Videos I've Watched

I love movies (and the occasional TV series, I suppose), particularly those of the horror, cult, sleaze, and "oddity" variety. My personal collection reaches over 1,000 physical and eclectic entries, and is ever mutating. Don't expect quality, but instead utterances of "what... the...", although you may find the occasional mainstream release (currently, my only prejudice is "bought mah cam at a department store" films). Entries in this style I particularly liked. Have some suggestions for me? Email

2010-11URLHarry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone2001Rewatch after a book read. Still way too long.
2010-11URLDexter: The Fourth Season2009
2010-10URLDexter: The Third Season2008
2010-10URLDexter: The Second Season2007
2010-10URLDexter: The First Season2006
2010-10URLCinematic Titanic #10: Danger on Tiki Island2010
2010-09URLCinematic Titanic #9: The Alien Factor2010
2010-08URLCinematic Titanic #8: East meets Watts2009
2010-08URLFringe: The Complete 1st Season2009
2010-07URLDr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog2008Geek musical about heroes and villains? You had me at Muhahah.
2010-07URLParanormal Activity2009Sure, there were shocking scenes... ... Right. Sigh.
2010-06-02URLCastle: The Complete First Season2009Such a great show! Characters first, good and fast mysteries, great humor.
2010-04-16URLCurb your Enthusiam: The Complete Third Season2001I'm still enjoying it and will continue, but it's... ... I know what it's like now.
2010-03-10URLThe Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus2008I enjoyed it, certainly, but doubtful I'd really watch it again.
2010-03-03URLStar Trek: Deep Space Nine - Season 11993Compared to the later seasons, not so good; story arcs stronger.
2010-02-01URLInglorious Basterds2009Tarantino can do no wrong, but how could he do better than this?
2010-01-28URLPact with the Devil2001Dozens of delicious quotes and McDowell, but pretty passable nonetheless.
2010-01-26URLStar Trek: The Next Generation - Season 71994The final season spends a lot of time reliving the first.
2010-01-22URLCurb your Enthusiam: The Complete Second Season2004MMmm. Man thongs.
2010-01-20URLIt's Alive2009WTF is this? Everything that the original wasn't. Horrible.
2010-01-13URLCurb your Enthusiam: The Complete First Season2003Finally got around to watching this. I sympathize.
2009-12-26URLNannok of the North (Criterion Spine #33)1922Of passing interest, sure, but not my cup of tea.
2009-12-05URLOliver Twist (Criterion Spine #32)1948One of the most well-known Twist adaptions; I certainly enjoyed it.
2009-12-01URLGreat Expectations (Criterion Spine #31)1946Good, but I think I have a larger place for Paltrow's version.
2009-11-20URLSukiyaki Western Django2007Cautiously optimistic about it. I think I need to watch it again. Borderline. Ish.
2009-11-13URLWandering Ginza Butterfly1971Playing pool was more intense than the ending swordfight. Sequel queued.
2009-11-01URLThe DaVinci Code2006No more or less than I expected. Doubt I'd watch it again.
2009-10-18URLStar Trek: The Next Generation - Season 61993Slightly more comedy than I enjoy, but still looking forward to each one.
2009-10-16URLTrick 'r Treat2008An atypical anthology that succeeded nearly the entire time. Paquin++.
2009-10-09URLThe House of the Dead2009Great suspense, but the last third devolved into yawny crap.
2009-10-02URLMartyrs2008It took a while to realize I enjoyed this; the ending "justified" everything.
2009-09-18URLM (Criterion Spine #30)1931Hampered by a sudden ending, it was still very well done.
2009-09-13URLStar Trek: The Next Generation - Season 5199220+ hours in a single sentence? Hrm. Still going, still enjoying.
2009-08-21URLCoraline2009Huge fan of the book and graphic novel, the movie is equally as good.
2009-08-14URL42nd Street Forever, Vol. 42009Again, moments of pure "must see", and others of "god, another one of these?"
2009-08-07URL42nd Street Forever, Vol. 32008Much hilarity and amazement, but also "wow, this 30 minutes sucked."
2009-07-31URLCinematic Titanic #7: Blood of the Vampires2009The last one they've made so far. Sadness. MOREEEE!
2009-07-24URLCinematic Titanic #6: Frankenstein's Castle of Freaks2009Gasp, my queue is empty! Must pick up remaining releases. Cinematic Titanic++.
2009-07-18URL42nd Street Forever, Vol. 22006I continue to love trailer packs, and this coddled me at its teat. More-r.
2009-07-17URL42nd Street Forever, Vol. 12005I love trailer packs, and this was right up every alley I'm interested in. More.
2009-07-11URLHalloween2007The prequel stuff was great; everything after was ho-hum, boring, and watch-checking.
2009-06-26URLCinematic Titanic #5: Santa Claus Conquers the Martians2008A little weaker for me, probably as I've seen all the previous versions.
2009-06-19URLCinematic Titanic #4: Legacy of Blood2008Still loving these things; not much more can be said besides "Good riffs."
2009-06-13URLTaken2008The trailer had the best parts. It was good, but expected.
2009-06-12URLCinematic Titanic #3: The Wasp Woman2008Why the disclaimers? Definitely a fan of these; next three already queued.
2009-06-01URLPicnic at Hanging Rock (Criterion Spine #29)1979Did this contribute to the also-excellent The Virgin Suicides? Unsolved mystery.
2009-05-31URLStar Trek: The Next Generation - Season 41991Took a long time to get back here, but still continuing, and cheerfully enjoying, the journey.
2009-05-29URLThe Long Good Friday (Criterion Spine #26)1982Slow start, but kept boiling. Little man in a big, hard to understand, world.
2009-05-29URLHigh School Musical2006I like Disney, I like musicals. Logic suggests I'd like this. And I did. Sequels queued.
2009-05-29URLTokyo Gore Police2008The more I see this tired effect, the faster I grow bored. Giggly, but mostly a yawn-pass.
2009-05-23URLCinematic Titanic #2: Doomsday Machine2008The padding at the end of this movie (not riff) was soul-sucking.
2009-05-23URLCinematic Titanic #1: The Oozing Skull2008"We're back!" shouts the MST3K creators, and I heartily agree.
2009-05-02URLAlphaville (Criterion Spine #25)1965A sci-fi movie with no trappings or effects. Surrealist. Mleh. Pass-ish.
2009-04-31URLAttack Girls' Swim Team Versus the Undead2007Mildly entertaining, actually. Vagina lasers and prolonged kissing? Eh!
2009-04-25URLHigh and Low1962Incredible movie - reminded me of Hitchcock's Rope. More please.
2009-04-18URLAbraxas: Guardian of the Universe1991Jesse Ventura as alien cop in barely understandable VHS-to-DVD rip. Pass.
2009-04-12URLAmerican Ninja 3: Blood Hunt1989Compared to prequels, boring and NULL-acting. But, hey, thong-wearing male "statues".
2009-04-05URLAmerican Ninja 2: The Confrontation1987Mutant ninja warriors created by super-criminal "The Lion". Heh. YeaAAAhh.
2009-03-23URLAmerican Ninja1985MmMM, widescreen Dudikoff in best James Dean impression. With ninjas. Can't get better.
2009-03-20URLThe Bird with the Crystal Plumage1969Incredible transfer of Argento's first; still a worthy rewatch to clear recent crap from memory.
2009-03-14URLSaw V2008... ... Really? This is all you could come up with? As Parappa would say, getting worse.
2009-03-13URLA.D. Police Files 1-31990Lots going on here; multiple viewings help. Good stuff. Occasionally mental, always sexual.
2009-03-11URLMemoirs of a Geisha2007Beautiful film, but only mildly interesting. Weakness for culture be I.
2009-03-07URLThe X-Files: I Want to Believe2008This didn't feel like an X-Files at all. A two-headed dog and head transplants? Yawn.
2009-03-06URLThe Midnight Meat Train2008Ancient evil good, modern day conspiracy bad. But, hey, sodomy is a rare treat.
2009-03-04URLBlade Runner1982After all these years, I'm still barely in like with it.
2009-03-03URL2001: A Space Odyssey1968After all these years, I'm still not in love with it.
2009-02-17URLZodiac2007Better than I expected, but not as great as I was told. A little too long for me.
2009-02-15URLRepo! The Genetic Opera2009Takes some getting used to but, on reflection, I really liked it.
2009-01-24URLSaw IV2007I can't stop liking these movies. Slightly more confusing than the others.
2009-01-09URLEvil Video 1-First mixtape we've seen; started out "woot!", ended with "jesus, again?! we just sa... sigh."
2009-01-03URLSummertime (Criterion Spine #22)1955Did nothing for me. Kept checking time remaining. Hepburn annoyingly whiny.
2009-01-02URLSex and the City: The Movie2008Stop laughing, it was a gift fo... HEY, I SEE YOU BACK THERE. STOP TEH GIGGLES.
2008-12-26URLBatman Begins2008Wow, I never thought I'd like another Batman movie.
2008-12-21URLShock Corridor (Criterion Spine #19)1964You can tell where this is heading rather quickly, still watchable. Naked Kiss was better.
2008-12-13URLThe Naked Kiss (Criterion Spine #18)1964Really good, in hindsight; wait for the third half (?!), which takes an unhealthy twist.
2008-12-12URLNaked Fear2007Not entirely bad; gets a better near the end, what with the killing and all.
2008-12-07URLKung Fu Panda2008Being entertained is all I ask, so I suppose this succeeded. Yet another yet another though.
2008-12-05URLCurse of the Komodo2004Giant zombie-making komodos and disturbingly fake breasts. Not as good as you'd think.
2008-12-04URLSalo, or the 120 Days of Sodom (Criterion Spine #17)1976This romantic comedy falls a little flat. Jaded I be, aghast are you.
2008-11-29URLSamurai III: Duel at Ganryu Island (Criterion Spine #16)1956The final confrontation with the greatest fencer he'd ever face. Awesome.
2008-11-28URLSamurai II: Duel at Ichikoji Temple (Criterion Spine #15)1955Some great stuff here, with the expected soap operatic melding of relationships.
2008-11-27URLSamurai I: Musashi Miyamoto (Criterion Spine #14)1954Japan's "Gone with the Wind" was enjoyable for the standard reasons.
2008-11-22URLWALL·E2008Loved it! The future makes me grin with contempt yet acceptance.
2008-11-21URLStrange Behavior1981Eh. Was neither great nor worse. Wouldn't bother with it again.
2008-11-12URLThe Seventh Seal (Criterion Spine #11)1957Great idea, started "erm...", grew stronger on reflection.
2008-11-09URLHeroes: Season 22008Stupid writer's strike made me "hungry for more". Guffaw.
2008-10-27URLWalkabout (Criterion Spine #10)1946Enjoyed nearly nothing about this movie. Awesome.
2008-10-14URLAvatar: The Complete Book 3 Collection2008I'm incredibly sad it's over, but happy smiles and happy tears.
2008-09-24URLHeroes: Season 12007Never watched this on TV but, holy crap, I'm a fan now.
2008-09-17URLA Night To Remember (Criterion Spine #7)1958Miles better than Cameron's; more characters means stronger disaster.
2008-09-14URLBeauty and the Beast (Criterion Spine #6)1946Enjoyed this; the makeup work, for 1946, is still beyond me.
2008-09-13URLThere Will Be Blood2007Daniel Plainview is my type of person.
2008-09-12URLAvatar: The Complete Book 2 Collection2007When anything can make me laugh or cry, it's good.
2008-08-24URLCurse of the Golden Flower2007"Deliciously colorful!" he cries. And a good movie to boot. I like family dramas.
2008-08-20URLAvatar: The Complete Book 1 Collection2006Yes, it's from Nick, but this is some great storytelling. Anxious for more.
2008-07-19URL28 Weeks Later2007Definitely not "better than the original"; tried too hard to be shocking! zomg!
2008-07-13URLBefore the Devil Knows You're Dead2007Desperate brothers get deeper and deeper; enjoyed.
2008-06-22URLLady in the Water2006For me, Shyamalan can do no wrong. This fairy tale was no different.
2008-06-15URLClose Encounters of the Third Kind1977Rewatching the classic on Blu-Ray. Still liked it.
2008-06-01URLOne Missed Call2007Eh. Your standard American translation of Japanese horror.
2008-05-29URLGrindhouse Presents: Planet Terror2007Greatest. Movie. Ever. Kept getting better and better.
2008-05-20URLCloverfield2008Holy crap, this was good. Would be a great double-header with The Host.
2008-04-04URLCommunion1989Didn't work for me. Walken an odd choice, and it was more humorous than tense.
2008-04-02URLThe 400 Blows (Criterion Spine #5)1959Truffaut's first feature; I'm looking forward to the Antoine Doinel followups.
2008-03-28URLSilent Rage1982Great beginning and Norris-appreciation, but slow and meandering ending.
2008-03-28URLDakota Bound2001An actual plot, good cheesy action scenes, and lesbians. Amazingly good.
2008-03-21URLOne Dark Night1982Mausoleums, reanimation, and spark-shooting eyes, good. A bit slow.
2008-02-22URLThe Death Merchants1973I don't remember anything about this movie. Still better than GHOST RIDER.
2008-02-22URLGhost Rider2007Wasn't very enjoyable to watch; needed more bear suits. Painful.
2008-02-15URLBruce Lee Fights Back from the Grave1976Entertaining WTF and authoritative source for Liu Kang's sound file.
2008-02-15URLElves1990One helluva Nazi plot and Grizzly Adams saves yet another day.
2008-02-12URLAmarcord (Criterion Spine #4)1974Fellini's memories held only a passing interest from me.
2008-02-08URLDon't Go Near the Park1981Not-so-immortal cave-people try to become slightly more immortal.
2008-02-08URLAntropophagus1980These purported "video nasties" continue to disappoint; better than Absurd though.
2008-02-01URLRiki-Oh - The Story of Ricky1992After all these years, I finally watched it, and it was awesome.
2008-02-01URLHack!200780 minutes of suck, then 10 minutes of good, is the wrong trick to play.
2008-01-25URLTenement1985Listen, I'm just glad it's over.
2008-01-25URLAbsurd1981Whatever reputation this film had was entirely undeserved.
2008-01-24URLCrook's Tour1941Slow to start, and definitely not my kind of movie. Little enjoyment.
2008-01-20URLThe Lady Vanishes (Criterion Spine #3)1938Great, and humorous, flick! Hitchcock's last Euro venture.
2008-01-19URLStar Trek: The Next Generation - Season 31990The first cliff-hanger still sends me a-shiver. Nerd love, dawg.
2008-01-18URLImmortal Combat1994Piper and Chiba fight immortal super zombie morphin' fighters. Love ensues.
2008-01-18URLFantom kiler 32003Sit through the hour for an amazing finale. When Darkman slashes budgets.
2008-01-15URLAll Souls Day2005The only redeeming feature is the ninja cheerleader. Pass.
2008-01-11URLTrip with Teacher1975Count how many times Sean Penn falls asleep. Eh.
2008-01-11URLMalibu High1979Great made better with the People's Court theme. She's not a hit-girl.
2008-01-04URLFight for Your Life1977Blaxploitation flick not for everyone; I enjoyed it personally.
2008-01-02URLA Night to Dismember1983Blissfully short; I can only hope the better stuff was lost in the lab mishap.
2008-01-01URLSeven Samurai (Criterion Spine #2)1954Begrudgingly watched in film class; older, I appreciate it far more.
2007-12-27URLGrand Illusion (Criterion Spine #1)1938Another journey: every Criterion DVD. Quite good, even though not my style.
2007-12-23URLStar Trek: The Next Generation - Season 21987I continued watching, ignoring all others. Reminds me of childhood.
2007-12-10URLStar Trek: The Next Generation - Season 11987My journey continues! Suffice to say, I like these shows. Rowr.
2007-12-01URLSpider-Man 32007Wasn't as good as the others; some slow parts. Still glad to own it.
2007-11-28URL2 Days in the Valley1996I recall liking it, but it is appears to be forgettable. Not a Tarantino flick.
2007-11-21URLBrimstone and Treacle1982Sting goes to great lengths for 2 minutes, and just because. Great!
2007-11-14URLThe Blood Spattered Bride1974For all its reputation and hand-to-mouth, it was merely alright. Ask again later.
2007-11-07URLStar Trek: The Animated Series1973Get past the animation: these are actually good stories and "real" episodes.
2007-11-01URLGodzilla: Final Wars2004As crazy a Godzilla movie as I'd expect; statue on my TV for decades.
2007-10-15URLOpen Water 2: Adrift2006I can't stand the water; this, and the first one, worked for me.
2007-10-01URLThe Host2006Believable effects and characters. Awesome monster movie.
2007-09-15URLStar Trek: The Original Series - Season 31966One of my quests: to watch every Star Trek ever. Always a fan.
2007-09-01URLBelievers2007Was a lot better than I thought it was going to be. Mildly typical though.
2007-08-26URLBaby Blood1989BRAIN DAMAGE meets THE BROOD. Not bad, not good, "erm..." ending.
2007-08-25URLAbominable2006I've a weakness for monster movies; this was standard fare but enjoyable.
2007-08-25URLAre You Scared2005"Hey, I heard those Saw movies did well. Let's do a horrible copy-cat!"
2007-08-12URLThank You For Smoking2006I had a huge grin on my face nearly the entire time.
2007-08-04URLThe Baby1972Ruth Roman was great, and the ending wasn't what I expected at all.
2007-08-03URLThe Asphyx1973A quest for science, immortality, and redemption. Good flick.
2007-07-27URLThe Monster Squad1987They don't make movies like this anymore; it saddens me.
2007-07-20URLAfter Life1998Wonderful character study of your memories when you die.
2007-07-14URLAltered2006Not your typical alien abduction story; was quite pleasing.
2007-07-14URLAerobi-cide1986This is the greatest 80's movie I have ever seen.
2007-07-13URLA Dead Calling2006Modern day ghost story leaves me wishing for the sweet release of death.
2007-07-13URLSpawn of the Slithus1978Organic mud named Slithus evolves thanks to radiation. Happy ending.
2007-07-08URLBlack Christmas2006Pointless remake spends too much history on boring characters; yawn deaths.
2007-07-07URLNight of the Comet1984Triffids end-of-the-world scenario with zombies, mad scientists, and lame ending.
2007-07-07URL2001 Maniacs2004This "sequel" to HGL's 2000 Maniacs is absolutely horrible. No merit at all.
2007-07-07URL976-Evil II1992Remotely entertaining, but mostly forgettable. In fact, entirely forgettable.
2007-07-06URLCandy Stripers2006Entirely non-sexy nurse fantasy alien possession, written and directed by women.
2007-07-06URLBehind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon2006Excellent "documentary" that stumbles a bit near the end.
2007-07-04URLSiCKO2007Yep, I saw it again... I'll continue to support Moore's endeavors.
2007-07-04URLDead Silence2007I love doll movies, but this didn't give me what I wanted. Wasn't bad though.
2007-06-29URLSiCKO2007I'm always entertained by Moore's films; this one was no different.
2007-06-29URLThe Wicker Man2007Bad ass in a bear suit beats up women. See with a friend. Hilarious.