CCG: Blood Wars: Factols & Factions (1995; 134 cards)

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Cards I Need: Amazon Guardian (Chase), Artus (R), Barber Shop Portal (R), Bleaker Mark (R), Chandlers' Portal (Chase), Chaosmen Mark (Chase), Dabus (Chase), Defier Mark (R), Emerald Dragon Hatchling (R), Equipment Disintegration (Chase), Erosion of Faith (Chase), Foecircle Portal (Chase), Gamakar The Studious (R), Harbinger House (R), Hard Head Mark (Chase), Heartless Mark (Chase), Hezrou (Chase), Indep Mark (Chase), Mimir (Chase), Orryx (R), Perigon (R), Portal of Pain (Chase), Quick Escape (R), Rest & Relaxation (Chase), Servant Li's Request (Chase), Signer Mark (Chase), Streets of Sigil (R), Sword's Breath Portal (R), The Civic Festhall (R), The Dragon Bar (R), The Hall of Records (R), The Key of Pain (UR/Chase), The Mazes (Chase), The Screaming Falls (Chase), Valhalla's Finest (R), Wererats Of Sigil (Chase).

Rares Available for Trade: Bogles' Glen (Chase), Cipher Mark (Chase), Dead Mark (2) (R), Factol Erin Darkflame Montgomery (R), Factol Rowan Darkwood (R), Godsmen Mark (R), Guvner Mark (Chase), Hieracosphinx (R), Inkwell Portal (R), Inquisitive Kender (R), Larvae (Chase), Paladin (R), The City Courts (R).

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Agathyn AnarchistLegionCommon
Amazon Guardian???Chase
Anarchist MarkFateChase
Apothean ArcherLegionCommon
Aquallorian SensateLegionCommon
Armory of SigilBattlefieldUncommon
Astral SearcherFateUncommon
Barber Shop Portal???Rare
Bladeswirl PortalFateRare
Bleaker Mark???Rare
Bogles' GlenBattlefieldChase
Chandlers' Portal???Chase
Chaosmen Mark???Chase
Cipher MarkFateChase
Clerk's WardBattlefieldUncommon
Dagger's Throw PortalFateRare
Dead MarkFateRare
Defier Mark???Rare
Diplomatic TreacheryFateChase
Doomguard MarkFateRare
Elder BeholderLegionCommon
Emerald Dragon Hatchling???Rare
Equipment Disintegration???Chase
Erosion of Faith???Chase
Factol AmbarWarlordUncommon
Factol DariusWarlordUncommon
Factol Erin Darkflame MontgomeryWarlordRare
Factol HashkarWarlordUncommon
Factol KaranWarlordUncommon
Factol LharWarlordUncommon
Factol MallinWarlordUncommon
Factol PentarWarlordUncommon
Factol RhysWarlordUncommon
Factol Rowan DarkwoodWarlordRare
Factol SarinWarlordUncommon
Factol SkallWarlordUncommon
Factol TerranceWarlordUncommon
Factol's FavorFateUncommon
Foecircle Portal???Chase
Gamakar The Studious???Rare
Gladiator of SigilLegionCommon
Godsman WarriorLegionCommon
Godsmen MarkFateRare
Golden Web PortalFateChase
Great Blade of TasupFateRare
Guildhall/Market WardBattlefieldUncommon
Guvner BailiffLegionCommon
Guvner MarkFateChase
Halfling ClericLegionCommon
Harbinger House???Rare
Hard Head Mark???Chase
Hardhead DwarvesLegionCommon
Harp of StarsFateRare
Heartless Mark???Chase
Hidden Treasure???Chase
Hill GiantLegionCommon
Hin ArcherLegionCommon
Hive WardBattlefieldUncommon
Hobgoblin DeaderLegionCommon
Hope IncarnateFateUncommon
Indep Mark???Chase
Inkwell PortalFateRare
Inquisitive KenderLegionRare
Judge ArcaneLegionCommon
Lizard ManLegionCommon
Lower WardBattlefieldUncommon
Minor MagistrateLegionCommon
Moon DogLegionCommon
Moon's Rose Portal???Chase
Notice of SecundusFateUncommon
Ogre MageLegionCommon
Portal of Pain???Chase
Quick Escape???Rare
Ratatosk GlidersFateUncommon
Red Death Mark???Chase
Rest & Relaxation???Chase
Rogue Modron MerchantLegionCommon
Sensate Mark???Chase
Servant Li's Request???Chase
Sigil's SentriesLegionUncommon
Signer Mark???Chase
Streets of Sigil???Rare
Sword's Breath Portal???Rare
Temple of the AbyssBattlefieldRare
The AspirantLegionCommon
The Bleak BattalionLegionCommon
The City BarracksBattlefieldUncommon
The City CourtsBattlefieldRare
The Civic Festhall???Rare
The Cynical WizardLegionCommon
The Defiant OnesLegionCommon
The Dragon Bar???Rare
The Entrophy LeagueLegionCommon
The GatehouseBattlefieldUncommon
The Glee-BashersLegionCommon
The Great FoundryBattlefieldUncommon
The Great GymnasiumBattlefieldUncommon
The GreengageBattlefieldRare
The Hall of Records???Rare
The Hall of SpeakersBattlefieldUncommon
The HiveBattlefieldUncommon
The Key of Pain???UR/Chase
The Lady's WardBattlefieldUncommon
The Mazes???Chase
The MortuaryBattlefieldUncommon
The PerishedLegionCommon
The PrisonBattlefieldUncommon
The ScratcherFateChase
The Screaming Falls???Chase
The Shattered TempleBattlefieldUncommon
Tiefling Mage-ThiefLegionCommon
Undead HostFateChase
Under ArrestFateUncommon
Valhalla's Finest???Rare
Vorkehan GuardLegionCommon
Wemic ShamanLegionRare
Wererat IndepLegionCommon
Wererats Of Sigil???Chase