CCG: Terminator, The (2000; 348 cards; 5 promos)

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Cards I Need: Extreme Prejudice (R), Maj. Wiggs (R), Beretta 92F (Promo), Skills Upgrade: Assassination (Promo), Target Terminated (Promo), Time and Fate (Promo).

Rares Available for Trade: .50 Desert Eagle (R), A New Beginning (R), Aerial Recon Unit (R), Castling (R), Construction Site (2) (R), Counterintelligence (R), Dermal Ablative Armor (2) (R), Det. Lt. Ed Traxler (R), Divine Intervention (2) (R), Esprit de Corps (R), For a Price (R), Forward Offensive (R), Hint of Things to Come (R), Oath of Allegiance: 132nd Eagle Watch (R), Outclassed (R), Reinforcements (R), Rubber Skin (2) (R), S.W.A.T. Tactical Officer (R), Sentinel (2) (R), Skills Upgrade: Tactical Database (R), Technical Malfunction (R), Underground Archives (R), UZI 9mm (R), Wanted (R), I'll Be Back (3) (Promo).

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12-Gauge Auto-LoaderItemCommon
20-Watt Phased Plasma RifleItem - SkyNetUncommon
.357 MagnumItemFixed
40-Watt Phased Plasma RifleItem - SkyNetRare
400 Rounds and CountingEventCommon
.44 AutoMagItemCommon
.45 Long-SlideItemFixed
.50 cal Barretta M-82A1ItemRare
.50 Desert EagleItemRare
A Learning ComputerEventRare
A New BeginningEventRare
Adaptive ProgrammingEventUncommon
Advanced Construction DroneCharacter - Main: SkyNetUncommon
Advanced ScoutingEventUncommon
Advanced Stealth InfiltratorCharacter - Main: SkyNetRare
Aerial Recon UnitCharacter - Main: SkyNetRare
Alamo Sport ShopLocation: ExteriorFixed
AlleywayLocation: ExteriorFixed
Ammo CacheEventCommon
Apartment ComplexLocation: ExteriorFixed
AR-18 Assault RifleItemRare
Arm-Mounted Gatling GunItem - SkyNetRare
Armor-Piercing RoundsItemUncommon
Augmented MusculatureItem - SkyNetRare
Automated ArmoryLocation: ExteriorUncommon
Automated Assembly LineLocation: InteriorUncommon
Barred DoorEventCommon
Barren WastelandLocation: ExteriorCommon
BartenderCharacter - SupportingCommon
Battle FatigueEventCommon/Fixed
Battlefield RepairsEventCommon/Fixed
Battlefield ShadowsEventUncommon
Better You Than MeEventCommon/Fixed
Big Jeff's Family RestaurantLocation: ExteriorUncommon
Blending InEventUncommon
Blood SplatterEventCommon
Blown Power GridEventUncommon
BonefieldsLocation: ExteriorRare
Braced For ImpactEventRare
Bullet-Proof VestItemFixed
Caught Off-GuardEventFixed
Chain Link FenceEventCommon
City ParkLocation: ExteriorFixed
City RuinsLocation: ExteriorUncommon
City StreetLocation: ExteriorCommon
Clean RoomLocation: InteriorRare
Col. PerryCharacter - Main: ResistanceRare
Collapsed CeilingEventRare
Combat RollEventUncommon
Composite Body ArmorItemRare
Compromised StrongholdMissionUncommon
Concealed WeaponEventUncommon
Construction DroneCharacter - Main: SkyNetCommon
Construction SiteLocation: ExteriorRare
Coordinated FireEventCommon
Cover chargeEventCommon
Cpl. GreeneCharacter - Main: ResistanceUncommon
Cpl. LeBretonCharacter - Main: ResistanceRare
Cpl. MarcusCharacter - Main: ResistanceUncommon
Cpl. PierceCharacter - Main: ResistanceUncommon
Cpl. RenseyCharacter - Main: ResistanceFixed
Critical Systems FailureEventUncommon
Crowd CoverEventCommon
Dark AlleyLocation: ExteriorFixed
Data StreamEventUncommon
Deadly ForceEventCommon
Defective AmmunitionEventCommon
Deny FateEventUncommon
Dermal Ablative ArmorEventRare
Destiny's ChildMissionCommon
Det. Lt. Ed TraxlerCharacter - SupportingRare
Det. Sgt. Hal VukovichCharacter - SupportingRare
Detachable Surveillance ModuleItem - SkyNetCommon
Detailed AnalysisEventUncommon
Disrupt Command & ControlMissionUncommon
Divine InterventionEventRare
Dr. Peter SilbermanCharacter - SupportingRare
Drone Reconditioning FacilityLocation: ExteriorUncommon
DumpsterLocation: ExteriorFixed
Echelon FormationEventRare
Electromagnetic RoundsItemUncommon
Escape PlansEventRare
Esprit de CorpsConditionRare
Evasive ManeuversEventRare
Excessive ForceEventUncommon
Extended MagazineEventCommon
Extended RangeEventCommon
Extreme PrejudiceEventRare
Extreme SanctionConditionRare
False Sense of SecurityEventUncommon
Field DressingEventCommon/Fixed
Field RepairsEventCommon
Firebase -Delta-Location: ExteriorUncommon
First Aid KitItemCommon
Flight Control FacilityLocation: ExteriorRare
For a PriceEventRare
Forward OffensiveMissionRare
Garbage ManCharacter - SupportingCommon/Fixed
Ginger VenturaCharacter - SupportingRare
Glancing BlowEventCommon
Glass ShardsEventCommon/Fixed
Glitch in the SystemEventCommon
GrampsCharacter - SupportingRare
Gruesome TransportConditionUncommon
GSgt. ValdezCharacter - Main: ResistanceCommon
Guard DogsCharacter - SupportingUncommon
Heated FightingEventCommon/Fixed
Heavy Combat Chassis UnitCharacter - Main: SkyNetUncommon
Heroic SacrificeEventCommon
Hidden Weapon StashEventCommon
Hint of Things to ComeEventRare
Hollow-Point RoundsItemCommon/Fixed
Holographic ArrayItem - SkyNetRare
Human ErrorEventRare
Human IntuitionEventCommon/Fixed
Hypersonic EmitterItem - SkyNetCommon
Industrial SabotageEventUncommon
Ineffective WeaponryEventCommon/Fixed
InfiltratorCharacter - Main: SkyNetCommon/Fixed
Infiltrator Assembly PlantLocation: InteriorRare
Inhuman ResilienceEventCommon/Fixed
Interrogation RoomLocation: InteriorRare
Intuitive ReflexesEventRare
Investigative ReporterCharacter - SupportingFixed
Iridium Power CellItem - SkyNetUncommon
Isolated Side StreetLocation: ExteriorFixed
Kevlar Body ArmorItemUncommon
Kill ShotEventUncommon
KitchenLocation: InteriorFixed
Knight IVCharacter - Main: ResistanceRare
Laser Defense GridEventUncommon
Late-Breaking StoryEventUncommon
LCpl. DevinCharacter - Main: ResistanceUncommon
Leading By ExampleMissionCommon
Lethal TimingEventUncommon
Light Assault InfiltratorCharacter - Main: SkyNetCommon
Limited ResourcesEventRare
Living RoomLocation: InteriorRare
Locked StoreroomLocation: InteriorRare
LS-81 Laser SightItemFixed
Lt. RyanCharacter - Main: ResistanceRare
M-16A1 Standard IssueItemUncommon
M31A - Phosphorous GrenadeItemRare
M41 - Range Finder ScopeItemRare
M45 - Thermal Imaging ScopeItemUncommon
M71 - Armored Tactical HelmetItemRare
Main StreetLocation: ExteriorFixed
Maj. VillalobosCharacter - Main: ResistanceRare
Maj. WiggsCharacter - Main: ResistanceRare
Makeshift BarricadeEventCommon
Manstopper RoundsItemCommon/Fixed
Matt McCallisterCharacter - SupportingFixed
Maximum ProductionMissionRare
MD301 Bio-SprayItemRare
MD304 Burn KitItemUncommon
Medium Assault InfiltratorCharacter - Main: SkyNetRare
Mission DebriefingEventRare
Mistaken IdentityEventCommon/Fixed
Mobile Assault UnitCharacter - Main: SkyNetUncommon
Move ItEventCommon/Fixed
Multiple Target AcquisitionEventCommon
Munitions HoldItem - SkyNetCommon
Murphy's LawEventUncommon
Oath of Allegiance: 132nd Eagle WatchEventRare
Oath of Allegiance: Black Shield UnitEventUncommon
Oath of Allegiance: Covert OpsEventUncommon
Oath of Allegiance: Delta CompanyEventUncommon
ObservatoryLocation: ExteriorCommon
Ocular Implant: Infrared OpticsItem - SkyNetCommon
Ocular Implant: Retinal LaserItem - SkyNetRare
Ocular Implant: Targeting MatrixItem - SkyNetUncommon
On Your Feet, SoldierEventUncommon
Orbital Control CenterLocation: ExteriorUncommon
OrphanCharacter - SupportingCommon
Out DancingEventCommon/Fixed
Out of StockEventUncommon
PackratCharacter - SupportingUncommon
Parking LotLocation: ExteriorCommon
Pawn lIICharacter - Main: ResistanceFixed
Pawn ShopLocation: ExteriorFixed
Perfect DisguiseEventCommon
Perimeter Patrol DogsCharacter - SupportingCommon
Phased Plasma ChargeItemRare
Phone BookEventCommon/Fixed
Pipe BombsItemCommon
Plasma Dampening FieldItem - SkyNetRare
Plasma OverloadEventUncommon
Point BlankEventCommon
Police OfficerCharacter - SupportingFixed
Police StationLocation: ExteriorFixed
Power SpikeEventCommon
Preach the FutureMissionCommon
Predicted OutcomeEventUncommon
Primal FearEventRare
Prime DirectiveMissionCommon
Priorities RescindedEventUncommon
Processor BankLocation: InteriorUncommon
Puppet StringsEventCommon
Pvt. BakerCharacter - Main: ResistanceCommon
Pvt. FuriousCharacter - Main: ResistanceUncommon
Pvt. GarciaCharacter - Main: ResistanceCommon
Pvt. GarstinCharacter - Main: ResistanceCommon
Pvt. GentiiCharacter - SupportingRare
Pvt. GreyCharacter - Main: ResistanceUncommon
Quick DeploymentEventCommon
Raging InfernoEventRare
Rational ExplanationEventCommon
Recon InfiltratorCharacter - Main: SkyNetCommon
Reconstructive NanitesItem - SkyNetCommon/Fixed
Recycling OperationMissionRare
Refractive Cloaking ArmorItemRare
Reinforced HardpointEventRare
Reinforced StructureEventUncommon
Remington 870ItemCommon/Fixed
Remote Tactical UplinkItemUncommon
Rerouting Emergency PowerEventRare
Research & Development FacilityLocation: ExteriorUncommon
Resistance PrivateCharacter - Main: ResistanceCommon
Retractable ClawsItem - SkyNetCommon
Retroviral EngineeringLocation: ExteriorRare
Rewriting HistoryEventCommon
Right Off The Assembly LineEventUncommon
Rook IICharacter - Main: ResistanceUncommon
Rubber SkinEventRare
Rubble HillsLocation: ExteriorCommon
Ruined FleshEventCommon/Fixed
Ruined StreetLocation: ExteriorCommon
Running BattleConditionUncommon
S.W.A.T. Tactical OfficerCharacter - SupportingRare
Salvage OperationMissionRare
Sarah J. Connor (3/2/2)Character - SupportingRare
Sarah J. Connor (3/2/5)Character - SupportingFixed
Sarah Louise Connor, Mother of TwoCharacter - SupportingRare
SargeCharacter - SupportingRare
Schematic DownloadEventUncommon
Scouting MissionEventCommon
Search PatternEventUncommon
Servo-Admin DroneCharacter - Main: SkyNetRare
Sewage Tunnel EntranceLocation: ExteriorCommon
SewerLocation: InteriorFixed
Sgt. HannumCharacter - Main: ResistanceRare
Sgt. Kyle Reese (3/3)Character - Main: ResistanceFixed
Sgt. Kyle Reese (3/4)Character - Main: ResistanceRare
Sgt. Maj. JensenCharacter - Main: ResistanceUncommon
Shattered HopeEventCommon/Fixed
Shifting SandsEventUncommon
Sixth SenseEventUncommon
Skills Upgrade: Basic TrainingItem - SkyNetUncommon
Skills Upgrade: MarksmanItem - SkyNetCommon/Fixed
Skills Upgrade: Medical TrainingItem - SkyNetCommon
Skills Upgrade: Tactical DatabaseItem - SkyNetRare
Skills Upgrade: VeteranItem - SkyNetUncommon
Slagged GearEventUncommon
Spread the WordMissionUncommon
Staff LunchroomLocation: InteriorCommon
Staggered FormationEventUncommon
Stay FrostyEventCommon/Fixed
Steel MillLocation: ExteriorUncommon
Storage CellEventUncommon
Storm the WiresMissionCommon
Street PunkCharacter - SupportingFixed
Stronghold MechanicCharacter - SupportingUncommon
Subdermal Armor: Level 1Item - SkyNetUncommon
Suburban HouseLocation: ExteriorFixed
Suburban StreetLocation: ExteriorFixed
Successful InfiltrationMissionCommon
Suicidal TendenciesEventRare
Surplus DepotLocation: ExteriorRare
Tactical AnalysisMissionRare
Tactical Command UnitCharacter - Main: SkyNetRare
Tactical ErrorEventUncommon
Tactical FormationEventUncommon
Tactical InfiltratorCharacter - Main: SkyNetUncommon
Target AcquiredEventCommon/Fixed
Targeting System FailureEventCommon/Fixed
Tech NoirLocation: ExteriorFixed
Technical MalfunctionEventRare
The PassLocation: ExteriorRare
There's a Storm Coming...EventRare
Tiki MotelLocation: ExteriorFixed
Time Displacement LaboratoryLocation: ExteriorUncommon
Time Lab Discovered!MissionUncommon
Toxin Coated SpikesItem - SkyNetUncommon
Trash WarrensLocation: ExteriorUncommon
Trench WarfareMissionCommon
Twist of FateEventCommon/Fixed
Underground ArchivesLocation: InteriorRare
Unit Construction ZoneLocation: ExteriorRare
Unit DeploymentEventCommon
Up Close and PersonalEventCommon/Fixed
Urban Ground Assault UnitCharacter - Main: SkyNetRare
UZI 9mmItemRare
Vantage PointLocation: ExteriorRare
Vicious AttackEventCommon
Victory Through AttritionMissionRare
Viral ContaminationEventRare
Walking in ShadowsEventUncommon
Well RestedEventUncommon
WetWare Processing FacilityLocation: ExteriorUncommon
What Will It Be?EventCommon
What's the Date?EventUncommon
When Animals AttackEventRare
When In DoubtEventCommon
Your Clothes...EventCommon/Fixed

Promo Cards

Beretta 92FItem???
I'll Be BackEvent???
Skills Upgrade: AssassinationItem???
Target TerminatedMission???
Time and FateCondition???