CCG: Legend of the Five Rings: Tomorrow (2007; 110 cards)

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8Ancestral UrnItemFixed
1Barracks of the DamnedStrongholdCrabFixed
10Candle of ShadowsItemFixed
12Egg of the VoidItemFixed
16Essence of JigokuSpellFixed
20Heavenly Kobune of SuitenguItemFixed
6Jade MirrorItemFixed
3Kakita's EdgeActionFixed
4Kakita's First BladeItemFixed
19Kamoko's AvatarActionFixed
17Monkey Man (Experienced 2)PersonalitySpiderFixed
9Naseru's Last WordsActionFixed
11Ring of the PhoenixItemFixed
21Shinsei's TombHoldingFixed
7Shiryo no Matsu (Experienced)AncestorFixed
2Tao of Fu LengItemFixed
15The Blasted LandsRegionFixed
18The Scarab CaseItemFixed
5Togashi's DevotedFollowerFixed
14Tomorrow's HourglassItemFixed
A New WallEventFixed
All Things Have a PriceActionFixed
Arms SmugglersHoldingFixed
Black Heart of the EmpireWindFixed
Dark Lord's FavorActionFixed
Emma-O's AmuletItemFixed
Encircled TerrainActionFixed
Fields of Foolish PrideActionFixed
Forest Killer CavernHoldingFixed
Gifts and FavorsHoldingFixed
Golden Obi of the Sun Goddess (Experienced)ItemFixed
Hired KillerActionFixed
Kanashimi ToshiRegionFixed
Mark of OblivionItemFixed
Outer WallsActionFixed
Reinforce the GatesActionFixed
Rich CoffersHoldingFixed
Shinbone PackPersonalityRatlingFixed
Shinbone WarriorPersonalityRatlingFixed
Test of HonorActionFixed
The First WeddingEventFixed
The Last ProphecyEventFixed
The Price of PowerEventFixed
Three-Stone RiverActionFixed
Timely ArrivalActionFixed
Tomorrow SenseiSenseiFixed
Warrens of the One TribeStrongholdFixed
Whispered RumorsActionFixed
Yotsu DojoHoldingFixed