CCG: Yu-Gi-Oh!: Power of the Duelist (2006; 60 cards; 25 extras)

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Cards I Need: Neo-Spacian Dark Panther (#005/ULT), Destiny Hero - Dasher (#017/ULT), Alien Warrior (#027/ULT), Elemental Hero Flare Neos (#032/ULT), Elemental Hero Dark Neos (#033/ULT), Chimeratech Overdragon (#034/ULT), Overload Fusion (#040/ULT), Future Fusion (#044/ULT).

Rares Available for Trade: Submarineroid (#008/R), Destiny Hero - Double Dude (#012/SR), Destiny Hero - Dasher (#017/R), Alien Warrior (#027/R), Alien Mother (2) (#028/R), Cosmic Horror Gangi'el (2) (#029/R), Super Vehicroid Jumbo Drill (#036/SR), Spell Calling (#039/R), Overload Fusion (#042/R), Cyclone Blade (2) (#043/R), Future Fusion (#044/R), Neo Space (2) (#046/R), Dark City (#048/R), D - Chain (2) (#050/R), Supercharge (#056/R), Cyber Summon Blaster (2) (#057/R).

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001Elemental Hero NeosMonsterCommon
003Neo-Spacian Aqua DolphinMonsterSuper Rare
004Neo-Spacian Flare ScarabMonsterSuper Rare
005Neo-Spacian Dark PantherMonsterSuper Rare
006Chrysalis DolphinMonsterCommon
007Rallis the Star BirdMonsterCommon
012Destiny Hero - Double DudeMonsterSuper Rare
013Destiny Hero - DefenderMonsterCommon
014Destiny Hero - DogmaMonsterSuper Rare
015Destiny Hero - Blade MasterMonsterCommon
016Destiny Hero - Fear MongerMonsterCommon
017Destiny Hero - DasherMonsterRare
018Black PteraMonsterCommon
019Black StegoMonsterCommon
020Ultimate TyrannoMonsterSuper Rare
021Miracle Jurassic EggMonsterCommon
024Alien GreyMonsterCommon
025Alien SkullMonsterCommon
026Alien HunterMonsterCommon
027Alien WarriorMonsterRare
028Alien MotherMonsterRare
029Cosmic Horror Gangi'elMonsterRare
030Flying Saucer Muusik'iMonsterCommon
031Elemental Hero Aqua NeosMonsterUltra Rare
032Elemental Hero Flare NeosMonsterUltra Rare
033Elemental Hero Dark NeosMonsterUltra Rare
034Chimeratech OverdragonMonsterUltra Rare
035Ambulance RescueroidMonsterCommon
036Super Vehicroid Jumbo DrillMonsterSuper Rare
037ContactNormal SpellCommon
038Fake HeroNormal SpellCommon
039Spell CallingNormal SpellRare
040Vehicroid Connection ZoneNormal SpellCommon
041D - SpiritNormal SpellCommon
042Overload FusionNormal SpellRare
043Cyclone BladeEquip SpellRare
044Future FusionContinuous SpellRare
045Common SoulContinuous SpellCommon
046Neo SpaceField SpellRare
047Mausoleum of the EmperorField SpellCommon
048Dark CityField SpellRare
049Destiny MirageNormal TrapCommon
050D - ChainNormal TrapRare
051Crop CirclesNormal TrapCommon
052The Paths of DestinyNormal TrapCommon
053Orbital BombardmentNormal TrapCommon
054Royal Writ of TaxationNormal TrapCommon
055Wonder GarageNormal TrapCommon
056SuperchargeNormal TrapRare
057Cyber Summon BlasterContinuous TrapRare
058Fossil ExcavationContinuous TrapCommon
059Synthetic SeraphimContinuous TrapCommon
060Brainwashing BeamContinuous TrapCommon

Ultimate Rares

003Neo-Spacian Aqua DolphinMonsterUltimate Rare
004Neo-Spacian Flare ScarabMonsterUltimate Rare
005Neo-Spacian Dark PantherMonsterUltimate Rare
008SubmarineroidMonsterUltimate Rare
012Destiny Hero - Double DudeMonsterUltimate Rare
014Destiny Hero - DogmaMonsterUltimate Rare
017Destiny Hero - DasherMonsterUltimate Rare
020Ultimate TyrannoMonsterUltimate Rare
027Alien WarriorMonsterUltimate Rare
028Alien MotherMonsterUltimate Rare
029Cosmic Horror Gangi'elMonsterUltimate Rare
031Elemental Hero Aqua NeosMonsterUltimate Rare
032Elemental Hero Flare NeosMonsterUltimate Rare
033Elemental Hero Dark NeosMonsterUltimate Rare
034Chimeratech OverdragonMonsterUltimate Rare
036Super Vehicroid Jumbo DrillMonsterUltimate Rare
039Spell CallingNormal SpellUltimate Rare
042Overload FusionNormal SpellUltimate Rare
043Cyclone BladeEquip SpellUltimate Rare
044Future FusionContinuous SpellUltimate Rare
046Neo SpaceField SpellUltimate Rare
048Dark CityField SpellUltimate Rare
050D - ChainNormal TrapUltimate Rare
056SuperchargeNormal TrapUltimate Rare
057Cyber Summon BlasterContinuous TrapUltimate Rare