CCG: Tomb Raider: Promo Cards (15 cards)

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Cards I Need: Dressed To Kill (#222/Promo).

Rares Available for Trade: Lara Croft, Renegade (#219/Promo).

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215A Small FavorAction???
218Cheat CodesAction???
222Dressed To KillAction???
217Heavy FirepowerAction???
212Karmic BalanceAction???
214Keep Your CoolAction???
210Lara Croft, ExplorerUpgradePower 2Included in Premiere booster boxes.
000Lara Croft, GoddessRaiderPower 1Reported to be a test promo from Big Guns.
219Lara Croft, RenegadeUpgradePower 4Included in Big Guns booster boxes.
216Lara Croft, SirenUpgradePower 4Included in Slippery When Wet booster boxes.
213Lil Ol Me?Action???
226Murphy's LawAction???
221Secret SurveillanceAction???