Books I've Read

This is one of the oldest collections I've ever kept and, as I look back at titles from more than ten years ago, I'm quite aware of the particular moods and interests I had at the time, regardless of how odd or potentially embarassing they might be. Unfortunately, this list can never be authoratitive: there was a time I didn't consider graphic novels "books", although a number of them now rank very highly in my favorites (and deserve to be reread soon). Entries in this style I particularly liked. Have some suggestions? Email

2010-06-20URLThe Tale of One Bad RatBryan TalbotGood, but a little too didactic for me.
2010-06-19URLGood-ByeYoshihiro TatsumiStill good, but I've now lost interest.
2010-06-17URLHeat WaveRichard CastleFrom TV's Castle, fictional character writes. Yay.
2010-06-10URLOther LivesPeter BaggeWhat I expected from Bagge: Eh.
2010-06-09URLSpawn: Origins Collection Book 1VariousI liked it upon release. But reread? Didn't hold.
2010-06-03URLSpicy Detective Stories: May 1941VariousAwesome and dirty pulp. More please.
2010-05-20URLAbandon the Old in TokyoYoshihiro TatsumiStill good, but steadily losing interest.
2010-05-12URLThe Push Man and Other StoriesYoshihiro TatsumiQuick short stories that are goodish.
2010-05-04URLThe Book of GrickleGraham AnnableEnjoyed - some of these 17 made me chuckle.
2010-04-29URLStar Trek: Alien Spotlight: Volume 2VariousI didn't enjoy any of these. Felt junkish.
2010-04-15URLStar Trek Archives #6: Best of Alternate UniversesVariousNot a huge fan of the alternate universe.
2010-04-10URLCreepy Archives Volume 1VariousMeMmmMooOOrRRIieis. Old horror is the best.
2010-04-04URLStruwwelpeter and Other Disturbing Tales...Bob StaakeInteresting and weird, yes. Awesome? Naah.
2010-04-02URLMeanwhileJason Shiga3,856 story possibilities deeply entwined. Nice.
2010-03-31URLStar Trek Omnibus: Volume 2VariousSome very nice stories starring Christopher Pike.
2010-03-20URLA Drifting LifeYoshihiro TatsumiMega bio and history of j-comics. Good.
2010-03-13URLLove and Rockets 18: Locas in LoveJaime HernandezLike the Locas, but think it's time to move on.
2010-03-12URLLove and Rockets 17: Fear of ComicsGilbert HernandezCollection of randoms. No joy. Losing love.
2010-03-11URLLove and Rockets 16: Whoa Nellie!Jaime HernandezFan of wrestling. Fan of this? Eh.
2010-03-10URLDiscworld 2: The Light FantasticTerry PratchettMy interest continues! Still COMMENCERER!
2010-03-02URLStar Trek: Romulans: Pawns of WarJohn ByrneMore good from John Byrne, but rarely a fan of war.
2010-03-01URLStar Trek Omnibus: Volume 1VariousMiddle-aged movie timeline comics aren't the worse.
2010-02-25URLStar Trek: TAS - Log OneAlan Dean FosterTAS was a lot better than most would believe.
2010-02-19URLThe LEGO BookVariousGreatest LEGO book ever: history, sets, culture.
2010-02-11URLCrazy HairNeil Gaiman & Dave McKeanDon't really like any of their children's book collabs.
2010-02-10URLMother, Come HomePaul HornschemeierEh. I know it was "good"; doesn't mean I liked it.
2010-02-09URLThe Sandman Presents: Thessaly - Witch for HireBill WillinghamThessaly v. the tharmic null. Place yer bets.
2010-02-08URLRick Trembles' Motion Picture PurgatoryRick TremblesMovie reviews, oddities, and comics? Great!
2010-02-05URLThroat SprocketsTim LucasPerverted and delicious in all the right ways.
2010-01-29URLCircles of Heck 1: HeckDale E. BasyePerverted and disgusting in bad/try-too-hard ways.
2010-01-27URLDiscworld 1: The Color of MagicTerry PratchettRead all of Discworld in order? COMMENCERER!
2010-01-20URLXanth 1: A Spell for ChameleonPiers Anthony(Re?)read all of Xanth in order? COMMENCERER!
2010-01-18URLFarscape 1: The Beginning of the End of the BeginningVarious authorsI love FS, but this one didn't leave me ZOMG.
2010-01-12URLDiary of a Wimpy Kid: Do-It-Yourself BookJeff Kinney...and I coulda done without this one.
2010-01-11URLDiary of a Wimpy Kid 4: Dog DaysJeff KinneyI won't be seeing the forthcoming movie...
2010-01-09URLDiary of a Wimpy Kid 3: The Last StrawJeff Kinney...though they all mixed together mentally.
2010-01-07URLDiary of a Wimpy Kid 2: Rodrick RulesJeff Kinney...and reading them quickly. Remotely humorous...
2010-01-05URLDiary of a Wimpy Kid 1Jeff KinneyOut of business sale has me picking all these up...
2010-01-01URLPuzzle Lady Mysteries 1: A Clue for the Puzzle LadyParnell HallCrosswords and barely likeable characters. More please.
2009-12-24URLStar Trek: TOS - 10James BlishGood episode novelizations. Ayup. That's it.
2009-12-16URLThe 39 Clues 6: In Too DeepJude WatsonGasp? They died?! NoOoooOoOoo. I liked them.
2009-12-13URLStar Trek: TOS - 9James BlishGood episode novelizations. Ayup. That's it.
2009-12-03URLStar Trek: CountdownVariousA prequel to the Abram's rewrite. Eh.
2009-12-02URLStar Trek: Spock-ReflectionsVariousReliving his past as he delivers a body. Goodish.
2009-12-01URLStar Trek Archives #4: Best of Deep Space NineVariousA bad sign when the "best" is episode translations.
2009-11-29URLStar Trek: TOS - Annual (1976)VariousTo see things botched this badly.
2009-11-28URLStar Trek: TOS - Annual (1975)VariousBut it's always strangely fascinating...
2009-11-27URLStar Trek: TOS - Annual (1974)VariousThe Gold Key comics keep getting worse...
2009-11-25URLStar Trek Archives #3: The Gary Seven CollectionVariousNever liked G7 or annoying ST time-travel stories.
2009-11-22URLThe 39 Clues 5: The Black CirclePatrick CarmanNew alliances, and Irina gets emotional.
2009-11-14URLThe 39 Clues 4: Beyond the GraveJude WatsonThe clues and puzzles get even more contrived!
2009-11-01URLThrill-Power OverloadDavid BishopIn-depth history of one of my favorite comics.
2009-10-23URLThe Elegance of the HedgehogMuriel BarberyParts were great, others were too philosophical.
2009-10-15URLStar Trek: Mission's EndVariousNot a huge fan of non-humanoid alien encounters.
2009-10-07URLStar Trek: CrewJohn ByrneThese are quite good, detailing the original Number One.
2009-10-03URLSineaterElizabeth MassieI have nothing good to say about this book. Just "eh".
2009-10-01URLStar Trek Archives #2: Best of The BorgVariousParallel universe travelling. Not a huge fan of that.
2009-09-22URLCarrieStephen KingRereading his first to prep for his latest.
2009-09-20URLStar Trek Archives #1: Best of Peter DavidPeter DavidNope, didn't really like any of these.
2009-09-12URLStar Trek: TOS - 8James BlishOnly three more to go of the original adaptations.
2009-09-10URLStar Trek: Year Four #2: Enterprise ExperimentD.C. FontanaConnects many original episodes, tries a bit too hard.
2009-09-05URLStar Trek: Year Four #1David TischmanCollection of mostly-OK episodes; some fail miserably.
2009-09-03URLStar Trek: TOS - 7James BlishWhat happened to his prefaces? Awww. Still good.
2009-09-01URL100 Bullets 6: Six Feet Under the GunBrian AzzarelloIndividual tales provide breathing room for the arc.
2009-08-25URL100 Bullets 5: The Counterfifth DetectiveBrian AzzarelloA "lesser" man gets a chance at the bigs.
2009-08-21URL100 Bullets 4: A Foregone TomorrowBrian AzzarelloThings get confusing as the conspiracy reveals.
2009-08-19URLLove and Rockets: Amor Y CohetesLos Bros HernandezI can't say I'm sad to be done with this one either.
2009-08-13URLNo Plot? No Problem!Chris BatyMy friend and I will be doing NaNoWriMo this year.
2009-08-06URLStar Trek: TOS - 6James BlishContinuing the well-done adaptions of the show.
2009-07-31URLStar Trek: TOS - Annual (1973)VariousMine has beards and mustaches drawn in. Improvement.
2009-07-27URLStar Trek: TOS - Annual (1972)VariousFor all the hilarity, the stories are decentish.
2009-07-24URLWhat's Michael? 10: Sleepless NightsMakoto KobayashiA gift, this wa... OOoOh, look at the cute kiItttiIIes!
2009-07-23URLDawn: The Worlds of Final FantasyYoshitaka AmanoMainly an artbook; I just like this guy's work.
2009-07-22URLLove and Rockets: Beyond PalomarGilbert HernandezI just cannot get into Luba's story or town.
2009-07-18URLStar Trek: TOS - Annual (1971)VariousAge doesn't improve them; so far off as to be funny.
2009-07-17URLStar Trek: TOS - Television Picture Story BookVariousAnother collection of Key comics with spiffy facts.
2009-07-16URLStar Trek: TOS - Annual (1970)VariousThese Key comic books are *hilarious*; not even close.
2009-07-15URLStar Trek: TOS - 5James BlishThese adaptations were quite good then, and now.
2009-07-08URLStar Trek: TOS - Spock Must Die!James BlishSpock One and Spock Two confuzzles you.
2009-06-30URLStar Trek: TOS - 4James BlishThese adaptations were quite good then, and now.
2009-06-27URLStar Trek: TOS - 3James BlishThese adaptations were quite good then, and now.
2009-06-24URLStar Trek: TOS - 2James BlishThese adaptations were quite good then, and now.
2009-06-22URLStar Trek: TNG - 1: Ghost ShipDiane CareyNo one sounds like themselves and Riker's a dick. Nice.
2009-06-17URLStar Trek: TOS - Mission to HoratiusMack ReynoldsYA edition: boredom nearly destroys the ship. Chox.
2009-06-15URLStar Trek: TOS - 1James BlishThese adaptations were quite good then, and now.
2009-06-12URLStar Trek: TNG - Encounter at FarpointDavid GerroldLongest journey commences: Every Star Trek ever.
2009-06-07URL100 Bullets 3: Hang Up on the Hang LowBrian AzzarelloI shall continue, but with no due haste or excitement.
2009-06-05URL100 Bullets 2: Split Second ChanceBrian AzzarelloIt's still "good", but I'm wondering if I should continue.
2009-06-01URLThe 39 Clues 3: The Sword ThiefPeter LerangisSwords lead the kids to... OH MY GOD. (Get it?)
2009-05-26URLThe 39 Clues 2: One False NoteGordon KormanMozart leads the kids to swords. And daaAAnNNggeERR!
2009-05-22URLJudge Dredd: The Complete Case Files 01Various authorsLong-time 2000 AD reader. Classic Dredd, thrills.
2009-05-19URLSleazoid ExpressBill Landis and Michelle CliffordWonderful fact-filled storytelling of 42nd, more.
2009-05-16URLMOME Volume 14: Spring 2009Various authorsI never met an anthology I really liked.
2009-04-10URLThe Perry Bible Fellowship AlmanackNicholas GurewitchLongtime online reader; collected rereads++.
2009-04-02URLApple Volume 2Various authorsAs an art book, still great. But for story? Still bleh.
2009-03-21URL100 Bullets 1: First Shot, Last CallBrian AzzarelloDialogue was painful, but I ended surprisingly pleased.
2009-03-15URLTransmetropolitan 10: One More TimeWarren EllisThings go from worse to HaHaHaHaHaHa.
2009-03-11URLTransmetropolitan 9: The CureWarren EllisSpider's dying, Smiler's smiling, Morbus' crying.
2009-03-09-Kill Your BoyfriendGrant MorrisonI've never met a Morrison I've liked so far.
2009-03-08URLTransmetropolitan 8: DirgeWarren EllisI can't get enough of Spider Jerusalem.
2009-03-07URLCerebus Volume 1Dave SimThe first of the Cerebus phonebooks: enjoyed it.
2009-03-01URLHorror CinemaVarious authorsPurdy pictures, but text utterly ignorable. A waste.
2009-02-02URLLove and Rockets: Heartbreak SoupGilbert HernandezFirst third was good. Third third I didn't care. Still eh.
2009-01-28URLTwisty Little PassagesNick MontfortA little heavy, but an important read nonetheless.
2009-01-22URLHow to Make WebcomicsVarious authorsUseful for any regular, community-based endeavor.
2009-01-20URLTransmetropolitan 7: Spider's ThrashWarren EllisNew to me from here on out. Still cuddly.
2009-01-18URLSin City 7: Hell and BackFrank MillerSame story, different spine. Running out of steam.
2009-01-15URLLove and Rockets: Heartbreak SoupGilbert HernandezEh. So many intro characters I had trouble caring.
2009-01-10URLSpectrum 15: The Best in Contemporary Fantasy ArtVarious artistsI liked 14, but this one got old mighty fast.
2009-01-08URLFables Covers: The Art of James JeanJames JeanI love Fables, and I love this guy's art too.
2009-01-07URLThe 39 Clues 1: The Maze of BonesRick Riordan2 years worth of ARG-lite with cards? I'm there.
2009-01-05URLFuneral of the HeartLeah Hayes... /me hrms. Hard to say. Good. Ish.
2009-01-02URLThe LagoonLilli CarreTried to hard for a mystical ending. Typical.
2009-01-01URLLove & Rockets: Perla La LocaJaime HernandezThe final Maggie and Hope of Vol. 1. Sniff.
2008-12-28URLThe Number 73304-23-4153-6-96-8Thomas OttAnother wordless from Ott; enjoyed, wanted "more".
2008-12-26URLPercy GloomCathy MalkasianPoor ol' Percy kept me mildly entertained.
2008-12-12URLJokerBrian AzzarelloEh. I gotta take a break from the majors again.
2008-12-08URLTransmetropolitan 6: Gouge AwayWarren EllisSpider. Fucking. Jerusalem.
2008-12-07URLTransmetropolitan 5: Lonely CityWarren EllisGood collection of one-offs; never enough.
2008-12-03URLTransmetropolitan 4: The New ScumWarren EllisThe Smiler, NoOOoOoOO! Spider, YeyEESsSSS!
2008-11-25URLTransmetropolitan 3: Year of the BastardWarren EllisVita, NoOOoOoOO! Spider, YeyEESsSSS!
2008-11-20URLLove & Rockets: The Girl from H.O.P.P.E.R.S.Jaime HernandezI love Maggie, Hopey, and everyone else.
2008-11-05URLHeroes Volume OneVarious authorsLove the show, but this companion was merely "ok".
2008-11-01URLCairoG. Willow WilsonStarted slow, got better, didn't like it though.
2008-10-21URLLove & Rockets: Maggie the MechanicJaime HernandezToo young before; now, I love 'em.
2008-10-07URLSin City 6: Booze, Broads, & BulletsFrank MillerGood, but still kept on keepin' on.
2008-10-06URLArsenic Lullaby Pulp Edition No. ZeroDouglas PaszkiewiczLong-time reader; absolutely hilarious.
2008-10-05URLSin City 5: Family ValuesFrank MillerGood, but becoming more of the same.
2008-10-03URLBlack HoleCharles BurnsCouldn't relate or get into it. Entirely flat.
2008-10-01URLZot: The Complete Black and White CollectionScott McCloudNever heard of it; glad to have read it.
2008-09-15URLSin City 4: That Yellow BastardFrank MillerNew to me, fiddling with color. Heyo, Nancy.
2008-09-13URLPathfinder: Rise of the Runelords Player's GuideVarious authorsHeard good things of Pathfinder. Finding out.
2008-09-12URLMaking ComicsScott McCloudArt-focused, but learned a lot either way.
2008-09-08URLD&D 4E: H3: Pyramid of ShadowsMike Mearls & James WyattHrm. I'm collecting these more than enjoying them.
2008-09-07URLReinventing ComicsScott McCloudAs he asserts, entirely different. "Eh."
2008-09-02URLComics and Sequential ArtWill EisnerYep, definitely working on a comic. Essential book.
2008-08-28URLUnderstanding ComicsScott McCloudInspires me to make comic art. I think I will.
2008-08-27URLBatman: Going SaneJ. M. DeMatteisInteresting idea. Suck-ass execution.
2008-08-25-D&D 4E: Dragon 364Various authorsSo this is where all 4E's fluff moved to. Awesome.
2008-08-23URLTransmetropolitan 2: Lust for LifeWarren EllisMemOOoriiIeesS. Spider still makes me swoon.
2008-08-18URLD&D 4E: H2: Thunderspire LabyrinthRichard Baker & Mike MearlsBetter than H1. Split combat and story into books.
2008-08-15URLTransmetropolitan 1: Back on the StreetWarren EllisRereading one of my favorite comics. Woot.
2008-08-13URLScrambled InkVarious authorsStick to animation, guys. This wasn't good.
2008-08-11URLPride of BaghdadBrian K. VaughanHad not read due to "war message". Big mistake.
2008-08-08-D&D 4E: Treasure of Talon PassDavid Noonan4E: we're just a combat engine! Buy miniatures.
2008-08-05URLD&D 4E: Monster ManualVarious authorsA little too light on fluff for me. Prefer fluff.
2008-08-03URLApple Volume 1Various authorsAs an art book, great. But for story? Bleh.
2008-07-31URLThe Art of Dragon MagazineVarious artistsI remember many of these from the original issues.
2008-07-30URLMagic TrixieJill ThompsonCertainly "cute", but long-lasting? Doubtful.
2008-07-30URLMateki: The Magic FluteYoshitaka AmanoI like Amano, but this felt like wasted sketches.
2008-07-29URLCoraline (Graphic Novel)Neil Gaiman & P. Craig RussellGreat adaptation of the book; "haunting".
2008-07-28URLSpectrum 14: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic ArtVarious artistsMy first exposure was quite pleasing.
2008-07-20URLHalo and Sprocket Volume 2Kerry CallenWoohoo, new H&S! /me swoons.
2008-07-15URLMonster ZooDoug TenNapelDidn't really like. "Ok" but forgettable.
2008-07-12URLThe Umbrella Academy Volume 1Gerard WaySurprising - much better than I hoped.
2008-07-10URLThe EternalsNeil GaimanEh. Wasn't horrific. "As expected", perhaps.
2008-07-07URLD&D 4E: Dungeon Master's GuideVarious authorsQuite good, actually; stronger than 3E's.
2008-07-04URLForgotten Realms: The Legend of Drizzt IV: The Crystal ShardR. A. SalvatoreDon't recall this from 1993; still enjoyable.
2008-06-26URLD&D 4E: Player's HandbookVarious authorsHugely better organization; too combat-heavy.
2008-06-22URLFantastic VoyageRay Kurzweil & Terry GrossmanI'm interested, but man, this book was stuffy.
2008-06-13URLSin City 3: The Big Fat KillFrank MillerRereading for ol' time's sake. Still awesome.
2008-06-09URLSin City 2: A Dame To Kill ForFrank MillerRereading for ol' time's sake. Still alrightish.
2008-05-28URLD&D 4E: H1: Keep on the ShadowfellBruce R. Cordell & Mike MearlsThe first adventure for 4E is ... the same.
2008-05-19URLSin City 1: The Hard GoodbyeFrank MillerRereading for ol' time's sake. Still good.
2008-05-15URLBatman: The Long HalloweenJeph Loeb & Jim LeeMuch better than Haunted Knight; nice ending.
2008-05-09URLBatman: Haunted KnightJeph Loeb & Jim LeeYawn. I found these pretty typical and uninteresting.
2008-05-05URLBatman: Year OneFrank MillerAn entertaining take on Batman's first year of life.
2008-05-03URLD&D 3E: Eberron: An Adventurer's Guide to EberronLogan Bonner & Chris SimsPurdy pictorial guide to Eberron; I liked it.
2008-04-28URLBatman: The Dark Night ReturnsFrank MillerHoly crap: excellent! Up there with Watchmen.
2008-04-24URLJenny FinnMike MignolaSame old, same old; Mignola is "eh" to me.
2008-04-15URLBatman: Hush Volume 2Jeph Loeb & Jim LeeThe conclusion, and the mastermind, is quite nice.
2008-04-14URLBatman: Hush Volume 1Jeph Loeb & Jim LeeI've always liked Batman; this was no exception.
2008-04-09URLCathy's BookSean Stewart & Jordan WeismanPrepping for this ARG's sequel, Cathy's Key.
2008-04-04URLHack/Slash OmnibusTim SeeleyEh. As typical as its slasher source inspiration.
2008-04-02URLBatman: The Killing JokeAlan Moore & Brian BollandLong time fan of Moore: dark, sadistic, excellent.
2008-04-01URLCastle WaitingLinda MedleyAbsolutely great; whimsical, enchanting, whee.
2008-03-23URLForgotten Realms: The Legend of Drizzt III: SojournR. A. SalvatoreAye, I be enjoying these books a lot.
2008-03-07URLForgotten Realms: The Legend of Drizzt II: ExileR. A. SalvatoreHuh, you know, these aren't half-bad.
2008-02-29URLForgotten Realms: The Legend of Drizzt I: HomelandR. A. SalvatoreCOMMENCE THE FANTASIZING!
2008-02-22URLD&D 4E: Wizards Presents: Worlds and MonstersVarious authorsI pine for fantasy fiction again.
2008-02-08URLD&D 4E: Wizards Presents: Races and ClassesVarious authorsMade me excited about 4th Edition.
2008-02-05URLLegend of the Five Rings: 3rd Edition RulebookVarious authorsBeen fiddling with the CCG; good RPG too.
2008-01-02URLDVD Delirium Volume 1 ReduxNathaniel ThompsonMany, many new movies on my list to watch.
2007-10-15URLDict. of Language Games, Puzzles, and AmusementsHarry Edwin EissValuable reference for many types of wordplay.
2007-08-29URLThe Art of Game WorldsDave Morris & Leo HartasEven less worthy than Game Characters.
2007-08-26URLThe Art of Game CharactersLeo HartasEntirely ignorable text; keep it for the imagery.
2007-08-19URLThe Annotated Alice: The Definitive EditionMartin GardnerFirst serious/reasoned reading of Alice; great edition.
2007-08-16URLCreative Puzzles of the WorldPieter van DelftMostly mechanical puzzles, but useful techniques.
2007-08-12URLThis Is Not A GameDave SzulborksiDated; lots to disagree with. Still required and unique.
2007-07-27URLD&D: Fiendish Codex I: Hordes of the AbyssEd StarkEh, relatively typical. Didn't "try to be evil".
2007-06-20URLFirst PersonNoah Wardrip-Fruin & Pat HarriganDense, but made me realize a few things.
2007-04-26URLSupercadeVan BurnhamBeautiful book that smudges too easily.
2007-04-17URLA Theory of Fun for Game DesignRaph KosterHave always enjoyed Raph's gaming insight.
2007-04-15URLDeveloping Online GamesJessica Mulligan & Bridgette PatrovskyA little dated, but useful all in all.
2007-03-07URLParanoia: Sector ZeroVarious authors
2007-03-04URLParanoia: The UnderplexPaul Baldowski
2007-02-26URLParanoia: Criminal HistoriesBill O'Dea & The Traitor Recycling...
2007-02-18URLParanoia: Service ServiceVarious Authors
2007-01-20URLParanoia: Extreme ParanoiaVarious authors
2007-01-05URLParanoia: FlashbacksVarious authorsI had grande chuckles with this puppy.
2006-08-08URLLullabies from HellHideshi Hino
2006-08-07URLThe FuriesMick Carey & John Bolton
2006-08-06URLThe World of WarhammerRichard Wolfrik Galland
2006-07-04URLD&D: Player's Handbook v.3.5Wizards of the Coast
2006-05-12URLWarhammer Fantasy Roleplay: Old World BeastiaryBlack Industries
2006-05-08URLGame Architecture And Design: A New EditionAndrew Rollins & Dave Morris
2006-03-09URLHappy Kitty Bunny PonyCharles S. Anderson Design Company
2006-03-07URLGoth-IckyCharles S. Anderson Design Company
2006-03-05URLOwly: The Way Home & The Bittersweet SummerAndy Runton
2006-03-03URLThe Dreaming: Through the Gates of Horn and IvoryVarious authors
2006-02-21URLPenny Arcade #1Jerry Holkins & Mike Krahulik
2006-02-15URLAmphigorey AlsoEdward Gorey
2006-01-06URLBone: One Volume EditionJeff Smith
2005-11-29-Rifts: The Rifter #1Palladium GamesBook-sized magazine game supplement.
2005-11-03URLWarhammer Fantasy Roleplay: Plundered VaultsBlack Industries
2005-11-01URLParanoia: WMDTraitor Recycling Studio
2005-10-29URLWarhammer Fantasy Roleplay: RulebookBlack Industries
2005-10-11URLParanoia: StuffEric Minton & The Traitor Recycling...
2005-09-19URLThe Art of WarSun Tzu (Samuel B. Griffith)
2005-08-28URLGURPS: FantasySteve Jackson Games
2005-08-11URLVampire The Requiem: Bloodlines: The HiddenWhite Wolf, Inc.
2005-08-09URLThe TurkTom Standage
2005-08-04URLGURPS Basic Set: CampaignsSteve Jackson Games
2005-07-24URLThe PrinceNiccolo Machiavelli (George Bull)
2005-07-16URLEats, Shoots & LeavesLynne Truss
2005-07-06URLGURPS Basic Set: CharactersSteve Jackson Games
2005-07-02URLThe Comics Go To HellFredrik Stromberg
2005-06-24URL50 Things You're Not Supposed To KnowRuss Kick
2005-06-19URLVery Short Introductions 1: ClassicsMary Beard & John Henderson
2005-05-25URLVampire The Requiem: NomadsWhite Wolf, Inc.
2005-05-03URLVery Short Introductions 55: PhilosophyEdward Craig
2005-05-02URLVampire The Requiem: CoteriesWhite Wolf, Inc.
2005-04-15URLVampire The Requiem: Rites of the DragonWhite Wolf, Inc.
2005-04-14URLWorld of Darkness: Ghost StoriesWhite Wolf, Inc.
2005-04-05URLWorld of Darkness: AntagonistsWhite Wolf, Inc.
2005-04-02URLParanoia: The Mutant ExperienceR. Eric Reuss
2005-03-20URLPhilosophy: The Basics Second EditionNigel Warburton
2005-03-18-Paranoia: Crash PriorityTraitor Recycling StudioNo longer an item on Amazon? Odd.
2005-02-05URLParanoia: Traitor's ManualGareth Hanrahan
2005-01-25URLParanoia: RulebookAllen Varney
2004-12-05URLVampire The Requiem: RulebookWhite Wolf, Inc.
2004-10-13URLWorld of Darkness: RulebookWhite Wolf, Inc.
2003-02-11URLXML and PerlMark Riehl & Ilya Sterin2003's book was a review copy and horrible.
2002-11-27URLMelancholy Death of Oyster BoyTim Burton
2002-08-04URLIf Chins Could KillBruce Campbell
2002-07-26URLPlatypus: The Extraordinary Story...Ann Moyal
2002-07-22URLPeer-To-PeerAndy Oram
2002-04-19URLFree as in FreedomSam Williams
2001-12-19URLLearning XMLEric T. Ray
2001-11-22URLSoftware Project Survival GuideSteve McConnell
2001-10-24URLPerl CookbookTom Christiansen & Nat Torkington
2001-09-25URLDon't Make Me ThinkSteve Krug
2001-09-23URLRapid DevelopmentSteve McConnell
2001-02-14URLData Munging With PerlDavid Cross
2001-01-17URLCode CompleteSteve McConnell
2000-10-06URLCGI Programming with PerlVarious authors
2000-06-27URLProgramming Perl, 2nd EditionVarious authors
1999-11-17URLAll I Need To Know About Filmmaking...Lloyd Kaufman
1999-08-08URLFugitive from the Cubicle PoliceScott Adams
1999-07-06URLVideoHound's Horror ShowMike Mayo
1999-07-04URLForgotten Realms: Elminster: The Making of a MageEd Greenwood
1999-06-28URLThe AlienistCaleb Carr
1999-06-18URLPandemonium: The World of Clive BarkerClive Barker
1999-06-05URLWeb Sites That WorkRoger Black
1999-05-31URLOrionBen Bova
1999-05-28URLThe Book of the DamnedCharles Fort
1999-05-10URLThe A-Z of Horror FilmsHoward Maxford
1999-04-10URLClive Barkers A-Z of HorrorClive Barker
1999-03-25URLGraven ImagesRonald V. Borst
1999-02-05URLGood OmensNeil Gaiman & Tony Pratchett
1999-01-02URLApprentice Adept 7: Phaze DoubtPiers AnthonyMy first purchase from!
1998-12-15URLApprentice Adept 6: Unicorn PointPiers Anthony
1998-11-20URLApprentice Adept 5: Robot AdeptPiers Anthony
1998-11-10URLApprentice Adept 4: Out of PhazePiers Anthony
1998-11-06URLApprentice Adept 3: JuxtapositionPiers Anthony
1998-10-31URLApprentice Adept 2: Blue AdeptPiers Anthony
1998-10-17URLApprentice Adept 1: Split InfinityPiers Anthony
1998-10-08URLSchwa World Operations ManualSchwa Corporation
1998-10-08URLAlistair MacLean's Death TrainAlastair MacNeill
1998-10-01URLDancer's IllusionAnn Maxwell
1998-09-16URLDancer's LuckAnn Maxwell
1998-09-12URLFire DancerAnn Maxwell
1998-09-03URLPlayer PianoKurt Vonnegut, Jr.
1998-08-28URLThe ThroatPeter Straub
1998-01-05URLBooks of Blood 3Clive Barker
1997-12-31URLBooks of Blood 2Clive Barker
1997-12-20URLBooks of Blood 1Clive Barker
1997-12-01URLMasterpieces Of Terror & The SupernaturalVarious authors
1997-07-30URLThe Thief of AlwaysClive Barker
1997-02-27URLSearching for CalebAnne Tyler
1997-01-11URLThe Lost WorldMichael Crichton
1997-01-03URLGreen Mile 6: Coffey on the MileStephen King
1997-01-03URLGreen Mile 5: Night JourneyStephen King
1997-01-03URLGreen Mile 4: The Bad Death of Edward DelocroixStephen King
1997-01-03URLGreen Mile 3: Casey's HandsStephen King
1997-01-03URLGreen Mile 2: The Mouse on the MileStephen King
1997-01-03URLGreen Mile 1: The Two Dead GirlsStephen King
1997-01-02URLWeave WorldClive Barker
1996-12-16URLFlatandEdwin Abbot
1996-12-16URLCatcher in the RyeJ. D. Salinger
1996-10-26URLWelcome to the Monkey HouseKurt Vonnegut, Jr.
1996-10-26URLNative SonRichard Wright
1996-08-21URLDragonlance: Lost Histories 3: The DargonestiPaul B. Thompson & Tonya C. Cook
1996-08-15URLThe Dilbert PrincipleScott Adams
1996-08-10URLRavenloft: Heart of MidnightJ. Robert King
1996-07-02URLComputer SecurityTime Life BooksHa ha, I read a book by Time Life.
1996-06-26URLFatal DefectIvars Peterson
1996-06-25URLThe Road AheadBill Gates
1996-06-20URLVirus!Allan Lundell
1996-06-20URLThe Hacker CrackdownBruce Sterling
1996-06-20URLMasters of DeceptionMichelle Slatalla
1996-06-20URLHackersSteven Levy
1996-02-12URLBreakfast of ChampionsKurt Vonnegut, Jr.
1996-02-08URLCat's CradleKurt Vonnegut, Jr.
1996-02-05URLGod Bless You, Mr. RosewaterKurt Vonnegut, Jr.
1996-01-31URLDead Eye DickKurt Vonnegut, Jr.
1996-01-25URLThe Sirens of TitanKurt Vonnegut, Jr.
1996-01-21URLSlaughterHouse FiveKurt Vonnegut, Jr.
1996-01-15URLWoman on the Edge of TimeMarge Piercy
1995-12-25URLInsomniaStephen King
1995-11-24URLThe World According to GarpJohn Irving
1995-11-01URLCatch-22Joseph Heller
1995-09-27URLSpaceJames Michener
1995-09-08URLEthan FromeEdith Wharton
1995-09-03URLDebt of HonorTom Clancy
1995-08-15URLThe Hot ZoneRichard Preston
1995-06-21URLThe Complete Stories of...Ambrose Bierce
1995-06-14URLThe Dunwich Horrors and OthersH.P. Lovecraft
1995-05-13URLPicture Book of Devil, Demons & WitchcraftErnst & Joanna Lehner
1995-05-04URLThe Door to DecemberDean R. Koontz
1995-04-15URLMr. MurderDean R. Koontz
1995-04-11URLThe Double HelixJames D. Watson
1995-04-10URLWinter MoonDean R. Koontz
1995-04-09URLThe Miracle of LanguageRichard Lederer
1995-04-09URLLife 101John Roger & Peter McWilliams
1995-02-10URLArenaWilliam R. Forstchen
1995-02-05URLThe Great and Secret ShowClive Barker
1995-01-27URLDragonlance: Preludes 1: Darkness & LightPaul B. Johnson & Tanya R. Carter
1995-01-23URLBring Me the Head of Prince CharmingRobert Shackly & Roger Zelazny
1995-01-22URLThrough the HeartRichard Grant
1995-01-19URLConsider PhlebasIain M. Banks
1995-01-15URLBrave New WorldAldous Huxley
1995-01-01URLStingerRobert R. McCammmon
1994-12-29URLSmart Dragons, Foolish ElvesVarious authors
1994-12-27URLEarthdawn: ProphecyGreg Gorden
1994-12-26URLBoy's LifeRobert R. McCammon
1994-12-22URLBlue WorldRobert R. McCammon
1994-12-19URLForgotten Realms: Avatar 3: WaterdeepRichard Awlinson
1994-12-15URLForgotten Realms: Avatar 2: TantrasRichard Awlinson
1994-12-06URLForgotten Realms: Avatar 1: ShadowdaleRichard Awlinson
1994-12-03URLDecision at Thunder RiftWilliam H. Keith, Jr.
1994-11-26URLThe Deed of PaksenarrionElizabeth Moon
1994-10-09URLFoundationIsaac Asimov
1994-09-22URLFireflyPiers Anthony
1994-09-18URLSacred ClownsTony Hillerman
1994-09-14URLA Yellow Raft in Blue WaterMicheal Dorris
1994-08-18URLRavenloft: Carnival of FearJ. Robert King
1994-08-01URLMountain Made of LightEdward Myers
1994-07-31URLDragonlance: Heroes 3: Weasel's LuckMicheal Williams
1994-07-25URLDragonlance: Heroes 2: StormBladeNancy Varian Barbenck
1994-06-26URLDragonlance: Heroes 1: The Legend of HumaRichard A. Knaack
1994-06-20URLDragonlance: Legends 3: Test of the TwinsMargaret Weis & Tracy HickmanRaistlin Majere remains a favorite.
1994-06-19URLDragonlance: Legends 2: War of the TwinsMargaret Weis & Tracy HickmanRaistlin Majere remains a favorite.
1994-06-13URLDragonlance: Legends 1: Time of the TwinsMargaret Weis & Tracy HickmanRaistlin Majere remains a favorite.
1994-06-10URLThe TalismanStephen King & Peter Straub
1994-06-04URLStar Trek MemoriesWilliam Shatner
1994-05-08-UFOs: A Scientific StudyVarious authorsThis one'll be hard to identify properly.
1994-05-05URLOf Mice and MenJohn Steinbeck
1994-04-27URLFour Past MidnightStephen King
1994-04-19URLUninvited VisitorsIvan T. Sanderson
1994-04-18URLHandwriting AnalysisAndrea McNichol
1994-04-14URLCold FireDean R. Koontz
1994-04-10URLBattlefield EarthL. Ron Hubbard
1994-03-25URLFirst Americans 5: The Sacred StonesWilliam Sarabande
1994-03-25URLExplaining the UnexplainedHans J. Eysenck & Carl Sargent
1994-03-11URLFirst Americans 4: Walkers of the WindWilliam Sarabande
1994-03-05URLFirst Americans 3: Forbidden LandWilliam Sarabande
1994-02-27URLThe Mystery of Edwin DroodCharles DickensI planned to conclude this as an school assignment.
1994-02-27URLSideShowSheri S. Tepper
1994-02-03URLFirst Americans 2: Corridor of StormsWilliam Sarabande
1994-01-25URLFirst Americans 1: Beyond the Sea of IceWilliam Sarabande
1994-01-18URLDragonlance: Chronicles 3: Dragons of Spring DawningMargaret Weis & Tracy HickmanA favorite series from my youth.
1994-01-13URLDragonlance: Chronicles 2: Dragons of Winter NightMargaret Weis & Tracy HickmanA favorite series from my youth.
1994-01-06URLDragonlance: Chronicles 1: Dragons of Autumn TwilightMargaret Weis & Tracy HickmanA favorite series from my youth.
1993-12-30URLThe Black UnicornTerry Brooks
1993-12-28URLMission Earth 4: An Alien AffairL. Ron Hubbard
1993-12-28URLMission Earth 3: The Enemy WithinL. Ron Hubbard
1993-12-23URLMission Earth 2: Black GenesisL. Ron Hubbard
1993-12-19URLMission Earth 1: The Invader's PlanL. Ron Hubbard
1993-12-19URLMagic Kingdom For Sale - Sold!Terry Brooks
1993-12-15URLShadowfiresDean R. Koontz
1993-12-11URLRavenloft: I, StrahdP. N. Elrod
1993-12-05URLHideawayDean R. Koontz
1993-11-26URLForgotten Realms: Icewind Dale 3: The Halfling's GemR. A. Salvatore
1993-11-24URLForgotten Realms: Icewind Dale 2: Streams of SilverR. A. Salvatore
1993-11-13URLForgotten Realms: Icewind Dale 1: The Crystal ShardR. A. Salvatore
1993-10-22URLThe Power of Magic: Secrets and Mysteries ...Derek & Julia Parker
1993-10-07URLBlindsightRobin Cook
1993-10-02URLThe Witching HourAnne Rice
1993-09-26URLStar Trek TNG: GroundedDavid Bischoff
1993-09-15URLThe Wolf's HourRobert R. McCammon
1993-09-07URLWhy Do Dogs Have Wet Noses?David Feldman
1993-09-07-Bone YardVarious authorsA horror anthology of some sort?
1993-09-06URLWhen Do Fish Sleep?David Feldman
1993-09-06URLThe Tea PartyCharles L. Grant
1993-09-05URLObsessionRamsey Campbell
1993-09-02URLThey ThirstRobert R. McCammon
1993-08-24URLThe Stand: Complete & UncutStephen King
1993-08-06URLThe FirmJohn Grisham
1993-07-21URLDemons Don't DreamPiers Anthony
1993-07-20URLMan from MundaniaPiers Anthony
1993-07-19URLGolem in the GearsPiers Anthony
1993-07-16URLThe Andromeda StrainMichael Chricton
1993-07-14URLThe Pelican BriefJohn Grisham
1993-07-06URLSaharaClive Cussler
1993-07-03URLItStephen King
1993-06-29URLEyes of the DragonStephen King
1993-06-20URLNeedful ThingsStephen King
1993-06-19URLRavenloft: Tapestry of Dark SoulsElane Bergstrom
1993-06-14URLThe Dark HalfStephen King
1993-06-13URLTekLordsWilliam Shatner
1993-06-12URLWorld Enough, and TimeJames Kahn
1993-06-11URLA Spell for ChameleonPiers Anthony
1993-06-11URLA Seperate PeaceJohn Knowles