CCG: Spellfire: Dragonlance (1994; 100 cards; 25 extras)

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Cards I Need: Goodland (#4/U), Solamnia (#6/R), Tower of Wayreth (#16/R), Lost Citadel, The (#17/R), Flint Fireforge (#37/C), Caramon Majere (#38/R), Gully Dwarves (#41/C), Irongnome (#57/U), Solamnic Armor (#61/R), Dagger of Night (#65/R), Time Shift: Night into Day (#66/R), Time Shift: Day into Night (#67/R), Borrow (#85/C), Mishakal Intervenes (#91/C), Kiri-Jolith Arrives (#93/U), Moon Nuitarti Waxes (#100/R), Axe of Brotherhood (#2/Chase), Sword of Friendship (#3/Chase), Knights of the Crown (#4/Chase), Knights of the Sword (#5/Chase), Knights of the Rose (#6/Chase), Shield of Huma (#7/Chase), Crossed Blades (#8/Chase), Spirit of the Que-Shu (#9/Chase), Skull of Fistandantilus (#10/Chase), Takhisis's Mirror and Staff (#11/Chase), Takhisis's Mirror and Sword (#12/Chase), Takhisis's Abyssal Gateway (#13/Chase), Takhisis's Mirror of Life Trapping (#14/Chase), Takhisis's Mirror of Underworld Minions (#15/Chase), Takhisis's Mirror of Revenge (#16/Chase), Takhisis's Mirror of the Abyssal Warlord (#17/Chase), Takhisis's Helmet Power (#18/Chase), Tower of High Sorcery (#19/Chase), Blessing of the Gods (#20/Chase), Age of Dreams (#21/Chase), Haste Spell (#23/Chase), Flute of Wind Dancing (#24/Chase), Medallion of Faith (#25/Chase).

Rares Available for Trade: Mithas (#1/R) (2), Fizban the Fabulous (#32/R) (3), Brine Dragon (#45/R), Dalamar's Ring of Healing (#62/R), Moon Lunitari Waxes (#99/R) (2).

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9Northern ErgothRealmCommon
10Southern ErgothRealmUncommon
11Plains of DustRealmUncommon
12Spine of TaladasRealmUncommon
13Isle of SelasiaRealmUncommon
15Reorxcrown MountainsRealmRare
16Tower of WayrethHoldingRare
17The Lost CitadelHoldingRare
18Shoikan GroveHoldingCommon
19Inn of the Last HomeHoldingCommon
20Altar of MishakalHoldingUncommon
21Skie, Blue DragonMonsterCommon
22Governor Erann FlowstonClericCommon
23Tika Waylan MajereHeroCommon
24Lord Gunthar, Solamnic KnightHeroUncommon
25Kaz the MinotaurMonsterCommon
27Maquesta Kar-ThonHeroRare
28Ladonna, Wizard of the Black RobesWizardUncommon
29Justarian, Wizard of the Red RobesWizardUncommon
30Dargent, Silver DragonMonsterRare
31Raistlin Majere, Wizard of the Black RobesWizardRare
32Fizban the FabulousWizardRare
33Takhisis, Queen of DarknessMonsterRare
34Par-Salian, Wizard of the White RobesWizardUncommon
35Pyrite, the Ancient Gold DragonMonsterUncommon
36Tanis Half-ElvenHeroCommon
37Flint FireforgeHeroCommon
38Caramon MajereHeroRare
39Tasslehoff BurrfootHeroCommon
40Phudge, the Great HighblupHeroCommon
41Gully DwarvesAllyCommon
42Night of the EyeRuleRare
43Krynn MinotaursAllyUncommon
44Solamnic KnightsAllyCommon
45Brine DragonAllyRare
46Kagonesti ElvesAllyCommon
47Dimernesti ElvesAllyCommon
48Sivak DraconiansAllyCommon
49Kapak DraconiansAllyUncommon
50Aurak DraconiansAllyUncommon
52Staff of MagiusArtifactUncommon
53Shield of HumaArtifactCommon
54The NightjewelArtifactCommon
55Hammer of KharasArtifactCommon
56BlamblowerMagical ItemCommon
57IrongnomeMagical ItemUncommon
58Bupu's EmeraldMagical ItemCommon
59Inflatable FlotillaMagical ItemCommon
60Brooch of ImogMagical ItemUncommon
61Solamnic ArmorMagical ItemRare
62Dalamar's Ring of HealingMagical ItemRare
63Wand of TelekinesisMagical ItemRare
64Flute of Wind DancingMagical ItemUncommon
65Dagger of NightMagical ItemRare
66Time Shift: Night into DayWizard SpellRare
67Time Shift: Day into NightWizard SpellRare
68Antimagic BarrierWizard SpellUncommon
69Unnerving AuraWizard SpellCommon
70StrengthWizard SpellCommon
71SteelWizard SpellCommon
72Moonlight MadnessWizard SpellCommon
73SwitchWizard SpellCommon
74RecallWizard SpellUncommon
75Tenser's TransformationWizard SpellUncommon
76Charm MonsterWizard SpellCommon
77Fire RainWizard SpellCommon
78Stone WaterWizard SpellCommon
79Protection from DraconiansCleric SpellCommon
80Mishakal's InsistenceCleric SpellRare
81Divine InterventionCleric SpellRare
82Summon GriffonCleric SpellCommon
83ReflectionCleric SpellUncommon
84Earth-WalkingCleric SpellCommon
85BorrowCleric SpellCommon
86DespairCleric SpellCommon
87ReturnCleric SpellCommon
88Hazy ImageCleric SpellCommon
89PeaceCleric SpellCommon
90Double TroubleCleric SpellCommon
91Mishakal IntervenesEventCommon
92Habbakuk InterferesEventUncommon
93Kiri-Jolith ArrivesEventUncommon
94Reorx, the Forge, Walks the LandEventCommon
95Morgian, God of Disease, StrikesEventCommon
96Zeboim, the Sea Queen, is EnragedEventCommon
97Bronze DragonsEventRare
98Moon Solinari WaxesEventRare
99Moon Lunitari WaxesEventRare
100Moon Nuitarti WaxesEventRare

Chase Cards

1Call to Arms!EventVery Rare
2Axe of BrotherhoodMagical ItemVery Rare
3Sword of FriendshipMagical ItemVery Rare
4Knights of the CrownHeroVery Rare
5Knights of the SwordHeroVery Rare
6Knights of the RoseHeroVery Rare
7Shield of HumaMagical ItemVery Rare
8Crossed BladesEventVery Rare
9Spirit of the Que-ShuEventVery Rare
10Skull of FistandantilusArtifactVery Rare
11Takhisis's Mirror and StaffMagical ItemVery Rare
12Takhisis's Mirror and SwordArtifactVery Rare
13Takhisis's Abyssal GatewayWizard SpellVery Rare
14Takhisis's Mirror of Life TrappingEventVery Rare
15Takhisis's Mirror of Underworld MinionsAllyVery Rare
16Takhisis's Mirror of RevengeMagical ItemVery Rare
17Takhisis's Mirror of the Abyssal WarlordMonsterVery Rare
18Takhisis's Helmet PowerMagical ItemVery Rare
19Tower of High SorceryRuleVery Rare
20Blessing of the GodsRuleVery Rare
21Age of DreamsRuleVery Rare
22The Golden AgeRuleVery Rare
23Haste SpellWizard SpellVery Rare
24Flute of Wind DancingMagical ItemVery Rare
25Medallion of FaithArtifactVery Rare