CCG: Spellfire: Runes & Ruins (1996; 100 cards; 25 extras)

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Cards I Need: Isle of the Ape (#1/R), The Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth (#3/C), The City of Phlan (#6/R), Demonweb Pits (#9/C), The Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan (#10/U), Desert of Desolation (#13/R), The Glacial Rift (#14/C), Keep on the Borderlands (#19/R), Palace of the Silver Princess (#20/C), Village of Hommlet (#22/U), Oasis of the White Palm (#23/C), Ghost Tower of Inverness (#24/C), Tenser's Castle (#26/U), Bigby the Great (#28/R), Tenser the Arch Mage (#29/U), Oonga the Ape (#30/R), Phoebus the Lizard Man (#33/C), Vecna the Arch Lich (#34/R), Acerack the Eternal (#38/R), Jarl the Frost Giant (#40/C), The Keeper (#43/U), Mordenkainen's Disjunction (#46/R), Slay Living (#47/C), Intercession (#48/U), Conjure Earth Elemental (#49/U), Conjure Water Elemental (#52/C), Tyranthraxus, The Possessing Spirit (#55/R), The Forgotten King (#57/R), Giant Raid! (#59/U), Volcanic Eruption (#64/U), Ipsissimo's Black Goose (#67/C), Blackrazor (#70/R), Wave (#71/U), Whelm (#72/R), Girdle of Dwarvenkind (#73/R), Star Gem of Martek: Opal (#74/C), Star Gem of Martek: Sapphire (#75/U), Star Gem of Martek: Clear Crystal (#77/R), Star Gem of Martek: Amethyst (#78/U), Enormous Giant's Rock (#81/R), The Rahaisa (#83/R), Winter Wolf Pack (#86/C), Haymaker (#92/R), The Dream Team (#1/Chase), Brain Drain (#2/Chase), The Toad (#3/Chase), Lost Treasure (#4/Chase), Manshoon of the Zhentarim (#6/Chase), Undead Regeneration (#7/Chase), The Dark Lens (#8/Chase), Book of the Damned (#9/Chase), Horn of Change (#10/Chase), Kuroth's Quill (#11/Chase), Dodge (#12/Chase), Runes of the Future (#13/Chase), Cursed Idol (#14/Chase), Tower of Spirits (#15/Chase), Gib Kcir (#16/Chase), Psionic Reflection (#18/Chase), Icon of Magic (#19/Chase), Nectar of the Gods (#20/Chase), Boots of Fharlanghn (#21/Chase), The Crystal Cave (#22/Chase), The Fair Princess (#23/Chase), The Phylactery (#24/Chase), Portal to Limbo (#25/Chase).

Rares Available for Trade:

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1Isle of the ApeRealmRare
2The Forbidden CityRealmCommon
3The Lost Caverns of TsojcanthRealmCommon
4White Plume MountainRealmUncommon
5Doc's IslandRealmCommon
6The City of PhlanRealmRare
7The Barrier PeaksRealmCommon
8Tomb of HorrorsRealmCommon
9Demonweb PitsRealmCommon
10The Hidden Shrine of TamoachanRealmUncommon
11The Depths of the EarthRealmCommon
12Isle of DreadRealmCommon
13Desert of DesolationRealmRare
14The Glacial RiftRealmCommon
15The Lendore IslesRealmCommon
16The Lost CityRealmUncommon
17Village of OrlaneRealmUncommon
18Sunderhan, Isle of the Slave LordsRealmRare
19Keep on the BorderlandsHoldingRare
20Palace of the Silver PrincessHoldingCommon
21Labyrinth of MadnessHoldingCommon
22Village of HommletHoldingUncommon
23Oasis of the White PalmHoldingCommon
24Ghost Tower of InvernessHoldingCommon
25Vault of the DrowHoldingCommon
26Tenser's CastleHoldingUncommon
27The Temple of DeathHoldingCommon
28Bigby the GreatWizardRare
29Tenser the Arch MageWizardUncommon
30Oonga the ApeMonsterRare
31Falx the Silver DragonMonsterCommon
32Lord RobilarHeroCommon
33Phoebus the Lizard ManMonsterCommon
34Vecna the Arch LichWizardRare
35Kas the TerribleHeroUncommon
36Grimslade the GrayHeroCommon
37Ren o' the BladeHeroRare
38Acerack the EternalMonsterRare
40Jarl the Frost GiantMonsterCommon
41King Snurre the Fire GiantMonsterCommon
42Queen Frumpy the Fire GiantMonsterCommon
43The KeeperMonsterUncommon
44Nosnra the Hill GiantMonsterCommon
45Ombi the Renegade DwarfHeroCommon
46Mordenkainen's DisjunctionWizard SpellRare
47Slay LivingCleric SpellCommon
48IntercessionCleric SpellUncommon
49Conjure Earth ElementalCleric SpellUncommon
50Conjure Fire ElementalCleric SpellCommon
51Conjure Air ElementalCleric SpellUncommon
52Conjure Water ElementalCleric SpellCommon
53CrystalbrittleWizard SpellCommon
54Energy DrainWizard SpellUncommon
55Tyranthraxus, The Possessing SpiritEventRare
56Coming of the PhoenixEventCommon
57The Forgotten KingEventRare
58Elixir of LifeEventCommon
59Giant Raid!EventUncommon
60The Vampire AttacksEventUncommon
61Undead GuardianEventRare
62Barbarian Charge!EventCommon
63Psionic ShieldEventUncommon
64Volcanic EruptionEventUncommon
65The Midas OrbArtifactCommon
66Invulnerable Coat of ArndArtifactUncommon
67Ipsissimo's Black GooseArtifactCommon
68Tenser's Crystal BallArtifactCommon
73Girdle of DwarvenkindMagical ItemRare
74Star Gem of Martek: OpalMagical ItemCommon
75Star Gem of Martek: SapphireMagical ItemUncommon
76Star Gem of Martek: RubyMagical ItemCommon
77Star Gem of Martek: Clear CrystalMagical ItemRare
78Star Gem of Martek: AmethystMagical ItemUncommon
79Big Giant's RockMagical ItemCommon
80Huge Giant's RockMagical ItemCommon
81Enormous Giant's RockMagical ItemRare
83The RahaisaAllyRare
85The IncantrixAllyRare
86Winter Wolf PackAllyCommon
88Red DragonAllyUncommon
89Rampaging OniAllyCommon
90The Live OnesAllyRare
91Flying KickUnarmed CombatCommon
92HaymakerUnarmed CombatRare
93UppercutUnarmed CombatUncommon
94DisarmUnarmed CombatCommon
95Kidney PunchUnarmed CombatRare
96Bear HugUnarmed CombatCommon
97KnockdownUnarmed CombatCommon
98HeadlockUnarmed CombatUncommon
99BlockUnarmed CombatCommon
100The Monty Haul CampaignRuleRare

Chase Cards

1The Dream TeamAllyVery Rare
2Brain DrainEventVery Rare
3The ToadMagical ItemVery Rare
4Lost TreasureEventVery Rare
5Holy Sword ChrysomerArtifactVery Rare
6Manshoon of the ZhentarimWizardVery Rare
7Undead RegenerationEventVery Rare
8The Dark LensArtifactVery Rare
9Book of the DamnedMagical ItemVery Rare
10Horn of ChangeMagical ItemVery Rare
11Kuroth's QuillArtifactVery Rare
12DodgeEventVery Rare
13Runes of the FutureMagical ItemVery Rare
14Cursed IdolMagical ItemVery Rare
15Tower of SpiritsHoldingVery Rare
16Gib KcirHeroVery Rare
17Dispel PsionicsCleric SpellVery Rare
18Psionic ReflectionCleric SpellVery Rare
19Icon of MagicArtifactVery Rare
20Nectar of the GodsArtifactVery Rare
21Boots of FharlanghnMagical ItemVery Rare
22The Crystal CaveRealmVery Rare
23The Fair PrincessHeroVery Rare
24The PhylacteryMagical ItemVery Rare
25Portal to LimboEventVery Rare