CCG: Rifts (2001; 300 cards; 2 promos)

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Rares Available for Trade: AA-50 Insectons (R), Aerial Attack (R), Arl Xzzyni (R), Aurelor the Magnificent (R), Bigger Guns (R), Bodyguards (R), Booby Trap (R), Bountiful Resources (R), Brethan D'zir (R), Charge of the Cyber-Knights (R), Coalition Juicers (R), Colonel Marcus Larsen (R), Colossus Automatons (2) (R), Coran D'zir (R), Corrigal of the Nine (R), Cross-fire (R), Death's Head Squadron (R), Demonbusters, Inc. (R), Dervish Cyborg Troopers (R), Devouring Swarm (R), Dispersal (R), Duluth Xiticix (R), Emperor Sabre Lasar (R), Endless Horde of Minions (R), Experiments (R), Extermination (R), Freehold, City of Dragons (R), Full Mobilization (R), GB 6-96 Glitter Boy Transport (R), General Marshall Cabot (R), General Ross Underhill (R), Ground Assault (R), Hidden Arts (R), High Magi (R), IAR-5 Hellfires (R), Invulnerability (R), Ironbane (R), Joseph Prosek II (R), Juicer Assassins (R), K'zaa (R), Le Baron Epouvantable (R), M.R. Hummel's Hammerheads (R), Major Perrin (2) (R), Mechanized Platoon (R), Mega-Juicers (2) (R), Mystic Knights (R), Nikiden Shodai (R), On Full Alert (2) (R), Poor Yorick (R), Power Blast (R), Prime Minister James Lorne (R), Psi Battallion (R), Rag'tar Batrick (R), Regroup (R), Reprogramming (R), Rise From Chaos (R), Tactical Nuke (R), Take Point (R), Tarantula Glitter Boys (R), Tazoro Zain, Mystic Knight (R), Tech Upgrade (R), Telemechanics (R), Terror Troopers (R), The Pecos Raiders (R), The Sabre Warriors (R), Weapon Burst (R), Xiticix Super-Warriors (R), General "Genius" Godfrey (2) (Promo).

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A Cold Day in HellAssetUncommon
A-63 All Purpose RobotsField UnitCommon
A-64 Master RobotsField UnitUncommon
A.R.C.H.I.E. 3-OZBase UnitCommon
AA-10 BottweilersField UnitCommon
AA-50 InsectonsField UnitRare
Aberdeen Proving GroundsBase UnitCommon
AC-29 Air Castle BombersField UnitRare
Aerial AttackEventRare
Alistair DunsconBase UnitRare
All Bases CoveredEventRare
Alliance of ScienceAssetCommon
Alliance of SorceryAssetCommon
Arl XzzyniBase UnitRare
Armor of IthanAssetUncommon
Army RecceField UnitUncommon
Artillery BarrageAssetCommon
Aurelor the MagnificentField UnitRare
Basal DaemonixBase UnitCommon
Battle MagiField UnitRare
Bigger GunsAssetRare
Black Lightning HelicoptersField UnitUncommon
Black MarketAssetCommon
BloodmistBase UnitUncommon
Booby TrapEventRare
Bountiful ResourcesAssetRare
Brains Over BrawnAssetRare
Brethan D'zirBase UnitRare
Brodkil MiscreantsField UnitUncommon
Brok RedmanBase UnitCommon
Burleson the War MageField UnitCommon
BurstersField UnitCommon
BurstersField UnitFixed
Central War ChiefAssetUncommon
Charge of the Cyber-KnightsEventRare
Chi-Town & BurbsBase UnitCommon
Chi-Town & BurbsBase UnitFixed
City of BrassBase UnitUncommon
City of Free QuebecBase UnitCommon
City of Free QuebecBase UnitFixed
City of LazloBase UnitCommon
City of LazloBase UnitFixed
City of TolkeenBase UnitCommon
City of TolkeenBase UnitFixed
City RatsAssetUncommon
Coalition Armored GroupField UnitRare
Coalition JuicersField UnitRare
Coalition State of Iron HeartBase UnitCommon
Coalition State of Lone StarBase UnitCommon
Coalition StatesNation CardFixed
Colonel Marcus LarsenBase UnitRare
Colonel Rolf Ziechen, Triax AdvisorBase UnitUncommon
Colossus AutomatonsField UnitRare
Commando StrikeEventUncommon
Coran D'zirBase UnitRare
Corrigal of the NineField UnitRare
Cracius the CunningBase UnitUncommon
Crescent Wing BoardsField UnitCommon
Crush Your EnemiesEventUncommon
CTX-50 Line Backer TanksField UnitUncommon
Cyber-SnatchersField UnitUncommon
CyberworksNation CardFixed
Cyborg EnforcersField UnitCommon/Fixed
Daring RescueAssetUncommon
Dead Boy Heavy InfantryField UnitCommon
Death's Head SquadronField UnitRare
Defensive PerimeterAssetUncommon
Demonbusters, Inc.Field UnitRare
Dervish Cyborg TroopersField UnitRare
Devouring SwarmEventRare
Discreet ObservationAssetUncommon
Dog Pack Seek-and-Destroy SquadsField UnitCommon
Dr. Desmond BradfordBase UnitUncommon
Dragon JuicersField UnitUncommon
Duluth HiveBase UnitUncommon
Duluth XiticixField UnitRare
DweomerBase UnitCommon
DweomerBase UnitFixed
Earth ElementalsField UnitUncommon
Earthwake Iron JuggernautsField UnitUncommon
Elemental WarlocksBase UnitCommon/Fixed
Emperor Karl ProsekBase UnitRare
Emperor Sabre LasarBase UnitRare
Endless Horde of MinionsEventRare
Erin TarnBase UnitRare
Fargo HiveBase UnitCommon
Fargo XiticixField UnitUncommon
Feculence DaemonixField UnitCommon
Federation of MagicNation CardFixed
Fire Demon AutomatonsField UnitCommon
First Calgary VolunteersField UnitUncommon
Fleet Admiral Jacques LeFevreBase UnitUncommon
Flying Titan Power Armor TroopsField UnitCommon
Flying Titan Power Armor TroopsField UnitFixed
Force FieldEventRare
Fort CalderaBase UnitUncommon
FortificationsField UnitUncommon
Frank Mire, Coalition GruntField UnitRare
Free QuebecNation CardFixed
Freehold, City of DragonsBase UnitRare
Full MobilizationEventRare
Fury Iron JuggernautsField UnitRare
GB 6-96 Glitter Boy TransportField UnitRare
General Marshall CabotBase UnitRare
General Ross UnderhillBase UnitRare
Geometric GrowthEventRare
Glitter Boy KillersField UnitUncommon
Glitter Boy SidekicksField UnitUncommon
Glitter Boy SquadronField UnitUncommon
Glitter GirlsField UnitRare
Golden Age WeaponsmithsField UnitCommon
Golden Age WeaponsmithsField UnitFixed
Grahmzin LaMooreField UnitRare
Gray FoxBase UnitUncommon
Grind Them to DustEventCommon
Ground AssaultEventRare
Hagan LonovichBase UnitUncommon
Hangdog DaemonixField UnitUncommon
Head ShotEventCommon/Fixed
Heavy Duty CyborgsField UnitUncommon
Heavy FireEventCommon
Hidden ArtsEventRare
High MagiField UnitRare
Hit and RunEventUncommon
HoustownBase UnitCommon/Fixed
IAR-4 HellraisersField UnitRare
IAR-5 HellfiresField UnitRare
Immolator DaemonixField UnitUncommon
Imprimer CyborgsField UnitUncommon
Iron Dragonfly Heavy Air JuggernautsField UnitRare
Joseph Prosek IIBase UnitRare
Juicer Army of LiberationAssetUncommon
Juicer AssassinsField UnitRare
K'zaaBase UnitRare
KhosrouField UnitRare
Kill HoundsField UnitUncommon
King Victor MacklinBase UnitUncommon
Know Thy EnemyEventUncommon
Large-Scale TacticsEventCommon/Fixed
Last StandEventUncommon
LazloNation CardFixed
Le Baron EpouvantableField UnitRare
Le Surete du QuebecBase UnitCommon
Leizak D'zirBase UnitRare
Ley Line NexusEventUncommon
Ley Line StormEventUncommon
Ley Line WalkersField UnitCommon/Fixed
Liberté, FraternitéEventRare
Liberty Reserve CyborgsField UnitCommon
Liberty Reserve JuicersField UnitUncommon
Loot and PillageEventRare
Lord MagiField UnitCommon
Los AlamoBase UnitCommon
Los AlamoBase UnitFixed
M.R. Hummel's HammerheadsField UnitRare
MagestarBase UnitUncommon
Major PerrinField UnitRare
Man-EaglesField UnitUncommon
Mankind's SalvationAssetUncommon
Manslayer DaemonixField UnitUncommon
Mark V Armored Personnel CarrierField UnitUncommon
Mechanized PlatoonField UnitRare
Mechanized Recon SquadField UnitUncommon
Mega-JuicersField UnitRare
Mental DisciplineEventUncommon
Merchant MarineAssetUncommon
Mind MeltersField UnitCommon
Missile SalvoEventCommon/Fixed
Mobile DefenseEventUncommon
MongothField UnitRare
Monst-RexesField UnitUncommon
MontrealBase UnitUncommon
MornnField UnitCommon
Multiply and ConquerEventUncommon
Murder WraithsField UnitUncommon
Mystic KnightsField UnitRare
Naval SuperiorityAssetCommon/Fixed
Neuron BeastsField UnitCommon
New LazloBase UnitUncommon
New TechnologiesEventUncommon
NG-V7 Hunter Mobile GunsField UnitCommon
NG-V7 Hunter Mobile GunsField UnitFixed
Nikiden ShodaiField UnitRare
Nine Rings of ElderAssetUncommon
Old BonesBase UnitCommon
On Full AlertEventRare
OrpheusBase UnitCommon
Pack Up and Move OutEventUncommon
Peace and HarmonyEventUncommon
Pecos EmpireNation CardFixed
PlatoBase UnitRare
Poor YorickAssetRare
Power BlastEventRare
Pre-Rifts Industrial ComplexBase UnitCommon/Fixed
Press the AttackAssetUncommon
Prime Minister James LorneBase UnitRare
Psi BattallionField UnitRare
Psi-StalkersField UnitCommon/Fixed
Quebecois InfantryField UnitCommon
Rag'tar BatrickField UnitRare
Rapid Deployment CompanyField UnitRare
Renegade Dog BoysField UnitUncommon
Rise From ChaosEventRare
Rolla-Morden HiveBase UnitCommon
Rolla-Morden XiticixField UnitUncommon
SAMAS SquadronField UnitUncommon
Sea Viper Iron JuggernautsField UnitCommon
Shemarrian WarriorsField UnitRare
ShiftersBase UnitCommon
Simvan Monster RidersField UnitUncommon
Sir TristramField UnitRare
Sir Winslow ThorpeField UnitUncommon
Skelebot PlatoonField UnitUncommon
Sky CyclesField UnitCommon
Slice and DiceEventRare
Sorcerers' RevengeAssetUncommon
Special ProjectsEventUncommon
Spider-Skull WalkersField UnitCommon/Fixed
Spiny RavagersField UnitCommon
Stolen Battle PlansEventUncommon
StormspireBase UnitCommon
StormspireBase UnitFixed
Strategic WithdrawalEventUncommon
Stray From the PackEventUncommon
SundanceBase UnitCommon
Sunset AngelField UnitUncommon
Super SAMAS SquadronField UnitUncommon
Suppression FireAssetCommon
Suppression FireAssetFixed
Tactical NukeEventRare
Take PointEventRare
Tarantula Glitter BoysField UnitRare
Tazoro Zain, Mystic KnightField UnitRare
Tech UpgradeAssetRare
Techno-Wizard DesperadosField UnitUncommon
Techno-Wizard SmithsBase UnitCommon/Fixed
Technological SupremacyEventUncommon
Terror TroopersField UnitRare
The Book of TenAssetRare
The Great Purple MageBase UnitRare
The Grim ReapersField UnitUncommon
The PactEventUncommon
The Pecos RaidersField UnitRare
The Sabre WarriorsField UnitRare
Thirst for BattleAssetCommon
ThommBase UnitUncommon
Thornhead DemonsField UnitCommon/Fixed
Thundering Iron JuggernautsField UnitUncommon
Titan Combat RobotsField UnitUncommon
Titan JuicersField UnitCommon
Titan JuicersField UnitFixed
TokaniiField UnitCommon
TolkeenNation CardFixed
Total WarEventRare
Town of SolomonBase UnitCommon
Upstart WarlordNation CardFixed
Urban DecayEventCommon
Urban WarfareEventUncommon
Vanguard BrawlersField UnitCommon
Violator SAMAS SquadronField UnitUncommon
Warhawk Iron JuggernautsField UnitRare
Warlord Don MarcoBase UnitUncommon
Warlord UxluthBase UnitUncommon
Water ElementalsField UnitUncommon
Weapon BurstEventRare
Wild Psi-StalkersField UnitCommon
Winnipeg HiveBase UnitCommon
Winnipeg XiticixField UnitUncommon
WitchlingsField UnitCommon
WitchlingsField UnitFixed
XiticixNation CardFixed
Xiticix Elder QueenBase UnitRare
Xiticix KillersField UnitUncommon
Xiticix NanniesBase UnitCommon
Xiticix Raiding SwarmField UnitRare
Xiticix Super-WarriorsField UnitRare
Xiticix WarriorsField UnitCommon
Xiticix WorkersField UnitCommon
Xiticix Young QueenBase UnitCommon
ZimchexBase UnitCommon

Promo Cards

General "Genius" GodfreyField Unit???
The Diamond AllianceField Unit???