CCG: Rage: The Wyrm (1995; 186 cards)

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Cards I Need: Allonzo Montoya (R), Count Vladimir Rustovitch (R), Morgan (R), T.F. MacNeil (R), Bane Sword (R), Breath of the Defiled (R), Caern of Rytthiku (R), Caern of the Blood God (R), Churjuroc's Tusk (Chase), Dis-Arm (R), Enticer (R), FBI Investigation (R), Greenpeace Assault Team (R), Happy Tourists (R), Heart Breaker (R), Kirijama, "The Hidden Foe" (R), Kiss of the Wyrm (R), Lord of the Realm (R), Mage of the Celestial Chorus (R), Mage's Talisman (R), Malfeas (Chase), Man in Black (R), MockMaw (Chase), Mockmaw's Battle Axe (R), Psychotic Hallucinations (R), Red-headed Stepchild (R), Ronin Garou (R), Submachine Gun (R), The Bat (R), Trinity Hive Caern (Chase), Vampire Blood (R).

Rares Available for Trade: Vigilante (R).

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Air of AuthorityGiftUncommon
Airt GatewayGiftCommon
Airt MasteryGiftUncommon
Allies BelowGiftUncommon
Allonzo MontoyaCharacterRare
Angus, the White HowlerVictimRare
Ass Whuppin' Lynch MobCombatEventCommon
Avenging WraithVictimRare
Bane MoonbridgeGiftUncommon
Bane SwordEquipmentBane Fetish, WeaponRare
The BatEventPersonal TotemRare
Battle QuestQuestUncommon
Beast-of-WarEventPack TotemUncommon
Beat CopVictimCommon
Beat UnmercifulCombatActionUncommon
Bitch SlapCombatActionCommon
Blood DaggerEquipmentBane Fetish, WeaponCommon
Bob Goldstein, Ace ReporterVictimRare
Breath of the DefiledGiftRare
Bully's QuestQuestCommon
A Bus Full of PeopleVictimCommon
Business MergerBoard MeetingUncommon
Caern of RytthikuCaernRare
Caern of the Blood GodCaernRare
Caern of the Unwashed ChildCaernRare
Cannibal SlugAllyCommon
Cellular PhoneEquipmentUncommon
Chirox the UnfeelingCharacterUncommon
Churjuroc's TuskEquipmentBane Fetish, ArmorChase
Congressional HearingEventRare
Consumption of GaiaGiftCommon
Corporate AcquisitionBoard MeetingUncommon
Corporate Credit CardEquipmentRare
Corporate SecurityAllyCommon
Corporate Take-overEventRare
Corrupting PresenceGiftCommon
Count Vladimir RustovitchCharacterChase
Cult LeaderVictimRare
Curb StompCombatActionCommon
DefilerEventPack TotemUncommon
Dr. Mordecai's Home Chemistry SetEquipmentBane FetishRare
Dr. SpencerCharacterCommon
Ear LoberCombatActionCommon
Eater-of-SoulsEventPack TotemUncommon
Enviornmental ActionEventUncommon
Every Day is HalloweenGiftUncommon
Experimental FomoriAllyUncommon
Family of FiveVictimCommon
Family PetVictimCommon
Fangthane BloodjawCharacterCommon
FBI AgentVictimUncommon
FBI InvestigationEventRare
Fetal PositionCombatActionUncommon
Fomori Dock WorkerAllyCommon
Fooled You!ActionUncommon
Fool's QuestQuestRare
Friends in High PlacesEventUncommon
Gang BeatingCombatEventUncommon
Garou KinfolkVictimUncommon
Gates of MalfeasEventRare
The GeneralCharacterRare
Glade ChildVictimUncommon
G'louogh, "Dance of Corruption"EventPersonal TotemRare
Gooshy GoozeEquipmentBane FetishUncommon
Greenpeace Assault TeamVictimRare
Grudge MatchQuestUncommon
Happy TouristsVictimRare
Heart BreakerCombatActionRare
High School AthleteVictimCommon
Honest SenatorVictimUncommon
Horns of the ImpalerGiftUncommon
Incarna AvatarVictimRare
Infectious TouchGiftUncommon
Jane ThurberCharacterCommon
Johnathan RoarkCharacterCommon
Johnson P. DonnovanCharacterCommon
Kirijama, "The Hidden Foe"EventPersonal TotemRare
Kiss of the WyrmGiftRare
Kitalid the DeceiverCharacterCommon
Lander's Nylon StockingEquipmentBane FetishRare
Latonia the TemptressCharacterUncommon
Lion's PeltEquipmentBane FetishUncommon
Little PeteyCharacterCommon
Longtooth SoulkillerCharacterRare
Lord of the RealmGiftRare
Lorenz WinklerCharacterUncommon
Lost CubVictimUncommon
Mad ScientistAllyUncommon
Mage of the Celestial ChorusVictimRare
Mage's TalismanEquipmentBane Fetish, FetishRare
Mail ManVictimCommon
Man in BlackAllyRare
Martyr's QuestQuestRare
Mass PollutionEventCommon
Meat PuppetAllyUncommon
Miles KentCharacterCommon
MockMawPast LifeChase
Mockmaw's Battle AxeEquipmentBane Fetish, WeaponRare
Movie StarVictimRare
Mr. IguanaCharacterUncommon
Neighborhood Watch GroupVictimCommon
Newspaper VendorVictimCommon
Oil of CorruptionEquipmentBane FetishUncommon
Old One-EyeCharacterCommon
Pentex Executive and LimousineAllyRare
Pipe BombEquipmentWeaponRare
Playground Full of KidsVictimCommon
Psychotic HallucinationsGiftRare
Psychotic StalkerAllyRare
Punitive DamagesBoard MeetingCommon
Ragnor the TerrorCharacterCommon
Reckless StuntActionRare
Reckless SwingCombatActionCommon
Red AlertEventUncommon
Red Hot Baby PowderEquipmentBane FetishUncommon
Red-headed StepchildAllyRare
Reinvesting ProfitsBoard MeetingRare
Renegade Werewolf HunterVictimUncommon
Rent AsunderCombatActionRare
Rite of SummoningRiteCommon
Rite of the Black SpiralRiteUncommon
Rite of the PentarchRiteRare
Roar of the WyrmGiftUncommon
Ronin GarouVictimRare
Savage FuryGiftCommon
Septum CrushedCombatActionCommon
Serpent's QuestQuestCommon
Sidhe KnightVictimRare
Skin of the HellboundEquipmentBane Fetish, ArmorUncommon
Spiritual RevelationEventRare
Splinter the Weakened MindGiftUncommon
Stench of DeathGiftCommon
Street BumVictimCommon
Subjugation of GaiaGiftUncommon
Submachine GunEquipmentWeaponRare
Suffering BastardGiftUncommon
Survival NutVictimUncommon
Survival of the FittestBoard MeetingCommon
Swat OfficerVictimUncommon
T.F. MacNeilCharacterRare
Taste of PainGiftCommon
Tear Gas CannisterEquipmentWeaponUncommon
Technician #7CharacterCommon
Telemarketing CampaignEventUncommon
There You Are!!!ActionCommon
Toga of DionysiusEquipmentBane FetishUncommon
Toga PartyEventCommon
Totem FormGiftRare
Touch of the EelGiftUncommon
Trinity Hive CaernCaernChase
Typhoon the UnpureCharacterCommon
Uncle Freddy (correct: character card)CharacterCommon
Uncle Freddy (misprint: sept card)CharacterCommon
Unlucky LuneVictimCommon
Urban RenewalEventCommon
Vampire BloodEquipmentBane FetishRare
Voice of ReasonGiftUncommon
Voragg the UnboundCharacterCommon
Wandering GafflingVictimCommon
War Knife of Benning SimonEquipmentBane Fetish, WeaponRare
Whip of the WickedEquipmentBane Fetish, WeaponRare
Wyrm HideGiftCommon