Screenshots / Tour

AmphetaDesk is primarily controlled through a browser based system, allowing intense and easy customization of it's look and feel (for more information on doing so, check out our template documentation). Below, you'll see a quick visual tour of the default AmphetaDesk templates. If you've customized AmphetaDesk and want to see your work here, be sure to let us know. All of the images below are clickable so that you may see the full sized versions.

The Default Look

The default look of AmphetaDesk has undergone usability testing, heavy browser compliance, and lots of internal use. It also includes a number of helpful notes to help you through your early usage of the program. Below, we'll run through a quick tour of what you'll find while using AmphetaDesk. We hope it's satisfying - if you have any comments we should know about, be sure to tell us. (Yeah, the logo on the screenshots is different than the one you see above - ignore the man behind the curtain).

The first screen you'll see (Win32 shown here) shows AmphetaDesk's progress as it downloads all the channels you've selected. When it's done, your browser will open to the main Channels page (below).
All the channels that you've subscribed to are available in the main Channels page shown here. On this page, you can read each of the channel's items, access the channel's website or email the channel owner (if possible). You can also remove the channel by clicking the "close box".
All the channels you've subscribed to can be viewed from the My Channels page (right). You can unsubscribe from a channel, visit the channel's website, see when it was added and downloaded, etc. You can also add more channels from this page.
You can also add channels (right) from a large collection of over 5000 sites and services willing to publish their news and headlines for programs like AmphetaDesk. This list is constantly expanded and updated, bringing you the latest for your info grubbing needs.
Like many programs, AmphetaDesk comes with various settings that you can tweak to your liking, including how external links should open, what browser to open, as well as how often AmphetaDesk should reach out for updated news.