CCG: Spellfire: Nightstalkers (1996; 100 cards; 25 extras)

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Cards I Need: Good Triumphs in the End (#1/Chase), Confused Hunchback (#4/Chase), Dark Dreams (#6/Chase), Celestial Lights (#7/Chase), Mirror of Corruption (#8/Chase), Arcane Formula for a Lich (#10/Chase), Bag of Beans (#11/Chase), Pavlov's Bell (#13/Chase), Varney the Vampire (#16/Chase), Gib Lhadsemlo (#18/Chase), Gib Hcivonad (#19/Chase).

Rares Available for Trade: The Vast Swamp (#1/Rare) (3), Falkovnia (#5/R) (2), Haunted Graveyard (#11/R) (4), Giustenal Ruins (#16/R) (7), Cavern of Ancient Knowledge (#18/R) (4), The Long Arm of the Law (#23/R) (7), Complete Surprise (#25/R) (4), Three Card Monte (#27/R) (7), Turin Deathstalker (#35/R) (2), Uldo Dracobane (#43/R) (8), Orcus (#44/R) (6), Mask (#45/R) (2), Wand of Bone (#50/R) (5), Book of the Dead (#51/R) (2), Trumpet of Doom (#53/R), Werebear (#65/R) (2), The Vampire (#71/R) (3), Negative Planar Energy (#73/R) (5), A Sure Thing (#74/R) (2), Beggar (#80/R), Ancient Dracolich (#81/R) (2), Power of Faith (#87/R), Level Drain (#97/R), Cause Disease (#100/R) (6), Amulet of Undead Aura (#9/Chase), Bag of Beans (#11/Chase), Zombie (#15/Chase), Den of Thieves (#24/Chase).

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1The Vast SwampRealmRare
2The Bandit KingdomRealmUncommon
9The Vampire's RealmRealmUncommon
10Thieve's GuildHoldingUncommon
11Haunted GraveyardHoldingRare
12Guild ShopHoldingCommon
13Forgotten CryptHoldingCommon
14Assassin's GuildHoldingCommon
15The Pristine TowerHoldingUncommon
16Giustenal RuinsHoldingRare
17Hellgate KeepHoldingUncommon
18Cavern of Ancient KnowledgeHoldingRare
19Paying Your DuesEventCommon
20Moonlight MadnessEventCommon
21The Boss Wants a CutEventUncommon
22Dawn of the DeadEventCommon
23The Long Arm of the LawEventRare
24Wail of the BansheeEventUncommon
25Complete SurpriseEventRare
26The Black DeathEventCommon
27Three Card MonteEventRare
28The GuildmasterThiefRare
29Artemis EntreriThiefUncommon
30Daryth of CalimshanThiefCommon
31Storm SilverhandThiefUncommon
32Jacqueline RenierThiefCommon
33Ratik UbelThiefCommon
34Julio, Master Thief of HaslicThiefCommon
35Turin DeathstalkerThiefRare
36Simpkin "The Weasel" FurzearThiefUncommon
41Kelda AuslawsenThiefCommon
43Uldo DracobaneThiefRare
46Dancing SwordMagical ItemCommon
47Rod of Zombie MasteryMagical ItemCommon
48Whip of DisarmingMagical ItemUncommon
49Gauntlets of DexterityMagical ItemUncommon
50Wand of BoneMagical ItemRare
51Book of the DeadArtifactRare
52Heart of DarknessArtifactCommon
53Trumpet of DoomArtifactRare
54Herald of Mei LungArtifactCommon
55Back StabThief SkillCommon
56Pick PocketsThief SkillCommon
57Move SilentlyThief SkillCommon
58Set TrapsThief SkillCommon
59Hide in ShadowsThief SkillUncommon
60Climb WallsThief SkillCommon
61Detect NoiseThief SkillCommon
62Read LanguagesThief SkillCommon
63Use PoisonThief SkillUncommon
64Concealed WeaponThief SkillUncommon
66Crawling ClawsMonsterCommon
67Nemon HotepClericCommon
68Shera the WiseWizardCommon
69Winslow the LichWizardUncommon
70Caller in DarknessPsionicistUncommon
71The VampireRegentRare
73Negative Planar EnergyRuleRare
74A Sure ThingRuleRare
76Guild MasterAllyCommon
78Cat BurglarAllyCommon
79Zombie HordeAllyUncommon
81Ancient DracolichAllyRare
82Loric the FenceAllyUncommon
83Bigby's Dexterous DigitsWizard SpellCommon
84Guardian MistWizard SpellCommon
85AlarmWizard SpellCommon
86Corruption of the FleshWizard SpellUncommon
87Power of FaithCleric SpellRare
88Find TrapsCleric SpellCommon
89Blessed AbundanceCleric SpellCommon
90Monster MountCleric SpellCommon
91AgingUnarmed CombatCommon
92Cause DespairUnarmed CombatCommon
93Cause FearUnarmed CombatCommon
94Cause ParalysisUnarmed CombatCommon
95Constitution DrainUnarmed CombatCommon
96Strength DrainUnarmed CombatCommon
97Level DrainUnarmed CombatRare
98Magic ResistanceUnarmed CombatUncommon
99Rapid RegenerationUnarmed CombatCommon
100Cause DiseaseUnarmed CombatRare

Chase Cards

1Good Triumphs in the EndRuleVery Rare
2Crime Does Not PayRuleVery Rare
3Busted!EventVery Rare
4Confused HunchbackEventVery Rare
5Dark ProphesyEventVery Rare
6Dark DreamsEventVery Rare
7Celestial LightsEventVery Rare
8Mirror of CorruptionArtifactVery Rare
9Amulet of Undead AuraMagical ItemVery Rare
10Arcane Formula for a LichMagical ItemVery Rare
11Bag of BeansMagical ItemVery Rare
12ShadowcloakMagical ItemVery Rare
13Pavlov's BellMagical ItemVery Rare
14Ring of LycanthropyMagical ItemVery Rare
15ZombieHeroVery Rare
16Varney the VampireWizardVery Rare
17MoonbeastMonsterVery Rare
18Gib LhadsemloMonsterVery Rare
19Gib HcivonadHeroVery Rare
20Gib ReltubThiefVery Rare
21Gib IrodWizardVery Rare
22Gib DrawsemajClericVery Rare
23Gib AklemPsionicistVery Rare
24Den of ThievesRealmVery Rare
25Mad Scientist's LaboratoryRealmVery Rare