AmphetaDesk::OS::MacOS - GUI routines for Mac OS 9 and below


    gui_init();          # start the gui.
    gui_listen();        # listen for gui events.
    gui_note("text");    # send log info to the GUI.
    open_url();          # open a browser to a preset URL.


This module handles all the GUI routines for MacOS, which admittedly, do absolutely nothing besides spit some text to STDOUT. We did have a native GUI running for a short while, but the code seemed buggy, and it has sat dejected due to lack of interest (from both the developers and the users). The open_url and gui_listen routines are the only things that contain native MacOS code.


This routine loads specific libraries specific to the OS and attempts to do everything necessary to start up a GUI window. Under MacOS, this routine does nothing but return 1. The native GUI windowing code we had just didn't work 100% all the time, and no one has seen fit to complain.
This routine checks the GUI's event queue to see if there is anything that needs to be done. If so, it does them (wow!). Under MacOS, we give the MacPerl STDOUT window a little redraw and then return with a 1.
Much like AmphetaDesk::Utilities::note, only this routine specifically handles sending the $text to the GUI window. Under MacOS, we just spit it to STDOUT. This routine always returns 1.
This routine uses OS specific code to open the user's default or specified browser with the standard AmphetaDesk URL. We dip into the user's Internet control panel via Mac::InternetConfig to determine their default browser, and then attempt to open it with our standard URL. Returns 1.



Morbus Iff, <>


Copyright 2000-2004 Morbus Iff <>

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.