CCG: WarCry: Legions of Chaos (2004; 120 cards)

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Cards I Need: Archaon's Vanguard (#2/C), Grunt Trollskinner (#6/R), Rack of the Damned (#7/C), Styrkaar of the Sortsvinaer (#8/R), Swords of Chaos (#9/C), Archers of Nightbreeze (#12/R), Beastlord Rakarth of Karrond Kar (#13/F), Rikhaine's Vengeance (#17/R), Rikhaine's Wrath (#18/R), Da Pump Pump Truck (#20/R), Facebeater's Big Stick Smashaz (#21/U), Gobbo Elfchasers (#22/C), Grimgor's Spikey Boyz (#23/R), Ozol's Netterboyz (#24/U), Ozol's Snotling Swarm (#25/U), Zahubu, Exalted of Gork (#27/F), Throt the Unclean (#28/F), Blessing (#35/R), Formulate a Plan (#38/U), Cunning Battle Plans (#43/U), Cutting Through the Reserves (#44/R), Epic Duel (#46/R), Follow My Lead (#50/R), Huss' Arrival (#55/R), Heart of Darkness (#56/R), Re-equip (#66/R), Scouting Skirmish (#69/R), Siphoned Power (#70/C), Take Up the Charge (#72/C), The Judgment of Sigmar (#78/U), The Triumph of Huss (#79/R), To Our Last Man (#80/R), Leave Nothing Alive (#83/R), Ambassador Kasper Von Velten (#97/R), Lietdorf's Blood-Oathed (#103/C), Rein Volkhard (#105/R), Swords of the Rieksguard (#107/U), The Black Raiders of Middenland (#108/U), Ambassador of the Empire (#109/R), Ludwig Scharzelm (#110/R), Elduranel's Brilliant Lancers (#113/R), Indomril's Sea Rangers (#115/R), Yrlis Bluestorm (#118/F), Anyone but Them! (#119/R), Helm of Dominion (#120/C).

Rares Available for Trade: Malakai Makaisson's Goblin-hewer (#96/R).

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97Ambassador Kasper Von VeltenEmpireRare
109Ambassador of the EmpireEmpireRare
30And Then Comes DarknessNeutralUncommon
119Anyone but Them!Rare
1Archaon's Blood HordeChaosUncommon
2Archaon's VanguardChaosCommon
12Archers of NightbreezeDark ElfRare
111Archers of the Weeping SkiesHigh ElfUncommon
31Armed and DangerousNeutralCommon
32As Heroes Kill, Flags FallNeutralUncommon
33Attack the ScoutsNeutralUncommon
112Aveldan's Sea RangersHigh ElfCommon
84Banner of FortitudeNeutralUncommon
34Battlefield VeteranNeutralUncommon
13Beastlord Rakarth of Karrond KarDark ElfFoil
3Bilith's MadmenChaosCommon
98Boris TodbringerEmpireFoil
36Breaking Their SpiritNeutralUncommon
99Bremen's Knights PantherEmpireCommon
37Bretonnian ResolveNeutralUncommon
89Brotherhood of GrimnirDwarfCommon
85Cache of ScrollsNeutralRare
39Channel Your PowerNeutralCommon
40Charge of the Knights PantherNeutralUncommon
41Clean Up the DeadNeutralRare
42Coordinated Battle PlansNeutralCommon
4Crom's ChosenChaosUncommon
43Cunning Battle PlansNeutralUncommon
44Cutting Through the ReservesNeutralRare
5D'aggorn's ChosenChaosUncommon
20Da Pump Pump TruckOrcRare
45Defense of the EmpireNeutralCommon
113Elduranel's Brilliant LancersHigh ElfRare
100Emperor Karl FranzEmpireFoil
46Epic DuelNeutralRare
47Escape Through the SewersNeutralCommon
21Facebeater's Big Stick SmashazOrcUncommon
48Fight Until DawnNeutralRare
49Fire on them BothNeutralUncommon
50Follow My LeadNeutralRare
38Formulate a PlanNeutralUncommon
51Franz's ChargeNeutralCommon
52Franz's RegroupNeutralCommon
53Glorious MeleeNeutralRare
114Glory's FadingHigh ElfUncommon
22Gobbo ElfchasersOrcCommon
23Grimgor's Spikey BoyzOrcRare
90Grimjaw's HammersDwarfUncommon
6Grunt TrollskinnerChaosRare
91Guildmaster Burlock DamminsonDwarfFoil
56Heart of DarknessNeutralRare
120Helm of DominionCommon
101Heralds of Sigmar's BloodEmpireCommon
54Hordes of the NorthNeutralUncommon
55Huss' ArrivalNeutralRare
115Indomril's Sea RangersHigh ElfRare
57Into the FrayNeutralUncommon
92Ironbrow's Digger CompanyDwarfUncommon
93Ironfist's DisciplesDwarfRare
94Ironfist's DoomseekersDwarfRare
58It's not the Blade, but the SoldierNeutralCommon
59Jasenland's Rolling ChargeNeutralCommon
60Keep them PinnedNeutralCommon
102Kirenwulf JasenlandEmpireRare
83Leave Nothing AliveNeutralRare
103Lietdorf's Blood-OathedEmpireCommon
116Lindanel's Seeking BladesHigh ElfUncommon
86Lucas Volkmann, Middenheim SpyNeutralRare
110Ludwig ScharzelmEmpireRare
61Magic CurrentsNeutralUncommon
95Makaisson's Belly of FireDwarfCommon
96Malakai Makaisson's Goblin-hewerDwarfRare
62March of the DamnedNeutralCommon
87Maximillion GluttonfistNeutralUncommon
104Middenland BattalionEmpireUncommon
63Overtake Them!NeutralUncommon
64Own the BattlefieldNeutralCommon
24Ozol's NetterboyzOrcUncommon
25Ozol's Snotling SwarmOrcUncommon
26Ozol's Squig ChasersOrcCommon
106Piotr's Gryphon LegionEmpireUncommon
7Rack of the DamnedChaosCommon
65Rain Hell Upon Them!NeutralUncommon
105Rein VolkhardEmpireRare
67Relentless MarchNeutralRare
68Remember Your Training!NeutralUncommon
14Rikhaine's Black MaidensDark ElfCommon
15Rikhaine's Dark SistersDark ElfCommon
16Rikhaine's FootDark ElfCommon
17Rikhaine's VengeanceDark ElfRare
18Rikhaine's WrathDark ElfRare
19Saerith, Bride of HaasekDark ElfUncommon
69Scouting SkirmishNeutralRare
70Siphoned PowerNeutralCommon
117Sorrow's SongHigh ElfCommon
71Strike When They are WeakNeutralCommon
8Styrkaar of the SortsvinaerChaosRare
29Summon DaemonNeutralRare
9Swords of ChaosChaosCommon
107Swords of the RieksguardEmpireUncommon
72Take Up the ChargeNeutralCommon
73Taunting TacticsNeutralCommon
108The Black Raiders of MiddenlandEmpireUncommon
74The Bretonnian Fields of BattleNeutralUncommon
10The Brides of StyrkaarChaosUncommon
75The Faithful Fear NotNeutralUncommon
76The Fight Belongs to the SoldierNeutralCommon
77The Hand of ChaosNeutralRare
78The Judgment of SigmarNeutralUncommon
79The Triumph of HussNeutralRare
28Throt the UncleanSkavenFoil
80To Our Last ManNeutralRare
81Unexpected AssaultNeutralRare
88Ward of WisdomNeutralCommon
118Yrlis BluestormHigh ElfFoil
27Zahubu, Exalted of GorkOrcFoil
11Zoekarl, Bringer of DarknessChaosFoil