CCG: Magic: The Gathering: Tenth Edition (2007; 383 cards; 399 extras)

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Cards I Need: Mobilization (#29/R), Voice of All (#56/R), Shivan Hellkite (#231/R), Elvish Champion (#261/R), Elvish Piper (#262/R), Hurricane (#270/R), Doubling Cube (#321/R), Jayemdae Tome (#327/R), Pithing Needle (#338/R), Caves of Koilos (#350/R), Faerie Conclave (#351/U), Any foil card.

Rares Available for Trade: Kjeldoran Royal Guard (#25/R), Mortal Combat (#160/R), Mortivore (#161/R), Kamahl, Pit Fighter (#214/R), Shivan Hellkit (#231/R), Upwelling (#306/R), Chimeric Staff (#313/R), Karplusan Forest (#354/R).

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63Academy ResearchersCreature - Human WizardUncommon
347Adarkar WastesLandRare
250Aggressive UrgeInstantCommon
126Agonizing MemoriesSorceryUncommon
64Air ElementalCreature - ElementalUncommon
65Ambassador LaquatusLegendary Creature - Merfolk WizardRare
187Anaba BodyguardCreature - MinotaurCommon
1Ancestor's ChosenCreature - Human ClericUncommon
2Angel of MercyCreature - AngelUncommon
311Angel's FeatherArtifactUncommon
3Angelic BlessingSorceryCommon
4Angelic ChorusEnchantmentRare
5Angelic WallCreature - WallCommon
188Arcane TeachingsEnchantment - AuraUncommon
66Arcanis the OmnipotentLegendary Creature - WizardRare
127Ascendant EvincarLegendary Creature - VampireRare
67Aura GraftInstantUncommon
6Aura of SilenceEnchantmentUncommon
251Avatar of MightCreature - AvatarRare
7Aven CloudchaserCreature - Bird SoldierCommon
68Aven FisherCreature - Bird SoldierCommon
69Aven WindreaderCreature - Bird Soldier WizardCommon
8Ballista SquadCreature - Human RebelUncommon
348Battlefield ForgeLandRare
189Beacon of DestructionInstantRare
10Beacon of ImmortalityInstantRare
129Beacon of UnrestSorceryRare
11Benalish KnightCreature - Human KnightCommon
252Birds of ParadiseCreature - BirdRare
253Blanchwood ArmorEnchantment - AuraUncommon
191Bloodfire ColossusCreature - GiantRare
192Bloodrock CyclopsCreature - CyclopsCommon
130Bog WraithCreature - WraithUncommon
193Bogardan FirefiendCreature - Elemental SpiritCommon
312Bottle GnomesArtifact Creature - GnomeUncommon
254Canopy SpiderCreature - SpiderCommon
350Caves of KoilosLandRare
72Cephalid ConstableCreature - Cephalid WizardRare
313Chimeric StaffArtifactRare
12Cho-Manno, RevolutionaryLegendary Creature - Human RebelRare
314Chromatic StarArtifactUncommon
315Citanul FluteArtifactRare
255Civic WayfinderCreature - Elf Warrior DruidCommon
73CloneCreature - ShapeshifterRare
74Cloud ElementalCreature - ElementalCommon
75Cloud SpriteCreature - FaerieCommon
316Coat of ArmsArtifactRare
317Colossus of SardiaArtifact Creature - GolemRare
256Commune with NatureSorceryCommon
318Composite GolemArtifact Creature - GolemUncommon
194Cone of FlameSorceryUncommon
131Consume SpiritSorceryUncommon
132Contaminated BondEnchantment - AuraCommon
76Counsel of the SoratamiSorceryCommon
77Crafty PathmageCreature - Human WizardCommon
257Craw WurmCreature - WurmCommon
258Creeping MoldSorceryUncommon
319Crucible of WorldsArtifactRare
133Cruel EdictSorceryUncommon
78DehydrationEnchantment - AuraCommon
320Demon's HornArtifactUncommon
80Denizen of the DeepCreature - SerpentRare
135Diabolic TutorSorceryUncommon
137Doomed NecromancerCreature - Human Cleric MercenaryRare
321Doubling CubeArtifactRare
197Dragon RoostEnchantmentRare
322Dragon's ClawArtifactUncommon
82Dreamborn MuseCreature - SpiritRare
138Dross CrocodileCreature - Zombie CrocodileCommon
139Drudge SkeletonsCreature - SkeletonUncommon
198Duct CrawlerCreature - InsectCommon
140Dusk ImpCreature - ImpCommon
199Earth ElementalCreature - ElementalUncommon
259Elven RidersCreature - ElfUncommon
260Elvish BerserkerCreature - Elf BerserkerCommon
261Elvish ChampionCreature - ElfRare
262Elvish PiperCreature - Elf ShamanRare
263Enormous BalothCreature - BeastUncommon
141Essence DrainSorceryCommon
351Faerie ConclaveLandUncommon
142FearEnchantment - AuraCommon
264Femeref ArchersCreature - Human ArcherUncommon
143Festering GoblinCreature - Zombie GoblinCommon
15Field MarshalCreature - Human SoldierRare
200FirebreathingEnchantment - AuraCommon
201Fists of the AnvilInstantCommon
202Flamewave InvokerCreature - Goblin MutantUncommon
203Flowstone SlideSorceryRare
85Fog ElementalCreature - ElementalUncommon
352Forbidding WatchtowerLandUncommon
381ForestBasic Land - ForestCommon
380ForestBasic Land - ForestCommon
382ForestBasic Land - ForestCommon
383ForestBasic Land - ForestCommon
323Fountain of YouthArtifactUncommon
86Fugitive WizardCreature - Human WizardCommon
204Furnace of RathEnchantmentRare
205Furnace WhelpCreature - DragonUncommon
265Gaea's HeraldCreature - ElfRare
353Ghitu EncampmentLandUncommon
16Ghost WardenCreature - SpiritCommon
266Giant GrowthInstantCommon
267Giant SpiderCreature - SpiderCommon
17Glorious AnthemEnchantmentRare
206Goblin Elite InfantryCreature - Goblin WarriorCommon
207Goblin KingCreature - GoblinRare
208Goblin LoreSorceryUncommon
209Goblin PikerCreature - Goblin WarriorCommon
210Goblin Sky RaiderCreature - Goblin WarriorCommon
144Grave PactEnchantmentRare
145Graveborn MuseCreature - Zombie SpiritRare
146GravediggerCreature - ZombieCommon
268Grizzly BearsCreature - BearCommon
211Guerrilla TacticsInstantUncommon
18Hail of ArrowsInstantUncommon
147Hate WeaverCreature - Zombie WizardUncommon
148Head GamesSorceryRare
19Heart of LightEnchantment - AuraCommon
149Hidden HorrorCreature - HorrorUncommon
20High GroundEnchantmentUncommon
150Highway RobberCreature - Human MercenaryCommon
212Hill GiantCreature - GiantCommon
21Holy DayInstantCommon
22Holy StrengthEnchantment - AuraCommon
23Honor GuardCreature - Human SoldierCommon
87Horseshoe CrabCreature - CrabCommon
325Howling MineArtifactRare
269Hunted WumpusCreature - BeastUncommon
88Hurkyl's RecallInstantRare
151Hypnotic SpecterCreature - SpecterRare
24Icatian PriestCreature - Human ClericUncommon
326Icy ManipulatorArtifactUncommon
369IslandBasic Land - IslandCommon
370IslandBasic Land - IslandCommon
371IslandBasic Land - IslandCommon
368IslandBasic Land - IslandCommon
327Jayemdae TomeArtifactRare
271Joiner AdeptCreature - Elf DruidRare
328JuggernautArtifact Creature - JuggernautUncommon
214Kamahl, Pit FighterLegendary Creature - Human BarbarianRare
354Karplusan ForestLandRare
272Karplusan StriderCreature - YetiUncommon
273Kavu ClimberCreature - KavuCommon
25Kjeldoran Royal GuardCreature - Human SoldierRare
152Knight of DuskCreature - Human KnightUncommon
329Kraken's EyeArtifactUncommon
215Lava AxeSorceryCommon
216Lavaborn MuseCreature - SpiritRare
330Legacy WeaponLegendary ArtifactRare
331Leonin ScimitarArtifact - EquipmentUncommon
217Lightning ElementalCreature - ElementalCommon
274Llanowar ElvesCreature - Elf DruidCommon
275Llanowar SentinelCreature - ElfCommon
355Llanowar WastesLandRare
153Looming ShadeCreature - ShadeCommon
154Lord of the PitCreature - DemonRare
155Lord of the UndeadCreature - ZombieRare
26Loxodon MysticCreature - Elephant ClericCommon
332Loxodon WarhammerArtifact - EquipmentRare
27Loyal SentryCreature - Human SoldierRare
89Lumengrid WardenCreature - Human WizardCommon
276LureEnchantment - AuraUncommon
90Mahamoti DjinnCreature - DjinnRare
333Mantis EngineArtifact Creature - InsectUncommon
91March of the MachinesEnchantmentRare
156Mass of GhoulsCreature - Zombie WarriorCommon
92Merfolk LooterCreature - Merfolk RogueCommon
158Midnight RitualSorceryRare
277Might of OaksInstantRare
278Might WeaverCreature - Human WizardUncommon
93Mind BendInstantRare
159Mind RotSorceryCommon
335Mind StoneArtifactUncommon
279Mirri, Cat WarriorLegendary Creature - Cat WarriorRare
219Mogg FanaticCreature - GoblinUncommon
280Molimo, Maro-SorcererLegendary Creature - ElementalRare
160Mortal CombatEnchantmentRare
161MortivoreCreature - LhurgoyfRare
378MountainBasic Land - MountainCommon
379MountainBasic Land - MountainCommon
377MountainBasic Land - MountainCommon
376MountainBasic Land - MountainCommon
162Nantuko HuskCreature - Zombie InsectUncommon
281Natural SpringSorceryCommon
163NekrataalCreature - Human AssassinUncommon
164NightmareCreature - NightmareRare
165No Rest for the WickedEnchantmentUncommon
30Nomad MythmakerCreature - Human Nomad ClericRare
220Orcish ArtilleryCreature - Orc WarriorUncommon
336OrnithopterArtifact Creature - ThopterUncommon
283OvergrowthEnchantment - AuraCommon
31PacifismEnchantment - AuraCommon
32Paladin en-VecCreature - Human KnightRare
33PariahEnchantment - AuraRare
95PersuasionEnchantment - AuraUncommon
166Phage the UntouchableLegendary Creature - MinionRare
96Phantom WarriorCreature - Illusion WarriorUncommon
167Phyrexian RagerCreature - HorrorCommon
337Phyrexian VaultArtifactUncommon
285Pincher BeetlesCreature - InsectCommon
338Pithing NeedleArtifactRare
168Plague BeetleCreature - InsectCommon
169Plague WindSorceryRare
366PlainsBasic Land - PlainsCommon
364PlainsBasic Land - PlainsCommon
365PlainsBasic Land - PlainsCommon
367PlainsBasic Land - PlainsCommon
339Platinum AngelArtifact Creature - AngelRare
286Primal RageEnchantmentUncommon
221Prodigal PyromancerCreature - Human WizardCommon
98PuppeteerCreature - Human WizardUncommon
287Quirion DryadCreature - DryadRare
223Rage WeaverCreature - Human WizardUncommon
224Raging GoblinCreature - Goblin BerserkerCommon
170Rain of TearsSorceryUncommon
288Rampant GrowthSorceryCommon
171Ravenous RatsCreature - RatCommon
340Razormane MasticoreArtifact Creature - MasticoreRare
290RegenerationEnchantment - AuraUncommon
225Relentless AssaultSorceryRare
173Relentless RatsCreature - RatUncommon
100Remove SoulInstantCommon
34Reviving DoseInstantCommon
35Reya DawnbringerLegendary Creature - AngelRare
291RhoxCreature - BeastRare
101Robe of MirrorsEnchantment - AuraCommon
226Rock BadgerCreature - BeastCommon
341Rod of RuinArtifactUncommon
292Root MazeEnchantmentRare
293RootwallaCreature - LizardCommon
102Rootwater CommandoCreature - MerfolkCommon
103Rootwater MatriarchCreature - MerfolkRare
174Royal AssassinCreature - Human AssassinRare
37Rule of LawEnchantmentUncommon
294Rushwood DryadCreature - DryadCommon
104Sage OwlCreature - BirdCommon
38Samite HealerCreature - Human ClericCommon
105ScalpelexisCreature - BeastRare
175Scathe ZombiesCreature - ZombieCommon
295Scion of the WildCreature - AvatarRare
227Scoria WurmCreature - WurmRare
342Sculpting SteelArtifactRare
106Sea MonsterCreature - SerpentCommon
296Seedborn MuseCreature - SpiritRare
228Seismic AssaultEnchantmentRare
176Sengir VampireCreature - VampireRare
39Serra AngelCreature - AngelRare
40Serra's EmbraceEnchantment - AuraUncommon
177Severed LegionCreature - ZombieCommon
107Shimmering WingsEnchantment - AuraCommon
230Shivan DragonCreature - DragonRare
231Shivan HellkiteCreature - DragonRare
357Shivan ReefLandRare
234Siege-Gang CommanderCreature - GoblinRare
109Sky WeaverCreature - Metathran WizardUncommon
41Skyhunter PatrolCreature - Cat KnightCommon
42Skyhunter ProwlerCreature - Cat KnightCommon
43Skyhunter SkirmisherCreature - Cat KnightUncommon
297Skyshroud RangerCreature - ElfCommon
178Sleeper AgentCreature - MinionRare
110Snapping DrakeCreature - DrakeCommon
179Soul FeastSorceryUncommon
44Soul WardenCreature - Human ClericUncommon
237Spark ElementalCreature - ElementalUncommon
358Spawning PoolLandUncommon
111Spiketail HatchlingCreature - DrakeUncommon
298Spined WurmCreature - WurmCommon
180Spineless ThugCreature - Zombie MercenaryCommon
45Spirit LinkEnchantment - AuraUncommon
46Spirit WeaverCreature - Human WizardUncommon
238Spitting EarthSorceryCommon
239Squee, Goblin NabobLegendary Creature - GoblinRare
299Stalking TigerCreature - CatCommon
300Stampeding WildebeestsCreature - BeastUncommon
47Starlight InvokerCreature - Human Cleric MutantUncommon
48Steadfast GuardCreature - Human RebelCommon
344Steel GolemArtifact Creature - GolemUncommon
49Story CircleEnchantmentRare
181Stronghold DisciplineSorceryUncommon
241Sudden ImpactInstantUncommon
359Sulfurous SpringsLandRare
112Sunken HopeEnchantmentRare
50Suntail HawkCreature - BirdCommon
374SwampBasic Land - SwampCommon
375SwampBasic Land - SwampCommon
373SwampBasic Land - SwampCommon
372SwampBasic Land - SwampCommon
301Sylvan BasiliskCreature - BasiliskUncommon
302Sylvan ScryingSorceryUncommon
303Tangle SpiderCreature - SpiderUncommon
114Telling TimeInstantUncommon
51Tempest of LightInstantUncommon
360Terramorphic ExpanseLandCommon
324The HiveArtifactRare
115Thieving MagpieCreature - BirdUncommon
183Thrull SurgeonCreature - ThrullUncommon
243Thundering GiantCreature - GiantUncommon
117Time StopInstantRare
118Time StretchSorceryRare
52Treasure HunterCreature - HumanUncommon
304Treetop BracersEnchantment - AuraCommon
361Treetop VillageLandUncommon
305Troll AsceticCreature - Troll ShamanRare
53True BelieverCreature - Human ClericRare
54Tundra WolvesCreature - WolfCommon
244Uncontrollable AngerEnchantment - AuraCommon
362Underground RiverLandRare
184Underworld DreamsEnchantmentRare
185Unholy StrengthEnchantment - AuraCommon
186Vampire BatsCreature - BatCommon
123Vedalken MastermindCreature - Vedalken WizardUncommon
55Venerable MonkCreature - Human Monk ClericCommon
307Verdant ForceCreature - ElementalRare
245Viashino RunnerCreature - ViashinoCommon
246Viashino SandscoutCreature - Viashino ScoutCommon
308Viridian ShamanCreature - Elf ShamanUncommon
56Voice of AllCreature - AngelRare
124Wall of AirCreature - WallUncommon
247Wall of FireCreature - WallUncommon
57Wall of SwordsCreature - WallUncommon
309Wall of WoodCreature - WallCommon
248Warp WorldSorceryRare
58Warrior's HonorInstantCommon
345Whispersilk CloakArtifact - EquipmentUncommon
59Wild GriffinCreature - GriffinCommon
60Windborn MuseCreature - SpiritRare
61Wrath of GodSorceryRare
346Wurm's ToothArtifactUncommon
363Yavimaya CoastLandRare
310Yavimaya EnchantressCreature - Human DruidUncommon
62Youthful KnightCreature - Human KnightCommon


Every card above has a foil version available in boosters.
6 creature token cards (Dragon, Goblin, Saproling, Soldier, Wasp, Zombie).
12 Tips and Tricks cards (explaining various combos and rules).