecrown78Crusader Lord DalforsBoth
13119Destroying the Altars Icecrown80Darkrider ArlyBoth
13305Do Your Worst Icecrown80Matthias LehnerHorde
13352Drag and Drop Icecrown80Koltira DeathweaverHorde
13353Drag and Drop (Daily)Icecrown80Koltira DeathweaverHorde
12982Ebon Blade Prisoners Icecrown80Vaelen the FlayedBoth
12955Eliminate the Competition Icecrown80The LeaperBoth
13259Establishing Superiority Icecrown80??????
13304Field Repairs Icecrown80Koltira DeathweaverHorde
13133Find the Ancient Hero Icecrown80The Bone WitchBoth
12893Free Your Mind Icecrown80Baron SliverBoth
13373Fringe Science Benefits Icecrown80Fringe Engineer TezzlaHorde
12813From Their Corpses, Rise! (Daily)Icecrown80Setaal DarkmenderBoth
13171From Whence They Came Icecrown80Keritose BloodbladeBoth
13146Generosity Abounds Icecrown80Vereth the CunningBoth
12949Get the Key Icecrown80Vaelen the FlayedBoth
13293Get to Ymirheim! Icecrown80Chief Engineer CopperclawHorde
13238Good For Something? Icecrown80Sky-Reaver Korm BlackscarHorde
13379Green Technology Icecrown80Chief Engineer CopperclawHorde
13212He's Gone to Pieces Icecrown80Darkrider ArlyBoth
13036Honor Above All Else Icecrown78Highlord Tirion FordringBoth
12939Honor Challenge Icecrown80Duke LankralBoth
13170Honor is for the Weak Icecrown80Keritose BloodbladeBoth
13074Hope Within the Emerald Nightmare Icecrown80Keeper RemulosBoth
13080Hope Yet Remains Icecrown80Crusader BridenbradBoth
12891I Have an Idea, But First... Icecrown80Baron SliverBoth
13138I'm Smelting... Smelting! Icecrown80Crusader Olakin SainrithBoth
12897If He Cannot Be Turned Icecrown80Baron SliverHorde
13044If There Are Survivors... Icecrown78Crusade Commander EntariBoth
12840In Strict Confidence Icecrown80Lord-Commander AreteBoth
12838Intelligence Gathering (Daily)Icecrown80Aurochs GrimbaneBoth
13139Into The Frozen Heart Of Northrend Icecrown79Father GustavBoth
13045Into The Wild Green Yonder Icecrown78PenumbriusBoth
13135It Could Kill Us All Icecrown79Crusade Engineer SpitzpatrickBoth
12892It's All Fun and Games Icecrown80Koltira DeathweaverHorde
13136Jagged Shards Icecrown80Jagged ShardBoth
13340Joining the Assault Icecrown80Warbringer Davos RiohtHorde
13227Judgment Day Comes! Icecrown78Brother KeltanHorde
13331Keeping the Alliance Blind (Daily)Icecrown80Sky-Reaver Korm BlackscarHorde
13144Killing Two Scourge With One Skeleton Icecrown80Darkrider ArlyBoth
13383Killohertz Icecrown80Chief Engineer BoltwrenchHorde
13283King of the Mountain (Daily PvP)Icecrown80Blast ThunderbombHorde
13362Knowledge is a Terrible Burden Icecrown80Matthias LehnerHorde
12995Leave Our Mark (Daily)Icecrown80Baron SliverBoth
12951Let the Baron Know Icecrown80Vaelen the FlayedBoth
13481Let's Get Out of Here! Icecrown80Father KamarosHorde
13083Light Within the Darkness Icecrown80Bridenbrad's PossessionsBoth
13234Make Them Pay! (Daily PvP)Icecrown80Sky-Reaver Korm BlackscarHorde
13147Matchmaker Icecrown80Vereth the CunningBoth
13308Mind Tricks (Group)Icecrown80Darkspeaker R'khemBoth
13366Need More Info (Group)Icecrown80Koltira DeathweaverHorde
13281Neutralizing the Plague (Daily Group)Icecrown80Koltira DeathweaverHorde
13143New Recruit Icecrown80Vereth the CunningBoth
12815No Fly Zone (Daily)Icecrown80Uzo DeathcallerBoth
13368No Rest For The Wicked (Daily Group)Icecrown80Koltira DeathweaverHorde
13367No Rest For The Wicked (Group)Icecrown80Koltira DeathweaverHorde
13358Not a Bug Icecrown80Koltira DeathweaverHorde
13365Not a Bug (Daily)Icecrown80Koltira DeathweaverHorde
13137Not-So-Honorable Combat (Group)Icecrown80The Bone WitchBoth
13104Once More Unto The Breach, Hero Icecrown78Highlord Tirion FordringBoth
13105Once More Unto The Breach, Hero Icecrown78Highlord Tirion FordringBoth
13258Opportunity Icecrown80Koltira DeathweaverHorde
13224Orgrim's Hammer Icecrown79Warlord Hork StrongbrowHorde
13184Outliving Usefulness Icecrown80??????
13168Parting Gifts Icecrown80Keritose BloodbladeBoth
13287Poke and Prod Icecrown80ThassarianBoth
13237Poke and Prod Icecrown80Koltira DeathweaverHorde
13419Preparations for War Icecrown80Sky-Reaver KlumHorde
13176Preparing the Delivery Icecrown80??????
13220Putting Olakin Back Together Again Icecrown80Darkrider ArlyBoth
13306Raise the Barricades Icecrown80Koltira DeathweaverHorde
13093Reading the Bones Icecrown80The Bone Witch Horde
13092Reading the Bones Icecrown80The Bone WitchBoth
13175Regaining Control Icecrown80??????
13356Retest Now Icecrown80Chief Engineer CopperclawHorde
13357Retest Now (Daily)Icecrown80Chief Engineer CopperclawHorde
13282Return to the Surface Icecrown80Matthias LehnerHorde
13059Revenge for the Vargul Icecrown80Bethod FeigrBoth
13406Riding the Wavelength: The Bombardment (Daily)Icecrown80Fringe Engineer TezzlaHorde
13008Scourge Tactics Icecrown78Crusade Commander EntariBoth
12847Second Chances (Group)Icecrown80Lord-Commander AreteBoth
13172Seeds of Chaos Icecrown80Keritose BloodbladeBoth
12943Shadow Vault Decree Icecrown80Duke LankralBoth
13328Shatter the Shards (Group)Icecrown80Koltira DeathweaverHorde
13069Shoot 'Em Up (Daily)Icecrown80The LeaperBoth
13302Slaves to Saronite (Daily)Icecrown80Brother KeltanHorde
13351Sneak Preview Icecrown80Koltira DeathweaverHorde
13134Spill Their Blood Icecrown80Darkrider ArlyBoth
13160Stunning View Icecrown80Vereth the CunningBoth
13260Takes One to Know One Icecrown80Sky-Reaver Korm BlackscarHorde
13264That's Abominable! Icecrown80Koltira DeathweaverHorde
13276That's Abominable! (Daily)Icecrown80Koltira DeathweaverHorde
12852The Admiral Revealed (Group)Icecrown80Lord-Commander AreteBoth
13125The Air Stands Still Icecrown79The Ebon WatcherBoth
13091The Art of Being a Water Terror Icecrown80The Bone WitchBoth
13141The Battle For Crusaders' Pinnacle Icecrown79Highlord Tirion FordringBoth
12999The Bone Witch Icecrown80The LeaperBoth
13082The Boon of A'dal Icecrown80A'dalBoth
13079The Boon of Alexstrasza Icecrown80Alexstrasza the Life-BinderBoth
13075The Boon of Remulos Icecrown80Keeper RemulosBoth
13228The Broken Front Icecrown80Sky-Reaver Korm BlackscarHorde
13157The Crusaders' Pinnacle Icecrown79Father GustavBoth
12938The Duke Icecrown80Baron SliverBoth
13164The Fate of Bloodbane (Group)Icecrown80Vereth the CunningBoth
13235The Flesh Giant Champion Icecrown80Darkrider ArlyBoth
12839The Grand (Admiral's) Plan Icecrown80Note from the Grand AdmiralBoth
13316The Guardians of Corp'rethar (Group)Icecrown80Koltira DeathweaverHorde
13361The Hunter and the Prince Icecrown80Matthias LehnerHorde
13312The Ironwall Rampart (Group)Icecrown80Koltira DeathweaverHorde
13073The Keeper's Favor Icecrown80Highlord Tirion FordringBoth
13086The Last Line Of Defense Icecrown78Siegemaster FezzikBoth
13118The Purging Of Scourgeholme Icecrown78The Ebon WatcherBoth
13110The Restless Dead Icecrown78Father GustavBoth
13163The Rider of Blood (Group)Icecrown80Vereth the CunningBoth
13162The Rider of Frost (Group)Icecrown80Vereth the CunningBoth
13161The Rider of the Unholy (Group)Icecrown80Vereth the CunningBoth
13140The Runesmiths of Malykriss Icecrown80Crusader Olakin SainrithBoth
13122The Scourgestone Icecrown78The Ebon WatcherBoth
12899The Shadow Vault Icecrown80Koltira DeathweaverHorde
13130The Stone That Started A Revolution Icecrown79Crusade Architect SilasBoth
12807The Story Thus Far... Icecrown80Lord-Commander AreteBoth
13043The Sum is Greater than the Parts Icecrown80Dr. Terrible's "Building a Better Flesh Giant"Both
13077The Touch of an Aspect Icecrown80Highlord Tirion FordringBoth
13145The Vile Hold Icecrown80Vereth the CunningBoth
13081The Will of the Naaru Icecrown80Highlord Tirion FordringBoth
13121Through the Eye Icecrown80The Bone WitchBoth
13076Time Yet Remains Icecrown80Crusader BridenbradBoth
13360Time for Answers Icecrown80Matthias LehnerBoth
13275Time to Hide Icecrown80Matthias LehnerBoth
12806To the Rise with all Due Haste! Icecrown80Baron SliverBoth
13376Total Ohmage: The Valley of Lost Hope! (Daily)Icecrown80Fringe Engineer TezzlaBoth
13085Vaelen Has Returned Icecrown80Baron SliverBoth
13084Vandalizing Jotunheim Icecrown80Duke LankralBoth
13155Vereth the Cunning Icecrown80Keritose BloodbladeBoth
13071Vile Like Fire! (Daily)Icecrown80VileBoth
13239Volatility Icecrown80Chief Engineer CopperclawHorde
13261Volatility (Daily)Icecrown80Chief Engineer CopperclawHorde
13117Where Are They Coming From? Icecrown80Darkrider ArlyBoth
13359Where Dragons Fell Icecrown80Matthias LehnerBoth
12814You'll Need a Gryphon Icecrown80Lord-Commander AreteBoth

Listed quests matching our side: 184. Quests completed for this category: 0.


IDNameCategoryLevelStart NPCSide
13311Demons Deck Inscription45??????
12518Mages Deck Inscription35??????
12517Rogues Deck Inscription15Rogues DeckBoth
12798Swords Deck Inscription25??????

Listed quests matching our side: 4. Quests completed for this category: 0.

Isle of Quel'Danas

IDNameCategoryLevelStart NPCSide
11545A Charitable Donation (Daily)Isle of Quel'Danas70Anchorite AyuriBoth
11554A Friend in the Frontlines Isle of Quel'Danas70Eldara DawnrunnerBoth
11549A Magnanimous Benefactor Isle of Quel'Danas70Anchorite KairthosBoth
11523Arm the Wards! (Daily)Isle of Quel'Danas70Captain Theris DawnhearthBoth
11481Crisis at the Sunwell Isle of Quel'Danas70Adyen the LightwardenBoth
11540Crush the Dawnblade (Daily)Isle of Quel'Danas70Magister IlastarBoth
11541Disrupt the Greengill Coast (Daily)Isle of Quel'Danas70Captain ValindriaBoth
11532Distraction at the Dead Scar (Daily)Isle of Quel'Danas70Battlemage ArynnaBoth
11536Don't Stop Now.... (Daily)Isle of Quel'Danas70Smith HauthaaBoth
11482Duty Calls Isle of Quel'Danas70Dathris SunstrikerBoth
11550Enter, the Deceiver... Isle of Quel'Danas70General Tiras'alanBoth
11524Erratic Behavior (Daily)Isle of Quel'Danas70Vindicator XayannBoth
11557Exalted Among All Combatants Isle of Quel'Danas70Eldara DawnrunnerBoth
11525Further Conversions (Daily)Isle of Quel'Danas70Vindicator XayannBoth
11555Honored by Your Allies Isle of Quel'Danas70Eldara DawnrunnerBoth
11542Intercept the Reinforcements (Daily)Isle of Quel'Danas70Vindicator KaalanBoth
11543Keeping the Enemy at Bay (Daily)Isle of Quel'Danas70Vindicator KaalanBoth
11547Know Your Ley Lines (Daily)Isle of Quel'Danas70Astromancer DarnarianBoth
11535Making Ready (Daily)Isle of Quel'Danas70Smith HauthaaBoth
11546Open for Business (Daily)Isle of Quel'Danas70Mar'nahBoth
11556Revered in the Field of Battle Isle of Quel'Danas70Eldara DawnrunnerBoth
11539Taking the Harbor (Daily)Isle of Quel'Danas70Magister IlastarBoth
11533The Air Strikes Must Continue (Daily)Isle of Quel'Danas70Battlemage ArynnaBoth
11537The Battle Must Go On (Daily)Isle of Quel'Danas70Harbinger InuuroBoth
11538The Battle for the Sun's Reach Armory (Daily)Isle of Quel'Danas70Harbinger InuuroBoth
11526The Missing Magistrix Isle of Quel'Danas70Captain Theris DawnhearthBoth
11496The Sanctum Wards (Daily)Isle of Quel'Danas70Captain Theris DawnhearthBoth
11548Your Continued Support (Daily)Isle of Quel'Danas70Anchorite AyuriBoth

Listed quests matching our side: 28. Quests completed for this category: 0.


IDNameCategoryLevelStart NPCSide
13041Finish the Shipment Jewelcrafting-1??????
12918Gem Perfection Jewelcrafting-1??????
12952Gem Perfection Jewelcrafting-1??????
13002Gem Perfection Jewelcrafting-1??????
13148Necklace Repair Jewelcrafting-1??????
12958Shipment: Blood Jade Amulet (Daily)Jewelcrafting-1??????
12962Shipment: Bright Armor Relic (Daily)Jewelcrafting-1??????
12959Shipment: Glowing Ivory Figurine (Daily)Jewelcrafting-1??????
12961Shipment: Intricate Bone Figurine (Daily)Jewelcrafting-1??????
12963Shipment: Shifting Sun Curio (Daily)Jewelcrafting-1??????
12960Shipment: Wicked Sun Brooch (Daily)Jewelcrafting-1??????

Listed quests matching our side: 11. Quests completed for this category: 0.


IDNameCategoryLevelStart NPCSide
9844A Demonic Presence (Raid)Karazhan70Archmage AlturusBoth
9824Arcane Disturbances Karazhan70Archmage AlturusBoth
11216Archmage Alturus Karazhan70Apprentice TasserelBoth
11031Archmage No More Karazhan70Archmage LerydaBoth
11033Assassin No More Karazhan70Archmage LerydaBoth
9840Assessing the Situation (Raid)Karazhan70Archmage AlturusBoth
12616Chamber of Secrets (Raid)Karazhan70??????
10738Distinguished Service Karazhan70Archmage LerydaBoth
10740Distinguished Service Karazhan70Archmage LerydaBoth
10739Distinguished Service Karazhan70Archmage LerydaBoth
10741Distinguished Service Karazhan70Archmage LerydaBoth
10733Down the Violet Path Karazhan70Archmage LerydaBoth
10734Down the Violet Path Karazhan70Archmage LerydaBoth
10735Down the Violet Path Karazhan70Archmage LerydaBoth
10736Down the Violet Path Karazhan70Archmage LerydaBoth
10727Eminence Among the Violet Eye Karazhan70Archmage LerydaBoth
10728Eminence Among the Violet Eye Karazhan70Archmage LerydaBoth
10726Eminence Among the Violet Eye Karazhan70Archmage LerydaBoth
10725Eminence Among the Violet Eye Karazhan70Archmage LerydaBoth
9638In Good Hands Karazhan70WravienBoth
9637Kalynna's Request (Heroic)Karazhan70Kalynna LathredBoth
9639Kamsis Karazhan70GradavBoth
9843Keanna's Log (Raid)Karazhan70KorenBoth
9630Medivh's Journal (Raid)Karazhan70Archmage AlturusBoth
9644Nightbane (Raid)Karazhan70Kalynna LathredBoth
10731Path of the Violet Assassin Karazhan70Archmage LerydaBoth
10729Path of the Violet Mage Karazhan70Archmage LerydaBoth
10732Path of the Violet Protector Karazhan70Archmage LerydaBoth
10730Path of the Violet Restorer Karazhan70Archmage LerydaBoth
11032Protector No More Karazhan70Archmage LerydaBoth
9825Restless Activity Karazhan70Archmage AlturusBoth
11034Restorer No More Karazhan70Archmage LerydaBoth
9645The Master's Terrace (Raid)Karazhan70KamsisBoth
9640The Shade of Aran (Raid)Karazhan70KamsisBoth
9838The Violet Eye Karazhan70KhadgarBoth

Listed quests matching our side: 35. Quests completed for this category: 0.


IDNameCategoryLevelStart NPCSide
5145Dragonscale Leatherworking Leatherworking55Thorkaf DragoneyeHorde
5146Elemental Leatherworking Leatherworking55Brumn WinterhoofHorde
2860Master of the Wild Leather Leatherworking45Jangdor SwiftstriderHorde
5148Tribal Leatherworking Leatherworking55Se'JibHorde
2854Wild Leather Armor Leatherworking45Jangdor SwiftstriderHorde
2858Wild Leather Boots Leatherworking45Jangdor SwiftstriderHorde
2857Wild Leather Helmet Leatherworking45Jangdor SwiftstriderHorde
2859Wild Leather Leggings Leatherworking45Jangdor SwiftstriderHorde
2855Wild Leather Shoulders Leatherworking45Jangdor SwiftstriderHorde
2856Wild Leather Vest Leatherworking45Jangdor SwiftstriderHorde

Listed quests matching our side: 10. Quests completed for this category: 0.


IDNameCategoryLevelStart NPCSide
9271Atiesh, Greatstaff of the Guardian (Dungeon)Legendary60AnachronosBoth
9270Atiesh, Greatstaff of the Guardian (Dungeon)Legendary60AnachronosBoth
9269Atiesh, Greatstaff of the Guardian (Dungeon)Legendary60AnachronosBoth
9257Atiesh, Greatstaff of the Guardian (Dungeon)Legendary60AnachronosBoth
9251Atiesh, the Befouled Greatstaff (Raid)Legendary60AnachronosBoth
7785Examine the Vessel Legendary60Highlord DemitrianBoth
9250Frame of Atiesh (Raid)Legendary60Frame of AtieshBoth
7787Rise, Thunderfury! Legendary60Item: Dormant Wind Kissed BladeBoth
7786Thunderaan the Windseeker (Raid)Legendary60Highlord DemitrianBoth

Listed quests matching our side: 11. Quests completed for this category: 0.

Lunar Festival

IDNameCategoryLevelStart NPCSide
*8647Bellowrage the Elder Lunar Festival-1Elder BellowrageBoth
*8715Bladeleaf the Elder Lunar Festival-1Elder BladeleafBoth
*8719Bladesing the Elder Lunar Festival-1Elder BladesingBoth
8718Bladeswift the Elder Lunar Festival-1Elder BladeswiftBoth
*8673Bloodhoof the Elder Lunar Festival-1Elder BloodhoofBoth
*8726Brightspear the Elder Lunar Festival-1Elder BrightspearBoth
*8882Cluster Launcher Lunar Festival-1???Both
8880Cluster Rockets Lunar Festival-1???Both
*8648Darkcore the Elder Lunar Festival-1Elder DarkcoreBoth
*8677Darkhorn the Elder Lunar Festival-1Elder DarkhornBoth
*8683Dawnstrider the Elder Lunar Festival-1Elder DawnstriderBoth
*8684Dreamseer the Elder Lunar Festival-1Elder DreamseerBoth
8862Elune's Candle Lunar Festival-1???Both
8727Farwhisper the Elder Lunar Festival-1Elder FarwhisperBoth
*8863Festival Dumplings Lunar Festival-1Valadar StarsongBoth
8864Festive Lunar Dresses Lunar Festival-1Valadar StarsongBoth
8865Festive Lunar Pant Suits Lunar Festival-1Valadar StarsongBoth
*8878Festive Recipes Lunar Festival-1Fariel StarsongBoth
*8877Firework Launcher Lunar Festival-1Fariel StarsongBoth
*8653Goldwell the Elder Lunar Festival-1???Both
*8652Graveborn the Elder Lunar Festival-1???Both
*8679Grimtotem the Elder Lunar Festival-1???Both
*8646Hammershout the Elder Lunar Festival-1Coin of AncestryBoth
*8686High Mountain the Elder Lunar Festival-1???Horde
*8643Highpeak the Elder Lunar Festival-1Coin of AncestryBoth
*8651Ironband the Elder Lunar Festival-1???Both
8881Large Cluster Rockets Lunar Festival-1Fariel StarsongBoth
8879Large Rockets Lunar Festival-1Fariel StarsongBoth
*8867Lunar Fireworks Lunar Festival70Lunar Festival HarbingerBoth
*8722Meadowrun the Elder Lunar Festival-1Coin of AncestryBoth
*8685Mistwalker the Elder Lunar Festival-1???Both
*8714Moonstrike the Elder Lunar Festival-1???Both
*8717Moonwarden the Elder Lunar Festival-1???Both
*8619Morndeep the Elder Lunar Festival-1Morndeep the ElderBoth
*8724Morningdew the Elder Lunar Festival-1???Both
*8723Nightwind the Elder Lunar Festival-1???Both
*8645Obsidian the Elder Lunar Festival-1???Both
*8654Primestone the Elder Lunar Festival-1Coin of AncestryHorde
*8678Proudhorn the Elder Lunar Festival-1Coin of AncestryBoth
*8671Ragetotem the Elder Lunar Festival-1???Both
*8725Riversong the Elder Lunar Festival-1???Both
*8636Rumblerock the Elder Lunar Festival-1???Both
*8670Runetotem the Elder Lunar Festival-1???Both
*8642Silvervein the Elder Lunar Festival-1Elder SilverveinBoth
*8675Skychaser the Elder Lunar Festival-1Elder SkychaserBoth
*8720Skygleam the Elder Lunar Festival-1Elder SkygleamBoth
*8682Skyseer the Elder Lunar Festival-1Elder SkyseerBoth
8876Small Rockets Lunar Festival-1Fariel StarsongBoth
*8650Snowcrown the Elder Lunar Festival-1Elder SnowcrownBoth
*8635Splitrock the Elder Lunar Festival-1Elder SplitrockBoth
*8716Starglade the Elder Lunar Festival-1Elder StargladeBoth
8713Starsong the Elder Lunar Festival-1Elder StarsongBoth
*8721Starweave the Elder Lunar Festival-1Elder StarweaveBoth
*8644Stonefort the Elder Lunar Festival-1Elder StonefortBoth
*8672Stonespire the Elder Lunar Festival-1Elder StonespireBoth
*8649Stormbrow the Elder Lunar Festival-1Elder StormbrowBoth
*8873The Lunar Festival Lunar Festival70Lunar Festival HeraldBoth
8875The Lunar Festival Lunar Festival70Lunar Festival HeraldHorde
8870The Lunar Festival Lunar Festival70Lunar Festival EmissaryBoth
8872The Lunar Festival Lunar Festival70???Both
8874The Lunar Festival Lunar Festival70???Both
*8681Thunderhorn the Elder Lunar Festival-1Elder ThunderhornBoth
*8883Valadar Starsong Lunar Festival70Lunar Festival HarbingerBoth
8676Wildmane the Elder Lunar Festival-1Elder WildmaneBoth
*8688Windrun the Elder Lunar Festival-1Elder WindrunBoth
*8680Windtotem the Elder Lunar Festival-1Elder WindtotemBoth
*8674Winterhoof the Elder Lunar Festival-1Elder WinterhoofBoth

Listed quests matching our side: 67. Quests completed for this category: 52.

Magisters' Terrace

IDNameCategoryLevelStart NPCSide
11492Hard to Kill (Dungeon)Magisters' Terrace70KalecgosBoth
11488Magisters' Terrace (Dungeon)Magisters' Terrace70Exarch LarethorBoth
11490The Scryer's Scryer (Dungeon)Magisters' Terrace70TyrithBoth
11500Wanted: Sisters of Torment (Daily Dungeon)Magisters' Terrace70Nether-Stalker Mah'duunBoth
11499Wanted: The Signet Ring of Prince Kael'thas (Daily Heroic)Magisters' Terrace70Wind Trader ZhareemBoth

Listed quests matching our side: 5. Quests completed for this category: 0.

Magtheridon's Lair

IDNameCategoryLevelStart NPCSide
13430Trial of the Naaru: Magtheridon (Raid)Magtheridon's Lair70??????
10888Trial of the Naaru: Magtheridon (Raid)Magtheridon's Lair70A'dalBoth

Listed quests matching our side: 2. Quests completed for this category: 0.


IDNameCategoryLevelStart NPCSide
10981Nexus-Prince Shaffar's Personal Chamber (Heroic)Mana-Tombs70???Both
10216Safety Is Job One (Dungeon)Mana-Tombs66Artificer MorphaliusBoth
10218Someone Else's Hard Work Pays Off (Dungeon)Mana-Tombs66Cryo-Engineer Sha'heenBoth
10977Stasis Chambers of the Mana-Tombs (Heroic)Mana-Tombs70Image of Commander AmeerBoth
10165Undercutting the Competition (Dungeon)Mana-Tombs66Nexus-Prince HaramadBoth

Listed quests matching our side: 5. Quests completed for this category: 0.


IDNameCategoryLevelStart NPCSide
*7064Corruption of Earth and Seed (Dungeon)Maraudon51SelendraHorde
*7044Legends of Maraudon (Dungeon)Maraudon49CavindraBoth
*7066Seed of Life (Dungeon)Maraudon51Seed of LifeBoth
*7068Shadowshard Fragments (Dungeon)Maraudon42Uthel'nayHorde
*7067The Pariah's Instructions (Dungeon)Maraudon48Centaur PariahBoth
*7046The Scepter of Celebras (Dungeon)Maraudon49Celebras the RedeemedBoth
*7028Twisted Evils (Dungeon)Maraudon47WillowBoth
*7029Vyletongue Corruption (Dungeon)Maraudon47Vark BattlescarHorde

Listed quests matching our side: 8. Quests completed for this category: 8.


IDNameCategoryLevelStart NPCSide
*5527A Reliquary of Purity Moonglade60Rabine SaturnaBoth
*5526Shards of the Felvine (Dungeon)Moonglade60Rabine SaturnaBoth
8741The Champion Returns Moonglade60Keeper RemulosBoth
8736The Nightmare Manifests (Raid)Moonglade60???Both
8735The Nightmare's Corruption (Raid)Moonglade60Keeper RemulosBoth
6845Uncovering Past Secrets Moonglade57UmberBoth
1185Under the Chitin Was... Moonglade57UmberBoth
*1124Wasteland Moonglade55Rabine SaturnaBoth

Listed quests matching our side: 8. Quests completed for this category: 3.


IDNameCategoryLevelStart NPCSide
833A Sacred Burial Mulgore10Lorekeeper RaintotemHorde
743Dangers of the Windfury Mulgore8Ruul EagletalonHorde
746Dwarven Digging Mulgore8Baine BloodhoofHorde
775Journey into Thunder Bluff Mulgore10Ancestral SpiritHorde
854Journey to the Crossroads Mulgore12Kirge SternhornHorde
11129Kyle's Gone Missing! Mulgore7Ahab WheathoofHorde
766Mazzranache Mulgore8Maur RaincallerHorde
748Poison Water Mulgore5Mull ThunderhornHorde
772Rite of Vision Mulgore7Zarlman Two-MoonsHorde
771Rite of Vision Mulgore7Zarlman Two-MoonsHorde
767Rite of Vision Mulgore6Baine BloodhoofHorde
773Rite of Wisdom Mulgore10Seer WiserunnerHorde
776Rites of the Earthmother Mulgore14Cairne BloodhoofHorde
745Sharing the Land Mulgore6Baine BloodhoofHorde
765Supervisor Fizsprocket Mulgore12Morin CloudstalkerHorde