CCG: Legend of the Five Rings: Shadowlands (1996; 159 cards; 1 extras)

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“Enough Talk!”ActionUncommon 2
A Gift of HonorActionRare
A Stout HeartActionUncommon 2
Accessible TerrainActionCommon
Another TimeActionCommon
Arrows from the WoodsActionCommon
Call to ArmsActionUncommon 2
Change of LoyaltyActionRare
Confusion at CourtActionCommon
Corrupted GroundActionCommon
Court JesterActionUncommon 2
Darkness Feeds...ActionRare
Defend Your HonorActionCommon / U1
False AllianceActionRare
Final ChargeActionRare
Forced MarchActionUncommon 2
He’s Mine!ActionCommon
His Most FavoredActionRare
Impassable TerrainActionCommon
Levy TroopsActionUncommon 1
Plea of the PeasantsActionUncommon 2
Shadowlands SicknessActionUncommon 2
ShadowmadnessActionUncommon 2
Strike at the TailActionRare
Suspended TerrainActionCommon
Test of MightActionCommon
The Code of BushidoActionUncommon 2
The Turtle’s ShellActionUncommon 2
Threat of WarActionRare
Twist of FateActionRare
Utter DefeatActionRare
When Darkness Draws NearActionRare
Winning Kachiko’s FavorActionRare
Wounded in BattleActionCommon
Desperate MeasuresEventRare
Doom of the CrabEventUncommon 2
Doom of the CraneEventUncommon 2
Doom of the DragonEventUncommon 2
Doom of the LionEventUncommon 2
Doom of the NagaEventUncommon 2
Doom of the PhoenixEventUncommon 2
Doom of the ScorpionEventUncommon 2
Doom of the UnicornEventUncommon 2
Imperial LevyingEventRare
New Year’s CelebrationsEventRare
Rampant PlagueEventRare
Setsuban FestivalEventRare
The Falling DarknessEventRare
The Rising SunEventRare
Bayushi SupaiFollowerRare
Doji House GuardFollowerUncommon 2
Garegoso no BakemonoFollowerRare
Hida House GuardFollowerUncommon 2
Mantis BushiFollowerRare
Matsu House GuardFollowerUncommon 2
Minor Oni ServantFollowerRare
Mirumoto House GuardFollowerUncommon 2
Plague ZombiesFollowerCommon
Ratling ConscriptsFollowerCommon
Shadowlands MadmenFollowerRare
Shiba House GuardFollowerUncommon 2
Shinjo House GuardFollowerUncommon 2
Skeletal ArchersFollowerCommon
Corrupted Iron MineHoldingCommon
Dark Oracle of AirHoldingRare
Dark Oracle of EarthHoldingRare
Dark Oracle of FireHoldingRare
Dark Oracle of WaterHoldingRare
Gambling HouseHoldingCommon
Geisha HouseHoldingCommon
Kolat OyabunHoldingUncommon 2
Pearl BedHoldingCommon
Temple of BishamonHoldingCommon
The Festering Pit of Fu LengHoldingRare
Ancient Spear of the NagaItemFixed
Crystal ArrowItemCommon
Han-KyuItemUncommon 2
Jade ArrowItemUncommon 2
Jade GobletItemUncommon 2
NageteppoItemUncommon 2
Obsidian MirrorItemRare
Porcelain Mask of Fu LengItemRare
Terrible Standard of Fu LengItemRare
The Broken Sword of the ScorpionItemFixed
The Obsidian HandItemRare
The Laughing MonkPersonalityBrotherhood of ShinseiCommon
Hida O-UshiPersonalityCrabRare
Himura KagePersonalityCrabUncommon 2
Yasuki NokatsuPersonalityCrabCommon
Doji Hoturi (Experienced)PersonalityCraneRare
Kakita TorikagoPersonalityCraneCommon
Kakita YogosoPersonalityCraneUncommon 2
Mirumoto Hitomi (Experienced)PersonalityDragonUncommon 2
Mirumoto TakiPersonalityDragonCommon
Togashi GaijutsuPersonalityDragonRare
Ikoma KaokuPersonalityLionUncommon 2
Kitsu MotsoPersonalityLionRare
Matsu ChokokuPersonalityLionCommon
AshlimPersonalityNagaUncommon 2
MaraPersonalityNagaUncommon 2
ShaburaPersonalityNagaUncommon 2
MamoruPersonalityNinjaUncommon 2
Shiba TetsuPersonalityPhoenixCommon
The Nameless OnePersonalityPhoenixUncommon 2
Isawa Tadaka (Experienced)PersonalityPhoenix / ShadowlandsRare
Ratling ScavengerPersonalityRatlingCommon
Ratling ThiefPersonalityRatlingUncommon 2
Bayushi AramoroPersonalityScorpionUncommon 2
Bayushi GoshiuPersonalityScorpionUncommon 2
Bayushi HisaPersonalityScorpionCommon
Bayushi KyotoPersonalityScorpionRare
Bayushi Tomaru (0PH; common)PersonalityScorpionCommon
Bayushi Tomaru (1PH; starter)PersonalityScorpionFixed
Shosuro HametsuPersonalityScorpionFixed
Shosuro Taberu (8G; common)PersonalityScorpionCommon
Shosuro Taberu (9G; starter)PersonalityScorpionFixed
Shosuro TagePersonalityScorpionRare
Soshi Bantaro (0PH; common)PersonalityScorpionCommon
Soshi Bantaro (1PH; starter)PersonalityScorpionFixed
Goblin ShamanPersonalityShadowlandsCommon
Mountain GoblinPersonalityShadowlandsCommon
Oni no OgonPersonalityShadowlandsUncommon 2
Oni no Ogon (Oni no Kamu(PersonalityShadowlandsRare
Oni no SanruPersonalityShadowlandsUncommon 2
The Hooded RoninPersonalityUnalignedRare
Thunder DragonPersonalityUnalignedRare
Yuki no Onna (6G; common)PersonalityUnalignedCommon
Yuki no Onna (5G; starter)PersonalityUnalignedFixed
Otaku Kamoko (Experienced)PersonalityUnicornUncommon 2
Otaku KojiroPersonalityUnicornRare
Shinjo TsuburoPersonalityUnicornCommon
Blood of MidnightSpellCommon
Contemplate the VoidSpellCommon
Dark DivinationSpellRare
Evil WardSpellUncommon 2
Force of WillSpellCommon
Gust of WindSpellUncommon 2
Stale WindSpellUncommon 2
Sympathetic EnergiesSpellCommon
The Fire From WithinSpellUncommon 2
Tomb of JadeSpellCommon
Touch of DespairSpellRare
Touch of Fu LengSpellRare
The Hidden Temples of the NagaStrongholdNagaStarter box
The Ruined Fortress of the ScorpionStrongholdScorpionStarter box

Starter Deck Reprints

Intersecting HighwaysActionCommon