Enter Comic Vine list URLs, one per line. Multiple lists will be merged into one Comic Vineyard collection.

Use Comic Vine to index your comic book collection and Comic Vineyard to make it pretty.

Comic Vineyard is a way of tracking your comic book collection using Comic Vine's functionality and data. You maintain your public collection of comics in a Comic Vine "list" and then use Comic Vineyard to take that data and turn it into a display of your choice. Comic Vineyard exists to address two of the most troubling aspects of tracking your comic book collection: getting all your data in, and getting better looking data out in a way you'd like.

How to use Comic Vineyard

  1. Login to Comic Vine and create a new list.
  2. Search the site for your comic book volumes (not issues).
  3. Add your comic book volumes to your new Comic Vine list.
  4. In the volume's comments, indicate the issues you own (see below).
  5. Enter your Comic Vine list URL into Comic Vineyard and "render" it.
  6. Changed your Comic Vine list? "Render" it again with Comic Vineyard.

The easiest way to see how this works is with an actual list.

Comment and issue formats

The following comment and issue formats are acceptable:

24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30
1-5,7,11-15, 13
17-143,176; location: 4
99, 100 (3), 101-104; variants: 101C

This approach was taken to speed data entry: with most comic book trackers, you must manually visit each issue's "page" before adding it to your collection. Using the above formatting, it's much faster to update the entire Comic Vine list simply by typing new issue numbers every Wednesday (and/or adding new volumes).

In addition to the issues you own, you can optionally specify additional information in a "key: value" format separated by semi-colons (the fourth example above). These additional key values are passed to the Comic Vineyard theme and may be used as part of the display. The following key values are "known" and in-use by themes (but, again, you can use any key values you want - themes will silently ignore ones it doesn't understand): location.


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