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Cards I Need: Bear (GIFT 1/Promo), BT (GIFT 2/Promo), Crim (GIFT 3/Promo), Mimiru (GIFT 4/Promo), Sora (GIFT 5/Promo), Subaru (GIFT 6/Promo), Ginkan (1 P 1/Promo), Goil Menhir (1 P 2/Promo), Mu Guardian (1 P 3/Promo), Gate Hacking (1 P 4/Promo), Kaochin (2 P 1/Promo), Angolmore (2 P 2/Promo), ΔHidden, Forbidden, Holy Ground (2 P 3/Promo), Girl in White (2 P 4/Promo), Net Slum (2 P 5/Promo), Sphinx Menhir (3 P 3/Promo), Clubs (4 P 2/Promo), Diamonds (4 P 3/Promo), Hearts (4 P 4/Promo), Spades (4 P 5/Promo), Coma (1 T 1/Promo), Corrupted Field (1 T 2/Promo), Investigator (1 T 3/Promo), No Response (1 T 4/Promo), Other Servers (1 T 5/Promo), LEVEL UP! (Balmung) (1 T 6/Promo), LEVEL UP! (Black Rose) (1 T 7/Promo), LEVEL UP! (Helba) (1 T 8/Promo), LEVEL UP! (Kite) (1 T 9/Promo), LEVEL UP! (Orca) (1 T 10/Promo), Newbie (3 T 1/Promo), Final Blast (3 T 2/Promo), Infection (3 T 3/Promo), Pull the Plug (3 T 4/Promo), Traffic Jam (3 T 5/Promo).

Rares Available for Trade:

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GIFT Deck Box

GIFT 1BearPCGIFT deck box.
GIFT 2BTPCGIFT deck box.
GIFT 3CrimPCGIFT deck box.
GIFT 4MimiruPCGIFT deck box.
GIFT 5SoraPCGIFT deck box.
GIFT 6SubaruPCGIFT deck box.

Promotional Cards

1 P 1GinkanPCRetail incentive Oct 2003.
1 P 2Goil MenhirMonsterContagion First Tournament Weekend Oct 2003.
1 P 3Mu GuardianMonsterRetail incentive Oct 2003.
1 P 4Gate HackingEventRetail incentive Oct 2003.
2 P 1KaochinPCLevel Up! Tour 2004.
2 P 2AngolmoreMonsterRetail Incentive Feb 2004.
2 P 3ΔHidden, Forbidden, Holy GroundFieldDistortion Release Weekend Feb 2004.
2 P 4Girl in WhiteEventDGMA Premier Series Qualifier 2004.
2 P 5Net SlumEventDGMA Territorial Open Championship 2004.
3 P 3Sphinx MenhirMonsterRetail Incentive May 2004.
4 P 2ClubsPCRetail Incentive Jun-Jul 2004.
4 P 3DiamondsPCRetail Incentive Jun-Jul 2004.
4 P 4HeartsPCRetail Incentive Jun-Jul 2004.
4 P 5SpadesPCRetail Incentive Jun-Jul 2004.

Tournament/Level Up! Cards

1 T 1ComaEventTournament incentive.
1 T 2Corrupted FieldEventTournament incentive.
1 T 3InvestigatorEventTournament incentive.
1 T 4No ResponseEventTournament incentive.
1 T 5Other ServersEventTournament incentive.
1 T 6LEVEL UP! (Balmung)Level Up!Tournament incentive.
1 T 7LEVEL UP! (Black Rose)Level Up!Tournament incentive.
1 T 8LEVEL UP! (Helba)Level Up!Tournament incentive.
1 T 9LEVEL UP! (Kite)Level Up!Tournament incentive.
1 T 10LEVEL UP! (Orca)Level Up!Tournament incentive.
3 T 1NewbiePCTournament incentive.
3 T 2Final BlastActionTournament incentive.
3 T 3InfectionEventTournament incentive.
3 T 4Pull the PlugEventTournament incentive.
3 T 5Traffic JamEventTournament incentive.