CCG: X-Files, The: Promo Cards (23 cards)

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Cards I Need: No One So Paranoid (PR96-0004-GCON), Infected That You Might Believe (PR97-0002-BBB), A Final Choice (PR97-0003-BBB), Good Fortune (PR97-0004-BOX), Call On Us More Often (PR97-0007-BOX).

Rares Available for Trade: Agent Henderson (PR96-0006-DUE), Teamwork (PR96-0007-SCR), Mulligan (PR97-0005-INQ).

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PR97-0003-BBBA Final ChoiceBluffUltra-RareVoyager Promotions
PR96-0006-DUEAgent HendersonAgentRareDuelist Nov/Dec '96
PR96-0003-GAMAlien TechnologyEventUncommonAmerican Entertainment
PR97-0001-BBBBelieve The LieEventUltra-RareVoyager Promotions
PR97-0009-GMRBlue Plate SpecialEventRareGamer Spring '97/Collect May '97
PR97-0007-BOXCall On Us More OftenEventUltra-RareVoyager Promotions
PR96-0005-GMRChester Bonaparte, The Spirit GuideEventRareGamer Winter '96
PR97-0999-DNYDeny EverythingEventUltra-RareInQuest #25
PR97-0011-DEUDie Hand Die VerletztEventRareGermany/Scrye 4.3
PR96-0002-INQFighter InterceptorEventUncommonInQuest #19
PR97-0004-BOXGood FortuneEventUltra-RareVoyager Promotions
PR97-0002-BBBInfected That You Might BelieveEventUltra-RareVoyager Promotions
PR97-0010-FREJe Vois Quelque Chose La Au-DessousEventRareFrance/Scrye 4.3
PR97-0005-INQMulliganEventUncommonInQuest #25
PR96-0004-GCONNo One So ParanoidEventUltra-RareGenCon '96
PR97-0012-COMNot On The MenuEventRareCombo #30
PR97-0006-SC2Smoke and MirrorsEventRareScrye 4/2
PR97-0006-SC1Smoke and MirrorsEventRareScrye 4/2
PR97-0006-SC5Smoke and MirrorsEventUltra-RareScrye 4/2
PR97-0006-SC4Smoke and MirrorsEventRareScrye 4/2
PR97-0006-SC3Smoke and MirrorsEventRareScrye 4/2
PR96-0007-SCRTeamworkEventUncommonOnline survey & boxes of 101361
PR96-0001-SCRThe Dark AngelAdversaryRareScrye #17